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AHLB - Gimel

( גא ) Action: High Object: Valley Abstract: Pride Definition: To lift something up high. Relationships: This root is related to גה and גו. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph , a picture of the foot representing the idea to carry or lift. The represents strength. Combined these letters mean a "lifting strength".

( masc., גא ) Translation: PRIDE Definition: [To be verified] Someone that is elevated to a higher position. KJV Translations: pride Strong's Hebrew #: h.1341

( fem., גאה ) Translation: PRIDE Definition: [To be verified] A lifting up of oneself. KJV Translations: pride Strong's Hebrew #: h.1344

( fem., גאות ) Translation: PRIDE Definition: [To be verified] Someone that is elevated to a higher position. Also the idea of majestic. KJV Translations: pride, majesty, proudly, raging, lift up, excellent things Strong's Hebrew #: h.1348

( masc., גאון / ga-on ) Translation: MAJESTY Definition: Elevated to a higher position. Supreme greatness or authority. KJV Translations: pride, excellency, majesty, pomp, swelling, arrogancy, excellent, proud Strong's Hebrew #: h.1347

( masc., גאיון ) Translation: PRIDE Definition: [To be verified] Someone that is elevated to a higher position. KJV Translations: proud Strong's Hebrew #: h.1349

( גאו )

( fem., גאוה ) Translation: PRIDE Definition: A lifting up of one's status in a positive or negative sense. KJV Translations: pride, excellency, haughtiness, arrogancy, highness, proud, proudly, swelling Strong's Hebrew #: h.1346

( גיא ) Definition: The high walls of a valley, gorge or ravine.

( common, גיא / gai ) Translation: STEEP.VALLEY Definition: An elongated depression between uplands, hills, or mountains. Alternate Spellings: גי KJV Translations: valley Strong's Hebrew #: h.1516

( גב ) Action: Lift, Dig Object: Back, Field, Arch, Cistern, Locust, Hill, Helmet, Tower Definition: The high arched curve of the back when digging.

( common, גב / gav ) Translation: ARCH Definition: A curved object. The bowing of the back as when digging. Also any high arched or convex thing such as the eyebrow or the rim of a wheel. Alternate Spellings: גו KJV Translations: back, eminent place, rings, body, bosses, eyebrows, naves, higher place, among Strong's Hebrew #: h.1354, h.1610 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1355

( fem., גוה / ge-wah ) Translation: BACK KJV Translations: body, corpse, carcass Strong's Hebrew #: h.1465

( גבא ) Definition: The work of the back of digging a pit for collecting water.

( masc., גבא ) Translation: CISTERN KJV Translations: pit, marshes Strong's Hebrew #: h.1360

( גבה ) Definition: From the high arch of the back when digging. Something that is lifted up high. This can be something physical or mental such as pride as the lifting up of the heart.

( common, גבה / g.b.h ) Translation: BE.HIGH (V) Definition: To lift up to a greater elevation or stature. KJV Translations: exalt, up, haughty, higher, high, above, height, proud, upward Strong's Hebrew #: h.1361

( masc., גבה ) Translation: HIGH KJV Translations: high, proud Strong's Hebrew #: h.1362

( fem., גבהות ) Translation: LOFTY KJV Translations: lofty, loftiness Strong's Hebrew #: h.1365

( masc., גבוה / ga-vo-ah ) Translation: HIGH Definition: Advanced in height such as a wall or hill. KJV Translations: high, higher, lofty, exceeding, haughty, height, highest, proud, proudly Strong's Hebrew #: h.1364

( masc., גובה ) Translation: HIGH KJV Translations: height, excellency, haughty, loftiness Strong's Hebrew #: h.1363

( גוב )

( common, גוב ) Translation: DIG (V) KJV Translations: husbandman Strong's Hebrew #: h.1461

( masc., גוב / gov ) Translation: PIT Definition: [To be verified] As dug out of the ground. Also a locust from its digging. KJV Translations: grasshopper, locust, den, pit, beam, ditch Strong's Hebrew #: h.1356, h.1357, h.1462 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1358

( יגב )

( common, יגב ) Translation: DIG (V) KJV Translations: husbandman Strong's Hebrew #: h.3009

( masc., יגב ) Translation: FARM Definition: [To be verified] A place plowed or dugup for planting crops. KJV Translations: field Strong's Hebrew #: h.3010

( גבח ) Definition: A bald forehead. Relationship to Parent: being high in the forehead

( masc., גבח / gi-bey-ahh ) ( fem., גבחת / ga-ba-hhat ) Translation: BARE.SPOT Definition: A lack of hair on the front part of the head. KJV Translations: bald Strong's Hebrew #: h.1371, h.1372

( גבן ) Relationship to Parent: as a back bent over

( fem., גבינה ) Translation: CHEESE Definition: [To be verified] From the lumps formed out of the milk. KJV Translations: cheese Strong's Hebrew #: h.1385

( masc., גיבן ) Translation: HUNCHBACK Definition: A large lump of the back causing one to be bent over. KJV Translations: crookbackt Strong's Hebrew #: h.1384

( masc., גבנן ) Translation: LUMP Definition: [To be verified] The hump of a hill. KJV Translations: high Strong's Hebrew #: h.1386

( גבע )

( masc., גביע / ga-vi-a ) Translation: BOWL Definition: A concave vessel especially for holding liquids. As with high sides. KJV Translations: bowl, cup, pot Strong's Hebrew #: h.1375

( fem., גיבעה / giv-ah ) Translation: KNOLL Definition: A small round hill. KJV Translations: hill Strong's Hebrew #: h.1389

( fem., מגביעת / mig-ba-at ) Translation: HEADDRESS Definition: A bowl shaped covering for the head. A covering for protection. KJV Translations: bonnet Strong's Hebrew #: h.4021

( חגב )

( masc., חגב ) Translation: GRASSHOPPER Definition: A species of insect with hind legs used for leaping and mouthparts that chew. KJV Translations: grasshopper, locust Strong's Hebrew #: h.2284

( כבע ) Relationship to Parent: being high

( masc., כובע ) Translation: HELMET Definition: [To be verified] As sitting high on the head. KJV Translations: helmet Strong's Hebrew #: h.3553

( נגב )

( masc., נגב ) Translation: SOUTH Definition: A cardinal point of the compass lying directly opposite north. Also, the Negev, the desert region in the southern part of Israel. KJV Translations: south, southward Strong's Hebrew #: h.5045

( סגב ) Relationship to Parent: high

( common, סגב / s.g.b ) Translation: LIFT.HIGH (V) Definition: To be raised up in height; to be exalted. Alternate Spellings: שגב KJV Translations: high, exalt, defend, safe, excellent Strong's Hebrew #: h.7682

( masc., מסגב ) Translation: TOWER Definition: [To be verified] A high place of defense and protection. Alternate Spellings: משגב KJV Translations: defense, refuge, tower, fort Strong's Hebrew #: h.4869

( עגב )

( common, עגב ) Translation: LUST (V) KJV Translations: dote, lover Strong's Hebrew #: h.5689

( masc., עגב ) Translation: LUST KJV Translations: love, lovely Strong's Hebrew #: h.5690

( fem., עגבה ) Translation: LUSTFULNESS KJV Translations: love Strong's Hebrew #: h.5691

( masc., עוגב / u-gav ) Translation: REED.PIPE Definition: A wind instrument made of reeds. Relationship to Root: Through the sense of heavy breathing as when in passion. KJV Translations: organ, flute, pipe Strong's Hebrew #: h.5748

( רגב ) Definition: A pile or lump of clay.

