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Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by English Translation
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner



שַׂק saq Sack 8242 A bag of cloth or skins for carrying foods or objects. AHLB

זֶבַח ze-vahh Sacrifice 2077 An animal killed for an offering. AHLB

זבח za-vahh Sacrifice (verb) 2076 An act of offering to deity something precious; to kill an animal for an offering. AHLB

חבשׁ hha-bash Saddle (verb) 2280 A shaped mounted support on which an object can travel; to bind up with a saddle. AHLB

שׁמר sha-mar Safeguard (verb) 8104 The act or the duty of protecting or defending; to watch over or guard in the sense of preserving or protecting. AHLB

בֶּטַח be-tahh Safely 983 A state or place of safety. AHLB

מֶּלַח me-lahh Salt 4417 An ingredient that adds flavor to food and used in preserving foods. AHLB

מִקְדָּשׁ meeq-dash Sanctuary 4720 A place set apart for a special purpose. AHLB

אמר a-mar Say (verb) 559 To speak chains of words that form sentences. AHLB

שָׁנִי sha-nee Scarlet 8144 Any of various bright reds. AHLB

פוץ puts Scatter Abroad (verb) 6327 To sow, cast or fling widely. AHLB

סֵפֶר sey-pher Scroll 5612 A document or record written on a sheet of papyrus, leather or parchment and rolled up for storage. AHLB

פֶּסֶל pe-sel Sculpture 6459 A figurine that is formed and shaped from stone, wood or clay. AHLB

יָם yam Sea 3220 A large body of water. Also, the direction of the great sea (the Mediterranean), the west. AHLB

חתם hha-tam Seal (verb) 2856 To close tightly, often marked with the emblem of the owner that must be broken before opening. AHLB

בקש ba-qash Search Out (verb) 1245 To intently look for someone or something until the object of the search is found. AHLB

כִּסֵּא kee-sey Seat 3678 A special chair of one in eminence. Usually a throne or seat of authority. AHLB

שֵׁנִי shey-nee Second 8145 An ordinal number. AHLB

אמן a-man Secure (verb) 539 Solidly fixed in place; to stand firm in the sense of a support. Not subject to change or revision. The hiphil (causative) form means "support." AHLB

ראה ra-ah See (verb) 7200 To take notice; to perceive something or someone; to see visions. The niphal (passive) form means "appear" and the hiphil (causative) form means "show." AHLB

זֶרַע ze-ra Seed 2233 The grains or ripened ovules of plants used for sowing. Scattered in the field to produce a crop. The singular word can be used for one or more. Also, the descendants of an individual, either male or female. AHLB

דרשׁ da-rash Seek (verb) 1875 To look for or search for something or for answers. The niphal (passive) form means "require." AHLB

חזק hha-zaq Seize (verb) 2388 To possess or take by force; grab hold tightly; to refrain or support by grabbing hold. AHLB

תפשׂ ta-phas Seize Hold (verb) 8610 To take hold of something by force. AHLB

סֶלָה se-lah Selah 5542 A musical term possibly a lifting of the sound. AHLB

רָצוֹן ra-tson Self Will 7522 Used to express determination, insistence, persistence, or willfulness. One's desire. AHLB

מכר ma-khar Sell (verb) 4376 To give up property to another for money or another valuable compensation. AHLB

שׁלח sha-lahh Send (verb) 7971 To cause to go; to direct, order, or request to go. AHLB

בדל ba-dal Separate (verb) 914 To set or keep apart. AHLB

נָחָשׁ na-hhash Serpent 5175 A poisonous snake that hisses, creeps and bites. AHLB

עֶבֶד e-ved Servant 5650 One who provides a service to another, as a slave, bondservant or hired hand. AHLB

עבד a-var Serve (verb) 5647 To provide a service to another, as a servant or slave or to work at a profession. AHLB

עֲבֹדָה a-vo-dah Service 5656 Labor provided by a servant or slave. AHLB

קדשׁ qa-dash Set Apart (verb) 6942 To move or place someone or something separate from the whole for a special purpose. AHLB

שׁית sheet Set Down (verb) 7896 To cause to sit down; to lay down. AHLB

ישׁב ya-shav Settle (verb) 3427 To stay in a dwelling place for the night or for long periods of time; to sit down. AHLB

מוֹשָׁב mo-shav Settling 4186 The place of sitting, resting or dwelling, usually temporarily. AHLB

