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Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by Ancient Hebrew Word
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner


פֵּאָה pey-ah Edge 6285 The border or boundary of an object or a region. The thin cutting edge of a blade. AHLB

פגע pa-ga Reach (verb) 6293 To touch or grasp; to get up to or as far as; to come together in meeting by chance; to give or place in the sense of a meeting. AHLB

פדה pa-dah Ransom (verb) 6299 To Pay the price stipulated, to retrieve what has been stolen or wrongfully taken. AHLB

פֶּה peh Mouth 6310 The opening through which food enters the body. Any opening. AHLB

פֹּעַל po-al Deed 6467 A work or action that is made. AHLB

פוץ puts Scatter Abroad (verb) 6327 To sow, cast or fling widely. AHLB

פַּחַד pa-hhad Awe 6343 As shaking when in the presence of an awesome sight. AHLB

פֶּחָה pe-hhah Governor 6346 A ruler or overseer of a people or region. AHLB

פִּילֶגֶשׁ pee-le-gesh Concubine 6370 Cohabitation of persons not legally married; a woman living in a socially recognized state of being a mistress. AHLB

פִּנָּה peen-nah Corner 6438 The point where two lines meet. AHLB

פלא pa-la Perform (verb) 6381 To do a wondrous action that shows ones might. AHLB

פְּלֵיטָה pe-ley-tah Escape 6413 To get away, especially from confinement. AHLB

פלל pa-lal Plead (verb) 6419 To entreat or appeal earnestly; to fall to the ground to plead a cause to one in authority; prevent a judgment. AHLB

פָּנִים pa-neem Face 6440 The front part of the human head; outward appearance. One present, in the sense of being in the face of another. Always written in the plural form. AHLB

פנה pa-nah Turn (verb) 6437 To rotate or revolve; to face another direction; to turn the face; to turn directions; to turn something back or away. AHLB

פְּנִימִי pe-nee-mee Inner 6442 What is inside or inward. AHLB

פֶּסַח pe-sahh Passover 6453 The name given to the day and the memorial of Israel's exodus from Egypt. It is also the name of the lamb that is slaughtered on this day. AHLB

פֶּסֶל pe-sel Sculpture 6459 A figurine that is formed and shaped from stone, wood or clay. AHLB

פעל pa-al Make (verb) 6466 To perform a task of physical labor. AHLB

פַּעַם pa-am Footstep 6471 A stroke of time as a rhythmic beating of time, one moment after the other. A moment in time. A foot or leg in the sense of stepping. AHLB

פקד pa-qad Register (verb) 6485 Def: AHLB

פְּקֻדָּה pe-qu-dah Oversight / Number 6486 A careful watching over. A number as counted AHLB

פַּר par Bull 6499 A large male un-castrated bovine. AHLB

פרה pa-rah Reproduce (verb) 6509 To produce new individuals of the same kind; to be abundant in fruit. AHLB

פרח pa-rahh Burst Out (verb) 6524 To be larger, fuller, or more crowded; to break out or break forth as a blooming flower or the wings of a bird. AHLB

פְּרִי pe-ree Produce 6529 Agricultural products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. The harvested product of a crop. AHLB

פָּרָשׁ pa-rash Horseman 6571 One that rides a horse. AHLB

פרץ pa-rats Break Out (verb) 6555 To be spread out wide or widespread. AHLB

פרר pa-rar Break (verb) 6565 To throw something on the ground and break it by trampling. AHLB

פרשׁ pa-rash Spread Out (verb) 6566 To expand beyond a starting point; to be easily and plainly understood in the sense of being spread out to see. AHLB

פשׁט pa-shat Peel Off (verb) 6584 To strip off an outer layer; to spread apart; to invade in the sense of spreading out for an attack; to strip off clothing in the sense of spreading the garment for removal. AHLB

פשׁע pa-sha Transgress (verb) 6586 ? AHLB

פֶּשַׁע pe-sha Transgression 6588 The exceeding of due bounds or limits. AHLB

פתה pa-tah Spread Wide (verb) 6601 To lay out in a large area. The piel (intensive) form means "persuade." AHLB

פתח pa-tahh Open (verb) 6605 To open up as opening a gate or door; to have no confining barrier. The piel (intensive) form means "engrave." AHLB

פֶּתַח pe-tahh Opening 6607 Something that is open, as an entrance or opening of a tent, house or city. AHLB