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AHLB - Hhet

( חב ) Action: Hide, Cherish, Endanger, Bind, Embrace, Couple Object: Bosom, Rope, Clamp Abstract: Refuge,Company Definition: The walls of the house enclose the home as refuge for the family. A refuge functions as a place of hiding from any undesirable person or situation. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a wall. The is a picture of a tent or house. Combined these mean "wall of the house".

( masc., חב ) Translation: BOSOM Relationship to Root: A place where one is hidden in the arms and cherished. KJV Translations: bosom Strong's Hebrew #: h.2243

( חבב ) Definition: One that is cherished is held close to the bosom.

( common, חבב / hh.b.b ) Translation: CHERISH (V) Definition: To fervently love something. KJV Translations: love Strong's Hebrew #: h.2245

( חבא ) Definition: Any place where one hides in secret or for lurking.

( common, חבא / hh.b.a ) Translation: WITHDRAW (V) Definition: To take back or withhold what is cherished; to turn away or move back. KJV Translations: hide, held, secretly Strong's Hebrew #: h.2244

( masc., מחבא ) Translation: REFUGE Definition: [To be verified] A place of hiding. Alternate Spellings: מחבוא KJV Translations: hiding place, lurking place Strong's Hebrew #: h.4224

( חבה ) Definition: A refuge functions as a place of hiding from any undesirable person or situation.

( common, חבה ) Translation: WITHDRAW.SECRETLY (V) KJV Translations: hide Strong's Hebrew #: h.2247

( masc., חובה ) Translation: WITHDRAWING Definition: Being withdrawn from view or contact. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., חביון ) Translation: HIDING KJV Translations: hiding Strong's Hebrew #: h.2253

( masc., נחבי ) Translation: WITHDRAWN Definition: Removed from view or contact. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( חוב )

( common, חוב ) Translation: ENDANGER (V) KJV Translations: endanger Strong's Hebrew #: h.2325

( masc., חוב ) Translation: DEBTOR KJV Translations: debtor Strong's Hebrew #: h.2326

( חיב ) Definition: A place of refuge.

( masc., חיק / hheyq ) Translation: BOSOM Definition: The human chest, especially the front side. Alternate Spellings: חוק חק KJV Translations: bosom, bottom, lap Strong's Hebrew #: h.2436

( חבט ) Definition: A fruit tree is beat at the trunk so that the fruit will fall from it to the ground.

( common, חבט / hh.b.t ) Translation: KNOCK (V) Definition: To strike violently or forcefully; to beat a tree to remove its fruit; to thresh. KJV Translations: beat, thresh Strong's Hebrew #: h.2251

( חבל ) Definition: To bind something by wrapping it around with a rope. Relationship to Parent: as being enclose

( common, חבל / hh.b.l ) Translation: TAKE.AS.A.PLEDGE (V) Definition: To receive an object in exchange for a promise. KJV Translations: destroy, pledge, band, brought, corrupt, offend, spoil, travail, withhold, hurt Strong's Hebrew #: h.2254 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2255

( masc., חבל ) Translation: REGION Definition: An area surrounded by a specific border. KJV Translations: sorrow, cord, line, coast, portion, region, lot, rope, company, pang, band, country, destruction, pain, snare, tackling, hurt, damage Strong's Hebrew #: h.2256 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2257

( masc., חבול ) Translation: PLEDGE Definition: [To be verified] As a binding. KJV Translations: pledge Strong's Hebrew #: h.2258

( fem., חבולה ) Translation: CRIME Definition: [To be verified] What causes one to become bound in ropes. KJV Translations: hurt Strong's Aramaic #: a.2248

( masc., חיבל ) Translation: MAST Definition: [To be verified] What the sail of a ship is attached to using ropes. KJV Translations: mast Strong's Hebrew #: h.2260

( masc., חובל ) Translation: SAILOR Definition: [To be verified] One who uses ropes on a ship. KJV Translations: pilot Strong's Hebrew #: h.2259

( fem., תחבולה ) Translation: ADVICE Definition: [To be verified] As surrounding one with advice. KJV Translations: counsel, advice Strong's Hebrew #: h.8458

( חבק ) Relationship to Parent: as being enclose

( common, חבק / hh.b.q ) Translation: EMBRACE (V) Definition: To clasp in the arms; to cherish or love; to take in or include in a larger group or whole. KJV Translations: embrace, fold Strong's Hebrew #: h.2263

( masc., חיבוק ) Translation: EMBRACE KJV Translations: folding Strong's Hebrew #: h.2264

( חבר ) Definition: The binding together as being coupled. Relationship to Parent: as being enclose

( common, חבר / hh.b.r ) Translation: COUPLE (V) Definition: To bind by joining together. KJV Translations: unite, join, couple, compact, fellowship, league, heap Strong's Hebrew #: h.2266

( masc., חבר ) Translation: COUPLE Definition: A pair or group that are bound together. KJV Translations: wide, enchantment, company, fellow, companion, together Strong's Hebrew #: h.2267, h.2270, h.2271 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2269

( fem., חברה ) Translation: COMPANY Definition: [To be verified] A group bound together. KJV Translations: fellows, company Strong's Hebrew #: h.2274 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2273

( fem., חברת ) Translation: COMPANION Definition: [To be verified] One bound to another. KJV Translations: companion Strong's Hebrew #: h.2278

( fem., מחברת / mahh-be-ret ) Translation: JOINT Definition: The point at which two opposing objects meet. KJV Translations: coupling Strong's Hebrew #: h.4225

( fem., חבורה / hha-bu-rah ) Translation: STRIPED.BRUISE Definition: Marks made by ropes binding the wrist or lashes with a rope. KJV Translations: stripe, hurt, wound, bruise Strong's Hebrew #: h.2250

( fem., חוברת / hho-be-ret ) Translation: COUPLING Definition: To bring together as a unit. KJV Translations: coupling Strong's Hebrew #: h.2279

( masc., חברון / hhev-ron ) Translation: ASSOCIATION Definition: A relationship between two persons, places or objects that connects them together. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., מחברת ) Translation: CLAMP Definition: [To be verified] A device for joining. KJV Translations: coupling, joining Strong's Hebrew #: h.4226

( fem., חברבורה ) Translation: STRIPE Definition: [To be verified] As made by lashes from a rope. KJV Translations: stripes Strong's Hebrew #: h.2272

( חבש ) Definition: A tight wrapping around of something. Relationship to Parent: as being enclosed

( common, חבש / hh.b.sh ) Translation: SADDLE (V) Definition: A shaped mounted support on which an object can travel; to bind up with a saddle. KJV Translations: saddle, bind, put, about, gird, govern healer Strong's Hebrew #: h.2280

( חבת )

( masc., חבת ) Translation: PAN KJV Translations: pan Strong's Hebrew #: h.2281

( fem., מחבת ) Translation: PAN Definition: Any shallow open or closed container used over a fire. KJV Translations: pan Strong's Hebrew #: h.4227

( חג ) Action: Feast Object: Circle, Belt Abstract: Terror, Refuge Definition: The gathering together for a festival, usually in the form of a circle for dancing and feasting. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a wall representing outside. The is a picture of a foot and represents a gathering. Combined these mean "outside gathering".

