...and thank you for visiting our bookstore. The books and DVDs available here are the work and vision of Jeff A. Benner, founder and administrator of the Ancient Hebrew Research Center, who has studied and researched the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, language and culture in order to uncover the original Hebraic thought and meaning behind the English translations of the Hebrew Bible. When the Bible is read with an Ancient Hebrew perspective, it comes to life in a way never before seen. If you have any questions about his books or DVDs, please E-Mail us at any time.


Books by Jeff A. Benner
New Testament Greek to Hebrew Dictionary

Recent archeological and linguistic evidence reveals that the Jews of the New Testament era spoke Hebrew, not Greek as has been taught for so many years. With this revelation, we can conclude that the teachings of the New Testament were first conveyed, either in spoken or written form, in Hebrew... Read More

Ancient Hebrew Torah

The first five books of the Hebrew Bible, called the Torah (a Hebrew word meaning “teachings”), are the foundation to the rest of the Bible. While there are many Torah books available... Read More

Ancient Hebrew Dictionary

This Biblical Hebrew dictionary contains the one thousand most frequent verbs and nouns found within the Hebrew Bible. It is designed to assist the Hebrew student with learning the Hebrew words and their meanings from an Ancient Hebrew perspective... Read More

Mechanical Translation of the Book of Exodus

The Mechanical Translation of the Book of Exodus is the second book in the Mechanical Translation of the Hebrew Bible series which literally translates the book of Exodus using the "Mechanical Translation" methodology and philosophy... Read More

Mechanical Translation of Genesis

The Mechanical Translation will provide a consistent translation where each Hebrew word, prefix and suffix are translated exactly the same way every time. This will provide the student of the Bible with a very Hebraic look at the Bible without knowing Hebrew... Read More

Hebrew Text and Lexicon of Genesis

This book is great for anyone learning to read Biblical Hebrew. The Hebrew text of the Book of Genesis is based on the Leningrad Hebrew. An alphabetical lexicon lists all the Hebrew words of the text as it appears in the text with the prefixes, suffixes and conjugations intact ... Read More

The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible

A new approach to understanding the Hebrew Bible including Hebrew letters, roots and words defined within their ancient cultural context and meaning... Read More

The Living Words - Volume One

The Living Words reveals the Hebraic meaning of many important words in the Bible providing the student of the Bible with a more in-depth understanding of the Word of God.... Read More

His Name is One

An Hebraic look at the ancient meanings of the names of God. An indepth look at the names of God as understood by the ancient Hebrews whose writings in the Bible are filled with vivid images of God lost through translation and culture... Read More

Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics

Since ancient times man has sought to understand the origins of the universe around him, and his place within it... Read More

Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew

Everything the beginning student of Hebrew needs to begin reading the Bible in its original language, from learning the Hebrew alphabet to word and sentence structure... Read More

Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew - Part 2

After learning the Hebrew alphabet, it's time to learn Hebrew grammar, morphology and syntax... Read More

Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet

Understanding the Ancient Hebrew Language of the Bible, based on the Ancient Hebrew Culture and Thought. An in depth history and study of the alphabet, word roots, and the relationships between them... Read More

DVDs By Jeff A. Benner
A History of Hebrew

This 83 minute video explores the history of the Hebrew alphabet, language and philosophy as well as the history of the Hebrew Bible and its various versions and translations. Details

AHRC Presents: An Introduction to Ancient Hebrew

This 58 minute video examines various aspects of the Ancient Hebrew language including; the relationship between the Hebrew words of the Bible and the Ancient Hebrew culture; the differences between Greek and Hebrew concepts such as time and space; the meaning of the letters in the ancient pictographic Hebrew script; and the root system of the Ancient Hebrew language. Details

AHRC Presents: The Ark of the Covenant

This 27 minute DVD presents a unique interpretation of the appearance and purpose of the Ark of Covenant by examining the Hebrew text of the Bible. Mr. Benner examines the Hebrew words within the text, as well as their roots and meanings, to examine the characteristics, appearance and purpose of the ark and the cherubim upon the Ark. This study is excerpted from Mr. Benner's teaching at the Restoration Conference in Portland Oregon in July 2008. Details

AHRC Presents: The Semitic Origins of the New Testament

This 54 minute DVD presents archeological, historical, manuscript, textual, and cultural evidence that suggests the New Testament was not originally written in Greek, but with a Semitic, and probably Hebrew, language and later, translated into Greek. This study is excerpted from Mr. Benner's teaching at the Restoration Conference in Portland Oregon in July 2008. Details

AHRC Presents: The Four Stages of Biblical Transmission

The original writers of the Bible were "inspired" to write down their beliefs and history. As the material which these original writings were written on deteriorate over time, it is necessary to "preserve" them by copying them onto new material... Details

AHRC Presents: The Aaronic Blessing

We may all be familiar with the Aaronic blessing, but only from a Western Greco-Roman perspective. When the words of the blessing are examined from an Hebraic perspective, the words come to life and reveal new meanings and understandings... Details

AHRC Presents: Genesis Chapter One

AHRC Presents: Genesis Chapter One The first two verses of Genesis chapter one is a summary of the entire chapter. When the Hebrew words of these verses are closely examined from an Hebraic perspective, the text comes to life... Details