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AHLB - Ayin

( עב ) Object: Beam

( masc., עב ) Translation: BEAM KJV Translations: plank, beam Strong's Hebrew #: h.5646

( עבד ) Definition: A work performed or made for another out of obligation, requirement or gratitude.

( common, עבד / ah.b.d ) Translation: SERVE (V) Definition: To provide a service to another, as a servant or slave or to work at a profession. Edenics: obey, obedience KJV Translations: serve, do, till, servant, work, worshipper, service, dress, labour, ear, make, go, keep, move, wrought Strong's Hebrew #: h.5647 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5648

( masc., עבד / e-ved ) Translation: SERVANT Definition: One who provides a service to another, as a slave, bondservant or hired hand. KJV Translations: servant, manservant, bondman, bondage, bondservant, sides Strong's Hebrew #: h.5650, h.5652, h.5657 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5649

( fem., עבדות ) Translation: SERVITUDE Definition: [To be verified] A forced service. KJV Translations: bondage Strong's Hebrew #: h.5659

( masc., מעבד ) Translation: SERVICE KJV Translations: work Strong's Hebrew #: h.4566 Strong's Aramaic #: a.4567

( fem., עבידה ) Translation: SERVICE KJV Translations: work, affair, service Aramaic Spelling: עבידא Strong's Aramaic #: a.5673

( fem., עבודה / a-vo-dah ) Translation: SERVICE Definition: Labor provided by a servant or slave. KJV Translations: service, servile, work, bondage, act, serve, servitude, tillage, effect, labour Strong's Hebrew #: h.5656

( עבט ) Definition: When something is borrowed the borrower gives an item as a pledge as a security for the return of what is borrowed.

( common, עבט / ah.b.t ) Translation: MAKE.A.PLEDGE (V) KJV Translations: lend, fetch, borrow, break Strong's Hebrew #: h.5670

( masc., עבוט ) Translation: PLEDGE Definition: What is given as security for a loan. KJV Translations: pledge Strong's Hebrew #: h.5667

( masc., עבטיט ) Translation: PLEDGE Definition: [To be verified] What is given as security for a loan. KJV Translations: clay Strong's Hebrew #: h.5671

( עג ) Action: Bake Object: Cake

( עוג ) Definition: Cakes baked on hot stones.

( common, עוג ) Translation: BAKE (V) KJV Translations: bake Strong's Hebrew #: h.5746

( masc., עוג / og ) ( fem., עוגה / u-gah ) Translation: BREAD.CAKE Definition: A bread that is baked on hot stones. KJV Translations: cake Strong's Hebrew #: h.5692

( masc., מעוג ) Translation: CAKE KJV Translations: cake, feast Strong's Hebrew #: h.4580

( עד ) Action: Adorn, Meet Object: Trappings Abstract: Witness, Appointment Definition: As coming to a tent of meeting and entering in. A place, time or event that is repeated again and again. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the eye, the is a picture of the door. Combined these mean "see the door".

( fem., עד / eyd ) Translation: WITNESS Definition: Attestation of a fact or event. An object, person or group that affords evidence. Relationship to Root: An event or person's testimony recounting another event or person. KJV Translations: witness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5707

( masc., עד / ad ) Translation: UNTIL Definition: The conclusion of a determinate period of time. Also, again; a repetition of time, either definite or indefinite; another time; once more. Alternate Translations: again; also; as far as; as well as; before; beyond; by; concerning; even; for; unto; still (when followed by the word "IN.THIS.WAY") KJV Translations: ever, everlasting, end, evermore, old, perpetually, by, as, when, how, yet, till, until, unto, for, to, but, on, within Strong's Hebrew #: h.5703, h.5704 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5705

( fem., עדה / ey-dah ) Translation: COMPANY Definition: A group of persons or things for carrying on a project or undertaking; a group with a common testimony. May also mean a witness or testimony. Alternate Translations: witness KJV Translations: congregation, company, assembly, multitude, people, swarm, testimony, witness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5712, h.5713

( fem., עדות / ey-dut ) Translation: EVIDENCE Definition: That which proves or disproves something; something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign. KJV Translations: testimony, witness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5715

( masc., עדי / a-di ) Translation: TRAPPINGS Definition: Articles of dress or adornment that often witness to a person's position or rank. KJV Translations: ornament, mouth Strong's Hebrew #: h.5716

( עדה ) Definition: An adornment for testifying to ones position, rank or authority.

( common, עדה ) Translation: ADORN (V) Definition: [To be verified] To put on trappings which usually identify position or rank. KJV Translations: deck, adorn, take, pass, depart, alter, took, pass, remove Strong's Hebrew #: h.5710 Aramaic Spelling: עדא Strong's Aramaic #: a.5709

( masc., עדה / od ) Translation: ADORNMENT Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( עוד ) Definition: The repeating of an account.

( common, עוד / ah.w.d ) Translation: WRAP.AROUND (V) Definition: To enclose; to repeat or do again what has been said or done. Alternate Translations: warn (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: testify, protest, witness, record, charge, take, admonish Strong's Hebrew #: h.5749

( masc., עוד / od ) Translation: YET.AGAIN Definition: A repeating of something. Alternate Translations: again; also; another; continue; even; ever; more; still; while; yet KJV Translations: again, more, while, longer, else, since, yet, still Strong's Hebrew #: h.5750 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5751

( fem., תעודה ) Translation: WITNESS KJV Translations: testimony Strong's Hebrew #: h.8584

( יעד ) Definition: An appointed place, time or event that is repeated such as the monthly and yearly feasts.

( common, יעד / y.ah.d ) Translation: APPOINT (V) Definition: To arrange, fix or set in place, to determine a set place or time to meet. KJV Translations: meet, together, assemble, appoint, set, time, betroth, agree, gather Strong's Hebrew #: h.3259

( masc., מועד / mo-eyd ) Translation: APPOINTED Definition: A person, place, thing or time that is fixed or officially set. KJV Translations: congregation, feast, season, appointed, time, assembly, solemnity, solemn, days, sign, synagogue Strong's Hebrew #: h.4150, h.4151

( fem., מועדה ) Translation: APPOINTED Definition: [To be verified] A place appointed for as a witness. KJV Translations: appointed Strong's Hebrew #: h.4152

( בעד )

( masc., בעד / ba-ad ) Translation: ROUND.ABOUT Definition: A circuitous way or route. Alternate Translations: concerning KJV Translations: at, for, by, over, upon, about, by, through Strong's Hebrew #: h.1157

( סעד )

( common, סעד / s.ah.d ) Translation: HOLD.UP (V) Definition: To continue in the same condition without failing or losing effectiveness or force. Be a support or aid for strength or rest. KJV Translations: comfort, strengthen, hold, uphold, establish, refresh, helping Strong's Hebrew #: h.5582 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5583

( masc., מסעד ) Translation: PILLAR Definition: [To be verified] What holds up or supports. KJV Translations: pillar Strong's Hebrew #: h.4552

( עז ) Action: Bold. Gather Abstract: Strong Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the eye representing knowing, the is a picture of cutting implement. Combined these mean "know a weapon".

( masc., עז / az ) Translation: STRONG Definition: Having or marked by great physical strength. KJV Translations: strong, fierce, mighty, power, greedy, roughly Strong's Hebrew #: h.5794

( masc., עזן / a-zan ) Translation: STRONG.ONE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( עזז )

( common, עזז ) Translation: STRENGTHEN (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be made strong or hard. KJV Translations: strengthen, prevail, strong, impudent, harden Strong's Hebrew #: h.5810

( masc., עזוז ) Translation: STRENGTH KJV Translations: strength, might Strong's Hebrew #: h.5807

( masc., עיזוז ) Translation: STRONG KJV Translations: strong, power Strong's Hebrew #: h.5808

( עוז ) Definition: A strong refuge as a place for making a firm and fierce stand.