שֶׁבַע she-vah Seven 7651 A cardinal number. AHLB

שִׁבְעִים sheev-eem Seven 7657 A cardinal number. AHLB

שְׁבִיעִי she-vee-ee Seventh 7637 An ordinal number. AHLB

קצר qa-tsar Sever (verb) 7114 To cut short or small; to harvest in the sense of severing the crop from its stalk; to be impatient in the sense of patience being severed. AHLB

צֵל tseyl Shadow 6738 The dark figure cast on a surface by a body intercepting the rays from a light source. AHLB

מוט mot Shake (verb) 4131 To waver as a green branch. AHLB

רגז ra-gaz Shake (verb) 7264 To tremble in fear or anger. AHLB

בֹּשֶת bo-shet Shame 1322 A state of confusion in the sense of being dried up. AHLB

כְּלִמָּה ke-lee-mah Shame 3639 The painful feeling of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, done by oneself or another. AHLB

כלם ka-lam Shame (verb) 3637 To feel pain through something dishonorable, improper or ridiculous. AHLB

שֶׁבֶר she-ver Shattering 7667 Suddenly broken or burst into pieces, as with a violent blow. AHLB

אָתוֹן a-ton She Donkey 860 A female ass. AHLB

עֵז eyz She Goat 5795 A female goat. AHLB

כֶּבֶשׂ ke-ves Sheep 3532 A mammal related to the goat domesticated for its flesh and wool. AHLB

שֶׁקֶל she-qel Sheqel 8255 A chief Hebrew weight standard of measurement. AHLB

מָגֵן ma-geyn Shield 4043 A broad piece of defensive armor carried on the arm. A protective structure. Wall of protection. AHLB

הלל ha-lal Shine (verb) 1984 To emit rays of light. Shine brightly. To shine or cause another to shine through one's actions or words. The piel (intensive) form means "commend." AHLB

כָּתֵף ka-teyph Shoulder Piece 3802 The part of an object that acts like a shoulder. AHLB

תְּרוּעָה te-ru-ah Shout 8643 A great shout of alarm of war or for rejoicing. AHLB

רוע ru-a Shout (verb) 7321 To shout an alarm of war or for great rejoicing. AHLB

רנן ra-nan Shout Aloud (verb) 7442 To cry out loudly in triumph or joy. AHLB

רִנָּה ree-nah Shouting 7440 A loud exclamation of triumph or joy. AHLB

חנן hha-nan Show Beauty (verb) 2603 To give or show beauty, grace or mercy to another. The hitpael (reflexive) form means "beseech." AHLB

חמל hha-mal Show Pity (verb) 2550 To have compassion; to sympathize. AHLB

סגר sa-gar Shut (verb) 5462 To close or block an opening. AHLB

צַד tsad Side 6654 An area next to something. AHLB

אוֹת ot Sign 226 The motion, gesture, or mark representing an agreement between two parties. A wondrous or miraculous sign. AHLB

כֶּסֶף ke-seph Silver 3701 A soft metal capable of a high degree of polish used for coinage, implements and ornaments. A desired and precious metal. AHLB

שׁיר sheer Sing (verb) 7891 To express one's voice in a melody or to music. AHLB

רפה ra-phah Sink Down (verb) 7503 To drop down; to be slack or idle due to weakness, illness or laziness. The niphal (passive) form means "lazy." AHLB

אָחוֹת a-hhot Sister 269 A female who has the same parents as another or shares one parent with another. AHLB

שֵׁשׁ sheysh Six 8337 A cardinal number. AHLB

שִׁשִׁים shee-sheem Six 8346 A cardinal number. AHLB

שִׁישִׁי shee-shee Sixth 8345 An ordinal number. AHLB

חָכְמָה hhakh-mah Skill 2451 The ability to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong. AHLB

חָכָם hha-kham Skilled One 2450 A person characterized by a deep understanding of a craft. AHLB

עוֹר or Skin 5785 The integument covering men or animals, as well as leather made from animal skins. The husk of a seed. AHLB

שָׁמַיִם sha-ma-yeem Sky 8064 The upper atmosphere that constitutes an apparent great vault or arch over the earth. Place of the winds. AHLB

לוּחַ lu-ahh Slab 3871 A wood or stone tablet or plank. Often used for writing. AHLB

טַבָּח te-bahh Slaughtering 2876 The act of slaughtering, the meat of the slaughter or one who slaughters. Also an executioner as one who slaughters. AHLB