( masc., חג / hhag ) Translation: FEAST Definition: A commemoration of a special event with dancing, rejoicing, and sharing of food. A ceremony of joy and thanksgiving. A festival with a magnificent meal which is shared with a number of guests. Relationship to Root: The participants of a festival would gather together and dance in a circle. KJV Translations: feast, sacrifice Strong's Hebrew #: h.2282

( חגג ) Definition: The participants of a festival would gather together and dance in a circle.

( common, חגג / hh.g.g ) Translation: HOLD.A.FEAST (V) Definition: To commemorate a special event with dancing, rejoicing, and sharing of food.The act of performing a celebration. KJV Translations: keep, feast, celebrate, dance, holyday, reel to and fro Strong's Hebrew #: h.2287

( חגא ) Definition: A spinning around in fear.

( fem., חגא ) Translation: TERROR KJV Translations: terror Strong's Hebrew #: h.2283

( חוג )

( common, חוג ) Translation: CIRCLE (V) Edenics: hug - as an encircling; circ - an exchange of the h and c and the g and c; cog - an exchange of the h and c KJV Translations: compassed Strong's Hebrew #: h.2328

( masc., חוג ) Translation: CIRCLE KJV Translations: circle, circuit, compass Strong's Hebrew #: h.2329

( fem., מחוגה ) Translation: COMPASS Definition: [To be verified] An instrument for making a circle. KJV Translations: compass Strong's Hebrew #: h.4230

( חגו ) Definition: A place where one is encircled by a wall.

( masc., חגו ) Translation: CLEFT Definition: [To be verified] A refuge in the rock. KJV Translations: cleft Strong's Hebrew #: h.2288

( חגל )

( fem., חגלה / hhag-lah ) Translation: PARTRIDGE Definition: A species of game bird. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( חגר ) Definition: A sash or belt is bound around the waist for attaching weapons. A piece of cloth is brought from the front to the rear to make a loincloth.

( common, חגר / hh.g.r ) Translation: GIRD.UP (V) Definition: To bind the loose portions of clothing into a belt or sash to prepare to go to war; to be bound with arms for war. KJV Translations: gird, appoint, afraid, put, restrain, every side Strong's Hebrew #: h.2296

( masc., חגור / hha-gor ) Translation: WAIST.WRAP Definition: [To be verified] A sash or belt that encircles the waist. KJV Translations: girdle Strong's Hebrew #: h.2289

( fem., חגורה / hha-go-rah ) Translation: LOIN.WRAP Definition: A sash or belt that encircles the waist. KJV Translations: girdle, apron, armour, gird Strong's Hebrew #: h.2290

( fem., מחגורת ) Translation: BINDING Definition: [To be verified] To wrap a cloth around the body. KJV Translations: girding Strong's Hebrew #: h.4228

( חד ) Action: Unite, Sharpen, Join, Hide, Set apart, Surround, Renew Object: Unit, Sharp, Riddle, Thorn, New moon, Prostitute Abstract: Unity, Special, New Definition: A wall separates the inside from the outside. Only through the door can one enter or exit uniting the inside with the outside. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a wall. The is a picture of a door. Combined these mean "wall door".

( masc., חד ) Translation: EACH Definition: [To be verified] One of the sum total of the whole. The two edges of a sword that meet to form one point. Relationship to Root: Two or more coming together as a unity. The sharp edge of a blade is the coming together of the two to one point. KJV Translations: one, first, together, sharp Strong's Hebrew #: h.2297, h.2299 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2298

( חדד ) Definition: The two edges of a sword that meet to form one point.

( common, חדד ) Translation: SHARP (V) KJV Translations: sharpen, fierce Strong's Hebrew #: h.2300

( masc., חדוד ) Translation: SHARP KJV Translations: sharp Strong's Hebrew #: h.2303

( אחד ) Definition: A uniting together. All things are a unity with something else (one man is a unity of body, breath and mind, one family is a unity of father, mother and children, one tree is a unity of trunk, branches and leaves, one forest is a unity of trees).

( common, אחד ) Translation: UNITE (V) KJV Translations: go one way or other Strong's Hebrew #: h.0258

( masc., אחד / e-hhad ) ( fem., אחת / e-hhat ) Translation: UNIT Definition: A unit within the whole, a unified group. A single quantity. Alternate Translations: first; one; other; few (when in the plural form) KJV Translations: one, first, another, other, any, once, every, certain, an, some Strong's Hebrew #: h.0259

( חדה ) Definition: A uniting together in joy.

( common, חדה / hh.d.h ) Translation: BE.AMAZED (V) Definition: To be overwhelmed with surprise or sudden wonder; astonished greatly. KJV Translations: rejoice, join, glad Strong's Hebrew #: h.2302

( חוד ) Definition: The riddle begins by dividing the hearer from the listener by creating the riddle. The riddle ends with the answer uniting the two.

( common, חוד ) Translation: PROPOSE (V) Definition: [To be verified] To give a riddle. KJV Translations: put forth Strong's Hebrew #: h.2330

( יחד ) Definition: A uniting together. All things are a unity with something else (one man is a unity of body, breath and mind, one family is a unity of father, mother and children, one tree is a unity of trunk, branches and leaves, one forest is a unity of trees).

( common, יחד / y.hh.d ) Translation: UNITE (V) Definition: To put together to form a single unit. KJV Translations: unite, join Strong's Hebrew #: h.3161

( masc., יחד / ya-hhad ) Translation: TOGETHER Definition: In or into one place, mass, collection, or group. Alternate Spellings: יחדו KJV Translations: together, alike, likewise, withal Strong's Hebrew #: h.3162

( masc., יחיד / ya-hhid ) Translation: SOLITARY Definition: Separated from the whole of the unit (see Psalm 68:7 [6]). KJV Translations: only, darling, desolate, solitary Strong's Hebrew #: h.3173

( חיד ) Definition: The riddle begins by dividing the hearer from the listener by creating the riddle. The riddle ends with the answer uniting the two.

