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Topics Ancient Hebrew Philosophy

AA History of Philosophy from a Linguists perspective (Article)
A summary of the history of the two major branches of philosophy; Eastern and Western, which the author explains has a great impact on how we read the Bible.

AncientAncient Hebrew Thought (Article)
The Hebrew (Eastern) and Greek (Western) thought are two opposite forms of philosophy.

ConceptsConcepts in Time (Article)
How we view time is not the same way that ancient cultures, especially the Hebrews, viewed time.

OldOld Earth vs. Young Earth (Video)
Mr. Benner's perspective on the issue of an old earth vs. new earth.

TheThe East, Time, Eternity, the Universe and the Origin of All Things (Guest Article)
The Hebrew concepts of time and space are very different from our own as this study of the east/past demonstrates.

The Ancient Hebrew Culture and Philosophy (Study Pack)
Each culture is unique and only by studying the culture of the Hebrew people can we begin to understand what they wrote in the Bible. These resources will provide insights into the minds of the Ancient Hebrews, who viewed the world around them very differently than we do.

Benner's Commentary on the TorahBenner's Commentary on the Torah (Book)
Jeff A. Benner's commentary on selected verses, names, topics expounding on the linguistics and cultural background of the Hebrew people.