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AHLB - Nun

( נא ) Action: Plead, Forbid Object: Raw, Pasture Abstract: Beauty, Opposition

( masc., נא / na ) Translation: RAW Definition: Uncooked meat. Meat that is not fit for consumption. Relationship to Root: A pleading for what is desired. KJV Translations: raw Strong's Hebrew #: h.4995

( masc., נא / na ) Translation: PLEASE Definition: A pleading or request for action from another. Alternate Spellings: אנא KJV Translations: now, beseech, pray, oh, go Strong's Hebrew #: h.0577, h.4994

( fem., נאה ) Translation: PASTURE Definition: [To be verified] As a place of beauty. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: habitation, pasture, house, place Strong's Hebrew #: h.4999

( נאה ) Definition: A place of beauty and comfort. In the sense of desire.

( common, נאה ) Translation: BEAUTY (V) KJV Translations: become, comely, beautiful Strong's Hebrew #: h.4998

( masc., נאוה ) Translation: BEAUTY KJV Translations: comely, seemly, becometh Strong's Hebrew #: h.5000

( נוא ) Definition: A refusal of a plea.

( common, נוא / n.w.a ) Translation: FORBID (V) KJV Translations: dissalow, discourage, non effect, break Strong's Hebrew #: h.5106

( fem., תנואה ) Translation: DEFIANCE KJV Translations: breach of promise, occasion Strong's Hebrew #: h.8569

( נב ) Action: Flourish, Hollow Object: Fruit, Prophet Abstract: Prophecy Definition: A fruit hides the seeds inside it. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed, the is a picture of a tent or house representing what is inside. Combined these mean "seed inside".

( masc., נב ) Translation: FLOURISHED Definition: > Relationship to Root: The inside of a box for holding something or is empty. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( נבב ) Definition: The inside of a box for holding something or is empty.

( common, נבב / n.b.b ) Translation: BORE.OUT (V) Definition: To form by making something hollow. KJV Translations: hollow, vain Strong's Hebrew #: h.5014

( נבא ) Definition: A fruit produced from the inside of man. A knowledge of something that is not known by the five senses.

( common, נבא / n.b.a ) Translation: PROPHESY (V) Definition: To utter the words or instructions of Elohiym received through a vision or dream. KJV Translations: prophecy, prophet Strong's Hebrew #: h.5012 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5013

( masc., נביא / na-vi ) Translation: PROPHET Definition: One who utters the words or instructions of Elohiym that are received through a vision or dream. Relationship to Root: One who brings forth the inner fruit. KJV Translations: prophet, prophecy Strong's Hebrew #: h.5030 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5029

( fem., נביאה / na-vi-ah ) Translation: PROPHETESS Definition: One gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight. Who brings forth the inner fruit. KJV Translations: prophetess Strong's Hebrew #: h.5031

( fem., נבואה ) Translation: PROPHECY KJV Translations: prophecy Strong's Hebrew #: h.5016 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5017

( נוב )

( common, נוב ) Translation: FLOURISH (V) KJV Translations: bring forth, increase, cheerful Strong's Hebrew #: h.5107

( masc., נוב ) Translation: FRUIT KJV Translations: fruit Strong's Hebrew #: h.5108

( fem., תנובה ) Translation: BOUNTY KJV Translations: fruit, increase Strong's Hebrew #: h.8570

( נבח )

( common, נבח / n.b.hh ) Translation: BARK (V) Definition: The sound made by a dog. Edenics: bark KJV Translations: bark Strong's Hebrew #: h.5024

( נבט )

( common, נבט / n.b.t ) Translation: STARE (V) Definition: To carefully look; to make a close inspection. KJV Translations: look, behold, consider, regard, see, respect Strong's Hebrew #: h.5027

( masc., מנבט ) Translation: EXPECTATION Definition: [To be verified] As what is looked for. KJV Translations: expectation Strong's Hebrew #: h.4007

( נפג )

( masc., נפג / ne-pheg ) Translation: SPROUT.UP Definition: [To be verified] (A word of uncertain meaning) KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( ענב )

( masc., ענב / ey-nav ) Translation: GRAPE Definition: A smooth-skinned juicy greenish white to deep red or purple berry grown on a vine and eaten dried or fresh as a fruit or fermented to produce wine. KJV Translations: grape, wine Strong's Hebrew #: h.6025

( נג ) Action: Touch, Drive, Shine, Gore, Play, Strike Object: Morning, Bright, Music Definition: The touching of the warmth of the morning sun or the touching of an animal with a stick to drive it.

( fem., נגה ) Translation: MORNING.LIGHT Definition: [To be verified] As warm and bright. Relationship to Root: The warm touch of light. KJV Translations: morning Strong's Aramaic #: a.5053

( נהג ) Definition: The leading, pushing or guiding of a people or animal by a touch.

( common, נהג / n.h.g ) Translation: DRIVE (V) Definition: To set or keep in motion; to press or force into an activity, course, or direction. KJV Translations: lead, away, drive, forth, guide, brought, acquainting Strong's Hebrew #: h.5090

( masc., מנהג ) Translation: DRIVING KJV Translations: driving Strong's Hebrew #: h.4491

( נגה ) Definition: The warm touch of light.

( common, נגה ) Translation: SHINE (V) KJV Translations: shine, enlighten Strong's Hebrew #: h.5050

( fem., נגוהה ) Translation: BRIGHTNESS KJV Translations: brightness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5054

( נוג ) Definition: The warm touch of light.

( fem., נוג ) Translation: BRIGHT Definition: [To be verified] A bright or shining light. KJV Translations: brightness, shining, bright, light Strong's Hebrew #: h.5051

( נגח ) Relationship to Parent: touching

( common, נגח / n.g.hh ) Translation: GORE (V) Definition: To stab with the horns. KJV Translations: push, gore Strong's Hebrew #: h.5055

( masc., נגח / na-gahh ) Translation: GORER Definition: An ox that is known to gore with the horns. KJV Translations: push Strong's Hebrew #: h.5056

( נגן ) Relationship to Parent: the bright sound of music

( common, נגן ) Translation: PLAY (V) Definition: [To be verified] To play a musical instrument. KJV Translations: play, instrument, minstrel, melody, player Strong's Hebrew #: h.5059

( fem., נגינה ) Translation: MUSIC KJV Translations: song, instrument, musick Strong's Hebrew #: h.5058

( fem., מנגינה ) Translation: MUSIC KJV Translations: musick Strong's Hebrew #: h.4485

( נגס ) Relationship to Parent: touching

( common, נגש / n.g.sh ) Translation: PUSH (V) Definition: To drive oxen or men. KJV Translations: oppressor, taskmaster, exact, distress, oppress, driver, exactor, tax Strong's Hebrew #: h.5065

( נגע ) Relationship to Parent: touching

( common, נגע / n.g.ah ) Translation: TOUCH (V) Definition: To lay hands upon; to touch or strike; to be touched by a plague. KJV Translations: touch, came, reach, bring, near, smite, nigh, plague, happen, strike, beat, cast, reach, join, lay Strong's Hebrew #: h.5060

( masc., נגע / ne-ga ) Translation: PLAGUE Definition: An epidemic disease causing high mortality. An epidemic or other sore or illness as a touch from God. KJV Translations: plague, sore, stroke, stripe, stricken, wound Strong's Hebrew #: h.5061