( common, רגב / r.g.b ) Translation: CLOD Definition: A lump or mass, especially of earth or clay. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., רגב ) Translation: CLOD KJV Translations: clod Strong's Hebrew #: h.7263

( גג ) Object: Roof

( masc., גג / gag ) Translation: ROOF Definition: The covering of a dwelling place. KJV Translations: roof, housetop, top, house Strong's Hebrew #: h.1406

( הגג )

( common, הגג / h.g.g ) Translation: OVERTOP Definition: The covering of a dwelling place. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( גוג )

( masc., מגוג ) Translation: ROOFING Definition: The act of covering with a roof. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( גד ) Action: Slice, Band, Invade, Magnify Object: Bunch, Riverbank, Company, Band, Sinew, Coriander, Rope

( masc., גד / gad ) Translation: FORTUNE Definition: A store of material possessions. Relationship to Root: A seed cut out of the plant. A prized spice. KJV Translations: troop Strong's Hebrew #: h.1409

( masc., גד / gad ) Translation: CORIANDER Definition: A class of plants with seeds which are in the form of the size of a peppercorn. They are used medicinally and as a spice. Likened to the manna in its form and color. KJV Translations: coriander Strong's Hebrew #: h.1407

( masc., גדגד / gid-gad ) ( fem., גודגודה / gud-go-dah ) Translation: FORTUNES Definition: Great wealth; ample stock of money, property, and the like. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( גדד )

( common, גדד / g.d.d ) Translation: BAND (V) Definition: To gather or assemble together as a group for attacking or raiding. KJV Translations: gather together, assemble by troop, gather Strong's Hebrew #: h.1413

( masc., גדוד / ge-dud ) Translation: BAND Definition: A gathering of men for attacking or raiding. KJV Translations: band, troop, army, company, men Strong's Hebrew #: h.1416

( אגד )

( fem., אגודה / a-gu-dah ) Translation: BUNCH Definition: A group of men or things bound together. KJV Translations: troop, bunch, burdens Strong's Hebrew #: h.0092

( גדה ) Definition: The water rushing by the bank undercuts a furrow inside the bank.

( fem., גדה ) Translation: RIVERBANK KJV Translations: bank Strong's Hebrew #: h.1415

( fem., גדיה ) Translation: RIVERBANK KJV Translations: bank Strong's Hebrew #: h.1428

( גוד ) Definition: A group of men or things bound together.

( common, גוד / g.w.d ) Translation: INVADE (V) Definition: To enter for conquest or plunder. The slicing through of a band of men. KJV Translations: overcome, invade with troops Strong's Hebrew #: h.1464

( גיד ) Definition: The animal's tendon is used for making bowstrings and cords. The tendon is removed by making a slit in the flesh for its removal. The sinews are used for making cordage and bowstrings.

( masc., גיד / gid ) Translation: SINEW Definition: A tendon of the muscles. Edenics: gut - used to make cordage in the same sense as the tendon KJV Translations: sinew Strong's Hebrew #: h.1517

( גדל ) Definition: A cord is made by twisting fibers together, the larger and more numerous the fibers, the stronger the cord will be. Anything that is large or great in size or stature. Relationship to Parent: from the twisting of sinew to make cords.

( common, גדל / g.d.l ) Translation: MAGNIFY (V) Definition: To increase in size or one's position of honor. Edenics: great - with the exchange and reversal of the r and l and the t and d KJV Translations: magnify, great, grow, nourish Strong's Hebrew #: h.1431

( masc., גדל / ga-deyl ) Translation: MAGNIFIED Definition: An increased significance or size. KJV Translations: grow, great Strong's Hebrew #: h.1432

( masc., גדיל ) Translation: TASSEL Definition: An ornament consisting of twisted threads, small cords, or other strands. KJV Translations: fringe, wreath Strong's Hebrew #: h.1434

( masc., גדול / ga-dol ) ( fem., גדולה / ge-do-lah ) Translation: GREAT Definition: Something with increased size, power or authority. KJV Translations: great, high, loud, elder, mighty Strong's Hebrew #: h.1419

( fem., גדולה ) Translation: GREATNESS Definition: [To be verified] An increase in size power or authority. KJV Translations: greatness, great, majesty, dignity Strong's Hebrew #: h.1420

( masc., גודל ) Translation: MAGNIFICENCE Definition: An increase in size power or authority. KJV Translations: greatness, stout, stoutness Strong's Hebrew #: h.1433

( masc., מגדל / mig-dal ) Translation: TOWER Definition: A structure higher than its diameter and high relative to its surroundings. Place of great size. KJV Translations: tower, castle, flower, pulpit Strong's Hebrew #: h.4026

( גדע ) Definition: A cutting down or into pieces.

( common, גדע / g.d.ah ) Translation: CUT.DOWN (V) Definition: To bring down usually by slicing, hacking or chopping. KJV Translations: cut, down, asunder Strong's Hebrew #: h.1438

( masc., גדעון / gid-on ) Translation: HEWN.ONE Definition: What has been brough down by slicing, hacking or chopping. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( גדף ) Relationship to Parent: a slicing

( common, גדף / g.d.p ) Translation: TAUNT (V) Definition: To reproach in a sarcastic, insulting, or jeering manner; mock. KJV Translations: blaspheme, reproach Strong's Hebrew #: h.1442

( fem., גדופה ) Translation: TAUNT KJV Translations: taunt Strong's Hebrew #: h.1422

( masc., גידוף ) Translation: TAUNTING KJV Translations: revilings, reproaches Strong's Hebrew #: h.1421

( מגד )

( masc., מגד ) Translation: PRECIOUS Definition: What is choice or excellent. KJV Translations: precious, pleasant Strong's Hebrew #: h.4022

( fem., מגדנה / mig-da-nah ) Translation: ORNAMENT Definition: Something that lends grace and beauty. Precious ornaments probably with gems. KJV Translations: precious, present Strong's Hebrew #: h.4030

( גה ) Action: Lift, Heal Object: Medicine Abstract: Pride Definition: A lifting high of something. Relationships: This root is related to גא and גו.

