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Topics New Testament Studies

InterpretingInterpreting the events of Act 2 from a Jewish perspective (Article)
When Acts 2 is interpreted from a Jewish perspective, the true meaning behind the events described in the first few verses of this chapter are revealed.

GreekGreek and Aramaic Manuscripts of the New Testament (Article)
The different ancient manuscripts of the New Testament in different languages.

UnderstandingUnderstanding Law in Romans and Galatians (Article)
One of the most misunderstood words in Shauls writings is the Greek word nomos (law), equivalent to the Hebrew word "Torah".

TheThe Two Covenants: Sarah and Hagar (Article)
The covenant of law is like the relationship between a master and the servant. God is the master and those in this covenant relationship are servants to him and must obey him.

TheThe Torah of Righteousness (Article)
The Hebrew word "Torah" is usually translated into the English word "Law". Because of this translation there is a great misunderstanding of what "Torah" truly is.

AA New Heart: Covenant relationship with God (Article)
God has made an everlasting covenant with all men that exists throughout all time.

1010 surprising facts about Jesus we’ve had wrong all these years (Article)
There is much more to Jesus than we have been taught.

TheThe New Testament and Judaism (Article)
The New Testament was written by Jews in a Jewish culture. When the New Testament is read from a jewish perspective, new understandings arise.

ExplainingExplaining an apparent contradiction in Matthew 21:16 (Article)
Matthew 21:16 quotes Psalms 8:2(3), but there appears to be a contradiction in the two passages.

TheThe Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew words for "Resurrection" (Article)
While the word "resurrection" does not appear in English translations of the Tanakh (Old Testament), it does appear in the New Testament.

TheThe Holy Assembly and the Everlasting Covenant (Website)
Mr. Benner's online book following the covenant God made with Israel from its inception in the book of Genesis and into the New Testament.

HowHow To: New Testament Greek to Hebrew (Video)
I am going to begin this instruction by examining John 1:1 in eSword, a free Bible program that works amazingly well.

WhatWhat is the origin of Baptism? (Video)
In the Gospels we find John the Baptist baptizing people in the Jordan River. But where did the concept of Baptism originate?

JohnJohn 1:1 from an Hebraic perspective (Video)
In Modern Western philosophy the focus is on the individual, but in Ancient Hebrew philosophy the focus is on community.

GenesisGenesis and John 1:1 (Guest Article)
An Etymological and Contextually Preponderant Approach to the Interpretation of Genesis and John 1:1.

New Testament Studies (Study Pack)
Investigating the language of the New Testament and its original Hebraic origins. We will also be looking into Yeshua's teachings, which must be understood from their first century, Jewish culture and perspective.

New Testament Greek to Hebrew DictionaryNew Testament Greek to Hebrew Dictionary (Book)
Five hundred of the most frequent Greek words and names of the New Testament retranslated back into Hebrew for English Readers.