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Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by English Translation
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner



אָחוֹר a-hhor Back 268 The part of the body that is behind. To be in the rear of or behind something. AHLB

צַוָּאר tsa-war Back Of The Neck 6677 The nape between the shoulders and the head. AHLB

גְּדוּד ge-dud Band 1416 A gathering of men for attacking or raiding. AHLB

מִשְׁתֶּה meesh-teh Banquet 4960 An elaborate meal often accompanied by a ceremony. AHLB

שְׂעֹרָה se-o-rah Barley 8184 A crop used as food, and for determining the month of Aviv. AHLB

רחץ ra-hhats Bathe (verb) 7364 To cleanse by being immersed in, or washing with, water. AHLB

מִלְחָמָה meel-hha-mah Battle 4421 A struggle between two armies. AHLB

זנה za-nah Be A Whore (verb) 2181 A woman who practices promiscuous sexual behavior, especially for hire. AHLB

יכל ya-khal Be Able (verb) 3201 To successfully prevail, overcome or endure. AHLB

חתן hha-tan Be An In Law (verb) 2859 To have a relationship with another through marriage. AHLB

בוש bush Be Ashamed (verb) 954 Feeling shame, guilt or disgrace; to be dried up with shame. AHLB

טהר ta-har Be Clean (verb) 2891 Free from dirt, pollution or immorality; unadulterated, pure. AHLB

רעע ra-a Be Dysfunctional (verb) 7489 Impaired or abnormal filling of purpose; to act wrongly by injuring or doing an evil action. AHLB

נגד na-gad Be Face To Face (verb) 5046 To face another. The hiphil (causative) form means "tell" in the sense of speaking face to face. AHLB

רחק ra-hhaq Be Far (verb) 7368 To be distant, a long way off. AHLB

אשׁם a-sham Be Guilty (verb) 816 To commit an offense, especially consciously. AHLB

קשׁה qa-shah Be Hard (verb) 7185 To be difficult; not easily penetrated; not easily yielding to pressure. AHLB

כבד ka-vad Be Heavy (verb) 3513 To be great in weight, wealth or importance. The piel (intensive) form means "honor." AHLB

זקן za-qen Be Old (verb) 2204 To be of an advanced age. AHLB

עלם a-lam Be Out Of Sight (verb) 5956 To be hidden or obscured from vision; to be beyond the horizon; to be covered or unknown. AHLB

שׂבע sa-va Be Satisfied (verb) 7646 To be filled full or to overflowing; to have a complete amount. AHLB

חלה hha-lah Be Sick (verb) 2470 To be twisted through pain. AHLB

דָּמַם da-mam Be Silent 1826 To come to a standstill in speech or deed. To be quiet; refrain from speech or action. AHLB

חכם hha-kham Be Skilled (verb) 2449 To be able to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong; to act correctly in thought and action. AHLB

צדק tsa-daq Be Steadfast (verb) 6663 To walk on the right path without losing the way. AHLB

ישׁר ya-shar Be Straight (verb) 3474 To be in a direct or correct line, path or thought. AHLB

זור zur Be Strange (verb) 2114 To be separated out from others; to be scattered abroad. AHLB

אמץ a-mats Be Strong (verb) 553 To be mentally astute, firm, obstinate or courageous. Having or marked by great physical, moral or intellectual power. AHLB

טמא ta-ma Be Unclean (verb) 2930 Physically or morally impure; dirty, filthy. AHLB

תמם ta-mam Be Whole (verb) 8552 To be free of wound or injury, defect or impairment, disease or deformity; physically and mentally sound. AHLB

קנא qa-na Be Zealous (verb) 7065 To be filled with eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something. AHLB

זָקֵן za-qeyn Beard 2205 The hair that grows on a man's face. A long beard as a sign of old age and wisdom. An elder as a bearded one. AHLB

בְּהֵמָה be-hey-mah Beast 929 An animal as distinguished from man or a plant. A tall or large creature. AHLB

יָפֶה ya-pheh Beautiful 3303 Generally pleasing. Possessing the qualities of loveliness or functionality. AHLB

חֵן hheyn Beauty 2580 The qualities in a person or thing that give pleasure to the senses. Someone or something that is desired, approved, favored or in agreement by another. AHLB

מִטָּה mee-tah Bed 4296 A place for sleeping. Spread out sheet for sleeping. AHLB

נֶפֶשׁ ne-phesh Being 5315 The whole of a person, god or creature including the body, mind, emotion, character and inner parts. AHLB

קלל qa-lal Belittle (verb) 7043 To regard or portray as less impressive or important; to be light in weight; to curse or despise in the sense of making light. AHLB

דּוֹד dod Beloved 1730 One who is cherished by another. AHLB

שׁחה sha-hhah Bend Down (verb) 7812 To pay homage to another one by bowing low or getting on the knees with the face to the ground. AHLB

