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The Los Lunas Inscription

By Jeff A. Benner

The Los Lunas InscriptionThe Los Lunas inscription is very unique for several reasons. First, it is written in an ancient Hebrew script. Second it is located near the small town of Los Lunas in the State of New Mexico, USA. Third, the inscription is of the "Ten Commandments".

Is this inscription an original or a fake? If it is original, this proves that a Semitic people, probably Hebrews, arrived in the Americas long before Columbus or the Vikings.

The above inscription is unlikely a fake for the following reasons. The actual time of discovery of the inscription is not known but was known by the locals as far back as the 1850's. At that time, the script of the text was unknown and therefore undecipherable. It was not until the late nineteenth century that the ancient Hebrew (paleo-Hebrew) script was discovered in the Near East. Once this ancient script was discovered and deciphered, it was possible for the Los Lunas inscription to be deciphered and at that time it was found to be a copy of the "Ten Commandments".

Tell Dan Inscription
Click image for larger picture

When we compare the script on the Los Lunas inscription with the above inscription found in 1993 at Tell Dan in the land of Israel, we find that the scripts are almost identical. Below is a comparison of the scripts from both inscriptions.

Script comparisons between the Tell Dan and Los Lunas Inscriptions

The Tel Dan inscription was written around 1000 BCE. Since the Los Lunas inscription uses the same script, it is safe to conclude that the Los Lunas inscription was written by a Hebrew people about 3,000 years ago. Other ancient Hebrew inscriptions have been found around the country including Tennessee and the Mississippi Valley. The article "Who Really Discovered America?" includes some very interesting information on the Los Lunas inscriptions as well as other finds and includes a possible link between the Gold of Solomon and the Gold of Brazil.


I have received a couple of emails from individuals who have recently visited the Los Lunas site and are reporting the vandalism that has been done to this famous inscription. One of these individuals reported the problem to the New Mexico Dept of Public Lands, and the Governor's office, but only got a, "we don't have the money, it truly is a shame," answer in reply." I would imagine that if someone began to erase the inscription on the Liberty Bell they would immediately be arrested and thrown into jail. But it appears that the Los Lunas inscription is not that important. Personally, I believe this is one of the greatest discoveries in America which should be re-writing the history of this continent.



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