( common, עוז / ah.w.z ) Translation: BE.BOLD (V) Definition: To be fearless and daring; courageous. Alternate Translations: seek refuge (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: gather, retire Strong's Hebrew #: h.5756

( masc., עוז / oz ) Translation: BOLDNESS Definition: Knowing one's position or authority and standing in it. Strengthened and protected from danger. KJV Translations: strength, strong, power, might, boldness, loud, mighty Strong's Hebrew #: h.5797

( masc., מעוז ) Translation: STRONGHOLD Definition: A place of strength and refuge such as a mountain, fortress or rock. KJV Translations: strength, strong, fortress, hold, forces, fort, rock, strengthen Strong's Hebrew #: h.4581

( יעז ) Definition: A boldness through strength.

( common, יעז ) Translation: BOLD (V) KJV Translations: fierce Strong's Hebrew #: h.3267

( עזר )

( common, עזר / ah.z.r ) Translation: HELP (V) Definition: To give assistance or support to. KJV Translations: help, helper, succour Strong's Hebrew #: h.5826

( masc., עזר / e-zer ) ( fem., עזרה / ez-rah ) Translation: HELP Definition: Providing assistance or relief to another. One who comes to assist with a trouble or burden. Alternate Spellings: עזרת KJV Translations: help, helper Strong's Hebrew #: h.5828, h.5833

( עט ) Action: Wrap, Cover, Encircle Object: Bird of prey, Talon, Wreath Definition: A bird of prey is able to see his prey from a great distance. He then drops down on its prey with the talons firmly surrounding the prey, crushing and suffocating it. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the eye, the is a picture of a basket or other container. Combined these mean "see and contain".

( masc., עט ) Translation: STYLUS Definition: [To be verified] What is grabbed by the bird of prey. A pointed stick used for writing in clay by pressing into the clay. Relationship to Root: The pointed claws of a bird of prey. Alternate Spellings: עד KJV Translations: prey, pen Strong's Hebrew #: h.5706, h.5842

( עטה ) Definition: A tight wrapping around of something.

( common, עטה / ah.t.h ) Translation: ENWRAP (V) Definition: To tightly wrap something up. KJV Translations: cover, array, turn, clad, covering, fill, put Strong's Hebrew #: h.5844

( masc., מעטה ) Translation: WRAP Definition: [To be verified] A garment that is wrapped around the body. KJV Translations: garment Strong's Hebrew #: h.4594

( עוט ) Definition: Wrap.

( masc., מעוט ) Translation: WRAP KJV Translations: wrap Strong's Hebrew #: h.4593

( יעט ) Definition: A tight wrapping around.

( common, יעט ) Translation: WRAP (V) KJV Translations: cover Strong's Hebrew #: h.3271

( עיט )

( common, עיט ) Translation: POUNCE (V) Definition: [To be verified] The pouncing down on the prey by a bird of prey. KJV Translations: fly, rail Strong's Hebrew #: h.5860

( masc., עיט / a-yit ) Translation: BIRD.OF.PREY Definition: A carnivorous bird that feeds on carrion or meat taken by hunting. KJV Translations: fowl, bird, ravenous Strong's Hebrew #: h.5861

( עזן ) Relationship to Parent: bird of prey

( fem., עזניה ) Translation: OSPREY Definition: An unknown bird of prey. KJV Translations: osprey Strong's Hebrew #: h.5822

( עטף ) Relationship to Parent: as being wrapped

( common, עטף / ah.t.p ) Translation: TURN.OVER (V) Definition: To turn aside in fainting or hiding. Alternate Translations: feeble (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: overwhelmed, faint, swoon, cover, fail, feeble, hide Strong's Hebrew #: h.5848

( fem., מעטפה ) Translation: OVER.TUNIC Definition: [To be verified] The outer garment that covers the body. KJV Translations: mantle Strong's Hebrew #: h.4595

( עטר ) Relationship to Parent: as being wrapped

( common, עטר ) Translation: ENCIRCLE (V) Edenics: tiarra KJV Translations: crown, compass, round Strong's Hebrew #: h.5849

( fem., עטרה ) Translation: WREATH Definition: > KJV Translations: crown Strong's Hebrew #: h.5850

( עי ) Object: Heap

( masc., עי / ey ) Translation: RUINED.HEAP Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( עך ) Action: Extinguish, Crush, Rattle, Restrain Object: Heel, Anklet

( זעך )

( common, זעך ) Translation: EXTINGUISH (V) KJV Translations: extinct Strong's Hebrew #: h.2193

( מעך ) Relationship to Parent: pressing down with the heel

( common, מעך / m.ah.k ) Translation: PRESS.FIRMLY (V) KJV Translations: bruise, stuck, press Strong's Hebrew #: h.4600

( fem., מעכה ) Translation: FIRMLY.PRESSED Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( עכס ) Definition: An anklet with bells that rattle when shaken. Relationship to Parent: from rattles on the ankle

( common, עכס ) Translation: RATTLE (V) KJV Translations: tinkle Strong's Hebrew #: h.5913

( masc., עכס ) Translation: ANKLET KJV Translations: stocks, ornament Strong's Hebrew #: h.5914

( עכר )

( common, עכר / ah.k.r ) Translation: DISTURB (V) Definition: To interfere with; to destroy tranquility; to throw into disorder. Agitate or trouble, as when stirring water. KJV Translations: trouble, stir, troubler Strong's Hebrew #: h.5916

( masc., עכרן / akh-ran ) Translation: DISTURBED.ONE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( עקב ) Definition: The restraining of the heel when taking a step forward.

( common, עקב / ah.q.b ) Translation: RESTRAIN (V) Definition: To prevent from doing. Hold back, in the sense of grabbing the heel. KJV Translations: supplant, heel, stay Strong's Hebrew #: h.6117

( masc., עקב / e-qev ) Translation: HEEL Definition: What is restrained when taking a step forward. Edenics: ankle; angle KJV Translations: heel, footstep, horsehoof, at last, step, liers Strong's Hebrew #: h.6119, h.6120

( masc., עקב / ey-qev ) Translation: SINCE Definition: From a time in the past until now, in the sense of being on the heel of something else. KJV Translations: because, reward, end, by, for, if Strong's Hebrew #: h.6118

( fem., עקבה ) Translation: SUBTLETY Definition: [To be verified] As appearing to be hidden in the sense of restraint. KJV Translations: subtilty Strong's Hebrew #: h.6122

( masc., עקוב ) Translation: CROOKED Definition: [To be verified] From the angle of the ankle. KJV Translations: crooked, deceitful, polluted Strong's Hebrew #: h.6121

( על ) Action: Work, Rejoice, Hide, Triumph, Labor, Make Object: Yoke, Twilight, Abstract: Ancient Definition: The yoke, a staff is lifted over the shoulder, is attached to the oxen for performing work. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of they eye representing knowledge and experience, the is a picture of a shepherd staff or yoke. Combined these mean "experience the staff".

