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Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by English Translation
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner



בָּרָד ba-rad Hailstones 1259 A precipitation in the form of irregular pellets or balls of ice. AHLB

שֵׂעָר sey-ar Hair 8181 The covering of filaments on a human head or the body of an animal. AHLB

חֲצִי hha-tsee Half 2677 An equal part of something divided into two pieces. AHLB

יָד yad Hand 3027 The terminal, functional part of the forelimb. Hand with the ability to work, throw and give thanks. AHLB

תלה ta-lah Hang (verb) 8518 To suspend with no support from below. AHLB

אֶשֶׁר a-sheyr Happy 835 A feeling of joy or satisfaction. AHLB

קָשֶׁה qa-sheh Hard 7186 Not easily penetrated; resistant to stress; firm; lacking in responsiveness. AHLB

כִּנּוֹר kee-nor Harp 3658 A plucked stringed musical instrument; AHLB

קָצִיר qa-tseer Harvest 7105 The season for gathering agricultural crops. Time when the plants are severed from their roots to be used for seed or food. AHLB

שׂנא sa-na Hate (verb) 8130 Intense hostility and aversion, usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury; extreme dislike or antipathy. AHLB

רחם ra-hham Have Compassion (verb) 7355 To have a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. AHLB

הוּא hu He 1931a The male who is neither speaker nor hearer. AHLB

רֹאשׁ rosh Head 7218 The top of the body. A person in authority or role of leader. The top, beginning or first of something. AHLB

רפא ra-pha Heal (verb) 7495 To restore to health or wholeness. AHLB

שׁמע sha-ma Hear (verb) 8085 To perceive or apprehend by the ear; to listen to with attention. AHLB

לֵב leyv Heart 3820 Literally, the vital organ which pumps blood, but, also seen as the seat of thought; the mind. AHLB

כָּבֵד ka-veyd Heavy 3515 Having great weight. Something that is weighty. May also be grief or sadness in the sense of heaviness. Also, the liver as the heaviest of the organs. AHLB

קשׁב qa-shav Heed (verb) 7181 To hear and pay attention. AHLB

קוֹמָה qo-mah Height 6967 The highest part or most advanced point; the condition of being tall or high. In the sense of being raised up. AHLB

מָרוֹם ma-rom Heights 4791 A place of considerable or great elevation. AHLB

עזר a-zar Help (verb) 5826 To give assistance or support to. AHLB

עֵשֶׂב ey-sev Herb 6212 The grasses and plants of the field used for their medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities. AHLB

חֹמֶר hha-mor Hhomer 2563b A dry standard of measurement equal to 65 Imperial gallons. AHLB

סתר sa-tar Hide (verb) 5641 To put out of sight; to conceal from view; to keep secret. Hide or conceal. AHLB

גָּבוֹהַ ga-vo-ah High 1364 Advanced in height such as a wall or hill. AHLB

מְסִלָּה me-see-lah Highway 4546 A road constructed above the surrounding area. AHLB

הַר har Hill 2022 An elevation of land such as a hill or mountain. AHLB

נכה na-khah Hit (verb) 5221 To deliver a blow by action; to strike with the hand; to clap, kill or harm. AHLB

אֳחֻזָּה a-hhu-zah Holdings 272 Property that is held or owned. AHLB

דְּבַשׁ de-vash Honey 1706 A sweet material elaborated out of the nectar of flowers in the honey sac of various bees. Also, dates as a thick, sticky and sweet food. AHLB

קֶרֶן qe-ren Horn 7161 One of a pair of bony processes that arise from the head of many animals and used as a wind instrument. The horns of an animal or a musical instrument in the shape of a horn. AHLB

סוּס sus Horse 5483 A domesticated animal used as a beast of burden, a draft animal or for riding. AHLB

פָּרָשׁ pa-rash Horseman 6571 One that rides a horse. AHLB

בַּיִת ba-yit House 1004 The structure or the family, as a household that resides within the house. A housing. Within. AHLB

ילל ya-lal Howl (verb) 3213 To make a loud wail in grief or pain. AHLB

אָדָם a-dam Human 120 Of, relating to, or characteristic of man. The first man. All of mankind as the descendants of the first man. AHLB

מֵאָה mey-ah Hundred 3967 A specific number but also a large amount without any reference to a specific number. AHLB

רָעָב ra-av Hunger 7458 A craving or urgent need for food. AHLB

מהר ma-har Hurry (verb) 4116 To carry or cause to go with haste. AHLB