שׁחט sha-hhat Slay (verb) 7819 To strike, beat or kill. AHLB

מלט ma-lat Slip Away (verb) 4422 To get away through deliverance or escape. AHLB

צור tsur Smack (verb) 6696 To strike or push as an attack. AHLB

קָטָן qa-tan Small 6996 Someone or something that is not very large in size, importance, age or significance. AHLB

מְעָט me-at Small Amount 4592 Something that is few or small in size or amount. AHLB

משׁח ma-shahh Smear (verb) 4886 To overspread with oil for medical treatment or as a sign of authority. AHLB

מָשִׁיחַ ma-shee-ahh Smeared 4899 Someone or something that has been smeared or annointed with an oil as a medication or a sign of taking an office. An anointed one; a messiah. AHLB

נגף na-gaph Smite (verb) 5062 To deliver a hit with the intent to harm; to bring a plague in the sense of a striking. AHLB

קצף qa-tsaph Snap (verb) 7107 To make a sudden closing; to break suddenly with a sharp sound; to splinter a piece of wood; to lash out in anger as a splintering. AHLB

כֵּן keyn So 3651 In a manner or way indicated or suggested. What comes before or after another event. AHLB

אָמֵן a-meyn So Be It 543 An affirmation of firmness and support. AHLB

גור gur Sojourn (verb) 1481 To stay as a temporary resident. Travel in a strange land. Also, the extended meaning of "to be afraid" of a stranger. AHLB

בֵּן beyn Son 1121 A male offspring. This can be the son of the father or a later male descendant. One who continues the family line. AHLB

שִׁיר sheer Song 7892 The act or art of singing. AHLB

נֶגֶב ne-gev South country 5045 A region to the south of Israel. Also the direction "south." AHLB

זרע za-ra Sow (verb) 2232 To spread seeds on the ground; to plant a crop. AHLB

דבר da-var Speak (verb) 1696 A careful arrangement of words or commands said orally. AHLB

חֲנִית hha-neet Spear 2595 A long shaft with a pointed tip and used as a weapon. A tent pole which may also be used as a spear. AHLB

קֹדֶשׁ qo-desh Special 6944 A person, item, time or place that has the quality of being unique; Separated from the rest for a special purpose. AHLB

אִמְרָה eem-rah Speech 565 The chain of words when speaking. AHLB

ארר a-rar Spit Upon (verb) 779 To eject saliva, usually on another in spite or disrespect. AHLB

קֶצֶף qe-tseph Splinter 7110 The sharp flying objects from a snapped piece of wood. Also wrath as flying splinters. AHLB

שָׁלָל sha-lal Spoil 7998 Plunder taken from an enemy in war or robbery. To impair the quality or effect of. AHLB

שׁדד sha-dad Spoil (verb) 7703 To dry up and shrivel and be of no use. AHLB

פרשׁ pa-rash Spread Out (verb) 6566 To expand beyond a starting point; to be easily and plainly understood in the sense of being spread out to see. AHLB

פתה pa-tah Spread Wide (verb) 6601 To lay out in a large area. The piel (intensive) form means "persuade." AHLB

צמח tsa-mahh Spring Up (verb) 6779 To grow up as a plant. AHLB

זרק za-raq Sprinkle (verb) 2236 To drip a liquid, usually water or blood. AHLB

מִזְרָק meez-raq Sprinkling Basin 4219 A container of liquid that is used to drip the liquid. AHLB

שֵׁבֶט shey-vet Staff 7626 A walking stick made from the branch of a tree. Also, a tribe as a branch of the family. AHLB

נוע nu-a Stagger (verb) 5128 To reel from side to side; to wag or shake back and forth or up and down; to wander as staggering about. AHLB

קָנֶה qa-neh Stalk 7070 The main stem and support of a plant. AHLB

עמד a-mad Stand (verb) 5975 To rise, raise or set in a place. AHLB

נצב na-tsav Stand Up (verb) 5324 To be vertical in position; to stand tall and erect; to set in place. AHLB

כּוֹכָב ko-khav Star 3556 A natural luminous body visible in the night sky. AHLB

נבט na-vat Stare (verb) 5027 To carefully look; to make a close inspection. AHLB

אֵמֶר ey-mer Statement 561 A single declaration or remark. AHLB

יצב ya-tsav Station (verb) 3320 To stand firm and in place. AHLB

יחל ya-hhal Stay (verb) 3176 To remain behind; to wait in anticipation. AHLB

צֶדֶק tse-deq Steadfast 6664 The following of the established path or course of action. AHLB

