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Topics Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

TheThe Ancient Hebrew Alphabet (Articles)
Reconstructing the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet from archeological and linguistic sources.

TheThe Ancient Pictographic Alphabet (Article)
The original Hebrew alphabet was written with pictures that reveal insights into Hebrew words.

TheThe Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet (Article)
The relationship between the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet and the Samaritan alphabet.

TheThe Transition from Paleo-Hebrew to Aramaic (Article)
During the Babylonian captivity the Jews began using the Aramaic script in favor of the Old Hebrew or Paleo-Hebrew script.

Changes in the Hebrew AlphabetChanges in the Hebrew Alphabet (Article)
While there are 22 letters in the Modern Hebrew alphabet, this was not always the case.

A Rebuttal to Lew White's Article A Rebuttal to Lew White's Article "Hieroglyphic Hyksos Hoax" (Article)
Mr. Benner's response to Lew White's article debunking the ancient pictographic Hebrew script.

Exodus and the History of the AlphabetExodus and the History of the Alphabet (Guest Article)
Exodus is the most widely known story of the Hebrew Bible, but is fundamentally misunderstood.

eFlashCardseFlashCards (Website)
Flash cards can greatly help with the memorization of the Hebrew alphabet and language.

TheThe Ancient Hebrew Alphabet (Video Playlist)
A close examination of each letter in the Hebrew alphabet looking at its origins and evolution to modern times.

TheThe Ancient Hebrew Alphabet (Video)
The history and evolution of each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

SabbathSabbath in Ancient Hebrew (Video)
Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet was originally a picture with meaning. In this video we will examine the letters in the Hebrew word shabbat.