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How to Type Hebrew Vowels

By Jeff A. Benner

Over the years I have gotten pretty good at typing in Hebrew, in fact, I can almost type as well in Hebrew as I can English, but not the nikkudot (vowel pointings). Anyone who has learned how to type the nikkudot in Hebrew has learned that it is not an easy task, at least not until now.

I was recently introduced to the Vervoco Desktop and found how simple it is now to type Hebrew words with the nikkudot.

Vervoco Desktop is a Windows/macOS application which provides on-screen keyboards for a number of languages, including Hebrew. The Hebrew one looks like this:

Vervoco Desktop – OT Hebrew

Just click in your document wherever you want to insert Hebrew. Next, start typing the Hebrew consonants. By default, the suggestions will include the nikkudot (vowels) automatically. When you see the word you want, press it and it will be inserted in your document.

Alternatively, if you purchase Vervoco Desktop you can use the free companion app, Vervoco Remote. Vervoco Remote moves the keyboard to your phone/tablet, allowing you to type on the phone/tablet screen and have the Hebrew sent via WiFi to the document you're typing on your computer. It's a good option for when you have a large block of Hebrew to type. Visit the Vervoco website for further details.

Vervoco Desktop – OT Hebrew

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