( masc., על ) Translation: ABOVE Definition: [To be verified] Being on, above or on top. Alternate Spellings: עול Edenics: collar - with the exchange of the sound of the ayin with the c and the additional r KJV Translations: above, most high, on high Strong's Hebrew #: h.5920

( masc., על / al ) Translation: UPON Definition: To be on or over in the sense of the yoke that is placed on the neck of the ox. Alternate Translations: about; above; according to; also; because; by; concerning; in; in addition; over; with; therefore (when followed by the word " SO ") KJV Translations: upon, in, on, over, by, for, both, beyond, through, throughout, against, beside, forth, off, from Strong's Hebrew #: h.5921 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5922

( fem., עלה ) Translation: RISING Definition: [To be verified] A rising of smoke from a burnt offering. KJV Translations: burn offering Aramaic Spelling: עלה Strong's Aramaic #: a.5928

( fem., גלות ) Translation: CAPTIVITY Definition: [To be verified] A yoke was placed on captives to be taken back. KJV Translations: captivity, captive Strong's Hebrew #: h.1546 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1547

( masc., מעל / ma-al ) Translation: UPWARD Definition: In a direction from lower to higher. Alternate Translations: above; above or top (when prefixed with "to~") KJV Translations: above, upward, high, exceeding, upon, forward Strong's Hebrew #: h.4605

( fem., מעלה / ma-a-lah ) Translation: STAIR.STEP Definition: A straight or stepped incline for ascending and descending. KJV Translations: degree, steps, dial, by, come, story, up Strong's Hebrew #: h.4609

( masc., עלי ) Translation: PESTLE Definition: [To be verified] As lifted up then down to smash what is in the mortar. KJV Translations: pestle Strong's Hebrew #: h.5940

( fem., תעלה ) Translation: TRENCH Definition: [To be verified] A watercourse that rises in elevation to bring down water from a higher source. KJV Translations: conduit, trench, watercourse, healing, cured, river Strong's Hebrew #: h.8585

( masc., מעל ) Translation: RISING KJV Translations: down Strong's Aramaic #: a.4606

( masc., עליון / el-yon ) Translation: UPPER Definition: Higher than the others. KJV Translations: high, upper, higher, highest, above, uppermost Strong's Hebrew #: h.5945 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5946

( masc., עלום ) Translation: YOUTH Definition: [To be verified] A young male at the prime age for work. KJV Translations: youth Strong's Hebrew #: h.5934

( עלל ) Definition: The yoke was listed up onto the shoulder of the oxen to perform work.

( common, עלל / ah.l.l ) Translation: WORK.OVER (V) Definition: To carefully and thoroughly perform a task such as gleaning a field. Also, to mock or abuse in the sense of walking over another. Alternate Translations: abused (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form) KJV Translations: glean, done, abuse, mock, affect, children, do, defiled, practice, wrought, bring, come, went Strong's Hebrew #: h.5953 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5954

( masc., מעלל ) Translation: WORKS Definition: What is done or performed. KJV Translations: doings, works, inventions, endeavors Strong's Hebrew #: h.4611

( masc., עליל ) Translation: FURNACE Definition: [To be verified] Used for working metals. KJV Translations: furnace Strong's Hebrew #: h.5948

( fem., עלילה ) Translation: WORKINGS KJV Translations: doing, works, deeds, occasions, actions, actions, acts, inventions Strong's Hebrew #: h.5949

( fem., עליליה ) Translation: WORKS KJV Translations: work Strong's Hebrew #: h.5950

( masc., תעלול ) Translation: IMPULSE Definition: [To be verified] A work performed without consideration. KJV Translations: babe, delusion Strong's Hebrew #: h.8586

( עלה ) Definition: The lifting of the yoke onto the shoulder. One taken into exile is placed in the yoke for transport and the yoke of bondage. It was a common practice to strip the clothes off of those taken into exile.

( common, עלה / ah.l.h ) Translation: GO.UP (V) Definition: To go, come or bring higher. Alternate Translations: bring up (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: up, offer, come, bring, ascend, go, chew, offering, light, increase, burn, depart, put, spring, raise, break, exalt Strong's Hebrew #: h.5927 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5924

( masc., עלה / a-leh ) Translation: LEAF Definition: Foliage of a tree or plant. As high in the tree. KJV Translations: leaf, branch Strong's Hebrew #: h.5929

( masc., מעלה ) Translation: ASCENT Definition: A place of straight or stepped incline. KJV Translations: up, ascent, chiefest, cliff, hill, stairs Strong's Hebrew #: h.4608

( fem., עליה ) Translation: LOFT Definition: A room on top of the house used during hot days of summer. KJV Translations: chamber, parlour, up, ascent, loft, chamber Strong's Hebrew #: h.5944 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5952

( עול ) Definition: The lifting up of the yoke upon the shoulders of the oxen.

( masc., עול / ul ) Translation: YOKE Definition: A wooden bar or frame by which two draft animals are joined at the heads or necks for working together. Alternate Spellings: על KJV Translations: yoke Strong's Hebrew #: h.5923

( fem., עולה / o-lah ) Translation: BURNT.OFFERING Definition: The rising of smoke from a carcass placed in a fire. Alternate Spellings: גולה KJV Translations: burn offering, ascent, go up, captivity, carry, captive, remove Strong's Hebrew #: h.1473, h.5930 Aramaic Spelling: עלה

( יעל )

( common, יעל / y.ah.l ) Translation: RISE.ABOVE (V) Definition: > KJV Translations: profit, forward, good, profitable Strong's Hebrew #: h.3276

( masc., מועל ) Translation: LIFTING.UP KJV Translations: lifting Strong's Hebrew #: h.4607

( עיל ) Definition: An upper garment lifted up onto the shoulders.

( fem., עילה ) Translation: OCCASION Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: occasion Strong's Aramaic #: a.5931

( masc., עילי ) Translation: HIGH KJV Translations: upper, high Strong's Hebrew #: h.5942 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5943

( masc., מעיל / me-il ) Translation: CLOAK Definition: A loose outer garment worn over other clothes both by men and women. KJV Translations: robe, mantle, cloke, coat Strong's Hebrew #: h.4598

( בחל )

( common, בחל ) Translation: LOATHE (V) KJV Translations: abhor, gotten hastily Strong's Hebrew #: h.0973

( בעל ) Relationship to Parent: as a yoke which binds the master to the servant.

( common, בעל / b.ah.l ) Translation: MARRY (V) Definition: To join as husband and wife. KJV Translations: marry, husband, dominion, wife Strong's Hebrew #: h.1166

( masc., בעל / ba-al ) Translation: MASTER Definition: Having chief authority; a workman qualified to teach apprentices. KJV Translations: man, owner, husband, master, lord Strong's Hebrew #: h.1167 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1169

( fem., בעלה ) Translation: MISTRESS KJV Translations: mistress, have Strong's Hebrew #: h.1172

( דעל )

( masc., תדעל / da-phaq ) Translation: YOKE.BREAKER Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( מעל ) Relationship to Parent: work

( common, מעל / m.ah.l ) Translation: TRANSGRESS (V) Definition: To commit an unintentional or treacherous act that results in error. KJV Translations: commit, trespass, transgress, done Strong's Hebrew #: h.4603

( masc., מעל ) Translation: TRANSGRESSION Definition: An unintentional or treacherous act that results in error. KJV Translations: trespass, transgression, falsehood, grievously, sore Strong's Hebrew #: h.4604

( נעל ) Relationship to Parent: being put on

( common, נעל ) Translation: BOLT (V) Definition: [To be verified] To give sandals. KJV Translations: lock, bolt, shod, inclose, shut Strong's Hebrew #: h.5274