( נגף ) Relationship to Parent: touching

( common, נגף / n.g.p ) Translation: SMITE (V) Definition: To deliver a hit with the intent to harm; to bring a plague in the sense of a striking. KJV Translations: smite, worse, plague, hurt Strong's Hebrew #: h.5062

( masc., נגף / ne-geph ) Translation: STRIKING Definition: The act of being hit. A plague as hitting the people. KJV Translations: plague, stumbling Strong's Hebrew #: h.5063

( fem., מגפה / ma-gey-phah ) Translation: PESTILENCE Definition: A plague or other disaster that smites people or beasts. KJV Translations: plague, slaughter, stroke Strong's Hebrew #: h.4046

( נגב )

( masc., נגב / ne-gev ) Translation: PARCHED Definition: A dry and arid region, a desert. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( נגד )

( common, נגד / n.g.d ) Translation: BE.FACE.TO.FACE (V) Definition: To face another. Alternate Translations: tell (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: tell, declare, show, utter, expound, messenger, report, issue Strong's Hebrew #: h.5046 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5047

( masc., נגד / ne-ged ) Translation: OPPOSITE Definition: Something in front of; on the other side; in the presence of. Relationship to Root: In the sense of being face to face. Alternate Translations: before; in the face of KJV Translations: before, against, about, presence, toward Strong's Hebrew #: h.5048 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5049

( masc., נגיד ) Translation: NOBLE Definition: One who rules or is in charge of others through instructions. Relationship to Root: In the sense of being face to face. KJV Translations: ruler, prince, captain, leader, governor, noble, excellent Strong's Hebrew #: h.5057

( נגר )

( common, נגר ) Translation: POUR (V) KJV Translations: pour, spill, fall, ran, trickle, shed Strong's Hebrew #: h.5064

( נד ) Action: Nod, Toss Object: Mound, Skin-bag Definition: A back and forth movement such as the shaking of the head. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed, the is a picture of the tent door that allows movement back and forth through the tent. Combined these mean "continue back and forth".

( masc., נד / neyd ) Translation: HEAP Definition: A large pile dirt or rubbish. Relationship to Root: A tossing into a pile. KJV Translations: heap Strong's Hebrew #: h.5067

( masc., נדן ) Translation: TOSSINGS Definition: [To be verified] Something that is tossed. KJV Translations: gift Strong's Hebrew #: h.5083

( נדד )

( common, נדד / n.d.d ) Translation: TOSS (V) Definition: To heave or fling about; to throw with a quick, light, or careless motion; to be thrown about or wander around as nodding the head. KJV Translations: flee, wander, chase, go Strong's Hebrew #: h.5074 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5075

( masc., נדוד ) Translation: TOSS Definition: [To be verified] A going back and forth. KJV Translations: tossing Strong's Hebrew #: h.5076

( נאד ) Definition: A leather bag used for storing milk or wine. When milk is put in the bag and it is shaken back and forth the milk is turned into cheese.

( masc., נואד ) ( fem., נואדה ) Translation: SKIN.BAG Alternate Spellings: נוד נאדה KJV Translations: bottle Strong's Hebrew #: h.4997

( נדה )

( common, נדה ) Translation: TOSS (V) Alternate Spellings: נדא KJV Translations: cast, put, drive Strong's Hebrew #: h.5077

( masc., נדה ) Translation: TOSSINGS Definition: [To be verified] Something that is tossed. KJV Translations: gift Strong's Hebrew #: h.5078

( נוד )

( common, נוד / n.w.d ) Translation: NOD (V) Definition: A quick downward motion of the head. To shake or wag out of pity, sorrow or wandering. KJV Translations: bemoan, remove, vagabond, flee, get, mourn, move, pity, shake, skip, sorry, wag, wander, go Strong's Hebrew #: h.5110 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5111

( masc., נוד / nod ) Translation: NODDING Definition: > KJV Translations: wandering Strong's Hebrew #: h.5112

( masc., מנוד ) Translation: NOD Definition: [To be verified] A nodding of the head. KJV Translations: shaking Strong's Hebrew #: h.4493

( ניד )

( masc., ניד ) Translation: NOD Definition: [To be verified] The up and down moving of the lips. KJV Translations: moving Strong's Hebrew #: h.5205

( fem., נידה ) Translation: REMOVAL Definition: Something that is taken away or thrown out. A menstruating woman that is removed from the camp. KJV Translations: remove, separation, put apart, filthiness, flowers, far, set apart, menstruous, removed, unclean, uncleanness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5079, h.5206

( נדב ) Definition: The offering of something with a willing heart as a sign of honor.

( common, נדב / n.d.b ) Translation: OFFER.WILLINGLY (V) Definition: To give from a willing heart. KJV Translations: willingly, offer, freely, freewill, offering Strong's Hebrew #: h.5068 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5069

( masc., נדב / na-dav ) Translation: OFFERED.WILLINGLY Definition: Given of one's free will without recompense. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., נדבה / ne-da-vah ) Translation: FREEWILL.OFFERING Definition: A voluntary or spontaneous gift as an offering out of respect or devotion. KJV Translations: freewill, offering, free, willing, voluntary, plentiful, willingly Strong's Hebrew #: h.5071

( masc., נדיב / na-div ) Translation: WILLING Definition: To give honor or offering out of one's own free will. KJV Translations: prince, noble, willing, free, liberal Strong's Hebrew #: h.5081

( fem., נדיבה ) Translation: HONOR Definition: [To be verified] Of one with a willing heart. KJV Translations: soul Strong's Hebrew #: h.5082

( נדח ) Relationship to Parent: being tossed to and fro

( common, נדח / n.d.hh ) Translation: DRIVE.OUT (V) Definition: To forcefully send someone or something out or away; to drive an axe through wood. KJV Translations: drive, out, away, outcast, cast, banish, bring, astray, chase, compel, down, expel Strong's Hebrew #: h.5080

( נדן ) Definition: A covering for a knife or sword.

( masc., נדן ) Translation: SHEATH KJV Translations: sheath Strong's Hebrew #: h.5084

( fem., נידנה ) Translation: BODY Definition: [To be verified] As a sheath for the soul. KJV Translations: body Strong's Aramaic #: a.5085

( נדף ) Definition: The back and forth falling of a leaf as it falls from a tree. Relationship to Parent: being tossed to and fro

( common, נדף / n.d.p ) Translation: TWIRL (V) Definition: To toss back and forth. KJV Translations: drive, thrust, shake, toss Strong's Hebrew #: h.5086

( נדר ) Definition: A vow made where one promises to perform an act if another performs a certain act.

( common, נדר / n.d.r ) Translation: MAKE.A.VOW (V) Definition: To promise solemnly; to make an agreement where one promises an action if the other reciprocates with another action. KJV Translations: vow Strong's Hebrew #: h.5087

( masc., נדר / ne-der ) Translation: VOW Definition: To promise solemnly. KJV Translations: vow Strong's Hebrew #: h.5088

( נה ) Action: Mourn, Wail, Suppress Relationships: Related to ני. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed representing continuance.

