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AboutAbout Hebrew Names in the Bible (Article)
Any study in the various names of the Bible should begin with an understanding of how names are formed in Hebrew.

WhereWhere did the name "Jesus" come from? (Video)
The name "Jesus" has a long, long history. The origin of this name is the Hebrew name yehoshu'a, which means "Yahweh saves."

AboutAbout the name "Israel" (Video)
This is a short clip from one of my seminars that I excerpted to show the Ancient meaning of the name Israel.

TheThe Genealogy of Genesis 5 (Video)
When we examine the meanings of the names of Adam and his descendants in Genesis chapter 5, we find something very interesting.

Ba'al:Ba'al: Names and Nouns in Hebrew (Video)
The meaning behind the Hebrew word ba'al that is both a name of a Canaanite god and a Hebrew noun.