( masc., נעל / na-al ) ( fem., נעלה / na-a-lah ) Translation: SANDAL Definition: A shoe consisting of a sole strapped to the foot. KJV Translations: shoe, dryshod Strong's Hebrew #: h.5275

( masc., מנעל ) Translation: SANDAL KJV Translations: shoe Strong's Hebrew #: h.4515

( masc., מנעול ) Translation: LOCK Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: lock Strong's Hebrew #: h.4514

( נער )

( masc., נער / na-ar ) Translation: YOUNG.MAN Definition: A male that has moved from youth to young adulthood. KJV Translations: young man, servant, child, lad, young, children, youth, babe, boy Strong's Hebrew #: h.5288, h.5289

( fem., נערה / na-a-rah ) Translation: YOUNG.WOMAN Definition: A female that has moved from youth to young adulthood. KJV Translations: damsel, maiden, maid, young Strong's Hebrew #: h.5291

( fem., נעור / na-ur ) Translation: YOUNG.AGE Definition: A person of short life. KJV Translations: youth, childhood Strong's Hebrew #: h.5271

( masc., נוער ) Translation: YOUTH KJV Translations: child, youth Strong's Hebrew #: h.5290

( עלז ) Relationship to Parent: raising the arms in joy

( common, עלז ) Translation: REJOICE (V) Definition: [To be verified] To rejoice in triumph. KJV Translations: rejoice, triumph, joyful Strong's Hebrew #: h.5937

( masc., עלז ) Translation: REJOICE KJV Translations: rejoice Strong's Hebrew #: h.5938

( masc., עליז ) Translation: REJOICE KJV Translations: rejoice, joyous Strong's Hebrew #: h.5947

( עלט )

( fem., עלטה / a-la-tah ) Translation: TWILIGHT Definition: The light from the sky between full night and sunrise; or between sunset and full night. KJV Translations: twilight, dark Strong's Hebrew #: h.5939

( עלם ) Definition: Beyond the field of vision of time or space.

( common, עלם / ah.l.m ) Translation: BE.OUT.OF.SIGHT (V) Definition: To be hidden or obscured from vision; to be beyond the horizon; to be covered or unknown. KJV Translations: hide, blind, dissembler, secret Strong's Hebrew #: h.5956

( masc., עלם ) Translation: YOUTH Definition: [To be verified] A young male at the prime age for work. KJV Translations: ever, everlasting, old, never, young, stripling Strong's Hebrew #: h.5958 Aramaic Definition: A distant time in the past or future, as a time hidden from the present. Strong's Aramaic #: a.5957

( fem., עלמה / al-mah ) Translation: YOUNG.MAIDEN Definition: A young female of marriageable age or newly married as at the prime age for work. KJV Translations: virgin, maid, damsel Strong's Hebrew #: h.5959

( masc., עילם ) Translation: ANCIENT Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., עלמון / al-mon ) Translation: OUT.OF.SIGHT Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., עולם / o-lam ) Translation: DISTANT Definition: A far off place as hidden beyond the horizon. A far off time as hidden from the present; the distant past or future. A place or time that cannot be perceived. KJV Translations: ever, everlasting, old, perpetual, evermore, never, time, ancient, world, always, alway, long, more Strong's Hebrew #: h.5769

( fem., תעלמה ) Translation: HIDDEN KJV Translations: secret, hid Strong's Hebrew #: h.8587

( masc., עילום ) Translation: EVERMORE Definition: A far off time as hidden from the present; the distant past or future. A time that cannot be perceived. KJV Translations: ever Strong's Hebrew #: h.5865

( עלס ) Relationship to Parent: raising the arms in joy

( common, עלס ) Translation: REJOICE (V) KJV Translations: rejoice, peacock, solace Strong's Hebrew #: h.5965

( עלף )

( common, עלף / ah.l.p ) Translation: WRAP (V) Definition: To envelop and secure for transport or storage. Also, meaning to faint. KJV Translations: faint, overlay, wrap Strong's Hebrew #: h.5968

( fem., עולפה ) Translation: WILT Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of fainting. KJV Translations: fainted Strong's Hebrew #: h.5969

( עלץ ) Relationship to Parent: raising the arms in joy

( common, עלץ ) Translation: TRIUMPH (V) KJV Translations: rejoice, joyful, triumph Strong's Hebrew #: h.5970

( fem., עליצות ) Translation: TRIUMPH KJV Translations: rejoice Strong's Hebrew #: h.5951

( עמל ) Relationship to Parent: work

( common, עמל ) Translation: LABOR (V) KJV Translations: labour Strong's Hebrew #: h.5998

( common, עמל / a-mal ) Translation: LABOR Definition: To exert one’s power of body or mind, especially with painful or strenuous effort. A labor that causes grief, pain or weariness. A laborer as one who toils. KJV Translations: labour, mischief, misery, travail, trouble, sorrow, grievance, grievousness, iniquity, miserable, pain, painful, perverseness, toil, wearisome, wickedness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5999, h.6001

( פעל ) Relationship to Parent: work

( common, פעל / p.ah.l ) Translation: MAKE (V) Definition: To perform a task of physical labor. KJV Translations: work, worker, do, make, commit, doer, maker, ordain Strong's Hebrew #: h.6466, h.6468

( masc., פועל ) Translation: DEED Definition: A work or action that is made. KJV Translations: work, act, deed, do, getting, maker Strong's Hebrew #: h.6467

( common, מפעל ) Translation: TOIL KJV Translations: works Strong's Hebrew #: h.4659

( עם ) Action: Dim, Stand, Bind Object: People, Side, Pillar, Sheaf Definition: A large group of people in one location. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the eye, the is a picture of the sea representing mass. Combined these mean "see a mass".

( masc., עם / am ) Translation: PEOPLE Definition: A large group of men or women. Relationship to Root: A large group of people in one location. Those who are with or near each other. KJV Translations: people, nation, folk, men Strong's Hebrew #: h.5971 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5972

( fem., עמית ) Translation: NEIGHBOR KJV Translations: neighbor, another, fellow Strong's Hebrew #: h.5997

( masc., עםון ) Translation: TRIBAL Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( עמם )

( common, עמם ) Translation: GROW.DIM (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be darkened. Also to hide in the sense of being dim. KJV Translations: hide, dim Strong's Hebrew #: h.6004

( עום ) Definition: Through the idea of being together.

( fem., עומת / u-mat ) Translation: ALONGSIDE Definition: To stand with, or next to, someone or something. KJV Translations: against, beside, answerable, at, hand, point Strong's Hebrew #: h.5980

( עים ) Definition: Through the idea of being together in a group.

