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Topics Ancient Hebrew Culture

TheThe Hebrews' Nomadic Lifestyle (Article)
The Bible was written by a people whose culture and lifestyle often revolved around a nomadic lifestyle.

TheThe Goat Hair Tent of the Nomads (Article)
The Ancient Hebrews lived a nomadic lifestyle very similar to today's bedouins of the Near Eastern deserts.

AncientAncient Hebrew Livestock (Article)
A list of livestock animals commonly raised by the Ancient Hebrews for work, food and other goods and supplies.

AncientAncient Hebrew Clothing (Article)
The ancient Hebrew people were very colorful in their apparel, especially the priests.

MenMen and Women's Clothing (Article)
The differences between men and women's clothing in the Ancient Hebrew culture.

TheThe Nomadic Hebrews (Video)
The culture and lifestyle of the Hebrew nomads have a direct relationship to their language.

Culture, Culture, Culture!Culture, Culture, Culture! (Video)
A couple of examples of what happens when we allow our cultural perspective to influence how we interpret the facts, usually, incorrectly.

TheThe Suzerain/Vassal Covenants (Guest Article)
There are several different types of covenants in the Bible and the Suzerain/Vassal covenant is one of them.

TimeTime for a Shofar, Shofar for a Time (Guest Article)
Instructions in how to clean and create a shophar from a ram's horn.

The Ancient Hebrew Culture and Philosophy (Study Pack)
Each culture is unique and only by studying the culture of the Hebrew people can we begin to understand what they wrote in the Bible. These resources will provide insights into the minds of the Ancient Hebrews, who viewed the world around them very differently than we do.

His Name is OneHis Name is One (Book)
An examination of the Hebrew words and names used for God and their interpretation from an ancient Hebrew perspective.