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Have you ever read a translation of the Bible and wanted to know what the original Hebrew behind that translation really said, but didn't know Hebrew? Well now you can. This translation reveals the Hebrew in a very mechanical and literal way as never before, allowing you to see the Hebrew text behind the English without knowing Hebrew.For more details and additional information on the Mechanical Translation Project, please go to the official website.

Mechanical Translation of Genesis

Each Hebrew word is represented in three forms; Modern Hebrew (with the vowel pointings), Ancient pictographic Hebrew and a transliteration with the English alphabet. Below each Hebrew word is the Mechanical Translation (MT), where every Hebrew word, prefix and suffix is translated exactly the same way every time they occur and in the same order as it is found in the Hebrew text. Above this, just below the verse address is the Revised Mechanical Translation (RMT), which re-arranges the words so that they can be understood through standard English grammar.


Because the meaning of a Hebrew word cannot be conveyed completely through one or two English words, each word found in the MT will be included in the dictionary. This dictionary will more accurately define each word within the context of the Ancient Hebrew language and culture.


The Hebrew language is a root system oriented language and the lexicon is divided into sections reflecting this root system. All of the words found within the Hebrew Bible are listed in this lexicon, which will assist the reader with understanding the meaning of a word in relation to all of the other roots and words realted to it.


The concordance allows the reader to search for each occurrence of each English word within the book of Genesis.

AHRC Articles and Book Excerpts

Excerpts from Mr. Benner's books and the Ancient Hebrew Website related to some of the words found in the Book of Genesis.

About Hebrew and the Mechanical Translation

Various articles related to the Mechanical Translation, the Hebrew language and philosophy and Bible translations.

Videos related to the Mechanical Translation

Videos related to the Mechanical Translation project.