אֵצֶל ey-tsel Beside 681 Being next to something. AHLB

בֵּין beyn Between 996 In the time, space or interval that separates. AHLB

צִפּוֹר tsee-por Bird 6833 A creature distinguished by a body covering of feathers and wings as forelimbs. AHLB

תּוֹלְדָה tol-dah Birthing 8435 The act or process of bringing forth offspring from the womb. Total of the children born within an era. AHLB

מַר mar Bitter 4751 A difficult taste or experience. AHLB

מרה ma-rah Bitter (verb) 4784 Having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste; to be rebellious or disobedient. AHLB

דָּם dam Blood 1818 The red fluid that circulates through the body. AHLB

תְּכֵלֶת te-khey-let Blue 8504 A color that is created with the use of a dye. AHLB

קֶרֶשׁ qe-resh Board 7175 A plank of wood often used to wall off an area or restrict access. AHLB

בשׁל ba-shal Boil (verb) 1310 To generate bubbles of vapor when heated; to cook a meat in water. The hiphil (causative) form means "ripen." AHLB

עֹז oz Boldness 5797 Knowing one's position or authority and standing in it. Strengthened and protected from danger. AHLB

אָמָה a-mah Bondwoman 519 A female slave. One who is bound to another. AHLB

עֶצֶם e-tsem Bone 6106 The hard tissue of which the skeleton is chiefly composed. As a numerous amount. AHLB

סֻכָּה su-kah Booth 5521 A temporary shelter; a small enclosure; dwelling place. AHLB

גְּבוּל ge-vul Border 1366 The outer edge of a region. Also the area within the borders. AHLB

חֵיק hheyq Bosom 2436 The human chest, especially the front side. AHLB

קוה qa-wah Bound Up (verb) 6960 To be confined or hedged in together; to wait or to be held back in the sense of being bound up. AHLB

קֶשֶׁת qe-shet Bow 7198 A weapon made from a stiff branch to shoots arrows. A bow-shaped object such as a rainbow. AHLB

רַחַם re-hhem Bowels 7356 The large intestines as encompassed about by the torso. Compassion as coming from the bowels. AHLB

אֲרוֹן a-ron Box 727 A rigid rectangular receptacle often with a cover. Any box-shaped object. AHLB

יֶלֶד ye-led Boy 3206 A male child from birth to puberty. AHLB

מַטֶּה mat-teh Branch 4294 A branch used as a staff. Also, a tribe as a branch of the family. AHLB

גְּבוּרָה ge-vo-rah Bravery 1369 An act of defending one's property, convictions or beliefs. Control through physical strength. AHLB

לֶחֶם le-hhem Bread 3899 Baked and leavened food primarily made of flour or meal. AHLB

חתת hha-tat Break (verb) 2865 To beat or shatter into pieces; to fear or be in terror in the sense of being shattered. AHLB

פרר pa-rar Break (verb) 6565 To throw something on the ground and break it by trampling. AHLB

נתץ na-tats Break Down (verb) 5422 To demolish an elevated object; to tear down. AHLB

פרץ pa-rats Break Out (verb) 6555 To be spread out wide or widespread. AHLB

ילד ya-lad Bring Forth (verb) 3205 To issue out; to bring forth children, either by the woman who bears them or the man who fathers them. The piel (intensive) form means "act-as-midwife." AHLB

אָח ahh Brother 251 A male who has the same parents as another or shares one parent with another. One who stands between the enemy and the family, a protector. AHLB

אַיִל a-yeel Buck 352 The large males of a flock of sheep or heard of deer. By extension, anything of strength including a chief, pillar (as the strong support of a building), or oak tree (one of the strongest of the woods). AHLB

בנה ba-nah Build (verb) 1129 To construct a building or home with wood, stone or other material or a family with sons. AHLB

פַּר par Bull 6499 A large male un-castrated bovine. AHLB

עֵגֶל ey-gel Bullock 5695 A young bull. Also, insinuating strength. AHLB

בער ba-ar Burn (verb) 1197 To undergo rapid combustion or consume fuel in such a way as to give off heat, gases, and, usually, light; be on fire. AHLB

קטר qa-tar Burn Incense (verb) 6999 To light a sacrifice or aromatic plant on fire creating smoke, often aromatic. AHLB

חָרוֹן hha-ron Burning Wrath 2740 A fierce anger. AHLB

פרח pa-rahh Burst Out (verb) 6524 To be larger, fuller, or more crowded; to break out or break forth as a blooming flower or the wings of a bird. AHLB

קבר qa-var Bury (verb) 6912 To dispose of by depositing in the ground. AHLB

מְלָאכָה me-la-khah Business 4399 The principal occupation of one's life. A service. AHLB