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Topics Manners & Customs

IntroductionIntroduction (Article)
It is easy for Occidentals to overlook the fact that the Scriptures had their origin in the East, and that each one of the writers was actually an Oriental.

TentTent dwellings (Article)
In the Bible, living in tents is of ancient origin. It goes back before the days of Abraham.

FoodsFoods and their preparation for eating (Article)
The ordinary food of the average Hebrew of Bible times was bread, olives, oil, buttermilk cheese, fruits and vegetables and meat on rare occasions.

CustomsCustoms at mealtime (Article)
Eastern habits, connected with the eating of a meal, are such a decided contrast to Western habits.

TheThe sacred duty of hospitality (Article)
It is part of Oriental etiquette to want to share hospitality with others.

ShepherdShepherd life; the care of sheep and goats (Article)
Young shepherds were responsible for the feeding and protection of the flocks.

GrowingGrowing and harvesting grain (Article)
Numerous Biblical references to grains shows the importance that grains were on the Hebrew culture.

DomesticDomestic animals (Article)
A variety of domestic animals were raised by the Hebrews for food, work and other materials.

WaterWater supply (Article)
One of the most important resources to a desert dwelling people.

RaidsRaids and blood avenging (Article)
The Hebrew people, who dwelled in the remote desert regions, were attacked by enemies and raiders.