( fem., חידה ) Translation: RIDDLE Definition: A question or statement so framed as to exercise one's ingenuity in answering it or discovering its meaning. KJV Translations: riddle, dark saying, hard question, dark sentence, proverb, dark speech Strong's Hebrew #: h.2420

( fem., אחידה ) Translation: RIDDLE KJV Translations: hard sentence Strong's Aramaic #: a.0280

( חדק ) Relationship to Parent: as sharp

( masc., חדק ) Translation: STICKERS KJV Translations: thorn, brier Strong's Hebrew #: h.2312

( חדר ) Definition: The surrounding walls of a chamber providing privacy and security. Relationship to Parent: as surrounded by walls with a door

( common, חדר ) Translation: ENTER.CHAMBERS (V) Definition: [To be verified] To encircle. KJV Translations: enter Strong's Hebrew #: h.2314

( masc., חדר / hhe-der ) Translation: CHAMBER Definition: A bedroom; a natural or artificial enclosed space or cavity. Place surrounded by walls. An inner place as hidden or secret. KJV Translations: chamber, inner, inward, innermost, parlour, south, within Strong's Hebrew #: h.2315

( חדש ) Definition: The first crescent of the moon as the renewal of the moon, the first day of the month. Relationship to Parent: restoration

( common, חדש ) Translation: RENEW (V) Definition: To make something like new through repair, restoration, or replacement. KJV Translations: renew, repair Strong's Hebrew #: h.2318

( masc., חדש / hha-dash ) Translation: NEW Definition: Something that is new, renewed, restored or repaired. KJV Translations: new, fresh Strong's Hebrew #: h.2319 Aramaic Spelling: הדת Strong's Aramaic #: a.2323

( masc., חודש / hho-desh ) Translation: NEW.MOON Definition: The moon phase when the thin crescent first appears and is perceived as the renewal of the moon. The first day of the month. Also, a month as the interval between crescents. Alternate Translations: month KJV Translations: month, new moon, monthly Strong's Hebrew #: h.2320

( כחד ) Relationship to Parent: as being walled in

( common, כחד / k.hh.d ) Translation: KEEP.SECRET (V) Definition: To refrain from disclosing information. Alternate Translations: hide (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: hide, cut off, conceal, desolate, cut down Strong's Hebrew #: h.3582

( קדש ) Definition: Set apart from the rest for a special function. Relationship to Parent: separating and joining to something

( common, קדש / q.d.sh ) Translation: SET.APART (V) Definition: To move or place someone or something separate from the whole for a special purpose. KJV Translations: sanctify, hallow, dedicate, holy, prepare, consecrate, appoint, bid, purify Strong's Hebrew #: h.6942

( masc., קדש ) Translation: MALE.PROSTITUTE Definition: One set aside for a special purpose. Relationship to Root: One who is set aside for a special purpose. KJV Translations: sodomite, unclean Strong's Hebrew #: h.6945

( fem., קדשה / qe-dey-shah ) Translation: FEMALE.PROSTITUTE Definition: One set aside for a special purpose. Relationship to Root: One who is set aside for a special purpose. KJV Translations: harlot, whore Strong's Hebrew #: h.6948

( masc., קדיש ) Translation: SPECIAL.ONE Definition: [To be verified] One who is set apart as special. KJV Translations: saint, holy Strong's Aramaic #: a.6922

( masc., קדוש / qa-dosh ) Translation: UNIQUE Definition: Someone or something that has, or has been given the quality of specialness, and has been separated from the rest for a special purpose. KJV Translations: holy, saint Strong's Hebrew #: h.6918

( masc., קודש / qo-desh ) Translation: SPECIAL Definition: A person, item, time or place that has the quality of being unique; Separated from the rest for a special purpose. KJV Translations: holy, sanctuary, hallowed, holiness, dedicated, consecrated Strong's Hebrew #: h.6944

( masc., מקדש / miq-dash ) Translation: SANCTUARY Definition: A place set apart for a special purpose. KJV Translations: sanctuary, holy place, chapel, hallowed Strong's Hebrew #: h.4720

( שחד ) Definition: A gift presented to one in return for a favor. Relationship to Parent: unity

( common, שחד ) Translation: BRIBE (V) Definition: [To be verified] To give a bribe. KJV Translations: reward, hire Strong's Hebrew #: h.7809

( masc., שחד / sha-hhad ) Translation: BRIBE Definition: To buy a favor or service that would be otherwise out of reach. KJV Translations: gift, reward, bribe, present, bribery Strong's Hebrew #: h.7810

( חו ) Action: Declare Object: Town Abstract: Declaration

( fem., חוה / hha-wah ) Translation: TOWN Definition: A small village. KJV Translations: town Strong's Hebrew #: h.2333

( חוה )

( common, חוה ) Translation: DECLARE (V) KJV Translations: shew Strong's Hebrew #: h.2331 Aramaic Spelling: חוא Strong's Aramaic #: a.2324

( אחו )

( fem., אחוה ) Translation: DECLARATION KJV Translations: declaration, shewing Strong's Hebrew #: h.0262

( fem., אחויה ) Translation: DECLARING KJV Translations: declaration, shewing Strong's Aramaic #: a.0263

( חז ) Action: See, Hold, Perceive, Look Object: Vision, Light, Haven Definition: The ability to see beyond what is seen in the physical present as a light piercing through the darkness. The cutting down of the wall allows one to pass through to the other side. A vision is the cutting down of the fence to perceive what is on the other side.

( fem., חז ) Translation: LOOK.INTO Definition: To peer toward. Relationship to Root: A perception beyond the normal experiences. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., חזות ) Translation: VISION Edenics: haze; gaze - an exchange for the h and g KJV Translations: vision Strong's Hebrew #: h.2378, h.2380

( masc., חזון ) Translation: VISION Definition: To see or perceive what is normally not visible. KJV Translations: vision Strong's Hebrew #: h.2377

( masc., חזיון ) Translation: VISION KJV Translations: vision Strong's Hebrew #: h.2384

( חזז )

( masc., חזיז ) Translation: LIGHTING Definition: [To be verified] A moment of vision in the dark of night. KJV Translations: lightning, bright clouds Strong's Hebrew #: h.2385

( אחז )

( common, אחז / a.hh.z ) Translation: TAKE.HOLD (V) Definition: To have possession or ownership of; to keep in restraint; to have or maintain in one's grasp; to grab something and keep hold of it. KJV Translations: hold, take, possess, caught, fastened Strong's Hebrew #: h.0270