( גאה ) Definition: The lifting up of something or oneself.

( common, גאה / g.a.h ) Translation: RISE.UP (V) Definition: To lift or grow up high. KJV Translations: triumph, risen, grow up, increase Strong's Hebrew #: h.1342

( masc., גאה ) Translation: PROUD Definition: [To be verified] One who lifts himself up. KJV Translations: proud Strong's Hebrew #: h.1343

( הגה )

( common, הגה ) Translation: LIFT.OUT (V) Definition: [To be verified] To lift something out of something else. KJV Translations: take away, stayed Strong's Hebrew #: h.1898

( גהה ) Definition: The lifting of an illness.

( common, גהה ) Translation: HEAL (V) KJV Translations: cure Strong's Hebrew #: h.1455

( fem., גהה ) Translation: MEDICINE KJV Translations: medicine Strong's Hebrew #: h.1456

( גו ) Object: Back Definition: The back as the middle part of the body, used in lifting. Relationships: This root is related to גא and גה.

( masc., גו / gaw ) Translation: CORE Definition: [To be verified] The middle or in the midst. KJV Translations: midst, within the same, wherein, therein Strong's Hebrew #: h.1458, h.1460 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1459, ,

( fem., גוה ) Translation: PRIDE Definition: [To be verified] A lifting up of something or oneself in a positive or negative sense. KJV Translations: pride, lifting up Strong's Hebrew #: h.1466 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1467

( masc., גוי / goy ) Translation: NATION Definition: A community of people of one or more nationalities and having a more or less defined territory and government. The people as the back, or body of the nation. KJV Translations: nation, heathen, gentiles, people Strong's Hebrew #: h.1471

( fem., גויה / ge-vi-yah ) Translation: BODY Definition: The physical form of a person or animal, either alive or dead; a corpse. KJV Translations: body, corpse, carcass Strong's Hebrew #: h.1472

( גז ) Action: Shear, Sweep, Pluck Object: Fleece, Nut, Stump, Feather, Caterpillar, Axe Definition: The sheering and removal of the wool fleece from the sheep for clothing as well as the cutting of other materials with one stroke. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the foot and has a meaning of lifting. The is an agricultural implement for harvesting or cutting.

( masc., גז ) Translation: FLEECE Definition: The coat of wool that covers a sheep or a similar animal. Also, the grasses that are sheared off with a sickle in harvest. KJV Translations: fleece, mowings, mown grass Strong's Hebrew #: h.1488

( fem., גזית / ga-zit ) Translation: HEWN.STONE Definition: Rocks that are sheered or chipped to form flat sides or an object. KJV Translations: hewn, wrought Strong's Hebrew #: h.1496

( גזז )

( common, גזז / g.z.z ) Translation: SHEAR (V) Definition: To cut or clip wool or hair from something. KJV Translations: shear, sheepshearer, shearers, cut off, poll, shave, cut down Strong's Hebrew #: h.1494

( אגז ) Definition: The sheering of a nut tree.

( masc., אגוז ) Translation: NUT KJV Translations: nuts Strong's Hebrew #: h.0093

( גזא ) Definition: A sheared off tree.

( masc., גזא ) Translation: STUMP KJV Translations: stock, stem Strong's Hebrew #: h.1503

( גזה )

( common, גזה ) Translation: SEVER (V) KJV Translations: take Strong's Hebrew #: h.1491

( גוז ) Definition: The back and forth sweeping action of a sickle cutting grasses.

( common, גוז / g.w.z ) Translation: SWEEP (V) Definition: To move or remove (dust, dirt, etc.) with or as if with a broom, brush, or the wind. KJV Translations: cut off, brought Strong's Hebrew #: h.1468

( גיז )

( fem., גיזה ) Translation: FLEECE KJV Translations: fleece Strong's Hebrew #: h.1492

( גזל ) Definition: The plucking of feathers from a bird. Relationship to Parent: a plucking as a sheering

( common, גזל / g.z.l ) Translation: PLUCK.AWAY (V) Definition: To take off something or someone by force through picking off, robbing or plundering. KJV Translations: spoil, take, rob, pluck, caught, consume, exercise, force, torn, violence Strong's Hebrew #: h.1497

( masc., גזל ) Translation: PLUCKING Definition: To pull with sudden force or with a jerk. KJV Translations: robbery, taken Strong's Hebrew #: h.1498, h.1499

( fem., גזלה ) Translation: PLUCKED Definition: To pull with sudden force or with a jerk. KJV Translations: violence, robbed, that Strong's Hebrew #: h.1500

( masc., גוזל / go-zal ) Translation: YOUNG.PIGEON Definition: A young featherless bird as plucked. KJV Translations: pigeon, young Strong's Hebrew #: h.1469

( גזם ) Relationship to Parent: sheering the crop

( masc., גזם ) Translation: PALMERWORM Definition: An unknown species of insect that devours crops. KJV Translations: palmerworm Strong's Hebrew #: h.1501

( גזר ) Definition: A cutting or separation into two or more pieces. Relationship to Parent: cutting

( common, גזר ) Translation: CUT.DOWN (V) Definition: [To be verified] To separate by cutting or removing. KJV Translations: cut, divide, decree, snatch Strong's Hebrew #: h.1504 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1505

( masc., גזר / ge-zer ) Translation: DIVIDED.PART Definition: A part of a whole that was split and separated. KJV Translations: piece, part Strong's Hebrew #: h.1506

( fem., גזרה ) Translation: UNINHABITED Definition: A place barren of people; a place that is cut off. KJV Translations: inhabited, decree Strong's Hebrew #: h.1509 Aramaic Definition: Decree Strong's Aramaic #: a.1510

( fem., מגזרה ) Translation: AXE Definition: [To be verified] What is used to cut something in half. KJV Translations: axe Strong's Hebrew #: h.4037

( fem., גיזרה ) Translation: OPPOSITE Definition: [To be verified] The place separate from an adjacent place. KJV Translations: separate, polishing Strong's Hebrew #: h.1508

( גח ) Action: Burst, Laugh Object: Belly

( masc., גחון / ga-hhon ) Translation: BELLY Definition: The undersurface of an animal; the stomach and other digestive organs. KJV Translations: belly Strong's Hebrew #: h.1512

( גיח ) Definition: The bursting forth of an infant from the womb.