( אנה )

( common, אנה ) Translation: MOURN (V) KJV Translations: lament, mourn Strong's Hebrew #: h.0578

( fem., אניה ) Translation: MOURNING KJV Translations: sorrow, lamentation Strong's Hebrew #: h.0592

( נהה )

( common, נהה ) Translation: WAIL (V) KJV Translations: lament, wail Strong's Hebrew #: h.5091

( masc., נהי ) Translation: WAIL KJV Translations: wailing, lamentation Strong's Hebrew #: h.5092

( fem., נהיה ) Translation: WAILING KJV Translations: doleful Strong's Hebrew #: h.5093

( נוה )

( masc., נוה ) Translation: WAILING KJV Translations: wailing Strong's Hebrew #: h.5089

( ינה )

( common, ינה / y.n.h ) Translation: SUPPRESS (V) Definition: To cause to be brought low by force, hindered. KJV Translations: oppress, vex, destroy, oppressor, proud, do, wrong, oppression, thrust Strong's Hebrew #: h.3238

( נו ) Action: Dwell Object: Abode

( נוה ) Definition: A place of beauty and comfort where one resides for a long period of time.

( common, נוה / n.w.h ) Translation: ABIDE (V) Definition: To dwell restfully and peacefully. KJV Translations: home, habitation Strong's Hebrew #: h.5115

( masc., נוה / na-weh ) Translation: ABODE Definition: The dwelling place of man (home), god (mountain) or animal (pasture or stable). KJV Translations: habitation, fold, dwelling, sheepcote, comely, stable, pleasant, tarried Strong's Hebrew #: h.5116

( נז ) Action: Sprinkle

( נזה )

( common, נזה / n.z.h ) Translation: SPATTER (V) Definition: To ceremonially sprinkle water or oil on something that is being dedicated. KJV Translations: sprinkle Strong's Hebrew #: h.5137

( כנז )

( masc., כנז ) Translation: SPRINKLED Definition: [To be verified] (A word of uncertain meaning) KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( נזר )

( common, נזר / n.z.r ) Translation: DEDICATE (V) Definition: To set something apart or apart from something for a special purpose. KJV Translations: separate, consecrate Strong's Hebrew #: h.5144

( masc., נזר / ne-zer ) Translation: CROWN Definition: An object showing Kingship or authority. Also, a sign upon the head as a sign of dedication. KJV Translations: crown, separation, consecration, hair Strong's Hebrew #: h.5145

( masc., נזיר / na-zir ) Translation: DEDICATED Definition: Devoted to the worship of God. KJV Translations: Nazarite, undressed, separate Strong's Hebrew #: h.5139

( masc., מנזר ) Translation: CROWN Definition: [To be verified] A sign of dedication. KJV Translations: crowned Strong's Hebrew #: h.4502

( נח ) Action: Guide, Rest, Sigh, Deposit Object: Rest Abstract: Comfort Definition: The shepherd would guide his flock to a place of water. Here is water for drinking as well as green grass for pasturing. Once the flock arrives, they are free to rest after the long journey. A guided journey to a place of rest. A sigh of rest. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed representing continuance, the is a picture of a wall that separates the inside from the outside. Combined these mean "continue outside".

( fem., נחת / na-hhat ) Translation: QUIETNESS Definition: Without noise, without making a sound. KJV Translations: rest, set, quietness, lighting Strong's Hebrew #: h.5183

( אנח ) Definition: A sigh of rest.

( common, אנח / a.n.hh ) Translation: SIGH (V) Definition: Exhaling of breath as in relief. To breath out as a desire for rest. KJV Translations: sigh, groan, mourn Strong's Hebrew #: h.0584

( fem., אנחה ) Translation: SIGHING Definition: [To be verified] The expression of burden and the desire for rest. KJV Translations: sighing, groaning, sigh, mourning Strong's Hebrew #: h.0585

( הנח )

( fem., הנחה ) Translation: REST KJV Translations: release Strong's Hebrew #: h.2010

( נחה )

( common, נחה / n.hh.h ) Translation: GUIDE (V) Definition: One who leads or directs another in his way. KJV Translations: lead, guide, bestow, govern, put, straiten Strong's Hebrew #: h.5148

( נוח ) Definition: A state of quiet and rest from burdens, work or enemy.

( common, נוח / n.w.hh ) Translation: REST (V) Definition: Freedom from activity or labor. To rest from trouble or labor. Alternate Translations: leave (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) Edenics: night - from the German nocht, as the time of rest KJV Translations: rest, cease, confederate, down, lay, quiet, remain Strong's Hebrew #: h.5117

( masc., נוח / no-ahh ) Translation: REST Definition: > KJV Translations: rest Strong's Hebrew #: h.5118

( masc., מנוח / ma-no-ahh ) ( fem., מנוחה / me-nu-hhah ) Translation: OASIS Definition: A location where there is freedom from activity or labor; a place for resting or lodging. KJV Translations: rest, comfortable, ease, quiet, still Strong's Hebrew #: h.4494, h.4496

( ינח )

( common, ינח / y.n.hh ) Translation: DEPOSIT (V) Definition: To place, especially for safekeeping or as a pledge; to be laid down; to sit down to rest or remain in place. KJV Translations: leave, up, lay, suffer, place, put, set, down, alone, bestow, pacify, still, withdraw, withhold Strong's Hebrew #: h.3240

( fem., מינחה / min-hhah ) Translation: DEPOSIT Definition: The act of making a gift or a free contribution. What is brought to another as a gift. KJV Translations: offering, present, gift, oblation, sacrifice, meat Strong's Hebrew #: h.4503 Strong's Aramaic #: a.4504

( נחל )

( common, נחל / n.hh.l ) Translation: INHERIT (V) Definition: A passing down of properties, wealth or blessings to the offspring. KJV Translations: inherit, inheritance, possess, have, divide, heritage Strong's Hebrew #: h.5157

( masc., נחל / na-hhal ) Translation: WADI Definition: The bed or valley of a stream. A choice piece of land desired in an inheritance because of its fertility. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: river, brook, valley, stream, flood Strong's Hebrew #: h.5158

( fem., נחלה / na-hha-lah ) Translation: INHERITANCE Definition: The acquisition of a possession from past generations. KJV Translations: inheritance, heritage, inherit, possession Strong's Hebrew #: h.5159

( נחם )

( common, נחם / n.hh.m ) Translation: COMFORT (V) Definition: Consolation in time of trouble or worry; to give solace in time of difficulty or sorrow. Alternate Translations: repent (when written in the niphil [passive] form) KJV Translations: comfort, repent, comforter, ease Strong's Hebrew #: h.5162

( masc., נחם ) Translation: SORROW KJV Translations: repentance Strong's Hebrew #: h.5164

( fem., נחמה ) Translation: COMFORT KJV Translations: comfort Strong's Hebrew #: h.5165

( masc., ניחום ) Translation: COMFORT KJV Translations: comfort, comfortable, repenting Strong's Hebrew #: h.5150

( masc., תנחום ) ( fem., תנחומה ) Translation: COMFORT KJV Translations: comfort Strong's Hebrew #: h.8575

( נט ) Action: Spread, Shake Object: Squash, Bed Definition: Squash seeds were planted along the routes of the travelers and nomads for future use by themselves and other travelers. The squash plant spreads out over a large area forming varied sizes and shapes of squash fruit. Dried squash fruit becomes a hard hollow shell (seed basket) with the seeds inside and when shaken they rattle inside. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed, the is a picture of a basket. Combined these mean "seed basket".

( fem., מטה / mit-tah ) Translation: BED Definition: A place for sleeping. Spread out sheet for sleeping. Relationship to Root: As spread out on the floor. KJV Translations: bed, bier Strong's Hebrew #: h.4296

( fem., מנוטה ) Translation: SPREADING Alternate Spellings: מטה KJV Translations: stretching Strong's Hebrew #: h.4298

( נטה ) Definition: The spreading growth of the squash plant.

