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Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by Ancient Hebrew Word
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner


שְׁאוֹל she-ol Underworld 7585 The place of the dead. AHLB

שׁאל sha-al Enquire (verb) 7592 To ask about; to search into; to seek to understand what is not known. The hiphil (causative) form means "grant." AHLB

שׁאר sha-ar Remain (verb) 7604 To continue unchanged; to stay behind. AHLB

שְׁאֵרִית she-ey-reet Remnant 7611 A usually small part, member, or trace remaining. AHLB

שׁבה sha-vah Capture (verb) 7617 The act of catching, winning, or gaining control by force, stratagem, or guile; to take one away from his homeland as an involuntary prisoner. AHLB

שְׁבוּעָה she-vu-ah Swearing 7621 The act of taking an oath. AHLB

שְׁבוּת she-vut Captivity 7622 The state or period of being held, imprisoned, enslaved, or confined. AHLB

שֵׁבֶט shey-vet Staff 7626 A walking stick made from the branch of a tree. Also, a tribe as a branch of the family. AHLB

שְׁבִי she-vee Captive 7628 A person who is enslaved or dominated. AHLB

שְׁבִיעִי she-vee-ee Seventh 7637 An ordinal number. AHLB

שֶׁבַע she-vah Seven 7651 A cardinal number. AHLB

שׁבע sha-va Swear (verb) 7650 To completely submit to a promise or oath with words and spoken seven times. AHLB

שִׁבְעִים sheev-eem Seven 7657 A cardinal number. AHLB

שׁבר sha-var Crack (verb) 7665 To break open, apart or into pieces. The piel (intensive) form means "shatter." AHLB

שֶׁבֶר she-ver Shattering 7667 Suddenly broken or burst into pieces, as with a violent blow. AHLB

שׁבת sha-vat Cease (verb) 7673 To come to an end; to die out; to stop an activity for the purpose of rest or celebration. AHLB

שַׁבָּת sha-bat Ceasing 7676 A stopping of work or activity; An activity curtailed before completion. The seventh day of the week (often translated as Sabbath) when all business ceases for rest and celebration. AHLB

שׁדד sha-dad Spoil (verb) 7703 To dry up and shrivel and be of no use. AHLB

שָׁוְא sha-weh Falseness 7723 Words or actions that are not true or are empty. A Deception. Lacking value and content. AHLB

שׁוב shuv Turn Back (verb) 7725 To return to a previous place or state. AHLB

שֻׁלְחָן shul-hhan Table 7979 A flat surface, usually made of wood and with four legs, for laying out the meal to be eaten. AHLB

שׁוֹעֵר sho-eyr Gatekeeper 7778 One who guards the gate of a city or the door of a structure. AHLB

שׁוֹפָר sho-phar Ram Horn 7782 The horn of ram made into a trumpet that emits a bright and beautiful sound. AHLB

שׁוֹר shor Ox 7794 A domestic bovine animal used for pulling heavy loads. AHLB

שֹׁרֶשׁ sho-resh Root 8328 The underground part of a plant. The source or origin of a thing. AHLB

שׁחה sha-hhah Bend Down (verb) 7812 To pay homage to another one by bowing low or getting on the knees with the face to the ground. AHLB

שׁחט sha-hhat Slay (verb) 7819 To strike, beat or kill. AHLB

שׁחת sha-hhat Damage (verb) 7843 To bring to ruin by destruction; to destroy through disfigurement or corruption. AHLB

שִׁטָּה sheet-tah Acacia 7848 A thorny tree commonly found in the Near East. In its plural form can mean wood or boards from the tree. AHLB

שׁטף sha-taph Flush (verb) 7857 To flow over with copious amounts of water. AHLB

שִׁפְחָה sheeph-hhah Maid 8198 An unmarried young woman. AHLB

שִׁקּוּץ shee-quts Filthiness 8251 A dirty, shameful, or detestable action, object or condition. Often used in the context of idols. AHLB

שׁיר sheer Sing (verb) 7891 To express one's voice in a melody or to music. AHLB

שִׁיר sheer Song 7892 The act or art of singing. AHLB

שֵׁשׁ sheysh Six 8337 A cardinal number. AHLB

שִׁישִׁי shee-shee Sixth 8345 An ordinal number. AHLB

שׁית sheet Set Down (verb) 7896 To cause to sit down; to lay down. AHLB

שׁכב sha-khav Lay Down (verb) 7901 To give up; to lie down for copulation, rest or sleep. AHLB

שׁכח sha-khahh Forget (verb) 7911 To lose remembrance of; to cease remembering or noticing. Ara AHLB

שׁכם sha-kham Depart Early (verb) 7925 Literally, to put a load on the shoulder to go away or leave early. AHLB

שׁכן sha-khan Dwell (verb) 7931 To remain for a time; to live as a resident; to stay or sit in one location for an indeterminate duration. AHLB