( common, גיח ) Translation: BURST (V) Definition: [To be verified] A forceful bursting forth from the womb (see Job 38:8), or other forceful bursting. Alternate Spellings: גוח גח KJV Translations: come forth, take, bring forth, draw up Strong's Hebrew #: h.1518 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1519

( masc., גיחון ) Translation: BURSTING.FORTH Definition: To break, break open, or fly apart with sudden violence. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( סחק ) Relationship to Parent: coming from the belly

( common, סחק ) Translation: LAUGH (V) Definition: To laugh in play, sport or scorn. Alternate Spellings: שחק KJV Translations: play, laugh, rejoice, scorn, sport, merry, mock, deride Strong's Hebrew #: h.7832

( masc., סחוק ) Translation: LAUGHTER Alternate Spellings: שחק שחוק KJV Translations: laughter, derision, laughing, mock, scorn, sport Strong's Hebrew #: h.7814

( masc., מסחק ) Translation: LAUGHTER Alternate Spellings: משחק KJV Translations: scorn Strong's Hebrew #: h.4890

( צחק ) Definition: A laughing in play or mockery. Relationship to Parent: coming from the belly

( common, צחק / ts.hh.q ) Translation: LAUGH (V) Definition: To show mirth, joy, or scorn with a smile and chuckle or explosive sound. Alternate Translations: mock (when written in the piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: laugh, mock, sport, play Strong's Hebrew #: h.6711

( masc., צחוק / tse-hhoq ) Translation: LAUGHTER Definition: The sound of mirth, joy, or scorn with a smile and chuckle or explosive sound. KJV Translations: laugh Strong's Hebrew #: h.6712

( גל ) Action: Roll, Uncover, Round, Wrap, Shave Object: Circle, Wheel, Drop, Infant, Boundary Abstract: Redeem Definition: Something that is round or a second time around of a time or event. A dancing in a circle.

( masc., גל / gal ) Translation: MOUND Definition: An artificial hill or bank of earth or stones. A pile of rocks or soil. A spring gushing out of the ground. KJV Translations: heap, wave, spring, billow, bowl Strong's Hebrew #: h.1530

( fem., גלה ) Translation: MOUND Definition: [To be verified] A mound or pile of something such as a spring out of the ground or other rounded object. KJV Translations: spring, bowl, pommel Strong's Hebrew #: h.1543

( masc., גלגל ) Translation: ROLLING.THING Definition: The wheel of a cart or a whirlwind. KJV Translations: wheel, heaven, rolling thing, whirlwind Strong's Hebrew #: h.1534, h.1536 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1535

( fem., גולגולת / gul-go-let ) Translation: SKULL Definition: The bones of the head. The roundness of the head or skull. Also a census by the counting of heads. Alternate Translations: individual Edenics: skull - an added s and an exchange of the k and g, Greek golgotha KJV Translations: poll, skull, every, head Strong's Hebrew #: h.1538

( גלל )

( common, גלל / g.l.l ) Translation: ROLL (V) Definition: To move along a surface by revolving or turning over and over, as a ball or a wheel. KJV Translations: roll, seek occasion, wallow, trust, commit, remove, run down Strong's Hebrew #: h.1556

( masc., גלל / ga-lal ) Translation: ROUND.THING Definition: [To be verified] Something round such as stones or dung. KJV Translations: dung, great Strong's Hebrew #: h.1557, h.1561 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1560

( masc., גלל / ge-lal ) Translation: ON.ACCOUNT.OF Definition: A telling of what occurred previously. Thus used in Hebrew as a rolling back around. (Alwys prefixed with the letter ב) KJV Translations: because, sake, for Strong's Hebrew #: h.1558

( masc., גליל ) Translation: RING KJV Translations: folding, ring Strong's Hebrew #: h.1550

( fem., גלילה ) Translation: BORDER Definition: [To be verified] As going around something. The border of a country is also representative of the country itself. KJV Translations: border, coast, country Strong's Hebrew #: h.1552

( masc., גלול ) Translation: IDOL Definition: The image of a god made from wood or stone that is revered. KJV Translations: idol, image Strong's Hebrew #: h.1544

( fem., גוללה ) Translation: GRAPE Definition: [To be verified] The harvested round grapes. Alternate Spellings: עוללה KJV Translations: gleaning grapes, grapegleanings, grapes Strong's Hebrew #: h.5955

( אגל ) Definition: A drop of dew as round.

( masc., אגל ) Translation: DROP KJV Translations: drop Strong's Hebrew #: h.0096

( גאל ) Definition: The buying back, a bringing back around, of someone or something.

( common, גאל / g.a.l ) Translation: REDEEM (V) Definition: To buy back. Restore one to his original position or avenge his death. In the participle form this verb means "avenger," as it is the role of the nearest relative to buy back one in slavery or avenge his murder. KJV Translations: redeem, redeemer, kinsman, revenger, avenger, ransom, deliver, kinsfolks, kinsman's, part, purchase, stain, wise Strong's Hebrew #: h.1350

( fem., גאולה ) Translation: REDEMPTION Definition: An act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake, or the state of being redeemed. KJV Translations: redeem, redemption, again, kindred Strong's Hebrew #: h.1353

( גלה )

( common, גלה / g.l.h ) Translation: REMOVE.THE.COVER (V) Definition: To reveal something by exposing it. Usually from the removal of clothing. Relationship to Root: To roll a rock over to reveal what is underneath. Alternate Translations: uncover (when written in the niphil [passive] or hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: uncover, discover, captive, carry away, reveal, open, captivity, show, remove, appear, brought, carry Strong's Hebrew #: h.1540 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1541

( common, גלה ) Translation: BOWL Relationship to Root: To roll a rock over to reveal what is underneath. KJV Translations: bowl Strong's Hebrew #: h.1531

( גול ) Definition: A rejoicing at the birth of a child.

( common, גול / g.w.l ) Translation: GIVE.MILK (V) Definition: To provide nourishment to the young by the female. Alternate Spellings: עול KJV Translations: milch, young Strong's Hebrew #: h.5763

( masc., גול ) Translation: INFANT Definition: [To be verified] One who takes milk. Alternate Spellings: עול KJV Translations: infant, child, babe, little one Strong's Hebrew #: h.5764

( masc., גויל ) Translation: YOUNG Alternate Spellings: עויל KJV Translations: young, little one Strong's Hebrew #: h.5759

( masc., גולל ) Translation: INFANT Definition: [To be verified] One who takes milk. Alternate Spellings: עולל KJV Translations: suckling, infant Strong's Hebrew #: h.5768

( גיל ) Definition: A continual rolling or circling.

