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Ancient Hebrew Words: Build, Jealous and Lament

By Jeff A. Benner


Name: Nun
Transliteration: N
Picture: A seed
Meaning: A seed is the beginning of new life, which came from the parent plant. This cycle will continue for generation after generation.
Definition: a continuation of life from a seed

Name: Quph
Transliteration: Q
Picture: A rising and setting sun
Meaning: When the sun sets, the light is gathered to the sun. When the sun rises the darkness is gathered at the opposite horizon of the sun. This rising and setting of the sun is also seen as a circling of the earth.
Definition: The circling sun which causes the gathering of light and darkness.

Parent Root

Transliteration: QeN
Picture: A gathering for the seeds.
Meaning: Before a bird lays her eggs, she goes around aquiring and gathering materials to build her nest.
Definition: The gathering of materials for the building of a nest for the seeds (eggs)

Child Root

Transliteration: "Qa-NeH"
Meaning: To build a nest.
Comments: This child root is a nest builder, one who builds a nest such as a bird. Also God as in Bereshiyt (Genesis) 14.19; "God most high creator (qaneh) of sky and earth". The English word "create" is an abstract word and a foriegn concept to the Hebrews. While we see God as one who makes something from nothing (create), the Hebrews saw God like a bird who goes about acquiring and gathering materials to build a nest (qen), the sky and earth. The Hebrews saw man as the children (eggs) that God built the nest for.
Definition: Nest
Reference: Numbers 24:21

Other Child Roots

Transliteration: "Qa-NA"
Meaning: To protect.
Comments: This child root is to gaurd (often translated as Jealous). A bird watches over the eggs and young with jealousy and will defend them from the enemy and prevent any other bird from entering the nest. Just as a bird watches over her eggs from predetors, God also watches over his children in his nest protecting them from predetors - other gods.
Definition: Protection
Reference: This is the picture that the Hebrews had of God as in Exodus 34.14; "Do not worship any other god, for yhwh (the Lord), whose name is jealous (qana), is a jealous (qana) God".

Transliteration: "QuWN"
Meaning: The chirping of the young birds in the nest.
Comments: The young of the nest chirp in the nest as a calling to the parent birds. "
Definition: Chirp
Reference: In the Biblical text this word is used for "lament" as in 2 Samuel 1:17; "And David lamented with this lamentation over Saul and Jonathan his son.

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