( fem., אחוזה / a-hhu-zah ) Translation: HOLDINGS Definition: Property that is held or owned. KJV Translations: possession Strong's Hebrew #: h.0272

( חזה )

( common, חזה / hh.z.h ) Translation: PERCEIVE (V) Definition: To be able to understand on a higher level; to see something that is not physically present. KJV Translations: see, behold, look, prophecy, provide, dream Strong's Hebrew #: h.1957, h.2372 Aramaic Spelling: חזא Strong's Aramaic #: a.2370

( masc., חזה / hha-zeh ) Translation: CHEST Definition: The breast containing heart. What is prominently visible. The breast of an animal used for a sacrifice. KJV Translations: breast Strong's Hebrew #: h.2373

( fem., מחזה / ma-hha-zeh ) Translation: VISION Definition: Something seen in a dream, trance, or ecstasy. KJV Translations: vision Strong's Hebrew #: h.4236

( masc., חזי ) Translation: CHEST KJV Translations: breast Aramaic Spelling: חדי Strong's Aramaic #: a.2306

( masc., חוזה ) Translation: SEER KJV Translations: seer, see, agreement, prophet, stargazer Strong's Hebrew #: h.2374

( fem., מחזה ) Translation: LIGHT KJV Translations: light Strong's Hebrew #: h.4237

( masc., חזו ) Translation: VISION KJV Translations: vision, look Strong's Aramaic #: a.2376

( חוז )

( masc., מחוז ) Translation: HAVEN Definition: [To be verified] A placed looked for. KJV Translations: haven Strong's Hebrew #: h.4231

( חזק ) Definition: A strong grabbing hold to refrain or support.

( common, חזק / hh.z.q ) Translation: SEIZE (V) Definition: To possess or take by force; grab hold tightly; to refrain or support by grabbing hold. Alternate Translations: strengthen self (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form) KJV Translations: strong, repair, hold, strengthen, harden, prevail, encourage, take, courage, caught, stronger Strong's Hebrew #: h.2388

( masc., חזק / hha-zaq ) ( fem., חזקה / hha-za-qah ) Translation: FORCEFUL Definition: A strong grip on something to refrain or support. Driven with force. Acting with power. KJV Translations: strong, mighty, sore, hard, hot, impudent, loud, stiffhearted, louder, stronger, strength Strong's Hebrew #: h.2389, h.2390, h.2391

( fem., חזקה ) Translation: STRENGTH KJV Translations: strong, strength, strengthen, force, mighty, repair, sharply Strong's Hebrew #: h.2393, h.2394

( masc., חוזק / hho-zeq ) Translation: GRASP Definition: A firm hold or grip. KJV Translations: strength Strong's Hebrew #: h.2392

( חח ) Action: Pierce Object: Thicket, Ring, Thorn Definition: The wall around crops or livestock was constructed of thistles or rocks with thistles laid on top. The thorns prevented intruders from entering. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a wall.

( masc., חח / hhahh ) Translation: NOSE.RING Definition: A round piece of jewelry, usually of a metal, that is pierced through the nose or lip. Relationship to Root: A sharp object that penetrates the flesh. Alternate Spellings: חחי KJV Translations: hook, chain, bracelet Strong's Hebrew #: h.2397

( חוח ) Definition: A sharp point

( masc., חוח ) Translation: THISTLE Edenics: hook - an exchange for the k and h KJV Translations: thistle, thorn, brambles Strong's Hebrew #: h.2336, h.2337

( חט ) Action: Measure, Join, Err, Refrain, Catch Object: Cord Abstract: Miss, Error, Sin Definition: Cords are used for binding as well as measuring. A cord is also used as measuring device by placing knots incrementally. The cord is stretched between the two points to measure and the knots are counted.

( masc., חטי ) Translation: SIN Relationship to Root: When shooting an arrow or other object to a target, the distance that one misses is measured with a cord. The wrong actions of one are also measured against the correct action. KJV Translations: sin Strong's Aramaic #: a.2408

( חטא ) Definition: When shooting an arrow or other object to a target, the distance that one misses is measured with a cord. The wrong actions of one are also measured against the correct action.

( common, חטא / hh.t.a ) Translation: FAIL (V) Definition: To miss the target, whether a literal target or a goal that is aimed for. Alternate Translations: purge; bear the blame (when written in the piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: sin, purify, cleanse, sinner, committed, offended, blame, done Strong's Hebrew #: h.2398

( masc., חטא / hha-ta ) ( fem., חטאה / hha-ta-a ) Translation: FAILURE Definition: An act or condition of ignorant or imprudent deviation from a code of behavior. A missing of the target in the sense of making a mistake. The sacrifice, which by transference, becomes the sin. Alternate Spellings: חטאת KJV Translations: sin, faults, grievously, offences, sinner, sinful, offender, sin offering, punishment, purifying Strong's Hebrew #: h.2399, h.2400, h.2401, h.2403 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2402

( fem., חטיא ) Translation: SIN.OFFERING Definition: [To be verified] The sin offering which by transference becomes the sin. KJV Translations: sin offering Strong's Aramaic #: a.2409

( חוט )

( common, חוט ) Translation: JOIN (V) Definition: [To be verified] A tying with a cord. KJV Translations: join Strong's Aramaic #: a.2338

( masc., חוט / hhut ) Translation: THREAD Definition: A filament of fibers twisted together by spinning and used for sewing or tying items together. KJV Translations: thread, line, cord, fillet Strong's Hebrew #: h.2339

( חטם ) Relationship to Parent: binding

( common, חטם ) Translation: REFRAIN (V) KJV Translations: refrain Strong's Hebrew #: h.2413

( חטף ) Relationship to Parent: binding

( common, חטף ) Translation: CATCH (V) KJV Translations: catch Strong's Hebrew #: h.2414

( חלט ) Relationship to Parent: binding

( common, חלט ) Translation: CATCH (V) Definition: [To be verified] To quickly comprehend something. KJV Translations: catch Strong's Hebrew #: h.2480

( חי ) Action: Sustain Object: Stomach, Animal, Sustenance Abstract: Life Definition: When the stomach is empty one is famished and weak and when it is filled one is revived. This organ is seen as the life as an empty stomach is like death but a revived stomach is life.