( common, גיל ) Translation: DANCE.AROUND (V) Definition: To celebrate or rejoice by spinning or moving around in a circle. Alternate Spellings: גול KJV Translations: rejoice, glad, joyful, joy, delight Strong's Hebrew #: h.1523

( masc., גיל ) Translation: DANCING.AROUND Definition: A circle of rejoicing. KJV Translations: rejoice, joy, gladness Strong's Hebrew #: h.1524

( fem., גילה ) Translation: CIRCLE Definition: [To be verified] A circle of rejoicing. Alternate Spellings: גילת KJV Translations: rejoicing, joy Strong's Hebrew #: h.1525

( fem., מגילה ) Translation: SCROLL Definition: [To be verified] The leather or papyrus sheets of written text that are rolled up. KJV Translations: roll, volume Strong's Hebrew #: h.4039 Strong's Aramaic #: a.4040

( masc., גיליון ) Translation: SCROLL Definition: [To be verified] The leather or papyrus sheets of written text that are rolled up. KJV Translations: glasses, roll Strong's Hebrew #: h.1549

( גבל ) Definition: The edge or ends of a region. Borders were often defined by a coastline or a landmark. Relationship to Parent: as being around a land

( common, גבל / g.b.l ) Translation: BOUND (V) Definition: To be defined by a border. KJV Translations: border, bound, set Strong's Hebrew #: h.1379

( fem., גבלות / gav-lut ) Translation: EDGING Definition: Furnished with a border or trim. Added to a garment for ornamentation. Relationship to Root: in the sense of being a boundary. KJV Translations: end Strong's Hebrew #: h.1383

( masc., גבול / ge-vul ) Translation: BORDER Definition: The outer edge of a region. Also the area within the borders. KJV Translations: border, coast, bound, landmark, space, limit, quarter Strong's Hebrew #: h.1366

( fem., גבולה ) Translation: BORDER KJV Translations: coast, bounds, place, border, landmark Strong's Hebrew #: h.1367

( fem., מגבלה / mig-be-let ) Translation: BOUNDARY Definition: Marks the outer edge, the end, of a definite area or region. Idiomatically used for an entire region. KJV Translations: end Strong's Hebrew #: h.4020

( גלב ) Relationship to Parent: going around the head

( masc., גלב ) Translation: BARBER KJV Translations: barber Strong's Hebrew #: h.1532

( גלד ) Relationship to Parent: going around the body

( masc., גלד ) Translation: OUTER.FLESH KJV Translations: skin Strong's Hebrew #: h.1539

( גלח ) Relationship to Parent: going around the head

( common, גלח / g.l.hh ) Translation: SHAVE (V) Definition: To cut off the hair from the face or another part of the body. KJV Translations: shave Strong's Hebrew #: h.1548

( גלם ) Relationship to Parent: being wrapped around

( common, גלם ) Translation: WRAP (V) KJV Translations: wrap Strong's Hebrew #: h.1563

( masc., גלום ) Translation: WRAPPING Definition: [To be verified] A piece of clothing wrapped around the body. KJV Translations: clothes Strong's Hebrew #: h.1545

( masc., גולם ) Translation: INFANT Definition: [To be verified] As wrapped around by the womb. KJV Translations: unformed Strong's Hebrew #: h.1564

( דגל ) Definition: An identification banner used by an army that is hung high on a pole.

( common, דגל ) Translation: STAND (V) Definition: [To be verified] To raise up a standard. KJV Translations: banner Strong's Hebrew #: h.1713

( masc., דגל ) Translation: BANNER Definition: An ensign of cloth hung from a pole bearing the emblem of the family. KJV Translations: standard, banner Strong's Hebrew #: h.1714

( עגל ) Relationship to Parent: From its round wheels.

( fem., עגלה / a-ga-lah ) Translation: CART Definition: A heavy, two-wheeled vehicle, animal-drawn, used for transporting freight or for farming. Relationship to Root: From its round wheels. KJV Translations: cart, wagon, chariot Strong's Hebrew #: h.5699

( masc., מעגל ) ( fem., מעגלה ) Translation: TRENCH Definition: The trench made from the wheels of carts. Also an entrenchment. KJV Translations: path, trench, goings, ways Strong's Hebrew #: h.4570

( masc., עגיל ) Translation: ROUND.EARRING Definition: A circular ornament worn on or hanging from the lobe of the ear. KJV Translations: earring Strong's Hebrew #: h.5694

( masc., עגול ) Translation: ROUND KJV Translations: round Strong's Hebrew #: h.5696

( עגל ) Relationship to Parent: Attached to a large millstone and walking around in a circle.

( masc., עגל / ey-gel ) Translation: BULLOCK Definition: A young bull. Also, insinuating strength. Edenics: calf KJV Translations: calf, bullock Strong's Hebrew #: h.5695

( fem., עגלה / eg-lah ) Translation: HEIFER Definition: A young cow, especially one that has not had a calf. KJV Translations: heifer, cow, calf Strong's Hebrew #: h.5697

( גם ) Action: Gather, Drink, Yield Object: Foot, Pool, Reed Definition: The watering well or other place of water is a gathering place for men, animals and plants for drinking. Men and animals may walk great distances for these watering holes while plants grow in abundance in them. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the foot and means to walk. The is water. Combined these mean "walking to water".

( masc., גם / gam ) Translation: ALSO Definition: In addition to. The idea of a gathering of objects or ideas. Relationship to Root: Any gathering of people, things or ideas. Alternate Translations: and; both; should; since Edenics: game - from the Latin word game meaning leg (the original meaning of the root) KJV Translations: also, as, again, and Strong's Hebrew #: h.1571

( fem., מגמה ) Translation: ACCUMULATION Definition: [To be verified] A horde or troop gathered. KJV Translations: sup up Strong's Hebrew #: h.4041

( אגם ) Definition: The place of gathering of reeds. Ropes are made from the fibers of the reeds.

( masc., אגם / a-gam ) Translation: POOL Definition: A collection of water, either natural or manmade. Once (Jeremiah 51:32) used for the reeds which line the pond. KJV Translations: pools, standing, reeds Strong's Hebrew #: h.0098, h.0099

( masc., אגמון ) Translation: REED Definition: [To be verified] As a large gathering in a pond. Also a rope that is made from reeds from reeds. KJV Translations: rush, bulrushes, caldron, hook Strong's Hebrew #: h.0100

( גמא ) Definition: A plant that grows near the water.