( common, נטה / n.t.h ) Translation: EXTEND (V) Definition: To set up camp by stretching out the cover of the tent; to extend or stretch in length. Alternate Translations: turn away from (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: stretch, incline, turn, bow, decline, pitch, spread Strong's Hebrew #: h.5186

( masc., מטה / mat-tah ) Translation: BENEATH Definition: Below; in a lower place, position or state. As under a stretched out sheet. KJV Translations: beneath, downward, underneath, low, under, less, down Strong's Hebrew #: h.4295

( נוט ) Definition: The dried squash fruit rattle.

( common, נוט ) Translation: SHAKE (V) KJV Translations: move Strong's Hebrew #: h.5120

( fem., מנוטה ) Translation: PERVERSENESS Definition: [To be verified] As a shaking. Alternate Spellings: מטה KJV Translations: perverseness Strong's Hebrew #: h.4297

( חנט )

( common, חנט / hh.n.t ) Translation: RIPEN (V) Definition: To bring to completeness or perfection. Give off the fragrance of the fruit as it ripens. To add spices to a body for embalming. KJV Translations: embalm, put forth Strong's Hebrew #: h.2590

( fem., חיטה / hhi-tah ) Translation: WHEAT Definition: A cereal grain that yields a fine white flour, the chief ingredient of bread. Relationship to Root: In the sense of ripening on the stalk. Edenics: wheat KJV Translations: wheat, wheaten Strong's Hebrew #: h.2406 Aramaic Spelling: הינצה Strong's Aramaic #: a.2591

( נטע )

( common, נטע / n.t.ah ) Translation: PLANT (V) Definition: To put or set into the ground for growth; to establish plants in the sense of setting into place in the soil. Relationship to Root: In the sense of stretching out of the ground. KJV Translations: plant, fasten, planter Strong's Hebrew #: h.5193

( masc., נטע ) Translation: YOUNG.PLANT KJV Translations: plant Strong's Hebrew #: h.5194

( masc., מנטע ) Translation: PLANTING Alternate Spellings: מטע KJV Translations: planting, plant, plantation Strong's Hebrew #: h.4302

( masc., נטיע ) Translation: FOLIAGE KJV Translations: plant Strong's Hebrew #: h.5195

( ני ) Action: Wail Relationships: Related to נה.

( masc., ני ) Translation: WAILING KJV Translations: wailing Strong's Hebrew #: h.5204

( אני )

( fem., תאניה ) Translation: MOURNING KJV Translations: heaviness, mourning Strong's Hebrew #: h.8386

( נך ) Action: Crush Object: Spice, Sweet, Pestle Definition: Seeds of certain plants were placed in the palm and rubbed with the thumb to a powdery spice. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed, the is a picture of the palm of the hand. Combined these mean "seed in the palm".

( fem., נכות ) Translation: TREASURE Definition: [To be verified] Treasured items such as spices. KJV Translations: precious Strong's Hebrew #: h.5238

( fem., מנכה ) Translation: CRUSHED Definition: Pressed or squeezed with a force that destroys or deforms. Also a plague. Alternate Spellings: מכה KJV Translations: wound, slaughter, plague, beaten, stripe, stroke, blow, smote, sore, wounded Strong's Hebrew #: h.4347

( נכך ) Definition: The sweet smell of spices.

( masc., ניחוח / ni-hho-ahh ) Translation: SWEET Definition: Pleasing to the taste. Not sour, bitter or salty. Something that smells pleasing. KJV Translations: sweet, fruit Strong's Hebrew #: h.5207 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5208

( אנך ) Definition: A mortar and pestle are also used to crush spices.

( masc., אנך ) Translation: PLUMB.LINE Definition: [To be verified] A stone in the shape of a pestle used for centering. KJV Translations: plumbline Strong's Hebrew #: h.0594

( נכא ) Definition: The crushing of seeds for making spices.

( common, נכא ) Translation: CRUSH (V) KJV Translations: viler Strong's Hebrew #: h.5217

( masc., נכא ) Translation: CRUSHED KJV Translations: broken, stricken, wounded Strong's Hebrew #: h.5218

( fem., נכואת / ne-khot ) Translation: SPICE Definition: Various aromatic vegetable products used to season or flavor foods. KJV Translations: spicery, spice Strong's Hebrew #: h.5219

( נכה )

( common, נכה / n.k.h ) Translation: HIT (V) Definition: To deliver a blow by action; to strike with the hand; to clap, kill or harm. KJV Translations: smite, slay, kill, beat, slaughter, strike, give, wound, stripe Strong's Hebrew #: h.5221

( masc., נכה ) Translation: CRUSHED Definition: [To be verified] One who has been crushed or one who is lame. KJV Translations: abject, lame, contrite Strong's Hebrew #: h.5222, h.5223

( נוך ) Definition: The rounded point of the pestle used to crush seeds into spices. Also the rounded point of the ear.

( masc., תנוך / te-nuk ) Translation: TIP Definition: The pointed end of an object. KJV Translations: tip Strong's Hebrew #: h.8571

( נכד )

( masc., נכד / ne-khed ) Translation: POSTERITY Definition: The offspring of a progenitor to the furthest generation. Continuation through the next generation. KJV Translations: son's son, nephew Strong's Hebrew #: h.5220

( נל ) Action: Lead, Conclude Object: Pasture, Dunghill Abstract: Conclusion Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed representing the idea of continuing. The is a picture of the shepherd's staff which guides the flock toward the pasture. Combined these mean "Continue toward with the staff".

( נלה )

( common, נלה ) Translation: BRING.TO.AN.END (V) Definition: [To be verified] To come to a completion. KJV Translations: end Strong's Hebrew #: h.5239

( masc., מנלה ) Translation: FINALITY Definition: [To be verified] A completion. KJV Translations: perfection Strong's Hebrew #: h.4512

( נהל ) Definition: A leading to pasture.

( common, נהל / n.h.l ) Translation: LEAD (V) Definition: To guide on a way, especially by going in advance. The flock directed to the pasture at the end of the journey. KJV Translations: guide, lead, fed, carried Strong's Hebrew #: h.5095

( masc., נהלהל ) Translation: PASTURE Alternate Spellings: נהלל KJV Translations: bush Strong's Hebrew #: h.5097

( נול )

( fem., נולו ) Translation: DUNGHILL Alternate Spellings: נולי KJV Translations: dunghill Strong's Aramaic #: a.5122

( נם ) Action: Slumber, Growl, Utter Abstract: Tired Definition: A semi-conscious state between sleep and awake.

( נאם ) Definition: A speaking from a semi-conscious state declaring the words of god.

( common, נאם / n.a.m ) Translation: DECLARE (V) Definition: To make a formal proclamation. Often used for the words of God. KJV Translations: say Strong's Hebrew #: h.5001, h.5002

( נהם ) Definition: The sound one makes when waking from a sleep.

( common, נהם ) Translation: GROWL (V) KJV Translations: roar, mourn Strong's Hebrew #: h.5098

( masc., נהם ) Translation: GROWLING KJV Translations: roaring Strong's Hebrew #: h.5099

( fem., נהמה ) Translation: GROWLING KJV Translations: disquiet, roaring Strong's Hebrew #: h.5100

( נום )

( common, נום ) Translation: SLUMBER (V) KJV Translations: slumber, sleep Strong's Hebrew #: h.5123

( fem., נומה ) Translation: DROWSINESS KJV Translations: drowsiness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5124

( fem., תנומה ) Translation: SLUMBER KJV Translations: slumber, slumbering Strong's Hebrew #: h.8572

( סמח ) Definition: A spontaneous expression of excitement and cheer.

