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JEFF A. BENNER has authored over twenty books related to the studies of the alphabet, language and culture of the Bible and is an instructor in Biblical Hebrew and has taught thousands how to read the Bible in Hebrew for themselves.

Mr. Benner desires to assist his readers with proper Biblical interpretation, based on the original Hebraic context of the Bible, so they may gain a deeper understanding and insight into the intended meaning of the words of the Scriptures. He discovered that most Biblical and Hebrew teachings are missing a key ingredient, a cultural background to the language of the Bible. To this end, he has dedicated over 20 years of research, documenting the connections between the language of the Bible and the culture in which it was written.

Mr. Benner, along with his wife Denise and their children, lives in Mississippi in a log house they built on their wooded property. They are working to build a self-sustaining homestead.

You may contact Mr. Benner through his email address, but please, be brief and to the point and patient for a response as he receives hundreds of emails each month.


Translation Work

The Torah: A Mechanical TranslationThe Torah: A Mechanical Translation (Book)
A new and unique word-for-word translation offering a literal and faithful translation in English.

Ancient Hebrew LexiconAncient Hebrew Lexicon (Book)
All the Hebrew words of the Bible are connected to their roots and defined within their ancient cultural context and meaning.

Best Sellers

Benner's Commentary on the TorahBenner's Commentary on the Torah (Book)
Jeff A. Benner's commentary on selected verses, names, topics expounding on the linguistics and cultural background of the Hebrew people.

The Living WordsThe Living Words (Book)
A study of Hebrew words in the Old and New Testament from their original Hebraic perspective.

The Ancient Hebrew Language and AlphabetThe Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet (Book)
Understanding the Ancient Hebrew language of the Bible, based on the Ancient Hebrew culture and thought.

Ancient Hebrew DictionaryAncient Hebrew Dictionary (Book)
This Biblical Hebrew dictionary contains the one thousand most frequent verbs and nouns found within the Hebrew Bible.

Selected Articles by Mr. Benner

The Missing 'Art' in Hebrew LinguisticsThe Missing 'Art' in Hebrew Linguistics (Article)
Modern Hebrew linguistics has stagnated in growth due to a lack of "art" being interjected into the science.

The Culture of the Hebrew LanguageThe Culture of the Hebrew Language (Article)
Understanding the Ancient Hebrew culture is very important for proper Biblical interpretation and without it the reader interject his or her own cultural perspectives on the text.

The Ancient Pictographic AlphabetThe Ancient Pictographic Alphabet (Article)
The original Hebrew alphabet was written with pictures that reveal insights into Hebrew words.

Introduction to Ancient HebrewIntroduction to Ancient Hebrew (Article)
An introduction to the ancient Hebrew alphabet, the Hebrew language and their philosophy.

An Alternate Approach to Hebrew LinguisticsAn Alternate Approach to Hebrew Linguistics (Article)
When we assume our modern style of linguistics onto an ancient language, we may be ignoring the real meanings of Hebrew words.

The Philosophy of the Hebrew LanguageThe Philosophy of the Hebrew Language (Article)
An explanation of the differences between the two major branches of Philosophy in the world today.

What is God's name in Hebrew?What is God's name in Hebrew? (Article)
The background, history and meaning of the name of God that usually written as LORD, Jehovah or Yahweh.

The Way of YahwehThe Way of Yahweh (Article)
In the Bible, the way to God is described as a journey, a path leading to a destination.

The Aaronic Blessing from a Hebrew PerspectiveThe Aaronic Blessing from a Hebrew Perspective (Article)
When we interpret the Aaronic Blessing from their cultural perspective the passage comes to life in a way never seen before.

The Untold Story of Cain and AbelThe Untold Story of Cain and Abel (Article)
We have all heard the story of Cain and Abel. But a careful reading of the Hebrew reveals some interesting insights.