( masc., חי / hhai ) ( fem., חיה / hhai-ah ) Translation: LIVING Definition: The quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body; life. Literally the stomach. Used idiomatically of living creatures, especially in conjunction with land, ground or field. Alternate Translations: life (when in the plural form); creature (as a living one) KJV Translations: live, life, beast, alive, creature, running, living thing, raw, springing, appetite, quick Strong's Hebrew #: h.2416 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2417

( fem., חיות ) Translation: LIVING Definition: [To be verified] As keeping the stomach fed. KJV Translations: living Strong's Hebrew #: h.2424

( חיה )

( common, חיה / hh.y.h ) Translation: LIVE (V) Definition: To be alive and continue alive. Have life within. The revival of life gained from food or other necessity. Alternate Translations: keep alive (when written in the piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: live, alive, save, quicken, revive, life, recover Strong's Hebrew #: h.2421, h.2425 Aramaic Spelling: חיא Strong's Aramaic #: a.2418

( masc., חיה / hhay-eh ) Translation: LIVELY Definition: Having the vigor of life. KJV Translations: lively Strong's Hebrew #: h.2422

( fem., מחיה / mihh-yah ) Translation: REVIVING Definition: Restoring to consciousness or life. KJV Translations: revive, quick, preserve life, sustenance, victuals, recover Strong's Hebrew #: h.4241

( חיו )

( fem., חיוה ) Translation: LIVING.THING Definition: [To be verified] A beast which focuses on eating. KJV Translations: beast Aramaic Spelling: חיוא Strong's Aramaic #: a.2423

( חך ) Action: Stick Object: Palate Abstract: Tarry Definition: The roof of the mouth. Ancient Hebrew: The represents a wall such as the ridge in the middle of the palate. The represents the palm, a curved surface such as found on the roof of the mouth.

( masc., חך ) Translation: PALATE KJV Translations: mouth, roof of the mouth, taste Strong's Hebrew #: h.2441

( fem., חכה ) Translation: HOOK Definition: [To be verified] As fastened to the roof of a fishes mouth. KJV Translations: angle, hook Strong's Hebrew #: h.2443

( חכה ) Definition: When the mouth is dry the tongue sticks to the roof of the mouth causing the speaker to wait to speak.

( common, חכה ) Translation: TARRY (V) KJV Translations: tarry, wait, long Strong's Hebrew #: h.2442

( חכל )

( fem., חכלילות ) Translation: REDNESS KJV Translations: redness Strong's Hebrew #: h.2448

( masc., חכלילי / hhakh-li-li ) Translation: DULL.RED Definition: The color of blood and wine. KJV Translations: red Strong's Hebrew #: h.2447

( חנך ) Definition: An infant is trained to suck by placing a sour substance on the roof of the mouth.

( common, חנך / hh.n.k ) Translation: DEVOTE (V) Definition: To set aside for or assign to a specific function, task, or purpose. KJV Translations: dedicate, train Strong's Hebrew #: h.2596

( masc., חניך / hha-nikh ) Translation: EXPERIENCED Definition: Direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge. Something that is personally encountered, undergone or lived through in its use. KJV Translations: trained Strong's Hebrew #: h.2593

( masc., חנוך / hha-nokh ) Translation: DEVOTED Definition: Immersed in activity for a specific task. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., חנוכה ) Translation: DEDICATION Definition: Reserved for a specific use or purpose. KJV Translations: dedication Strong's Hebrew #: h.2598 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2597

( חל ) Action: Bore, Twist, Sick Object: Hole, Flute, Disease, Dance, Plow, Ember Abstract: Pain, Weak, Disgrace Definition: A hole is drilled with a tool called a bow drill. The string of the bow is wrapped around the drill. By moving the bow back and forth, and firmly pressing down, the drill spins around drilling the hole.

( masc., חל ) Translation: ORDINARY Definition: A place, person or thing that is not set apart for a specific function. KJV Translations: profane, common, unholy Strong's Hebrew #: h.2455

( fem., חלה / hha-lah ) Translation: PIERCED.BREAD Definition: Bread that has many holes, as perforated. KJV Translations: cake Strong's Hebrew #: h.2471

( masc., חיל / hha-yil ) Translation: FORCE Definition: The pressure exerted to make a piercing. KJV Translations: army, man of valour, host, force, valiant, strength, wealth, power, substance, might, strong Strong's Hebrew #: h.2428 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2429

( fem., חילה ) Translation: WALL Definition: [To be verified] The place of the city where elders meet. KJV Translations: bulwark Strong's Hebrew #: h.2430

( masc., חלי ) Translation: EARRING Definition: [To be verified] An ornament that is put through a hole. KJV Translations: ornament, jewel Strong's Hebrew #: h.2481

( fem., חליה ) Translation: EARRING Definition: [To be verified] An ornament that is put through a hole. KJV Translations: jewel Strong's Hebrew #: h.2484

( common, חלון / hha-lon ) Translation: WINDOW Definition: A hole in the wall that admits light and a view of the other side. KJV Translations: window Strong's Hebrew #: h.2474

( fem., מחלה ) Translation: CAVE Definition: [To be verified] A place with a hole in the ground or rock. KJV Translations: cave Strong's Hebrew #: h.4247

( fem., חלחלה ) Translation: DRILLING.PAIN Definition: [To be verified] As a twisting pain. KJV Translations: pain Strong's Hebrew #: h.2479

( fem., מחלת ) Translation: SICKENED Definition: To make or become sick. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., תחילה / te-hhiy-lah ) Translation: FIRST.TIME Definition: The point of time or space at which anything begins. KJV Translations: beginning, first, begin Strong's Hebrew #: h.8462

( חלל ) Definition: Anything that is bored through, perforated or drilled.

( common, חלל / hh.l.l ) Translation: DRILL (V) Definition: To run into or through as with a pointed weapon or tool; pierce a hole through; to begin in the sense of pressing in. Alternate Translations: begin (when written in the hiphil [causative] form); common (when written in the piel [intensive] form) Edenics: hole; hollow KJV Translations: begin, profane, pollute, defile, break, wound, eat, slay Strong's Hebrew #: h.2490

( masc., חלל / hha-lal ) ( fem., חללה / hha-la-lah ) Translation: DRILLED Definition: Having holes. KJV Translations: slay, wound, profane, kill Strong's Hebrew #: h.2491

( masc., חליל ) Translation: FLUTE Definition: [To be verified] An instrument with drilled holes. KJV Translations: pipe Strong's Hebrew #: h.2485

( fem., חלילה / hha-li-lah ) Translation: FAR.BE.IT Definition: Something least likely to happen. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: god forbid, far be it, lord forbid Strong's Hebrew #: h.2486

( חלא ) Definition: A spinning or piercing pain.