( masc., עים / im ) Translation: WITH Definition: Through the idea of being together in a group. Alternate Translations: by; away from (when prefixed with "from~") KJV Translations: with, unto, as, neither, between, among, to, toward, like, by, mighty Strong's Hebrew #: h.5868, h.5973 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5974

( נעם )

( common, נעם / n.ah.m ) Translation: BE.DELIGHTFUL (V) Definition: One of the four basic taste sensations KJV Translations: pleasant, sweet, beauty, delight Strong's Hebrew #: h.5276

( fem., נעמה ) Translation: DELIGHTFUL Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., מנעם ) Translation: TASTY.FOOD Definition: [To be verified] What is sweet. KJV Translations: beauty, pleasant, pleasantness Strong's Hebrew #: h.4516

( masc., נעים ) Translation: SWEET KJV Translations: pleasant, pleasures, sweet Strong's Hebrew #: h.5273

( masc., נעמן ) Translation: PLEASANTNESS Definition: > KJV Translations: pleasant Strong's Hebrew #: h.5282

( עמד ) Relationship to Parent: as standing with another

( common, עמד / ah.m.d ) Translation: STAND (V) Definition: To rise, raise or set in a place. KJV Translations: stand, raise, set, stay, still, appoint, stand, endure, remain, present, continue, withstand Strong's Hebrew #: h.5975, h.5976

( fem., עמדה ) Translation: STANDING KJV Translations: standing Strong's Hebrew #: h.5979

( masc., מעמד ) Translation: STATION Definition: [To be verified] A place of standing. KJV Translations: attendance, office, place, state Strong's Hebrew #: h.4612, h.4613

( masc., עמוד / a-mud ) Translation: PILLAR Definition: A standing upright post or column. KJV Translations: pillar Strong's Hebrew #: h.5982

( masc., עימד / i-mad ) Translation: BY Definition: In proximity to. The sense of standing with another. Alternate Translations: with KJV Translations: with, by, upon, against Strong's Hebrew #: h.5978

( masc., עומד ) Translation: STANDING.PLACE Definition: [To be verified] A place of standing. KJV Translations: place, upright, stood Strong's Hebrew #: h.5977

( עמק )

( common, עמק ) Translation: DEEP (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be deep in depth or thought. Edenics: Amok; chaotic in the sense of being dark. KJV Translations: deep, deeply, depth, profound Strong's Hebrew #: h.6009

( masc., עמק / ey-meq ) Translation: VALLEY Definition: An elongated depression between ranges of hills or mountains. As deep. Obscure, in the sense of dark. KJV Translations: valley, vale, dale, strange, depth, deeper Strong's Hebrew #: h.6010, h.6012

( masc., מעמק ) Translation: DEPTH KJV Translations: depth, deep Strong's Hebrew #: h.4615

( masc., עמיק ) Translation: DEEP KJV Translations: deep Strong's Aramaic #: a.5994

( masc., עמוק ) Translation: SUNKEN KJV Translations: deeper, deep Strong's Hebrew #: h.6013

( masc., עומק ) Translation: DEPTH KJV Translations: depth Strong's Hebrew #: h.6011

( עמר )

( common, עמר / ah.m.r ) Translation: BUNDLE (V) KJV Translations: merchandise, sheaf Strong's Hebrew #: h.6014

( masc., עמר ) Translation: WOOL Definition: [To be verified] As used for binding. KJV Translations: wool Strong's Aramaic #: a.6015

( masc., עמיר ) Translation: BUNDLE Definition: [To be verified] As bound. KJV Translations: sheaf, handful Strong's Hebrew #: h.5995

( masc., עומר ) Translation: SHEAF Definition: > KJV Translations: sheaf Strong's Hebrew #: h.6016(x2)

( masc., עומר / o-mer ) Translation: OMER Definition: A dry measure equal to one tenth of an ephah (about two liters). KJV Translations: omer Strong's Hebrew #: h.6016(x2)

( פעם ) Definition: A repetitive beating or sounding as the hoofs of a running horse, the beating of the heart or the ringing of a bell.

( common, פעם / p.ah.m ) Translation: BEAT (V) Definition: To strike repeatedly in a rhythm such as a drum. KJV Translations: trouble, move Strong's Hebrew #: h.6470

( fem., פעם / pa-am ) Translation: FOOTSTEP Definition: A stroke of time as a rhythmic beating of time, one moment after the other. A moment in time. A foot or leg in the sense of stepping. Relationship to Root: From the rythmic beating of a drum. Alternate Translations: foot; time; this time (when prefixed with "the~") KJV Translations: time, once, now, feet, twice, step, corner, rank, oftentimes Strong's Hebrew #: h.6471

( masc., פעמן / pa-a-mon ) Translation: BELL Definition: An instrument used to call to attention or to a warning. From its rhythmic ringing. KJV Translations: bell Strong's Hebrew #: h.6472

( ען ) Action: Watch, Answer Object: Eye, Furrow, Abode, Owl Abstract: Business, Gentle Definition: The nomadic agriculturist carefully watches over his livestock and crops by keeping a close eye on them. It was common to construct a shelter consisting of a roof on four posts, as a shelter from the glare of the sun. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the eye, the is a picture of a seed representing continuance. Combined these mean "eye of continuance".

( masc., מען / ma-an ) Translation: THAT Definition: The person, thing, or idea indicated, mentioned, or understood from the situation. A close watching. (Always used with the prefix ל meaning "to") Relationship to Root: A watching over something of importance. A straight furrow is made by carefully watching the direction of the oxen. KJV Translations: that, to, for, because, lest, intent Strong's Hebrew #: h.4616

( fem., מענה ) Translation: FURROW KJV Translations: acre, furrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.4618

( ענן ) Definition: A watching over something of importance.

( common, ענן / ah.n.n ) Translation: CONJURE (V) Definition: To call or bring into existence. KJV Translations: observer, soothsayer, bring, sorceress, enchanter Strong's Hebrew #: h.6049

( masc., ענין ) Translation: BUSINESS Definition: [To be verified] A careful watching over a task or burden. KJV Translations: traveil, business Strong's Hebrew #: h.6045

( ענה ) Definition: An answer or reply to a previous question or request as being watched for.

( common, ענה / ah.n.h ) Translation: ANSWER (V) Definition: Something written or spoken in reply to a question. KJV Translations: answer, hear, testify, speak, sing, bear, cry, witness, give Strong's Hebrew #: h.6030 Strong's Aramaic #: a.6032

( masc., ענה / a-nah ) Translation: ANSWERED Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., מענה ) Translation: ANSWER KJV Translations: answer Strong's Hebrew #: h.4617

( עון ) Definition: The home is a place closely watched. Protection of the home by keeping of a close eye on it.

( masc., עון / on ) ( fem., עונה / o-nah ) Translation: COHABITATION Definition: A place of residence. An abode. KJV Translations: duty Strong's Hebrew #: h.5772

( masc., מעון ) ( fem., מעונה ) Translation: HABITATION Definition: The dwelling place of a god (temple), man (home) or animal (den). Also a retreat. Alternate Spellings: מעין KJV Translations: habitation, dwelling, den, dwellingplace, place, refuge Strong's Hebrew #: h.4583, h.4585

( ענו ) Definition: In the sense of a careful watching.

( masc., ענו ) Translation: GENTLE Definition: A characterstic trait of being meek or humble. Alternate Spellings: עניו KJV Translations: meek, humble, poor, lowly Strong's Hebrew #: h.6035

( fem., ענוה ) Translation: GENTLENESS KJV Translations: humility, gentleness, meekness Strong's Hebrew #: h.6037, h.6038

( יען )

( fem., יען ) Translation: OSTRICH Definition: An unknown bird. KJV Translations: ostrich Strong's Hebrew #: h.3283

( masc., יען / ya-an ) Translation: SEEING.AS Definition: In the degree that. Sense of paying attention. KJV Translations: because, even seeing, forasmuch, that, whereas, why Strong's Hebrew #: h.3282

( fem., יענה ) Translation: OWL Definition: An unknown bird. KJV Translations: owl Strong's Hebrew #: h.3284

( עין ) Definition: The eye reveals the heart of the person. A well, spring or fountain as the eye of the ground.