( common, שמח / sh.m.hh ) Translation: REJOICE (V) Definition: To be happy, glad. KJV Translations: rejoice, glad, joy, merry Strong's Hebrew #: h.8055

( masc., סמח ) ( fem., סמחה ) Translation: REJOICING Definition: A state of felicity or happiness. Alternate Spellings: שמח שמחה KJV Translations: rejoice, glad, joyful, merry, merryhearted, joy, gladness, mirth Strong's Hebrew #: h.8056, h.8057

( סמל ) Definition: The form or shape of an image.

( masc., סמל ) Translation: FIGURE Edenics: Similar KJV Translations: figure, image, idol Strong's Hebrew #: h.5566

( fem., שימלה / sim-lah ) Translation: APPAREL Definition: Something that clothes or adorns. As forming to the image of the body. KJV Translations: raiment, clothes, garment, apparel, cloth, clothing Strong's Hebrew #: h.8071

( סמר ) Definition: The standing on end of hair as when terrified or on a caterpillar.

( common, סמר ) Translation: BRISTLE (V) KJV Translations: tremble, stood Strong's Hebrew #: h.5568

( masc., סמר ) Translation: HAIR KJV Translations: rough Strong's Hebrew #: h.5569

( masc., מסמר ) ( fem., מסמרה ) Translation: NAIL Definition: [To be verified] As a standing hair. Alternate Spellings: משמר KJV Translations: nail Strong's Hebrew #: h.4548, h.4930

( נן ) Action: Sprout Object: Heir Abstract: Continue Definition: The seed is the continuation of life from the parent plant. This cycle continues generation after generation. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed. Combined these mean "seed of seed".

( נון ) Definition: The son who continues the family lineage and properties.

( common, נון ) Translation: CONTINUE (V) KJV Translations: continue Strong's Hebrew #: h.5125

( masc., נון / nun ) Translation: CONTINUE Definition: Maintain the action, to forge ahead with intention. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., מנון ) Translation: HEIR KJV Translations: son Strong's Hebrew #: h.4497

( נין ) Definition: The son who continues the family lineage and properties.

( masc., נין / nin ) Translation: HEIR Definition: One who inherits or is entitled to inherit property. Edenics: new - with the removal of the final n KJV Translations: son Strong's Hebrew #: h.5209

( נס ) Action: Lift, Constrain, Test, Flee, Pluck, Journey, Ascend, Gird Object: Standard, Burden Abstract: Refuge Definition: The tribal flag that is hung from a horizontal pole and lifted up high and seen from a distance. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed representing continuance, the is a picture of a thorn representing the idea of grabbing hold. Combined these mean "continue to grab hold".

( masc., נס / neys ) Translation: STANDARD Definition: A flag that hangs from a pole with the insignia of a tribe or army. Also, a sail. KJV Translations: standard, ensign, pole, banner, sail, sign Strong's Hebrew #: h.5251

( fem., מסה / ma-sah ) Translation: TRIAL Definition: The act of trying, testing, or putting to the proof. KJV Translations: temptation, trial Strong's Hebrew #: h.4530

( נסס )

( common, נסס ) Translation: STANDARD (V) Definition: [To be verified] To lift up the standard. KJV Translations: ensign, standard-bearer Strong's Hebrew #: h.5263, h.5264

( אנס ) Definition: A grabbing hold.

( common, אנס ) Translation: CONSTRAIN (V) Definition: [To be verified] To grab hold of one to perform. KJV Translations: compel Strong's Hebrew #: h.0597 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0598

( נסא )

( common, נסא / n.s.a ) Translation: LIFT.UP (V) Definition: To lift up a burden or load and carry it; to lift up camp and begin a journey; to forgive in the sense of removing the offense. Alternate Translations: spare; forgive Alternate Spellings: נשא KJV Translations: bear, take, bare, carry, borne, amourbearer, forgive, accept, exalt, regard, obtain, respect Strong's Hebrew #: h.4984, h.5375 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5376

( fem., נסאת ) Translation: GIFT Alternate Spellings: נשאת KJV Translations: gift Strong's Hebrew #: h.5379

( masc., משא / ma-sa ) Translation: LOAD Definition: Something that is lifted up and carried. The lifting up of the voice in song. KJV Translations: burden, son, prophecy, set, exaction, carry, tribute Strong's Hebrew #: h.4853

( fem., מנסאה ) Translation: BURDEN Alternate Spellings: משאה KJV Translations: burden Strong's Hebrew #: h.4858

( fem., מנסאת / ma-se-eyt ) Translation: UPRISING Definition: Violence in defiance of something. Something that is lifted up such as a burden, gift or flame. Alternate Spellings: משאת KJV Translations: burden, mess, collection, flame, gift, oblation, reward, sign, lift Strong's Hebrew #: h.4864

( masc., נשיא / na-si ) Translation: CAPTAIN Definition: A military leader; the commander of a unit or a body of troops. The leader of a family, tribe or people as one who carries the burdens of the people. KJV Translations: prince, captain, chief, ruler, vapour, governor, cloud Strong's Hebrew #: h.5387

( fem., נסואה ) Translation: WAGON Definition: [To be verified] A vehicle for carrying burdens. Alternate Spellings: נשאה נשואה KJV Translations: carriage Strong's Hebrew #: h.5385

( masc., מנסוא ) Translation: RESPECT Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of lifting one up. Alternate Spellings: משא KJV Translations: respect Strong's Hebrew #: h.4856

( נסה ) Definition: A test to prove one is deserved of being lifted up.

( common, נסה / n.s.h ) Translation: TEST (V) Definition: A critical examination, observation, or evaluation; trial. KJV Translations: prove, tempt, assay, adventure, try Strong's Hebrew #: h.5254

( נוס ) Definition: The family standard as the place of refuge that one flees to.

( common, נוס / n.w.s ) Translation: FLEE (V) Definition: To run away, often from danger or evil; to hurry toward a place of safety; to flee to any safe place such as a city or mountain. KJV Translations: flee, abate, display, flight, hide, lift Strong's Hebrew #: h.5127

( masc., מנוס ) Translation: REFUGE Definition: [To be verified] A place of safety. KJV Translations: refuge, escape, flight, flee Strong's Hebrew #: h.4498

( fem., מנוסה ) Translation: FLEEING KJV Translations: flight, fleeing Strong's Hebrew #: h.4499

( ניס ) Definition: The family standard as the place of refuge that one flees to.

( masc., ניס ) Translation: FLEE KJV Translations: flee Strong's Hebrew #: h.5211

( נסח ) Relationship to Parent: As lifting up

( common, נסח / n.s.hh ) Translation: TEAR.AWAY (V) KJV Translations: pluck, rooted, destroy, pull Strong's Hebrew #: h.5255 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5256

( masc., מנסח ) Translation: PLUCKED KJV Translations: broken Strong's Hebrew #: h.4535

( נסע ) Relationship to Parent: As lifting up

( common, נסע / n.s.ah ) Translation: JOURNEY (V) Definition: To travel or pass from one place to another; to break camp and begin a journey. KJV Translations: journey, depart, remove, forward, went, go, brought, set, forth, get, set Strong's Hebrew #: h.5265

( masc., מסע / mas-sah ) Translation: JOURNEY Definition: The packing up of camp for the purpose of beginning a journey. KJV Translations: journey, journeying Strong's Hebrew #: h.4550, h.4551

( נסק ) Relationship to Parent: As lifting up

( common, נסק ) Translation: ASCEND (V) Definition: [To be verified] From the ascending flames. KJV Translations: ascend, up, kindle, burn Strong's Hebrew #: h.5266, h.5400 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5267

( שנס ) Relationship to Parent: As lifting up

( common, שנס ) Translation: GIRD (V) Definition: To lift up the lower portions of the garment and place it within the belt in preparation for a journey or work. KJV Translations: gird Strong's Hebrew #: h.8151

( נף ) Action: Shake, High Object: Sieve Definition: A sieve is a tool used to separate out materials such as seeds by placing the material in the sieve, lifting it up and shaking it. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of seed, the is a picture of a mouth. Combined these mean "seed in the mouth".