( common, חלא ) Translation: DISEASED (V) KJV Translations: diseased Strong's Hebrew #: h.2456

( fem., חלאה ) Translation: RUST Definition: [To be verified] A metal pitted from oxidation. KJV Translations: scum Strong's Hebrew #: h.2457

( masc., תחלוא ) Translation: SICK Definition: Afflicted with ill health or disease; ailing. KJV Translations: disease, sick, sickness, grievous Strong's Hebrew #: h.8463

( חלה ) Definition: A spinning or piercing pain.

( common, חלה / hh.l.h ) Translation: BE.SICK (V) Definition: To be twisted through pain. KJV Translations: sick, beseech, weak, grievous, diseased, wounded, pray, intreat, grief, grieved, sore, pain, infirmity Strong's Hebrew #: h.2470

( masc., מחלה / ma-hha-leh ) ( fem., מחלה / ma-hha-lah ) Translation: SICKNESS Definition: A physical or emotional illness. Weakened. KJV Translations: sickness, disease, infirmity Strong's Hebrew #: h.4245

( masc., חלי ) Translation: INFIRMITY Definition: A physical weakness or ailment. Relationship to Root: A piercing pain. KJV Translations: sickness, disease, grief, sick Strong's Hebrew #: h.2483

( חול ) Definition: To twist and spin around from joy or pain as the drill.

( common, חול / hh.w.l ) Translation: TWIST (V) Definition: A winding or wrapping together; entwined in pain or joy. Alternate Spellings: חיל KJV Translations: pain, formed, bring forth, tremble, travail, dance, calve, grieve, wound, shake Strong's Hebrew #: h.2342

( masc., חול / hhul ) Translation: SAND Definition: Loose granular material from the disintegration of rocks and consisting of particles not as fine as silt and used in mortar. Sand is used as an abrasive ingredient for drilling by placing it in the hole being drilled. KJV Translations: sand Strong's Hebrew #: h.2344

( masc., מחול ) Translation: DANCE KJV Translations: dance Strong's Hebrew #: h.4234

( masc., חיל / hhil ) ( fem., חילה / hhi-lah ) Translation: AGONY Definition: A state of being in emotional or physical turmoil or pain. Relationship to Root: Through the sense of a twisting pain. KJV Translations: pain, pang, sorrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.2427

( fem., חוילה / hhu-il ) Translation: TWIST.AROUND Definition: A winding together. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., מחולה / me-hho-lah ) Translation: DANCE Definition: Twisting, skipping, or leaping with joy. To rejoice in expression of thanksgiving for religious worship or festivity. KJV Translations: dance, company Strong's Hebrew #: h.4246

( גחל ) Definition: A kindled glowing ember. Relationship to Parent: making a fire from an ember

( fem., גחל ) Translation: EMBER Definition: A small live piece of coal, wood, etc., as in a dying fire. KJV Translations: coal Strong's Hebrew #: h.1513

( זחל )

( common, זחל / z.hh.l ) Translation: SHRINK.BACK (V) Definition: To turn away from, or retreat, in fear or timidness. KJV Translations: serpent, worm, fear, dread, terrible, afraid Strong's Hebrew #: h.2119 Aramaic Spelling: דחל Strong's Aramaic #: a.1763

( חלד ) Definition: A passing through a space or time. Relationship to Parent: passing through

( masc., חלד ) Translation: AGE Definition: [To be verified] A passing through a finite span of time or space. KJV Translations: age, world, time Strong's Hebrew #: h.2465

( masc., חולד ) Translation: WEASEL Definition: An unclean animal of unknown species, possibly the weasel. KJV Translations: weasel Strong's Hebrew #: h.2467

( חלם ) Relationship to Parent: passing through

( common, חלם / hh.l.m ) Translation: VISUALIZE (V) Definition: To see or form a mental image of; to dream dreams. KJV Translations: dream Strong's Hebrew #: h.2492

( masc., חלם ) Translation: DREAM KJV Translations: dream Strong's Aramaic #: a.2493

( fem., חלמות ) Translation: PURSLANE Definition: A tasteless plant with a thick slimy juice. KJV Translations: egg Strong's Hebrew #: h.2495

( masc., חלום / hha-lom ) Translation: DREAM Definition: A series of thoughts, images or emotions occurring during sleep. KJV Translations: dream Strong's Hebrew #: h.2472

( fem., אחלמה / ahh-la-mah ) Translation: AMETHYST Definition: Probably the Amethyst, a violet form of quartz. The Septuagint uses Amethystos. KJV Translations: amethyst Strong's Hebrew #: h.0306

( חלף ) Definition: A passing on, away or through. Relationship to Parent: passing through

( common, חלף / hh.l.p ) Translation: PASS.OVER (V) Definition: To pass through, by or over something. Also, to change in the sense of going to another one, side or thought. Alternate Translations: change (when written in the hiphil [causative] or piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: change, pass, renew, through, grow, abolish, sprout, alter, cut, go, over Strong's Hebrew #: h.2498 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2499

( masc., חלף ) Translation: FOR Definition: An exchange for something else. KJV Translations: for Strong's Hebrew #: h.2500

( masc., מחלף ) Translation: KNIFE Definition: [To be verified] A tool for passing through. KJV Translations: knife Strong's Hebrew #: h.4252

( fem., מחלפה ) Translation: BRAIDS Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of passing through each other. KJV Translations: lock Strong's Hebrew #: h.4253

( fem., חליפה / hha-li-phah ) Translation: REPLACEMENT Definition: That which takes the place of , especially as a substitute or successor. In the sense of passing through one thing to another. KJV Translations: change, course Strong's Hebrew #: h.2487

( masc., חלוף ) Translation: DESTRUCTION Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of passing away. KJV Translations: destruction Strong's Hebrew #: h.2475

( חלץ ) Definition: Drawn out of the loins is the next generation.

( common, חלץ / hh.l.ts ) Translation: EXTRACT (V) Definition: To pull out or toward. To draw weapons for battle. KJV Translations: deliver, arm, loose, prepare, take, army, fat, put, deliver, draw, withdraw Strong's Hebrew #: h.2502

( fem., חלץ / hha-lats ) Translation: LOINS Definition: The pubic region; the generative organs. In the sense of the next generation being drawn out of the loins. Alternate Spellings: חרץ KJV Translations: loins, reins Strong's Hebrew #: h.2504 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2783

( fem., מחלצה ) Translation: ROBE Definition: [To be verified] As drawn off. KJV Translations: apparel, raiment Strong's Hebrew #: h.4254

( fem., חליצה ) Translation: SPOIL Definition: [To be verified] What is drawn out after a battle. KJV Translations: spoil, armour Strong's Hebrew #: h.2488

( חלש ) Definition: Something that is weak, failing, decayed or wasted away.

