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Strong's 6001 to 6500

Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by Strong's Number
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner

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עֵמֶק ey-meq Valley 6010 An elongated depression between ranges of hills or mountains. As deep. Obscure, in the sense of dark. AHLB

ענה a-nah Answer (verb) 6030 Something written or spoken in reply to a question. AHLB

ענה a-nah Afflict (verb) 6031 To oppress severely so as to cause persistent suffering or anguish in the sense of making dark. AHLB

עֳנִי a-nee Affliction 6040 The cause of persistent suffering, pain or distress. AHLB

עָנִי a-nee Affliction 6041 The cause of persistent suffering, pain or distress. AHLB

עֲנָן a-nan Cloud 6051 A visible mass of particles of water or ice in the form of fog, mist, or haze suspended usually at a considerable height in the air. AHLB

עָפָר a-phar Powder 6083 Matter in a fine particulate state. An abundant amount of powdery substance as dust or ash. AHLB

עֵץ eyts Tree 6086 A woody perennial plant with a supporting stem or trunk and multiple branches. Meaning "wood" when written in the plural form. AHLB

עֵצָה ey-tsah Counsel 6098 Advice given in the sense of being the firm support of the community. AHLB

עָצוּם a-tsum Numerous 6099 Involving more than one. AHLB

עֶצֶם e-tsem Bone 6106 The hard tissue of which the skeleton is chiefly composed. As a numerous amount. AHLB

עצר a-tsar Stop (verb) 6113 To cause to cease; to stop from occurring in the sense of halting, shutting or restraining. AHLB

עֶרֶב e-rev Evening 6153 The latter part and close of the day and the early part of the night. Dark of the evening or dark-skinned people. Also the willow from its dark color. AHLB

עֲרָבָה a-ra-vah Desert 6160 An expanse of land often barren of vegetation and people. AHLB

עֶרְוָה er-wah Nakedness 6172 The state of being without clothing. Idiomatic for sexual relations. AHLB

ערך a-rakh Arrange (verb) 6186 To set something in order or into a correct or suitable configuration, sequence or adjustment. AHLB

עֵרֶךְ ey-rek Arrangement 6187 Set in a row or in order according to rank or age. In parallel. Arranged items in juxtaposition. AHLB

עָרֵל a-reyl Uncircumcised 6189 A male with a foreskin. AHLB

עֹרֶף o-reph Neck 6203 The part of a person that connects the head with the body. AHLB

עֵשֶׂב ey-sev Herb 6212 The grasses and plants of the field used for their medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities. AHLB

עשׂה a-sah Do (verb) 6213 To bring to pass; to bring about; to act or make. AHLB

עֲשִׂירִי a-see-ree Tenth 6224 An ordinal number. AHLB

עשׁק a-shaq Oppress (verb) 6231 To press into or on another through for force or deceit. AHLB

עֶשֶׂר e-ser Ten 6235 A cardinal number. AHLB

עֹשֶר o-ser Riches 6239 Wealth. The possessions that make one wealthy. AHLB

עָשָׂר a-sar Ten 6240 A cardinal number. AHLB

עִשָׂרוֹן ee-sa-ron One Tenth 6241 An equal part of something divided into ten parts. AHLB

עֶשְׂרִים es-reem Ten 6242 A cardinal number. AHLB

עֵת eyt Appointed Time 6256 A fixed or officially set event, occasion or date. AHLB

עַתּוּד a-tud Male Goat 6260 A male member of a flock of goats. AHLB

פֵּאָה pey-ah Edge 6285 The border or boundary of an object or a region. The thin cutting edge of a blade. AHLB

פגע pa-ga Reach (verb) 6293 To touch or grasp; to get up to or as far as; to come together in meeting by chance; to give or place in the sense of a meeting. AHLB

פדה pa-dah Ransom (verb) 6299 To Pay the price stipulated, to retrieve what has been stolen or wrongfully taken. AHLB

פֶּה peh Mouth 6310 The opening through which food enters the body. Any opening. AHLB

פוץ puts Scatter Abroad (verb) 6327 To sow, cast or fling widely. AHLB

פַּחַד pa-hhad Awe 6343 As shaking when in the presence of an awesome sight. AHLB

פֶּחָה pe-hhah Governor 6346 A ruler or overseer of a people or region. AHLB

פִּילֶגֶשׁ pee-le-gesh Concubine 6370 Cohabitation of persons not legally married; a woman living in a socially recognized state of being a mistress. AHLB

פלא pa-la Perform (verb) 6381 To do a wondrous action that shows ones might. AHLB

פְּלֵיטָה pe-ley-tah Escape 6413 To get away, especially from confinement. AHLB

פלל pa-lal Plead (verb) 6419 To entreat or appeal earnestly; to fall to the ground to plead a cause to one in authority; prevent a judgment. AHLB

פנה pa-nah Turn (verb) 6437 To rotate or revolve; to face another direction; to turn the face; to turn directions; to turn something back or away. AHLB

פִּנָּה peen-nah Corner 6438 The point where two lines meet. AHLB

פָּנִים pa-neem Face 6440 The front part of the human head; outward appearance. One present, in the sense of being in the face of another. Always written in the plural form. AHLB

פְּנִימִי pe-nee-mee Inner 6442 What is inside or inward. AHLB

פֶּסַח pe-sahh Passover 6453 The name given to the day and the memorial of Israel's exodus from Egypt. It is also the name of the lamb that is slaughtered on this day. AHLB

פֶּסֶל pe-sel Sculpture 6459 A figurine that is formed and shaped from stone, wood or clay. AHLB

פעל pa-al Make (verb) 6466 To perform a task of physical labor. AHLB

פֹּעַל po-al Deed 6467 A work or action that is made. AHLB

פַּעַם pa-am Footstep 6471 A stroke of time as a rhythmic beating of time, one moment after the other. A moment in time. A foot or leg in the sense of stepping. AHLB

פקד pa-qad Register (verb) 6485 Def: AHLB

פְּקֻדָּה pe-qu-dah Oversight / Number 6486 A careful watching over. A number as counted AHLB

פַּר par Bull 6499 A large male un-castrated bovine. AHLB