( common, עין ) Translation: OBSERVE (V) KJV Translations: eyed Strong's Hebrew #: h.5770

( fem., עין / a-yin ) Translation: EYE Definition: The organ of sight or vision that tears when a person weeps. Also a spring that weeps water out of the ground. Edenics: eye - with the removal of the n KJV Translations: eye, sight, seem, colour, fountain, well, face, presence, before, conceit, think Strong's Hebrew #: h.5869 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5870

( masc., עינן / ey-nan ) Translation: HAVING.AN.EYE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., מעין / ma-yan ) Translation: SPRING Definition: A source of water issuing from the ground. As the eye of the ground. KJV Translations: fountain, well, spring Strong's Hebrew #: h.4599

( ענג )

( common, ענג / ah.n.g ) Translation: SOFT (V) Definition: To be delicate and pleasurable. KJV Translations: delight, delicate, delicateness, sport Strong's Hebrew #: h.6026

( masc., ענוג ) ( fem., ענוגה ) Translation: SOFT KJV Translations: delicate Strong's Hebrew #: h.6028

( masc., עונג ) Translation: DELIGHT Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of being soft. KJV Translations: pleasant, delight Strong's Hebrew #: h.6027

( masc., תענוג ) Translation: LUXURY Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of being soft. KJV Translations: delight, delicate, pleasant Strong's Hebrew #: h.8588

( ענד )

( common, ענד ) Translation: TIE (V) KJV Translations: tie, bind Strong's Hebrew #: h.6029

( ענק )

( common, ענק / ah.n.q ) Translation: ENCOMPASS (V) KJV Translations: furnish, compass Strong's Hebrew #: h.6059

( masc., ענק ) Translation: NECK.BAND Definition: An ornamental chain, band or cord worn around the neck. KJV Translations: chain Strong's Hebrew #: h.6060

( ענש ) Definition: A fine as a penalty punishment.

( common, ענש / ah.n.sh ) Translation: FINE (V) Definition: A financial penalty made for an offense or damages. KJV Translations: punish, condemn, amerce Strong's Hebrew #: h.6064

( masc., ענש ) Translation: FINE KJV Translations: confiscation, tribute, punishment Strong's Hebrew #: h.6066 Strong's Aramaic #: a.6065

( עס ) Action: Do, Work

( עסה ) Definition: The making or doing of anything.

( common, עשה / ah.sh.h ) Translation: DO (V) Definition: To bring to pass; to bring about; to act or make. Alternate Translations: make; use KJV Translations: do, make, wrought, deal, commit, offer, execute, keep, show, prepare, work, get, dress, maker, maintain Strong's Hebrew #: h.6213

( masc., מעשה / ma-a-seh ) Translation: WORK Definition: Activity where one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something. An action. KJV Translations: work, acts, labour, doing, art, deed Strong's Hebrew #: h.4639

( עסו ) Definition: The making or doing of anything.

( masc., עסו / a-sah ) Translation: DOING Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( כעס )

( common, כעס / k.ah.s ) Translation: BE.ANGRY (V) Definition: A strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong. KJV Translations: anger, provoke, grieve, indignation, sorrow, vex, wrath Strong's Hebrew #: h.3707

( masc., כעס ) Translation: ANGER Alternate Spellings: כעש KJV Translations: grief, provocation, wrath, sorrow, anger, angry, indignation, provoking, sore, spite Strong's Hebrew #: h.3708

( עסב ) Definition: The grasses and herbs of the field.

( fem., עשב / ey-sev ) Translation: HERB Definition: The grasses and plants of the field used for their medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities. KJV Translations: herb, grass Strong's Hebrew #: h.6211, h.6212

( עסק )

( common, עסק / ah.s.q ) Translation: STRIVE (V) Definition: A ground of dispute or complaint. A clash between sides. Alternate Spellings: עשק KJV Translations: strive Strong's Hebrew #: h.6229

( masc., עסק ) Translation: STRIFE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( עסר )

( common, עסר / ah.s.r ) Translation: GIVE.A.TENTH (V) Definition: To tithe; a tenth part of something given voluntarily for the support of a religious establishment. Alternate Spellings: עשר KJV Translations: tithe, tenth Strong's Hebrew #: h.6237

( masc., עשרה / a-sa-rah ) ( fem., עשר / e-ser ) Translation: TEN Definition: A cardinal number. Alternate Translations: twenty (when written in the plural) Alternate Spellings: עסרה KJV Translations: ten, twenty, twentieth Strong's Hebrew #: h.6235, h.6240, h.6242 Strong's Aramaic #: a.6236, a.6243

( masc., מעסר / ma-a-seyr ) Translation: TENTH.PART Definition: One portion of a whole divided into ten equal portions. Alternate Spellings: מעשר KJV Translations: tithe, tenth, tithing Strong's Hebrew #: h.4643

( masc., עשור / a-sor ) Translation: TENTH.ONE Definition: That which occupies the tenth position in a sequence. KJV Translations: tenth, ten Strong's Hebrew #: h.6218

( masc., עשרון / i-sa-ron ) Translation: ONE.TENTH Definition: An equal part of something divided into ten parts. KJV Translations: tenth Strong's Hebrew #: h.6241

( masc., עשירי / a-si-ri ) Translation: TENTH Definition: An ordinal number. KJV Translations: tenth Strong's Hebrew #: h.6224

( עף ) Action: Cover, Fly Object: Wing, Branch Abstract: Fatique Definition: The wing of a bird that gives flight as well as a covering it and its chicks.

( fem., עף ) Translation: BIRD.WING Definition: [To be verified] The covering of a bird. Alternate Spellings: גף KJV Translations: wing Strong's Aramaic #: a.1611

( masc., עפי ) Translation: FOLIAGE Definition: [To be verified] As a covering of the tree. KJV Translations: leaves Strong's Aramaic #: a.6074

( masc., עפעף ) Translation: EYELID Definition: [To be verified] As a covering of the eyes. Also the rays of the sun appearing like eyelashes. KJV Translations: eyelid, dawning Strong's Hebrew #: h.6079

( עפא )

( masc., עפא ) Translation: BRANCH Definition: [To be verified] The covering of the tree. KJV Translations: branch Strong's Hebrew #: h.6073

( עוף ) Definition: The covering of a bird.

( common, עוף / ah.w.p ) Translation: FLY (V) Definition: To move in or pass through the air with wings; to soar in the air. Edenics: avian - with the exchange of the v and p KJV Translations: fly, faint, brandish, shine, weary Strong's Hebrew #: h.5774

( masc., עוף / oph ) Translation: FLYER Definition: A flying creature such as a bird or insect. KJV Translations: fowl, bird, flying Strong's Hebrew #: h.5775 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5776

( masc., מעוף ) Translation: SHADOW Definition: [To be verified] A covering over making a shadow. KJV Translations: dimness Strong's Hebrew #: h.4588

( יעף ) Definition: A closing or covering of the eyes with the eyelids.

( common, יעף ) Translation: BE.FATIGUED (V) KJV Translations: weary, faint, fly Strong's Hebrew #: h.3286

( masc., יעף ) Translation: FATIGUE KJV Translations: faint, weary, fatigued Strong's Hebrew #: h.3287, h.3288

( fem., תועפה ) Translation: BULK KJV Translations: strength, plenty Strong's Hebrew #: h.8443

( עיף ) Definition: A closing or covering of the eyes with the eyelids.

( common, עיף ) Translation: TIRE (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be tired, faint or weary. KJV Translations: weary Strong's Hebrew #: h.5888

( masc., עיף / a-yeyph ) Translation: TIRED Definition: Drained of strength and energy; fatigued. KJV Translations: weary, faint, thirsty Strong's Hebrew #: h.5889

( עפל )

( common, עפל / ah.p.l ) Translation: PRESUME (V) KJV Translations: lift, presume Strong's Hebrew #: h.6075

( masc., עופל ) Translation: PALISADE KJV Translations: fort, stronghold, tower Strong's Hebrew #: h.6076

( עץ ) Action: Counsel Object: Tree, Spine Abstract: Abundance Definition: The upright and firmness of the tree.