( common, גמא / g.m.a ) Translation: GUZZLE (V) Definition: To drink greedily, continually, or habitually. A drinking of water as from a pond. KJV Translations: swallow, drink Strong's Hebrew #: h.1572

( masc., גומא / go-me ) Translation: BULRUSH Definition: A reed that grows in, or on the edge of, a pond or river. KJV Translations: rush, bulrush Strong's Hebrew #: h.1573

( גמל ) Definition: The ripening of a crop or the weaning of a child as one now able to yield work. Also, the yielding of good or evil as a reward. Relationship to Parent: a gathering of the yield

( common, גמל / g.m.l ) Translation: YIELD (V) Definition: To produce or be productive. KJV Translations: wean, reward, bountifully, do, bestow Strong's Hebrew #: h.1580

( common, גמל / ga-mal ) Translation: CAMEL Definition: Either of two ruminant mammals used as draft animals in the desert. The produce of the fields were tied in large bundles and transported on camels. (Also related in meaning to the original parent root גם as one who gathers at the watering hole) Edenics: camel KJV Translations: camel Strong's Hebrew #: h.1581

( masc., גמול ) ( fem., גמולה ) Translation: YIELDING Definition: [To be verified] The production of a product as a benefit or reward. KJV Translations: recompense, reward, benefit, give, deserve, deed Strong's Hebrew #: h.1576, h.1578

( masc., תגמול ) Translation: YIELD Definition: [To be verified] The production of a product as a benefit or reward. KJV Translations: benefit Strong's Hebrew #: h.8408

( גן ) Action: Store, Steal, Deliver Object: Garden, Shield, Treasure, Burden, Thief Abstract: Protection, Theft Definition: A place for growing crops and is often surrounded by a rock wall or hedge to protect it from grazing animals. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the foot and means to walk with an extended meaning to gather. The is a picture of a sprouting seed. Combined these mean "a gathering of seeds".

( common, גן / gan ) Translation: GARDEN Definition: A plot of ground where crops are grown. A place for growing crops, and often surrounded by a rock wall or hedge to protect it from grazing animals. Relationship to Root: A garden enclosed by walls for protection. A shield as a wall of protection. Edenics: genesis; beginning; genetics; genome KJV Translations: garden Strong's Hebrew #: h.1588

( fem., גנה ) Translation: WALLED.GARDEN Definition: [To be verified] A place for growing crops and is often surrounded by a rock wall or hedge to protect it from grazing animals. KJV Translations: garden Strong's Hebrew #: h.1593

( masc., מגן / ma-gen ) Translation: SHIELD Definition: A broad piece of defensive armor carried on the arm. A protective structure. Wall of protection. KJV Translations: shield, buckler, armed, defense, ruler Strong's Hebrew #: h.4043

( fem., גינה ) Translation: ESTATE.GARDEN Definition: [To be verified] A place for growing ornamentals and is often surrounded by a rock wall or hedge to protect it from grazing animals. KJV Translations: garden Strong's Hebrew #: h.1594

( גנן ) Definition: A wall of protection.

( common, גנן ) Translation: SHIELD (V) Definition: [To be verified] A protection of an individual or community. KJV Translations: defend Strong's Hebrew #: h.1598

( גון )

( masc., גון ) Translation: DEFENDER Definition: To ward off an attack on another. (A word of uncertain meaning.) KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( אגן ) Definition: A container enclosed by walls.

( masc., אגן / a-nan ) Translation: GOBLET Definition: A cup for containing liquids. KJV Translations: basons, cup, goblet Strong's Hebrew #: h.0101

( גנב ) Relationship to Parent: what a garden is protected from

( common, גנב / g.n.b ) Translation: STEAL (V) Definition: To wrongfully take the property of another; rob. Alternate Translations: steal away (when written in the piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: steal, carry, brought Strong's Hebrew #: h.1589

( masc., גנב / ga-nav ) Translation: THIEF Definition: One who steals the property of another. KJV Translations: thief Strong's Hebrew #: h.1590

( fem., גנבה / ge-ney-vah ) Translation: THEFT Definition: The unlawful taking of another's property. KJV Translations: theft Strong's Hebrew #: h.1591

( גנז ) Definition: A treasury stored away. Relationship to Parent: as a place protected

( masc., גנז ) Translation: TREASURY KJV Translations: treasury, chest, treasure Strong's Hebrew #: h.1595 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1596

( מגן )

( common, מגן / m.g.n ) Translation: DELIVER.UP (V) Definition: To hand over to another. (A denominative verb of מגן-a shield) KJV Translations: deliver Strong's Hebrew #: h.4042

( fem., מגנה ) Translation: BURDEN Definition: [To be verified] A heavy burden that is to be delivered. KJV Translations: sorrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.4044

( גע ) Action: Gasp, Bellow, Expire Object: Labor Abstract: Weary

( געה )

( common, געה ) Translation: BELLOW (V) KJV Translations: low Strong's Hebrew #: h.1600

( גוע ) Definition: A breathing out at the point of death.

( common, גוע / g.w.ah ) Translation: EXPIRE (V) Definition: To breathe one’s last breath; the last breath of death. KJV Translations: die, give up the ghost, dead, perish Strong's Hebrew #: h.1478

( יגע ) Definition: Work that brings about heavy breathing and weariness.

( common, יגע ) Translation: WEARY (V) Definition: To be tired from vigorous work. KJV Translations: weary, labour, fainted Strong's Hebrew #: h.3021

( masc., יגע ) Translation: WEARY Definition: The state of being tired from vigorous work. KJV Translations: labour, weary Strong's Hebrew #: h.3022, h.3023

( masc., יגיע / ye-gi-a ) Translation: TOIL Definition: The act of working hard. KJV Translations: labour, work, weary Strong's Hebrew #: h.3018, h.3019

( fem., יגיעה ) Translation: WEARINESS KJV Translations: weariness Strong's Hebrew #: h.3024

( גלע )

( common, גלע ) Translation: QUARREL (V) KJV Translations: meddle Strong's Hebrew #: h.1566

( געל )

( common, געל / g.ah.l ) Translation: CAST.AWAY (V) Definition: To throw or hurl. KJV Translations: abhor, lothe, cast away, fail Strong's Hebrew #: h.1602

( masc., געל ) Translation: DETESTING KJV Translations: loathe Strong's Hebrew #: h.1604

( גער )

( common, גער / g.ah.r ) Translation: REBUKE (V) Definition: To communicate toward a disorderly person to effect a return to their rightful place of order. KJV Translations: rebuke, corrupt, reprove Strong's Hebrew #: h.1605

( fem., גערה ) Translation: REBUKE KJV Translations: rebuke, reproof Strong's Hebrew #: h.1606

( fem., מגערת ) Translation: REBUKE Definition: A communication directed toward a disorderly person to effect a return to their rightful place of order. KJV Translations: rebuke Strong's Hebrew #: h.4045