שָׁלוֹם sha-lom Completeness 7965 Something that has been finished or made whole. A state of being complete. AHLB

שָׁלוֹשׁ sha-losh Three 7969 A cardinal number. AHLB

שְׁלוֹשִׁים she-lo-sheem Three 7970 A cardinal number. AHLB

שׁלח sha-lahh Send (verb) 7971 To cause to go; to direct, order, or request to go. AHLB

שְׁלִישִׁי she-lee-shee Third 7992 An ordinal number. AHLB

שׁלך sha-lakh Throw Out (verb) 7993 To remove from a place, usually in a sudden or unexpected manner; to cast out, down or away. AHLB

שָׁלָל sha-lal Spoil 7998 Plunder taken from an enemy in war or robbery. To impair the quality or effect of. AHLB

שֶׁלֶם she-lem Complete 8002 Having all necessary parts, elements or steps. A state of being whole or full. Left unaltered and whole in its original functional state without removing or adding to it. To finish. A sacrifice or offering given to bring about peace. AHLB

שָׁלֵם sha-leym Complete 8003 Having all necessary parts, elements or steps. A state of being whole or full. Left unaltered and whole in its original functional state without removing or adding to it. To finish. A sacrifice or offering given to bring about peace. AHLB

שׁלם sha-lam Make Restitution (verb) 7999 To restore or make right through action, payment or restoration to a rightful owner. AHLB

שֵׁם sheym Title 8034 A word given to an individual or place denoting its character. The character of an individual or place. AHLB

שׁמד sha-mad Destroy (verb) 8045 To bring to ruin a structure, existence, or condition. AHLB

שַׁמָּה sha-mah Desolate 8047 A wind blowing over the land pulls the moisture out of the ground drying it up, making a place of ruin or desert. AHLB

שְׁמוּעָה she-mu-ah Report 8052 News or tidings given to another. AHLB

שָׁמַיִם sha-ma-yeem Sky 8064 The upper atmosphere that constitutes an apparent great vault or arch over the earth. Place of the winds. AHLB

שְׁמִינִי she-mee-nee Eighth 8066 An ordinal number. AHLB

שׁמם sha-mam Desolate (verb) 8074 To be devoid of inhabitants or visitors. AHLB

שְׁמָמָה she-ma-mah Desolate 8077 Vacant or void of required sources for life. AHLB

שֶׁמֶן she-men Oil 8081 A semi-liquid, often oily and thick. Usually olive oil and used as a medicinal ointment. Also, meaning fat or rich. AHLB

שְׁמֹנִים she-mo-neem Eight 8084 A cardinal number eight. May represent fullness from its connection to root meaning fat or rich. AHLB

שׁמע sha-ma Hear (verb) 8085 To perceive or apprehend by the ear; to listen to with attention. AHLB

שׁמר sha-mar Safeguard (verb) 8104 The act or the duty of protecting or defending; to watch over or guard in the sense of preserving or protecting. AHLB

שֶׁמֶשׁ she-mesh Sun 8121 The luminous body around which the earth revolves and from which it receives heat and light. AHLB

שֵׁן sheyn Tooth 8127 Hard bony appendages on the jaws used for chewing food and forming of sounds when talking. AHLB

שְׁתַּיִם she-ta-yeem Two 8147 A cardinal number. AHLB

שָׁנֵה sha-neyh Year 8141 The period of around 365 solar days. AHLB

שָׁנִי sha-nee Scarlet 8144 Any of various bright reds. AHLB

שֵׁנִי shey-nee Second 8145 An ordinal number. AHLB

שַׁעַר sha-ar Gate 8179 The opening in a wall or fence through which livestock or people pass. Can be the gatekeeper. Also sha'ar, a unit of measurement. AHLB

שׁפט sha-phat Decide (verb) 8199 To make a determination in a dispute or wrong doing. AHLB

שׁפך sha-phakh Pour Out (verb) 8210 To let flow a liquid, often the blood of an animal in sacrifice or a man. AHLB

שׁפל sha-phal Low (verb) 8213 To be small in position or stature. AHLB

שׁקה sha-qah Drink (verb) 8248 To swallow liquid, whether of man or of the land. AHLB

שׁקט sha-qat Tranquil (verb) 8252 To be quiet and at rest. AHLB

שֶׁקֶל she-qel Sheqel 8255 A chief Hebrew weight standard of measurement. AHLB

שֶׁקֶר she-qer False 8267 A deliberate lie. An expression of a non-truth. AHLB

שׁרת sha-rat Minister (verb) 8334 To give aid or service; to be in service to another. AHLB

שֵׁשׁ sheysh Linen 8336 Fabric made of flax and noted for its strength, coolness and luster. A white cloth. Also, marble from its whiteness. AHLB

שִׁשִׁים shee-sheem Six 8346 A cardinal number. AHLB

שׁתה sha-tah Gulp (verb) 8354 To drink plentifully; to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one swallow. AHLB