( masc., עץ / eyts ) Translation: TREE Definition: A woody perennial plant with a supporting stem or trunk and multiple branches. Relationship to Root: The upright and firmness of the tree. The elders of the tribe were the upright and firm ones making decisions and giving advice. Alternate Translations: wood (when in the plural form) KJV Translations: tree, wood, timber, stick, gallows, staff, stock, branch, helve, plank, stalk Strong's Hebrew #: h.6086, h.6097 Aramaic Spelling: אע Strong's Aramaic #: a.0636

( fem., עצה ) Translation: COUNSEL Definition: Advice given in the sense of being the firm support of the community. KJV Translations: counsel, purpose, advice Strong's Hebrew #: h.6098 Aramaic Spelling: עטא Strong's Aramaic #: a.5843

( עצה ) Definition: The elders of the tribe were the upright and firm ones, like trees, making decisions and giving advice.

( common, עצה ) Translation: WINK (V) Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root. KJV Translations: shut Strong's Hebrew #: h.6095

( masc., עצה ) Translation: SPINE Definition: The tree of the body which provides its uprightness. KJV Translations: backbone Strong's Hebrew #: h.6096

( masc., עציון / e-tsi-on ) Translation: BACKBONE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( עוץ ) Definition: The elders of the tribe were the upright and firm ones, like trees, making decisions and giving advice.

( common, עוץ ) Translation: COUNSEL (V) KJV Translations: counsel, advice Strong's Hebrew #: h.5779

( masc., עוץ ) Translation: ADVICE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( יעץ ) Definition: The elders of the tribe were the upright and firm ones, like trees, making decisions and giving advice.

( common, יעץ / y.ah.ts ) Translation: GIVE.ADVICE (V) Definition: To assist another by providing wise counsel. KJV Translations: counsel, counselor, consult, give, purpose, advice, determine, devise Strong's Hebrew #: h.3289 Aramaic Spelling: יעט Strong's Aramaic #: a.3272

( fem., מועצה ) Translation: COUNSEL KJV Translations: counsel, devise Strong's Hebrew #: h.4156

( עצב )

( common, עצב / ah.ts.b ) Translation: DISTRESS (V) Definition: The state of being in great trouble, great physical or mental strain and stress. To be in pain from grief or heavy toil. KJV Translations: grieve, displease, hurt, made, sorry, vex, worship, wrest, lament Strong's Hebrew #: h.6087 Strong's Aramaic #: a.6088

( masc., עצב / e-tsev ) Translation: DISTRESSING.PAIN Definition: Resulting from grief or heavy toil. This word can also mean an idol or image. KJV Translations: sorrow, labour, grievous Strong's Hebrew #: h.6089, h.6091, h.6092

( fem., עצבת ) Translation: SUFFERING Definition: [To be verified] From sorrow or wound. KJV Translations: sorrow, wound Strong's Hebrew #: h.6094

( fem., מעצבה ) Translation: SORROW KJV Translations: sorrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.4620

( masc., עוצב ) Translation: SORROW KJV Translations: sorrow, wicked, idol Strong's Hebrew #: h.6090

( masc., עיצבון / i-tsa-von ) Translation: HARDSHIP Definition: Privation; suffering; something that causes or entails suffering or privation. KJV Translations: toil, sorrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.6093

( עצד ) Relationship to Parent: for cutting wood

( masc., מעצד ) Translation: AXE KJV Translations: tongs, axe Strong's Hebrew #: h.4621

( עצל )

( common, עצל ) Translation: LAZY (V) KJV Translations: slothful Strong's Hebrew #: h.6101

( masc., עצל ) Translation: SLUGGARD KJV Translations: sluggard Strong's Hebrew #: h.6102

( fem., עצלה ) Translation: LAZINESS KJV Translations: slothfulness Strong's Hebrew #: h.6103

( fem., עצלות ) Translation: LAZINESS KJV Translations: idleness Strong's Hebrew #: h.6104

( עצם ) Definition: The numerous bones of the body are the strength to the body. Relationship to Parent: as the bones are the tree of the body

( common, עצם / ah.ts.m ) Translation: BE.ABUNDANT (V) Definition: To be strong in might or numbers. From the abundant number of bones in the body. KJV Translations: increase, mighty, strong, more, broken, close, great, shut Strong's Hebrew #: h.6105

( masc., עצם / e-tsem ) Translation: BONE Definition: The hard tissue of which the skeleton is chiefly composed. As a numerous amount. KJV Translations: bone, selfsame, same, body, life, strength Strong's Hebrew #: h.6106

( fem., עצמה ) Translation: ABUNDANCE KJV Translations: strength, abundance Strong's Hebrew #: h.6109

( masc., עצום / a-tsum ) Translation: NUMEROUS Definition: Involving more than one. KJV Translations: strong, mighty, mightier, feeble, great, much Strong's Hebrew #: h.6099

( masc., עצמון / ats-mon ) Translation: ABUNDANT.ONE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., עוצם ) ( fem., עצומה ) Translation: BRAWN Definition: From the strength of the bones. KJV Translations: might, strong, substance Strong's Hebrew #: h.6108, h.6110

( fem., תעצומה ) Translation: STRENGTH KJV Translations: power Strong's Hebrew #: h.8592

( עצר )

( common, עצר / ah.ts.r ) Translation: STOP (V) Definition: To cause to cease; to stop from occurring in the sense of halting, shutting or restraining. KJV Translations: shut, stay, retain, detain, able, withhold, keep, prevail, recover, refrain, reign Strong's Hebrew #: h.6113

( masc., עצר ) Translation: RESTRAINT KJV Translations: magistrate Strong's Hebrew #: h.6114

( fem., עצרה ) Translation: CONFERENCE Definition: A special occasion as a temporary ceasing of normal activity. KJV Translations: assembly, meeting Strong's Hebrew #: h.6116

( masc., מעצר ) Translation: RESTRAINT KJV Translations: rule Strong's Hebrew #: h.4623

( masc., עוצר ) Translation: STOPPING Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of being shut in. KJV Translations: oppression, barren, prison Strong's Hebrew #: h.6115

( masc., מעצור ) Translation: RESTRAINT KJV Translations: restraint Strong's Hebrew #: h.4622

( עק ) Action: Press Object: Burden Abstract: Oppression

( fem., עקה ) Translation: OPPRESSION Relationship to Root: A pressing in on one as oppression. KJV Translations: oppression Strong's Hebrew #: h.6125

( עקה )

( masc., מעקה ) Translation: PARAPET Definition: A place of pressing as one leans on it. A wall that is placed around the roof as this place was occupied because of its coolness in the summer. KJV Translations: battlement Strong's Hebrew #: h.4624

( עוק )

( common, עוק ) Translation: WEIGH.DOWN (V) KJV Translations: press Strong's Hebrew #: h.5781

( יעק )

( fem., מועקה ) Translation: BURDEN KJV Translations: affliction Strong's Hebrew #: h.4157

( ער ) Action: Bare, Uncover, Watch Object: Skin, Naked, Neck Definition: When the enemy is captured, he is stripped of his clothes to the skin and carefully watched. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the eye, the is a picture of a man. Combined these mean "see a man".