( געש )

( common, געש ) Translation: SHAKE (V) KJV Translations: shake, move, trouble, toss Strong's Hebrew #: h.1607

( גף ) Object: Troop, Shut

( אגף )

( masc., אגף ) Translation: TROOP Definition: [To be verified] An army or band of men. KJV Translations: band Strong's Hebrew #: h.0102

( גוף )

( common, גוף ) Translation: CLOSE.UP (V) Definition: [To be verified] To close or shut something. KJV Translations: shut Strong's Hebrew #: h.1479

( fem., גופה ) Translation: CARCASS Definition: [To be verified] From the closed eyes. KJV Translations: body Strong's Hebrew #: h.1480

( רג ) Action: Sojourn, Chew, Gather, Prostrate, Fight, Cast Object: Traveler, Limestone, Throat, Dwelling Abstract: Fear Definition: One traveling through a foreign land is a stranger to the people and culture. Fear is associated with strangers and seen as an enemy. This root also has the idea of laying out flat to sleep through the idea of spending the night. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the foot and means to walk. The is a picture of a man. Combined these mean "a walking man".

( masc., גר / ger ) Translation: STRANGER Definition: A foreigner that permanently or temporarily resides with a native. A person or thing unknown or with whom one is unacquainted. Relationship to Root: One who travels in a strange land. Also the throat as the place where fear is felt. Alternate Spellings: גיר KJV Translations: stranger, alien, sojourner, chalkstone Strong's Hebrew #: h.1616

( fem., גרה / ge-rah ) Translation: CUD Definition: The portion of food that a ruminant returns from the first stomach to the mouth to chew a second time. KJV Translations: cud Strong's Hebrew #: h.1625

( fem., גרה / ge-rah ) Translation: GERAH Definition: A dry weight measure equal to a 20th part of a shekel. KJV Translations: gerah Strong's Hebrew #: h.1626

( fem., גרות ) Translation: LODGE Definition: [To be verified] A temporary residence. KJV Translations: habitation Strong's Hebrew #: h.1628

( fem., תגרה ) Translation: WHACK Definition: [To be verified] A striking of another out of anger. KJV Translations: blow Strong's Hebrew #: h.8409

( masc., גרון ) Translation: THROAT Definition: [To be verified] The throat is the place where fear is felt. Edenics: growl - a sound from the throat; grown KJV Translations: throat, neck, mouth Strong's Hebrew #: h.1627

( fem., מגרה ) Translation: SAW Definition: [To be verified] Used in stone cutting (in the sense of chewing). KJV Translations: saw, axe Strong's Hebrew #: h.4050

( masc., גרגר ) Translation: BERRY Definition: [To be verified] A food harvested and consumed by travelers along the road. KJV Translations: berry Strong's Hebrew #: h.1620

( fem., גרגרת ) Translation: NECK KJV Translations: neck Strong's Hebrew #: h.1621

( גרר ) Definition: The throat is the place where fear is felt.

( common, גרר / g.r.r ) Translation: CHEW (V) Definition: To mash food with the teeth for the purpose of digesting. KJV Translations: catch, destroy, chew, saw, continuing Strong's Hebrew #: h.1641

( masc., גרר ) Translation: CHEWED Definition: What has been mashed with the teeth for the purpose of digesting. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( אגר ) Definition: A gathering together of small items for traveling such as grain, berries or coins.

( common, אגר / a.g.r ) Translation: GATHER.FOOD (V) Definition: To bring together a nourishing substance that is eaten or drunk. KJV Translations: gather Strong's Hebrew #: h.0103

( fem., אגורה ) Translation: COIN Definition: [To be verified] Carried by travelers for the purchase of supplies. KJV Translations: coin Strong's Hebrew #: h.0095

( גרא )

( masc., גרא ) Translation: SEED.OF.GRAIN Definition: The fertilized, matured ovule of wheat, rye, oats, or millet. (A word of uncertain meaning.) KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( גהר ) Definition: When a stranger meets another he lays prostrate in homage to the other.

( common, גהר ) Translation: PROSTRATE (V) KJV Translations: stretch, cast down Strong's Hebrew #: h.1457

( גרה ) Definition: The place of chewing and growling out of anger. Also scratching of the throat from fear or affliction.

( common, גרה / g.r.h ) Translation: MEDDLE (V) Definition: To struggle with to gain control over. KJV Translations: stir up, meddle, contend, strive Strong's Hebrew #: h.1624

( גור ) Definition: A temporary place of dwelling for the traveler.

( common, גור / g.w.r ) Translation: SOJOURN (V) Definition: To stay as a temporary resident. Travel in a strange land. Also, the extended meaning of "to be afraid" of a stranger. KJV Translations: sojourn, dwell, afraid, stranger, assemble Strong's Hebrew #: h.1481

( masc., גור / gur ) ( fem., גורה ) Translation: WHELP Definition: Usually a young lion. (May be derived from the sound of the lion) KJV Translations: whelp, young one Strong's Hebrew #: h.1482, h.1484

( masc., מגור ) Translation: FRIGHT Definition: [To be verified] Strangers bring fear to the inhabitants. KJV Translations: fear, terror Strong's Hebrew #: h.4032

( masc., מגור / ma-gur ) Translation: PILGRIMAGE Definition: A journey of a pilgrim; the course of life on earth. One who travels in a strange land. The pilgrimage or the dwelling place of a stranger. KJV Translations: pilgrimage, stranger, dwelling, sojourn Strong's Hebrew #: h.4033

( fem., מגורה ) Translation: FRIGHTENINGS Definition: [To be verified] A fear of an enemy. KJV Translations: fear Strong's Hebrew #: h.4034

( fem., מגורה ) Translation: PANIC Definition: [To be verified] A fear of an enemy. KJV Translations: fear, barn Strong's Hebrew #: h.4035

( יגר ) Definition: Fear of a stranger or enemy.

( common, יגר / y.g.r ) Translation: BE.AFRAID (V) Definition: Having the feeling fear; filled with apprehension. KJV Translations: afraid, fear Strong's Hebrew #: h.3025

( masc., יגור ) Translation: AFRAID Definition: The feeling fear; filled with apprehension. KJV Translations: fear, afraid Strong's Hebrew #: h.3016

( גיר ) Definition: Used to make a plaster for making a flat level floor.