( fem., נפה ) Translation: REGION Definition: [To be verified] As a sieve. KJV Translations: border, coast, region, sieve Strong's Hebrew #: h.5299

( fem., נפת ) Translation: HEIGHTS KJV Translations: country Strong's Hebrew #: h.5316

( נוף )

( common, נוף / n.w.p ) Translation: WAVE (V) Definition: To move an object, such as hammer or a sacrifice, back and forth. KJV Translations: wave, shake, offer, lift, move, perfume, send, sift, strike Strong's Hebrew #: h.5130

( masc., נוף ) Translation: ELEVATION KJV Translations: situation Strong's Hebrew #: h.5131

( fem., תנופה / te-nu-phah ) Translation: WAVING Definition: The action of moving an object, such as hammer or a sacrifice, back and forth. KJV Translations: wave offering, wave, offering, shaking Strong's Hebrew #: h.8573

( ענף )

( masc., ענף ) Translation: BOUGH KJV Translations: branch, bough Strong's Hebrew #: h.6057, h.6058 Strong's Aramaic #: a.6056

( נץ ) Action: Sparkle, Bloom, Despise, Whither Object: Spark, Blossom, Bud Abstract: Quarrel Definition: The sparkling colors coming off metal when struck. The petals of a flower like sparks off metal.

( masc., נץ / nets ) Translation: FALCON Definition: An unknown unclean bird. KJV Translations: blossom, hawk Strong's Hebrew #: h.5322(x2)

/ nets ( fem., נצה ) Translation: SHOOT Definition: The shaft or stem of a plant. KJV Translations: blossom, hawk Strong's Hebrew #: h.5322(x2)

( fem., מנצה ) Translation: STRIFE Alternate Spellings: מצה KJV Translations: contention, strife, debate Strong's Hebrew #: h.4683

( fem., מנצות ) Translation: QUARREL Alternate Spellings: מצות KJV Translations: contend Strong's Hebrew #: h.4695

( נצץ )

( common, נצץ ) Translation: SPARKLE (V) Definition: [To be verified] To sparkle like a shower of sparks. KJV Translations: sparkle Strong's Hebrew #: h.5340

( masc., ניצוץ ) Translation: SPARK KJV Translations: spark Strong's Hebrew #: h.5213

( נאץ ) Definition: As a spark.

( common, נאץ / n.a.ts ) Translation: DERIDE (V) KJV Translations: despise, provoke, abhor, blaspheme, contemn, flourish Strong's Hebrew #: h.5006

( fem., נאצה ) Translation: DESPISE KJV Translations: blasphemy, provocation Strong's Hebrew #: h.5007

( נצא ) Definition: From the quick withering of the blossoms.

( common, נצא ) Translation: WHITHER (V) KJV Translations: flee Strong's Hebrew #: h.5323

( נצה ) Definition: As a spark.

( common, נצה / n.ts.h ) Translation: STRUGGLE (V) Definition: The act of trying to achieve the goal, but with hindrances. KJV Translations: strive, waste Strong's Hebrew #: h.5327

( נוץ ) Definition: The budding of a flower on a plant or feathers on a bird.

( common, נוץ ) Translation: BLOOM (V) KJV Translations: bud, fled Strong's Hebrew #: h.5132

( fem., נוצה ) Translation: FEATHERS Definition: The covering of a bird. KJV Translations: feather, ostrich Strong's Hebrew #: h.5133

( ניץ ) Definition: The budding of a flower on a plant.

( fem., ניצה ) Translation: BLOSSOM KJV Translations: flower Strong's Hebrew #: h.5328

( fem., ניצן ) Translation: PLUMAGE Definition: The feathers of a bird. KJV Translations: flower Strong's Hebrew #: h.5339

( נק ) Action: Suckle, Cry Object: Breast, Bowl, Sapling Abstract: Innocent Definition: The bringing in and holding close of an infant to the breast. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed and represents the sons of the next generation, the is a picture of the sun at the horizon and the drawing in of light. Combined these mean "child drawn in".

( masc., נקי / na-qi ) Translation: INNOCENT Definition: Free from guilt or sin. A state of innocence as an infant. Relationship to Root: Where the infant suckles. Alternate Spellings: נקיא KJV Translations: innocent, guiltless, quit, blameless, clean, clear Strong's Hebrew #: h.5355

( fem., מנקית / me-na-qit ) Translation: SACRIFICIAL.BOWL Definition: A vessel used to hold the required sacrifice. From the shape of a bowl that holds liquids like a breast that holds milk. KJV Translations: bowl, cup Strong's Hebrew #: h.4518

( masc., נקיון / na-qi-on ) Translation: INNOCENCE Definition: Freedom from guilt or sin through being unacquainted with evil. A state of innocence as an infant. KJV Translations: innocency, cleanness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5356

( נקק )

( masc., נקיק ) Translation: CLEAVAGE Definition: [To be verified] A cleft in the rocks. KJV Translations: hole Strong's Hebrew #: h.5357

( אנק ) Definition: The crying out of a child or one who is helpless.

( common, אנק ) Translation: CRY (V) KJV Translations: cry, groan Strong's Hebrew #: h.0602

( fem., אנקה ) Translation: CRYING KJV Translations: sighing, crying, groaning Strong's Hebrew #: h.0603

( fem., אנקה ) Translation: FERRET Definition: An unclean animal of unknown species. Probably a mammal whose sound is like a cry. KJV Translations: ferret Strong's Hebrew #: h.0604

( נאק ) Definition: The crying out of one who is helpless.

( common, נאק ) Translation: GROAN (V) KJV Translations: groan Strong's Hebrew #: h.5008

( fem., נאקה / ne-a-qah ) Translation: GROANING Definition: To voice a deep, inarticulate sound, as of pain, grief, or displeasure. KJV Translations: groaning Strong's Hebrew #: h.5009

( נהק )

( common, נהק ) Translation: CRY (V) KJV Translations: bray Strong's Hebrew #: h.5101

( נקה ) Definition: The innocence of an infant.

