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Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by English Translation
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner



שׁחת sha-hhat Damage (verb) 7843 To bring to ruin by destruction; to destroy through disfigurement or corruption. AHLB

גיל geel Dance Around (verb) 1523 To celebrate or rejoice by spinning or moving around in a circle. AHLB

חֹשֶךְ hho-shekh Darkness 2822 The state of being dark. As the darkness of a moonless night. AHLB

בַּת bat Daughter 1323 A female having the relation of a child to parent. A village that resides outside of the city walls; as "the daughter of the city." AHLB

כַּלָּה ka-lah Daughter In Law 3618 The wife of one's son. Bride of the son, as brought into the camp, in the sense of making the man complete. AHLB

יוֹם yom Day 3117 The time of light between one night and the next one. Usually in the context of daylight hours but may also refer to the entire day or even a season. AHLB

יוֹמָם yo-mam Daytime 3119 The time of the day when the sun is shining. AHLB

מָוֶת ma-wet Death 4194 A permanent cessation of all vital functions; the end of life. AHLB

מִרְמָה meer-mah Deceit 4820 The act or practice of not being honest. AHLB

שׁפט sha-phat Decide (verb) 8199 To make a determination in a dispute or wrong doing. AHLB

מִשְׁפָּט meesh-pat Decision 4941 A pronounced opinion. AHLB

תִּפְאָרָה teeph-a-rah Decoration 8597 Ornamentation that shows position, distinguishment or distinction. AHLB

פֹּעַל po-al Deed 6467 A work or action that is made. AHLB

תְּהוֹם te-hom Deep Sea 8415 Extending far from some surface or area; in difficulty or distress. Deep and tumultuous water. A subterranean body of water. AHLB

חֵפֶץ hhey-phets Delight 2656 An object or action that one desires. AHLB

חפץ hha-phats Delight (verb) 2654 To desire something out of pleasure or necessity; to have a high degree of gratification. AHLB

נצל na-tsal Deliver (verb) 5337 To set free; to take and hand over to or leave for another. AHLB

רשׁע ra-sha Depart (verb) 7561 To go astray from the correct path and become lost; to act against a law or teaching as one who has gone astray. The hiphil (causative) form means "convict." AHLB

שׁכם sha-kham Depart Early (verb) 7925 Literally, to put a load on the shoulder to go away or leave early. AHLB

ינח ya-nahh Deposit (verb) 3240 To place, especially for safekeeping or as a pledge; to be laid down; to sit down to rest or remain in place. AHLB

עֲרָבָה a-ra-vah Desert 6160 An expanse of land often barren of vegetation and people. AHLB

שַׁמָּה sha-mah Desolate 8047 A wind blowing over the land pulls the moisture out of the ground drying it up, making a place of ruin or desert. AHLB

שְׁמָמָה she-ma-mah Desolate 8077 Vacant or void of required sources for life. AHLB

שׁמם sha-mam Desolate (verb) 8074 To be devoid of inhabitants or visitors. AHLB

שׁמד sha-mad Destroy (verb) 8045 To bring to ruin a structure, existence, or condition. AHLB

טַל tal Dew 2919 Moisture condensed on the surfaces of cool bodies or objects, especially at night. AHLB

מות mut Die (verb) 4191 To pass from physical life; to pass out of existence; to come to an end through death. The hiphil (causative) form means "kill." AHLB

צוה tsa-wah Direct (verb) 6680 To cause to turn, move, or point undeviatingly or to follow a straight course; give instructions or orders for a path to be taken. AHLB

מִצְוָה meets-wah Directive 4687 The direction to go. Serving or intended to guide, govern, or influence; serving to point direction. AHLB

דַּעַת da-at Discernment 1847 The quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure. An intimacy with a person, idea or concept. AHLB

בזה ba-zah Disdain (verb) 959 A feeling of contempt for what is beneath one; to look with scorn on; to treat something as spoiled or no longer of value. AHLB

חֶרְפָּה hher-pah Disgrace 2781 A scorn, taunting or reproach as a piercing. AHLB

תּוֹעֵבָה to-ey-vah Disgusting 8441 Something highly distasteful that arouses marked aversion in one. AHLB

זרה za-rah Disperse (verb) 2219 To separate or remove to a distance apart from each other; to diffuse or cause to break into different parts. AHLB

רִיב reev Dispute 7379 Bitter, sometimes violent conflict or dissension. AHLB

ריב reev Dispute (verb) 7378 To engage in argument; to dispute or chide another in harassment or trial. AHLB

רָחוֹק ra-hhoq Distance 7350 Separation in space or time. A distant place or time. AHLB

עוֹלָם o-lam Distant 5769 A far off place as hidden beyond the horizon. A far off time as hidden from the present; the distant past or future. A place or time that cannot be perceived. AHLB

עשׂה a-sah Do (verb) 6213 To bring to pass; to bring about; to act or make. AHLB

טוב tov Do Good (verb) 2895 To act functionally. AHLB

יטב ya-tav Do Well (verb) 3190 To do something necessary; to be good, in the sense of being "functional." AHLB

כֶּלֶב ke-lev Dog 3611 An unclean four-footed animal. Also meaning contempt or reproach. AHLB

מִנְחָה meen-hhah Donation 4503 The act of making a gift or a free contribution. What is brought to another as a gift. AHLB

חֲמוֹר hha-mor Donkey 2543 A male ass. AHLB

דֶּלֶת de-let Door 1817 A means of access; usually a swinging or sliding barrier by which an entry is closed and opened. AHLB

מִשְׁנֶה meesh-neh Double 4932 To make twice as great or as many. As a second or a multiple of two. AHLB

יוֹנָה yo-nah Dove 3123 Any of numerous species of birds, especially a small wild one. AHLB

משׁך ma-shakh Draw (verb) 4900 To pull up or out of a receptacle or place; to draw or pull something out; to prolong in the sense of drawing out time; to draw out a sound from a horn. AHLB

נתק na-taq Draw (verb) 5423 To draw out or away as a bowstring or to draw a cord to its breaking point. AHLB

חלץ hha-lats Draw / Arm (verb) 2502 To pull out or toward. To draw weapons for battle. AHLB

נגשׁ na-gash Draw Near (verb) 5066 To bring close to another. AHLB

חֲלוֹם hha-lom Dream 2472 A series of thoughts, images or emotions occurring during sleep. AHLB

שׁקה sha-qah Drink (verb) 8248 To swallow liquid, whether of man or of the land. AHLB

נדח na-dahh Drive (verb) 5080 To forcefully send someone or something out or away; to drive an axe through wood. AHLB

נהג na-hag Drive (verb) 5090 To set or keep in motion; to press or force into an activity, course, or direction. AHLB

עֵדֶר ey-der Drove 5739 A group of animals driven or moving in a body. AHLB

יבשׁ ya-vash Dry Out (verb) 3001 To be dried up as well as withered, ashamed or confused. AHLB

חרב hha-rav Dry Up (verb) 2717 To be a dry wasteland; to be laid waste and made desolate. AHLB

שׁכן sha-khan Dwell (verb) 7931 To remain for a time; to live as a resident; to stay or sit in one location for an indeterminate duration. AHLB

מִשְׁכָּן meesh-kan Dwelling 4908 A place of habitation or residence. AHLB

רָע ra Dysfunctional 7451 Impaired or abnormal action other than that for which a person or thing is intended. Something that does not function within its intended purpose. AHLB