( masc., גיר ) Translation: PLASTER KJV Translations: plaister Strong's Hebrew #: h.1615 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1528

( גרב )

( masc., גרב ) Translation: ITCH Definition: To have or feel a peculiar tingling or uneasy irritation of the skin that causes a desire to scratch the part affected. Edenics: scrape - with the exchange of the p and b KJV Translations: scurvy, scab Strong's Hebrew #: h.1618

( גרד ) Relationship to Parent: as in scratching

( common, גרד ) Translation: SCRAPE (V) KJV Translations: scrape Strong's Hebrew #: h.1623

( גרז )

( common, גרז ) Translation: CUT.OFF (V) KJV Translations: cut off Strong's Hebrew #: h.1629

( masc., גרן / ge-rez ) Translation: CUTTING Definition: Something cut, cut off, or cut out. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., גרזן ) Translation: AX Definition: An instrument with a bladed head on a handle or helve, used for hewing, cleaving, chopping, etc. KJV Translations: axe Strong's Hebrew #: h.1631

( גרל ) Definition: An abrasive stone for scratching or sanding. Relationship to Parent: scratching

( masc., גרל ) Translation: ROUGH Definition: [To be verified] Rough like a stone. KJV Translations: great Strong's Hebrew #: h.1632

( masc., גורל ) Translation: LOT Definition: Colored stones that are thrown and read to determine a course of action or to make a decision. KJV Translations: lot Strong's Hebrew #: h.1486

( גרם ) Definition: As a dog gnaws on a bone. Relationship to Parent: from the marrow inside the bones

( common, גרם / g.r.m ) Translation: GNAW (V) Definition: To chew on something hard such as a bone. KJV Translations: break, gnaw Strong's Hebrew #: h.1633

( masc., גרם / ge-rem ) Translation: CARTILAGE Definition: Translucent elastic tissue that lines the joints of the bony skeleton. KJV Translations: bone, strong, top Strong's Hebrew #: h.1634 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1635

( גרן ) Definition: The smooth level floor for grains, either a barn or threshing floor.

( masc., גורן / go-ren ) Translation: FLOOR Definition: The level base of a room, barn or threshing floor. KJV Translations: threshingfloor, floor, place, barn, barnfloor, corn Strong's Hebrew #: h.1637

( גרס ) Definition: The crushing of grain in a mill to make meal.

( common, גרס ) Translation: BEAT.TO.PIECES (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be crushed as grain to make a meal. KJV Translations: break Strong's Hebrew #: h.1638

( masc., גרס ) Translation: BEATEN.GRAIN Definition: Wheat, rye or other seeds that are crushed to make meal. KJV Translations: beaten Strong's Hebrew #: h.1643

( גרע ) Definition: Something made small through removal.

( common, גרע / g.r.ah ) Translation: TAKE.AWAY (V) Definition: To scrape off or clip. To impair or degrade. KJV Translations: diminish, take, away, restrain, abate, back, minish, small, withdraw Strong's Hebrew #: h.1639

( fem., מגרעה ) Translation: LEDGE Definition: [To be verified] As diminished in size. KJV Translations: narrowed Strong's Hebrew #: h.4052

( גרף ) Definition: A carrying or taking away by flood or striking.

( common, גרף ) Translation: SWEEP.AWAY (V) Edenics: grope; grapple; grab -with the exchange of the b and p KJV Translations: sweep away Strong's Hebrew #: h.1640

( fem., מגרפה ) Translation: SOIL Definition: [To be verified] When the floods sweep down the land, rich soil is deposited on the land. KJV Translations: clod Strong's Hebrew #: h.4053

( masc., אגרוף / eg-roph ) Translation: FIST Definition: Clenched fingers into the palm of the hand. Relationship to Root: Through the sense of sweeping away by striking. KJV Translations: fist Strong's Hebrew #: h.0106

( גרש ) Definition: The land surrounding a city was inhabited by the lower class people or outcasts. This land is also covered with pastures for raising the flocks and herds of the city.

( common, גרש / g.r.sh ) Translation: CAST.OUT (V) Definition: To forcefully drive away, expel, or thrust away. KJV Translations: drive, cast, thrust, put, divorce, expel, trouble Strong's Hebrew #: h.1644

( masc., גרש ) Translation: BROUGHT.OUT Definition: Driven away, expelled, or thrust away. Edenics: graze - with the exchange of the z and sh KJV Translations: put forth Strong's Hebrew #: h.1645

( fem., גרשה ) Translation: EVICTION KJV Translations: exaction Strong's Hebrew #: h.1646

( masc., מגרש ) ( fem., מגרשה ) Translation: OPEN.SPACE Definition: A place for grazing livestock, usually on the outskirts of a village or city. KJV Translations: suburb Strong's Hebrew #: h.4054

( masc., גרשון / ger-shon ) Translation: EVICTED Definition: To be removed or thrown from with force. To dispossess, exile, dismiss. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( ערף ) Definition: The dropping of rain from clouds. Relationship to Parent: dark clouds

( common, ערף ) Translation: DROP (V) Definition: [To be verified] To drop down as rain from the clouds. KJV Translations: drop Strong's Hebrew #: h.6201

( masc., עריף ) Translation: CLOUD Definition: [To be verified] As dark rain clouds. KJV Translations: heaven Strong's Hebrew #: h.6183

( גש ) Action: Grope Object: Clod Abstract: Clay

( masc., גש ) Translation: CLAYEY.SOIL Definition: Ground that consists of hydrated silicates of aluminum: used for making bricks, pottery, etc. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( גשש )

( common, גשש ) Translation: GROPE (V) KJV Translations: grope Strong's Hebrew #: h.1659

( גיש )

( masc., גיש ) Translation: CLOD Definition: [To be verified] A dirt clod. Alternate Spellings: גוש KJV Translations: clod Strong's Hebrew #: h.1487

( גשן )

( masc., גושן / go-shen ) Translation: DRAWING.NEAR Definition: To come or be brought close. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( גשר )

( masc., גשור / ge-shur ) Translation: CLINGING Definition: Being joined to someone or something. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( נגש )

( common, נגש / n.g.sh ) Translation: DRAW.NEAR (V) Definition: To bring close to another. KJV Translations: near, come, nigh, bring, here, offer, approach, forth Strong's Hebrew #: h.5066

( גת ) Object: Winepress Definition: After the grapes are placed in the wine vat, treaders walk in the vat to crush the grapes freeing up the juices. The treader's feet and lower parts of their clothing are stained red, a sign of their occupation (see Isaiah 63:1-3). Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the foot. The is a picture of a mark. Combined these mean "a foot marked".

( fem., גת ) Translation: WINEPRESS KJV Translations: winepress, press, winefat Strong's Hebrew #: h.1660

( גתר )

( masc., גתר ) Translation: AGITATED Definition: In a state of excitement or disturbance. (A word of uncertain meaning.) KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]