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Topics Ancient Hebrew Vocabulary

AncientAncient Hebrew Words for Prayer (Guest Article)
Kathy Nichols examines the pictographic meanings of the letters in the Hebrew words for prayer.

AncientAncient Hebrew Vocabulary (Video)
Examing the meaning of some common two-letter Hebrew parent roots.

AncientAncient Hebrew Vocabulary: Worship (Video)
The meaning of the Hebrew word shahhah, which is often translated as worship.

AncientAncient Hebrew Vocabulary: Spirit (Video)
The meaning of the Hebrew word ru'ahh which is usually translated as wind or spirit.

AncientAncient Hebrew Vocabulary: Peace (Video)
Examining the Hebrew word shalom which is often translated abstractly as peace, but has a much more concrete meaning in the Hebrew.

AncientAncient Hebrew Vocabulary: Covenant (Video)
Understanding a covenant from an Hebraic perspective reveals the literal meaning behind "making a covenant."

AncientAncient Hebrew Parent Roots (Graphics)
Graphics, suitable for social media, depicting the meaning of some Parent roots based on the alphabet pictographs.

The Ancient Hebrew Vocabulary (Study Pack)
These resources will be interpreting different Hebrew words based on the Ancient Hebrew philosophy and culture.

Ancient Hebrew DictionaryAncient Hebrew Dictionary (Book)
This Biblical Hebrew dictionary contains the one thousand most frequent verbs and nouns found within the Hebrew Bible.