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Ancient Hebrew Words: Spirit, Moon and Traveler

By Jeff A. Benner


Name: Hhet
Transliteration: Hh (Pronounced hard like the "ch" in the name "Bach")
Picture: The wall of the tent.
Meaning: The wall of a tent or corral separates and protects what is inside from what is outside, such as inclimate weather and predators.
Definition: What is outside of the wall.

Name: Resh
Transliteration: R
Picture: Head of a man.
Meaning: The head is seen as the top of the body and can be the top or head of anything such as the body, time, mountaintop, rank, etc. This letter can also represent a man.
Definition: A Man

Parent Root

Transliteration: RaHh
Picture: A man outside
Meaning: The responsibilities of the nomadic man outside of the tent include the feeding, watering and caring for the livestock. Livestock are healthier and more productive when on a routine, therefore the man follows a routine or "a prescribed path" each day when caring for his livestock.
Definition: A perscribed path or routine.

Child Root

Transliteration: "RuW-aHh"
Meaning: This root has the more specific meaning of the "throwing of the hand of man".
Comments: This child root is the wind. The Hebrew nomads were very familiar with the wind patterns as they would follow a prescribed path indicating the coming season. From this word comes the idea of breath as it is the wind of man which also follows a prescribed path of inhaling and exhaling. This word is often translated as "spirit" but hebraicly is the "breath". The ancient Hebrew saw the breath as an essential part of the man, just as much as the mind is.
Definition: Breath

Other Child Root

Transliteration: "Ye-Re-aHh"
Meaning: This child root is the moon which follows a prescribed path each night from horizon to horizon.
Definition: Moon

Transliteration: "A-RaHh"
Meaning: This child root is a traveler, one who follows a prescribed path to arrive at a specific destination.
Definition: Traveler

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