צַדִּיק tsa-deeq Steadfast One 6662 One that makes or sets right. Conforming to fact, standard or truth. AHLB

צְדָקָה tse-da-qah Steadfastness 6666 Conformity to fact, standard or truth. AHLB

גנב ga-nav Steal (verb) 1589 To wrongfully take the property of another; rob. AHLB

מַעֲלָה ma-a-lah Step 4609 A straight or stepped incline for ascending and descending. AHLB

דרך da-rakh Step Upon (verb) 1869 To take a step. A journey as a treading. The stringing of a bow is a treading as the foot is stepped over the bow and using the leg to bend it. AHLB

בַּד bad Stick 905 A branch or staff as separated from the tree. Linen cloth, from its stiff and divided fibers. Often used in the idiom "to his / her own stick" meaning alone or self. AHLB

בהל ba-hal Stir (verb) 926 To disturb the quiet of; agitate. AHLB

עור ur Stir Up (verb) 5782 To shake to awaken. AHLB

אֶבֶן e-ven Stone 68 A piece of rock, often in the context of building material. AHLB

כרע ka-ra Stoop (verb) 3766 To bend the body forward and downward while bending the knees; to stoop or crouch down by bending or getting on the knees. AHLB

עצר a-tsar Stop (verb) 6113 To cause to cease; to stop from occurring in the sense of halting, shutting or restraining. AHLB

אוֹצָר o-tsar Storehouse 214 A place where grain or other items of subsistence are held and protected. AHLB

יָשָׁר ya-shar Straight 3477 Without a bend, angle, or curve. A straight line, path or thought. The cord of the bow as stretched taught. AHLB

גֵּר ger Stranger 1616 A foreigner; a person or thing unknown or with whom one is unacquainted. AHLB

יְאוֹר ye-or Stream 2975 A body of running water; any body of flowing water. AHLB

רְחוֹב re-hhov Street 7339 A thoroughfare, especially in a city, town or village. AHLB

כֹּחַ ko-ahh Strength 3581 The quality or state of being strong. AHLB

רבץ ra-vats Stretch Out (verb) 7257 To lie or stretch out as to rest; to crouch down to hide for an ambush. AHLB

מָעוֹז ma-oz Stronghold 4581 A place of strength and refuge such as a mountain, fortress or rock. AHLB

טמן ta-man Submerge (verb) 2934 To hide by burying or to cover. AHLB

ינק ya-naq Suckle (verb) 3243 To give milk to from the breast or udder. The hiphil (causative) form means "nurse (verb)." AHLB

דַּי dai Sufficient 1767 An amount that is not lacking. What is enough. AHLB

רֵאשִׁית rey-sheet Summit 7225 The head, top or beginning of a place, such as a river or mountain, or a time, such as an event. The point at which something starts; origin, source. AHLB

שֶׁמֶשׁ she-mesh Sun 8121 The luminous body around which the earth revolves and from which it receives heat and light. AHLB

מִזְרָח meez-rah Sunrise 4217 When the first light of the sun comes over the horizon. An eastward direction as the place of the rising sun. AHLB

סמך sa-makh Support (verb) 5564 To uphold or defend; to hold up or serve as a foundation or prop for. AHLB

כול kul Sustain (verb) 3557 To provide what is needed to make someone or something whole or complete. AHLB

בלע ba-la Swallow (verb) 1104 To pass through the mouth and move into the esophagus to the stomach. AHLB

שׁבע sha-va Swear (verb) 7650 To completely submit to a promise or oath with words and spoken seven times. AHLB

שְׁבוּעָה she-vu-ah Swearing 7621 The act of taking an oath. AHLB

נִחוֹחַ nee-hho-ahh Sweet 5207 Pleasing to the taste. Not sour, bitter or salty. Something that smells pleasing. AHLB

בֹּשֶׂם bo-sem Sweet Spice 1314 An aromatic spice that is pleasing to the nose. AHLB

הָדָר ha-dar Swell 1926 Someone or something that has been enlarged in size, pride or majesty. AHLB

חֶרֶב hhe-rev Sword 2719 A weapon with a long blade for cutting or thrusting. AHLB