( common, חלש / hh.l.sh ) Translation: WEAKEN (V) Definition: To reduce in strength. KJV Translations: discomfit, waste away, weaken Strong's Hebrew #: h.2522

( masc., חלש ) Translation: WEAK KJV Translations: weak Strong's Hebrew #: h.2523

( fem., חלושה / hha-lu-shah ) Translation: DEFEAT Definition: Overcome or weakened by an outside force. KJV Translations: overcome Strong's Hebrew #: h.2476

( חרט ) Relationship to Parent: sharp

( masc., חרט / hhe-ret ) Translation: ENGRAVING.TOOL Definition: A tool making markings or inscriptions by carving on stone, metal or wood. A stylus for inscribing a clay tablet. KJV Translations: graving tool, pen Strong's Hebrew #: h.2747

( masc., חריט ) Translation: SATCHEL Definition: [To be verified] Used for carrying items such as tools. KJV Translations: bag, crisping pin Strong's Hebrew #: h.2754

( masc., חרטום / hhar-tom ) Translation: MAGICIAN Definition: A person skilled in divination. KJV Translations: magician Strong's Hebrew #: h.2748 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2749

( חרף ) Definition: The piercing cold of winter. Relationship to Parent: piercing

( common, חרף / hh.r.p ) Translation: CONSORT (V) Definition: To be attached to a husband or wife; to be espoused. KJV Translations: reproach, defy, betroth, blaspheme, jeopardise Strong's Hebrew #: h.2778

( fem., חרפה / hher-pah ) Translation: DISGRACE Definition: A scorn, taunting or reproach as a piercing. KJV Translations: reproach, shame, rebuke, reproachfully Strong's Hebrew #: h.2781

( masc., חורף / hho-reph ) Translation: WINTER Definition: The season between summer and spring. Time of the piercing cold and relative bleakness. KJV Translations: winter, youth, cold Strong's Hebrew #: h.2779

( חרץ ) Definition: A sharp cutting instrument. Relationship to Parent: piercing

( common, חרץ / hh.r.ts ) Translation: CUT.SHARPLY (V) Definition: To divide or slice with a sharp instrument such as a potsherd or iron blade. To make a decision in the sense of dividing between two choices. To be diligent in the sense of a sharp action. KJV Translations: determine, move, decide, bestir, main, decree, gold, diligent, decision, threshing, sharp, wall Strong's Hebrew #: h.2742, h.2782

( masc., חריץ ) Translation: HOE Definition: [To be verified] A sharp instrument for digging. A sharp taste. KJV Translations: harrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.2757

( masc., חרצן ) Translation: KERNEL Definition: The seed of a grape. Relationship to Root: As sharp. KJV Translations: kernel Strong's Hebrew #: h.2785

( חרק ) Definition: Gnashing of the teeth. Relationship to Parent: sharp teeth

( common, חרק ) Translation: GNASH (V) Definition: [To be verified] To gnash the teeth. KJV Translations: gnash Strong's Hebrew #: h.2786

( חרש ) Definition: The craftsman that scratches, or engraves, in wood, stone or metal. Relationship to Parent: sharp

( common, חרש / hh.r.sh ) Translation: SCRATCH (V) Definition: To plow in the sense of scratching a line in the soil; to engrave on wood or stone by scratching. This word can also mean "to hold in peace" or be silent. KJV Translations: peace, plow, devise, silence, hold, altogether, plowman, cease, conceal, deaf, graven image Strong's Hebrew #: h.2790(x2)

( masc., חרש / hhe-resh ) Translation: ENGRAVER Definition: A sculptor or carver who engraves wood, stone or metal. KJV Translations: craftsman, artificer, carpenter, workman, engraver, artificer, smith, maker, skilful, worker, wrought Strong's Hebrew #: h.2791, h.2796

( fem., מחרשה ) Translation: MATTOCK Definition: [To be verified] Implement for scratching the soil. KJV Translations: mattock, share Strong's Hebrew #: h.4281, h.4282

( masc., חריש / hha-rish ) Translation: PLOWING Definition: Breaking up the ground in order to plant a crop. The time of plowing. KJV Translations: earring, harvest Strong's Hebrew #: h.2758

( fem., חרושת / hha-ro-shet ) Translation: ENGRAVING Definition: A scratching or carving in stone, metal or wood. KJV Translations: cutting, carving Strong's Hebrew #: h.2799

( masc., חורש ) Translation: CRAFTSMAN Definition: One who is skilled in the art of engraving wood, stone or metal. KJV Translations: artificer Strong's Hebrew #: h.2794

( חרת ) Relationship to Parent: sharp

( common, חרת / hh.r.t ) Translation: ENGRAVE (V) Definition: To mark, scratch, or scrape. To chisel or cut figures, letters, or devices on stone or metal. KJV Translations: graven Strong's Hebrew #: h.2801

( חם ) Action: Heat, Wise, Shake, Boil, Fight, Burn Object: Cheese, Skin-bag, Sun, Wall, Bread, Charcoal, Sour, Tar Abstract: In-law, Wisdom, Desire, Compassion Definition: Cheese was made by placing milk in a bag made out of an animal skin. The bag was hung out in the sun and pushed back and forth. The skin of the bag contained an enzyme that when heated and shaken caused the milk to sour and separate into its two parts, fat (curds or cheese) and water (whey). The whey could be drunk and the curds eaten or stored for future consumption. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a wall meaning "to separate". The is a picture of water. Combined these mean "separate water".

( masc., חם / hham ) Translation: FATHER.IN.LAW Definition: The father of ones wife or husband, father-in-law in the sense of passion Relationship to Root: The heat from the sun heats the contents of the bag. KJV Translations: father-in-law, husband's father Strong's Hebrew #: h.2524

( fem., חמה / hha-mah ) Translation: FURY Definition: Intense, disordered, and often destructive rage. An intense heat from anger. KJV Translations: heat, fury, wrath, poison, displeasure, rage, anger, bottle Strong's Hebrew #: h.2534 Aramaic Spelling: חמא Strong's Aramaic #: a.2528

( fem., חמת / hhey-met ) Translation: SKIN.BAG Definition: A container made from the skin of animal, usually a goat or sheep, and used for holding milk, water or other liquid. KJV Translations: bottle Strong's Hebrew #: h.2573

( fem., חמות ) Translation: MOTHER.IN.LAW KJV Translations: mother-in-law Strong's Hebrew #: h.2545

( masc., חום / hhom ) Translation: HOT Definition: Having a relatively high temperature; eager; passionate. Alternate Spellings: חם KJV Translations: hot, warm, heat Strong's Hebrew #: h.2525, h.2527

( masc., חום / hhum ) Translation: BLACK Definition: A dark or darkened color; charcoal color. KJV Translations: brown Strong's Hebrew #: h.2345

( masc., חמן ) Translation: SUN.IDOL Definition: An object of worship representing the sun god. KJV Translations: image, idol Strong's Hebrew #: h.2553

( חמם ) Definition: The heat from the sun warms the contents of the bag.

