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Topics The Name of God

What is God's name in Hebrew?What is God's name in Hebrew? (Article)
The background, history and meaning of the name of God that usually written as LORD, Jehovah or Yahweh.

Declaring God's NameDeclaring God's Name (Article)
Is knowing the pronunciation of God's name essential in declaring God's name to all people?

What is the difference between lord, Lord and LORD?What is the difference between lord, Lord and LORD? (Article)
The word "lord" is written three different ways in the Bible and each mean something different.

Is the name of God pronounced Yehovah?Is the name of God pronounced Yehovah? (Video)
Is there evidence to suggest that this was "not" the original pronunciation.

This is My NameThis is My Name (Video)
Examining the names ehyeh and yahweh from an ancient Hebrew perspective.

The Pronunciation of the name YHWHThe Pronunciation of the name YHWH (Video)
Examining the rules of pronunciation and grammar as it applies to the name YHWH.

My Name ForeverMy Name Forever (Guest Article)
Michael McHugh has written a very informative and well researched article on the pronunciation of the name, the best we have seen.

The Hebrew Word for GodThe Hebrew Word for God (Article)
Interpreting the Hebrew words behind the English names of God in the Bible.

Hebrew Names of God in the BibleHebrew Names of God in the Bible (Article)
There are many names and titles, besides Yahweh and Elohiym, applied to God in the Hebrew Bible.

The First and Second Names of God The First and Second Names of God (Guest Article)
An investigation into the pronunciation of the Hebrew words for God and YHWH.

The Name of God and his Character (Study Pack)
One of the most debated topics is how one pronounces the name of God. We will be examining the evidences for the pronunciation of the name as well as looking into the meaning of the name. In addition, we will be investigating the nature and character of YHWH and how he is portrayed in the Bible.

His Name is OneHis Name is One (Book)
An examination of the Hebrew words and names used for God and their interpretation from an ancient Hebrew perspective.