( common, נקה / n.q.h ) Translation: ACQUIT (V) Definition: To declare one innocent of a crime or oath. KJV Translations: unpunished, guiltless, innocent, clear, cleanse, free, acquit, altogether, cut off, blameless, pure Strong's Hebrew #: h.5352 Aramaic Spelling: נקא Strong's Aramaic #: a.5343

( נוק )

( common, נוק ) Translation: SUCKLE (V) KJV Translations: nurse Strong's Hebrew #: h.5134

( ינק )

( common, ינק / y.n.q ) Translation: SUCKLE (V) Definition: To give milk to from the breast or udder. Alternate Translations: nurse (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: suck, nurse, suckling, milch, mother Strong's Hebrew #: h.3243

( fem., יניקה ) Translation: SAPLING Definition: [To be verified] A sucking branch. KJV Translations: twig Strong's Hebrew #: h.3242

( masc., יונק ) Translation: SAPLING Definition: [To be verified] A sucking branch. KJV Translations: plant Strong's Hebrew #: h.3126

( fem., יונקת ) Translation: SAPLING Definition: [To be verified] A sucking branch. KJV Translations: branch, twig Strong's Hebrew #: h.3127

( נר ) Action: Plow, Flow, Reject, Pluck Object: Light, Lamp, River, Music, Harp Abstract: Melody Definition: Rains in the mountainous areas cause a flooding of the rivers. The rivers swell causing the water to flood the land next to the river. This is the only water that the land will see and is necessary for crop production. After the flood season, the land is plowed by the use of a plow attached to the yoke of the oxen. The surface of the soil is dry but, when the soil is turned up it glistens in the sun from the water remaining in the soil. This water is necessary for the seed to begin germination. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed, the is a picture of the head of a man representing the top or beginning of something. Combined these mean "seed beginning".

( masc., נר / ner ) Translation: LAMP Definition: A container for an inflammable liquid, as oil, which is burned at a wick as a means of illumination. Relationship to Root: An oil filled container with a wick that gives off light. KJV Translations: lamp, candle, light Strong's Hebrew #: h.5216

( נאר )

( common, נאר ) Translation: REJECT (V) KJV Translations: void, abhor Strong's Hebrew #: h.5010

( נהר ) Definition: The life giving water that washes over the soil.

( common, נהר ) Translation: FLOW.TOGETHER (V) Definition: [To be verified] From the flowing of a river. From the glistening water as it flows. KJV Translations: flow, lighten Strong's Hebrew #: h.5102

( masc., נהר / na-har ) Translation: RIVER Definition: A natural stream of water of considerable volume. The life-giving water that washes over the soil. KJV Translations: river, stream, flood Strong's Hebrew #: h.5104 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5103

( fem., נהרה ) Translation: SHIMMER Definition: [To be verified] As the shimmering light off the water of a river. KJV Translations: light Strong's Hebrew #: h.5105

( masc., נהיר ) Translation: ENLIGHTENMENT Definition: [To be verified] One having the light of wisdom. Alternate Spellings: נהירו KJV Translations: light Strong's Aramaic #: a.5094

( fem., מנהרה ) Translation: RAVINE Definition: [To be verified] As cut by the flowing of water. KJV Translations: den Strong's Hebrew #: h.4492

( נור )

( fem., נור ) Translation: FIRELIGHT KJV Translations: fiery, fire Strong's Aramaic #: a.5135

( masc., תנור / ta-nur ) Translation: OVEN Definition: A chamber used for baking, heating or drying. As a lamp for cooking. KJV Translations: oven, furnace Strong's Hebrew #: h.8574

( fem., מנורה / me-no-rah ) Translation: LAMPSTAND Definition: A platform, sometimes elevated, for holding a lamp. KJV Translations: candlestick Strong's Hebrew #: h.4501

( ניר )

( common, ניר ) Translation: TILL (V) Definition: [To be verified] To plow the soil. KJV Translations: break up Strong's Hebrew #: h.5214

( masc., ניר ) Translation: PLOWING KJV Translations: fallow, tillage, plowing Strong's Hebrew #: h.5215

( masc., מנור ) Translation: YOKE Definition: [To be verified] A type of yoke used by a weaver. KJV Translations: beam Strong's Hebrew #: h.4500

( זמר ) Definition: The sound from a musical instrument where the string is plucked or the singing that accompanies it. Also, the plucking of fruit from a vine or branch. Relationship to Parent: music as bright

( common, זמר / z.m.r ) Translation: PLUCK (V) Definition: To make music by plucking an instrument. To pick fruit. KJV Translations: praise, sing, prune Strong's Hebrew #: h.2167, h.2168

( masc., זמר ) Translation: SINGER Definition: > KJV Translations: musick, singer Aramaic Definition: In Aramaic meaning musician. Strong's Aramaic #: a.2170, a.2171

( masc., זמר ) Translation: MOUNTAIN-SHEEP Definition: An clean unknown species of animal. KJV Translations: chamois Strong's Hebrew #: h.2169

( fem., זמרה ) Translation: MELODY Definition: [To be verified] As plucked on an musical instrument. A song set to music. KJV Translations: melody, psalm Strong's Hebrew #: h.2172

( fem., מזמרה ) Translation: PRUNING.HOOK Definition: [To be verified] For plucking fruit from trees or vines or trimming candle wicks. KJV Translations: pruninghook Strong's Hebrew #: h.4211

( masc., זמיר ) Translation: PLUCKING Definition: [To be verified] As the plucking of fruit or a musical instrument. KJV Translations: song, psalmist, branch Strong's Hebrew #: h.2158(x2), h.2159

( fem., זמירה ) Translation: MUSIC KJV Translations: singing Strong's Hebrew #: h.2158(x2)

( fem., זמורה ) Translation: VINE Definition: From where grapes are plucked. KJV Translations: branch, slip Strong's Hebrew #: h.2156

( fem., זימרה / zim-rah ) Translation: CHOICE.FRUIT Definition: Having qualities that appeal to a cultivated taste. As plucked from the tree or vine. KJV Translations: best fruit Strong's Hebrew #: h.2173

( fem., זימרת / zim-rat ) Translation: MUSIC Definition: An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. Relationship to Root: From the plucking of a stringed instrument. KJV Translations: song Strong's Hebrew #: h.2176

( fem., מזמרה ) Translation: SNUFFER KJV Translations: snuffer Strong's Hebrew #: h.4212

( masc., זימרן / zim-rah ) Translation: MUSICIAN Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., מזמור ) Translation: MELODY Definition: A musical composition plucked on a musical instrument. A song set to music. KJV Translations: psalm Strong's Hebrew #: h.4210

( כנר ) Relationship to Parent: music as bright

( masc., כינור / ki-nor ) Translation: HARP Definition: A stringed musical instrument that is plucked. KJV Translations: harp Strong's Hebrew #: h.3658

( ענר )

( masc., ענר ) Translation: YOUNG.BOY Definition: [To be verified] (A word of uncertain meaning) KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( נש ) Action: Loan, Forget, Despair, Sick, Bite Object: Debt, Man Abstract: Deception, Usury Definition: An imposition such as a debt or deception which causes oppression. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a seed representing continuance, the is a picture of teeth representing pressure. Combined these mean "continual pressing".

( masc., נשי ) Translation: DEBT Edenics: gnash KJV Translations: debt Strong's Hebrew #: h.5386

( נשא )

( common, נשא / n.sh.a ) Translation: DECEIVE (V) Definition: To cause to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid. Can also mean usury in the sense of a deception. In the participle form can mean creditor in the sense of imposition. Alternate Spellings: נשה KJV Translations: deceive, beguile, seize, exact, lend, creditor, extortioner, usury Strong's Hebrew #: h.5377, h.5378, h.5383

( masc., מנשא ) Translation: LENDING.ON.INTEREST Alternate Spellings: משא KJV Translations: usury Strong's Hebrew #: h.4855

( masc., מנשה ) ( fem., מנשאה ) Translation: LOAN Alternate Spellings: משאה משה KJV Translations: thing, debt, credit Strong's Hebrew #: h.4859, h.4874

( masc., מנשאון ) Translation: LOAN Alternate Spellings: משאון KJV Translations: deceit Strong's Hebrew #: h.4860

( נשה ) Definition: The removal of a debt through payment, forgetting or forgiving.