( masc., ער ) Translation: BARE.SKIN Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., מער ) Translation: NAKED.PLACE KJV Translations: nakedness, proportion Strong's Hebrew #: h.4626

( common, תער / ta-ar ) Translation: RAZOR Definition: For shaving hair and making the face naked. For holding a blade. KJV Translations: sheath, razor, penknife, scabbard, shave Strong's Hebrew #: h.8593

( masc., ערן / ey-ran ) Translation: BARE.ONE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., ערער ) Translation: STRIPPED KJV Translations: destitute, heath Strong's Hebrew #: h.6199

( masc., מערם ) Translation: UNCLOTHED KJV Translations: naked Strong's Hebrew #: h.4636

( masc., ערוער ) Translation: UNPROTECTED Definition: > KJV Translations: heath Strong's Hebrew #: h.6176

( masc., ערום / a-rom ) Translation: NUDE Definition: Without clothes in the sense of bare skin. Alternate Spellings: ערם KJV Translations: naked Strong's Hebrew #: h.6174

( masc., עירום / ey-rom ) Translation: NAKED Definition: Without clothes in the sense of bare skin. Alternate Spellings: ערם עירם KJV Translations: naked, nakedness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5903

( ערר )

( common, ערר ) Translation: BARE (V) KJV Translations: bare, raise, break Strong's Hebrew #: h.6209

( masc., ערירי / a-ri-ri ) Translation: BARREN Definition: Incapable of bearing children. Childless in the sense of being naked of children. KJV Translations: childless Strong's Hebrew #: h.6185

( ערה )

( common, ערה / ah.r.h ) Translation: UNCOVER (V) Definition: To remove the covering. KJV Translations: uncover, discover, empty, rase, destitute, naked, pour, spread Strong's Hebrew #: h.6168

( fem., ערה ) Translation: MEADOW Definition: [To be verified] A place barren of trees. KJV Translations: reed Strong's Hebrew #: h.6169

( masc., מערה ) Translation: MEADOW Definition: [To be verified] A place barren of trees. KJV Translations: meadow Strong's Hebrew #: h.4629

( fem., עריה ) Translation: BARE KJV Translations: naked, bare Strong's Hebrew #: h.6181

( עור ) Definition: The bare skin without clothing.

( common, עור / ah.w.r ) Translation: STIR.UP (V) Definition: To shake to awaken. KJV Translations: stir, awake, wake, raise, arise, master, naked Strong's Hebrew #: h.5782, h.5783

( masc., עור / or ) Translation: SKIN Definition: The integument covering men or animals, as well as leather made from animal skins. The husk of a seed. KJV Translations: skin, hide, leather, chaff Strong's Hebrew #: h.5785 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5784

( masc., מעור ) Translation: BARENESS KJV Translations: nakedness, pudendum Strong's Hebrew #: h.4589

( ערו ) Definition: The shame of one being naked.

( fem., ערוה / er-wah ) Translation: NAKEDNESS Definition: The state of being without clothing. Idiomatic for sexual relations. KJV Translations: nakedness, shame, unclean, uncleanness, dishonor Strong's Hebrew #: h.6172 Strong's Aramaic #: a.6173

( עיר ) Definition: In the sense of seeing.

( masc., עיר ) Translation: WATCHER KJV Translations: watcher Strong's Aramaic #: a.5894

( ערס )

( fem., ערס ) Translation: MATTRESS KJV Translations: bed, couch, bedstead Strong's Hebrew #: h.6210

( fem., עריסה ) Translation: BREAD.MEAL Definition: Meaning dubious. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: dough Strong's Hebrew #: h.6182

( ערף ) Relationship to Parent: as the neck is exposed skin

( common, ערף / ah.r.p ) Translation: BEHEAD (V) Definition: To sever the neck from the body. Also, to break the neck. KJV Translations: neck, strike, behead, cut Strong's Hebrew #: h.6202

( masc., עורף / o-reph ) Translation: NECK Definition: The part of a person that connects the head with the body. Edenics: giraffe; scruff - of the neck and the additional s KJV Translations: neck, back Strong's Hebrew #: h.6203

( ערק )

( common, ערק ) Translation: GNAW (V) KJV Translations: gnaw, sinew Strong's Hebrew #: h.6207

( masc., ערק ) Translation: GNAWED Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( פער ) Definition: A wide opening.

( common, פער ) Translation: OPEN.WIDE (V) KJV Translations: open, gape Strong's Hebrew #: h.6473

( masc., פעור / pe-or ) Translation: OPENED.WIDE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( עש ) Action: Waste

( עשש )

( common, עשש ) Translation: WASTE.AWAY (V) Definition: [To be verified] To waste or fail away. KJV Translations: consumed Strong's Hebrew #: h.6244

( עשן )

( common, עשן / ah.sh.n ) Translation: SMOKE (V) Definition: To emit a gaseous cloud when burning. KJV Translations: smoke, angry Strong's Hebrew #: h.6225

( masc., עשן / a-sheyn ) Translation: SMOKE Definition: The gaseous products of combustion. KJV Translations: smoke, smoking Strong's Hebrew #: h.6226, h.6227

( עת ) Action: Speak Abstract: Time, Now, Abundance Definition: A period of time as a moment or season.

( fem., עת / eyt ) Translation: APPOINTED.TIME Definition: A fixed or officially set event, occasion or date. KJV Translations: time, season, when, always Strong's Hebrew #: h.6256

( masc., עתי ) Translation: READY KJV Translations: fit Strong's Hebrew #: h.6261

( עתה ) Definition: The present time.

( masc., עתה / a-tah ) Translation: NOW Definition: At the present time or moment. KJV Translations: now, whereas, henceforth, straightway Strong's Hebrew #: h.6258

( masc., עתין ) Translation: NOW.THEN Alternate Spellings: אדין KJV Translations: then, now, time Strong's Aramaic #: a.0116

( עות )

( common, עות ) Translation: PROPER.TIME.TO.GIVE (V) KJV Translations: speak Strong's Hebrew #: h.5790

( עית )

( masc., עיתן ) Translation: SELECT.TIME KJV Translations: time Aramaic Spelling: עדן Strong's Aramaic #: a.5732

( עתד )

( common, עתד ) Translation: BE.READY (V) Definition: To make ready beforehand. Be ready. KJV Translations: fit, ready Strong's Hebrew #: h.6257

( masc., עתיד ) Translation: PREPARED KJV Translations: ready, come Strong's Hebrew #: h.6264 Strong's Aramaic #: a.6263

( masc., עתוד ) Translation: PREPARATION Definition: [To be verified] What is prepared. KJV Translations: treasure Strong's Hebrew #: h.6259(x2)

( עתק ) Definition: A movement from one space or time to another.

( common, עתק / ah.t.q ) Translation: ADVANCE (V) Definition: To bring or move forward; to raise to a higher rank; to make progress. KJV Translations: remove, old, left, copy Strong's Hebrew #: h.6275

( masc., עתק ) Translation: BOLD Definition: [To be verified] In arrogance or durability. KJV Translations: durable, arrogancy, grievous, stiff, hard Strong's Hebrew #: h.6276, h.6277

( masc., עתיק ) Translation: DURABLE KJV Translations: durable, ancient, drawn Strong's Hebrew #: h.6266, h.6267 Strong's Aramaic #: a.6268

( עתר ) Relationship to Parent: as an abundance

( common, עתר ) Translation: MULTIPLY (V) KJV Translations: deceit, multiply Strong's Hebrew #: h.6280

( fem., עתרת ) Translation: ABUNDANCE KJV Translations: abundance Strong's Hebrew #: h.6283