( common, נשה / n.sh.h ) Translation: OVERLOOK (V) Definition: To unintentionaly look past, forget. KJV Translations: forget, deprive Strong's Hebrew #: h.5382

( masc., נשה / na-she ) Translation: THIGH.MUSCLE Definition: Each side of the trunk formed by the lateral parts of the pelvis and upper part of the femur (thigh bone) together with the fleshy parts covering them. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: shrank Strong's Hebrew #: h.5384

( fem., נשיה ) Translation: FORGETFULNESS KJV Translations: forgetfulness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5388

( masc., מנשה ) Translation: CAUSING.TO.OVERLOOK Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( נוש )

( common, נוש ) Translation: DESPAIR (V) Edenics: gnash KJV Translations: heaviness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5136

( אנש )

( common, אנש ) Translation: INCURABLE (V) Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of the mortality of man. KJV Translations: sick, incurable, desperate, wicked, woeful Strong's Hebrew #: h.0605

( masc., אנוש / e-nosh ) Translation: MAN Definition: An adult male human. (Often used to mean "each" in the sense of an individual.) Relationship to Root: As mortal. Alternate Translations: each; one Alternate Spellings: איש KJV Translations: man, one, husband, any, merchantmen, person Strong's Hebrew #: h.0376, h.0377, h.0582 Aramaic Spelling: אנש Strong's Aramaic #: a.0606

( fem., אנשה / an-shah ) Translation: WOMAN Definition: An adult female person. As mortal. Alternate Translations: each; one KJV Translations: wife, woman, one, married, female Strong's Hebrew #: h.0802 Aramaic Spelling: אישה Strong's Aramaic #: a.5389

( נשב ) Definition: A blowing wind from the skies or from the wings of birds.

( common, נשב / n.sh.b ) Translation: GUST (V) Definition: A sudden brief rush of wind. The strong blowing of a wind. The wind of a bird's wing when taking flight. KJV Translations: drive, blow Strong's Hebrew #: h.5380

( נשך ) Definition: A bite, also usury as a biting.

( common, נשך / n.sh.k ) Translation: BITE (V) Definition: To seize especially with teeth or jaws; to sting, wound or pierce as with a fang. To give usury in the sense of a biting. KJV Translations: bite, usury Strong's Hebrew #: h.5391

( masc., נשך / ne-shek ) Translation: USURY Definition: The lending or practice of lending money at an exorbitant interest. KJV Translations: usury Strong's Hebrew #: h.5392

( fem., נישכה ) Translation: CHAMBER Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: chamber Strong's Hebrew #: h.5393

( נשף ) Definition: The cool breeze that blows at twilight.

( common, נשף / n.sh.p ) Translation: BLOW (V) Definition: To expel air from the mouth. KJV Translations: blow Strong's Hebrew #: h.5398

( masc., נשף ) Translation: TWILIGHT Definition: [To be verified] Dusk or dawn. KJV Translations: twilight, night, dark, dawn Strong's Hebrew #: h.5399

( masc., ינשוף ) Translation: EARED.OWL Definition: An unknown bird. KJV Translations: owl Strong's Hebrew #: h.3244

( נשק ) Definition: A touching in love with the lips or in battle with weapons.

( common, נשק / n.sh.q ) Translation: KISS (V) Definition: To touch together as when kissing with the lips or in battle with weapons. KJV Translations: kiss, arm, rule, touch Strong's Hebrew #: h.5401

( masc., נשק ) Translation: WEAPON Definition: [To be verified] Used in battle in the sense of touching the enemy. KJV Translations: armour, weapon, battle, arm, harness, armoury Strong's Hebrew #: h.5402

( נשר )

( masc., נשר / ne-sher ) Translation: EAGLE Definition: An unknown bird, but probably a hawk or eagle. KJV Translations: eagle Strong's Hebrew #: h.5404 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5403

( נשת )

( common, נשת ) Translation: PARCH (V) KJV Translations: fail Strong's Hebrew #: h.5405

( נת ) Action: Remove, Descend, Pour, Break, Draw, Pluck, Release

( נחת ) Relationship to Parent: removing

( common, נחת ) Translation: DESCEND (V) KJV Translations: broken, come down, enter, stick fast, settle, press, carry, place, lay, depose Strong's Hebrew #: h.5181 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5182

( masc., נחת ) Translation: DESCENDED KJV Translations: come down Strong's Hebrew #: h.5185

( נתך ) Relationship to Parent: removing

( common, נתך / n.t.k ) Translation: DROP.DOWN (V) Definition: To pour down, pour out to the ground or into a vessel. To pour out anger to another. KJV Translations: pour, melt, gather, molten, drop Strong's Hebrew #: h.5413

( נתס ) Relationship to Parent: removing

( common, נתס ) Translation: BREAK (V) KJV Translations: mar Strong's Hebrew #: h.5420

( נתע ) Relationship to Parent: removing

( common, נתע ) Translation: BREAK (V) KJV Translations: break Strong's Hebrew #: h.5421

( נתץ ) Relationship to Parent: removing

( common, נתץ / n.t.ts ) Translation: BREAK.DOWN (V) Definition: To demolish an elevated object; to tear down. KJV Translations: break, throw, destroy, cast, beat, pull, overthrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.5422

( נתק ) Relationship to Parent: removing

( common, נתק / n.t.q ) Translation: DRAW.AWAY (V) Definition: To draw out or away as a bowstring or to draw a cord to its breaking point. KJV Translations: break, draw, lift, pluck, draw, pluck, root, pull, burst Strong's Hebrew #: h.5423

( masc., נתק ) Translation: ERUPTION Definition: A disease of the skin which breaks open drawing out liquid. KJV Translations: scall Strong's Hebrew #: h.5424

( נתש ) Relationship to Parent: removing

( common, נתש / n.t.sh ) Translation: ROOT.OUT (V) KJV Translations: pluck, destroy, root, pull Strong's Hebrew #: h.5428

( נתר ) Definition: A chemical that releases gases. Relationship to Parent: removing

( common, נתר / n.t.r ) Translation: LEAP (V) Definition: To spring forward from one position to another. KJV Translations: loose, move, leap, undo, make, drive, asunder, shake Strong's Hebrew #: h.5425 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5426

( masc., נתר ) Translation: SODA KJV Translations: nitre Strong's Hebrew #: h.5427

( נע ) Action: Shake Object: Rattle

( masc., נע / ney-a ) Translation: RATTLE Definition: [To be verified] (A word of uncertain meaning) Relationship to Root: A musical instrument that is shaken. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., מנענע ) Translation: RATTLE KJV Translations: cornet Strong's Hebrew #: h.4517

( נוע )

( common, נוע / n.w.ah ) Translation: STAGGER (V) Definition: To reel from side to side; to wag or shake back and forth or up and down; to wander as staggering about. Edenics: wag - with the removal of n KJV Translations: shake, wander, move, promote fugitive sift, stagger, wag Strong's Hebrew #: h.5128

( fem., נועה / no-ah ) Translation: STAGGERING Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( נער )

( common, נער / n.ah.r ) Translation: SHAKE.OFF (V) Definition: To violently shake back and forth to throw something off. To overthrow. KJV Translations: shake, overthrow, toss, yell Strong's Hebrew #: h.5286, h.5287

( fem., נעורת ) Translation: FIBER Definition: [To be verified] As shaken from flax when beaten. KJV Translations: tow Strong's Hebrew #: h.5296