( common, חמם / hh.m.m ) Translation: BE.WARM (V) Definition: To glow; project extreme heat. To be heated, either internally or externally, such as from the sun or a fire. KJV Translations: hot, heat, warm, enflame Strong's Hebrew #: h.2552

( fem., חממה ) Translation: SUN Definition: [To be verified] The source of heat. KJV Translations: sun, heat Strong's Hebrew #: h.2535

( חמא ) Definition: The curds produced from the skin bottle. This cheese has a buttery texture and flavor.

( fem., חמאה / hhem-ah ) Translation: CHEESE Definition: A food consisting of the coagulated, compressed and usually ripened curd of milk separated from the whey. Alternate Spellings: חמה KJV Translations: butter Strong's Hebrew #: h.2529

( fem., מחמאה ) Translation: CHEESE KJV Translations: butter Strong's Hebrew #: h.4260

( חום )

( fem., חומה / hho-mah ) Translation: RAMPART Definition: A fortified enclosure. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: wall, walled Strong's Hebrew #: h.2346

( יחם ) Definition: The heat from the sun warms the contents of the bag.

( common, יחם / y.hh.m ) Translation: HEAT (V) Definition: Natural body warmth, as well as the time of estrous when animals mate. Conception from an animal’s mating or through the heat of passion. KJV Translations: conceive, warm, hot, heat Strong's Hebrew #: h.3179

( גחם )

( masc., גחם ) Translation: BURNT Definition: Something that has been burned. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( חכם ) Definition: The wise thoughts and actions of a skilled person. Relationship to Parent: as a separating out of thoughts (see Isaiah 7:15)

( common, חכם / hh.k.m ) Translation: BE.SKILLED (V) Definition: To be able to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong; to act correctly in thought and action. KJV Translations: wise, wisdom, exceed Strong's Hebrew #: h.2449

( masc., חכם / hha-kham ) Translation: SKILLED.ONE Definition: A person characterized by a deep understanding of a craft; One with the ability to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong. KJV Translations: wise, wiseman, cunning, subtil, unwise, wiser Strong's Hebrew #: h.2450

( fem., חכמה / hhakh-mah ) Translation: SKILL Definition: The ability to decide or discern between good and bad, right and wrong; A deep understanding of a craft. KJV Translations: wisdom, wisely, skilful, wits Strong's Hebrew #: h.2451 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2452

( fem., חכמות ) Translation: WISDOM KJV Translations: wisdom, wise Strong's Hebrew #: h.2454

( masc., חכים ) Translation: WISE KJV Translations: wise Strong's Aramaic #: a.2445

( חמד ) Definition: Something of value or delighted in. Relationship to Parent: as in cheese as a delicacy

( common, חמד / hh.m.d ) Translation: CRAVE (V) Definition: To have a strong or inward desire for something. KJV Translations: desire, covet, delight, pleasant, beauty, lust, delectable Strong's Hebrew #: h.2530

( masc., חמד ) Translation: DESIRABLE Definition: [To be verified] Something that is desired. KJV Translations: desirable, pleasant Strong's Hebrew #: h.2531

( fem., חמדה / hhem-dah ) Translation: PLEASANT Definition: Having qualities that tend to give pleasure. An object of desire. KJV Translations: pleasant, desire, beloved, goodly, precious Strong's Hebrew #: h.2532

( masc., מחמד ) Translation: PLEASANT Definition: [To be verified] An object of desire. KJV Translations: pleasant, desire, goodly, lovely beloved Strong's Hebrew #: h.4261

( masc., חמדן ) Translation: DESIRED Definition: Something that is craved. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., מחמוד ) Translation: PLEASANT Definition: [To be verified] An object of desire. KJV Translations: pleasant Strong's Hebrew #: h.4262

( חמס ) Relationship to Parent: shaking

( common, חמס ) Translation: SHAKE (V) Definition: [To be verified] To shake someone or something violently. To do a wrong to another as a shaking. KJV Translations: violence, violate, shake, wrong, violent, take, bare Strong's Hebrew #: h.2554

( masc., חמס / hha-mas ) Translation: VIOLENCE Definition: Exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse. A fierce shaking. KJV Translations: violence, violent, cruelty, wrong, false, cruel, damage, injustice, unrighteous Strong's Hebrew #: h.2555

( masc., תחמס ) Translation: NIGHTHAWK Definition: An unclean unknown species of bird. KJV Translations: hawk Strong's Hebrew #: h.8464

( חמץ ) Definition: The harsh taste of something that has fermented or soured. Relationship to Parent: processing a food through heat or fermentation

( common, חמץ / hh.m.ts ) Translation: BE.SOUR (V) Definition: To be fermented by adding leaven to bread. Also, sour in taste, thought or action. Alternate Translations: leaven (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: leaven, cruel, dye, grieve Strong's Hebrew #: h.2556

( masc., חמץ / hha-mets ) Translation: LEAVENED.BREAD Definition: Dough that has had leaven added to make a sour bread. KJV Translations: leaven Strong's Hebrew #: h.2557

( masc., חמיץ ) Translation: SOURED KJV Translations: clean Strong's Hebrew #: h.2548

( masc., חמוץ ) Translation: SOURED KJV Translations: oppressed Strong's Hebrew #: h.2541

( masc., חומץ ) Translation: VINEGAR Definition: A soured liquid made from grapes. KJV Translations: vinegar Strong's Hebrew #: h.2558

( חמר ) Definition: A dark, thick and slimy substance often called bitumen is released the bottom of water pools rising to the surface in bubbles (seen as a boiling). This substance was used for waterproofing boats or other vessels as well as a type of mortar. Relationship to Parent: a separating out of substances

( common, חמר / hh.m.r ) Translation: PASTE (V) Definition: To smear a paste such as mortar on bricks or tar on a boat. KJV Translations: trouble, red, daub, foul Strong's Hebrew #: h.2560

( masc., חמר / hhey-mar ) Translation: TAR Definition: A dark and thick liquid that floats to the surface of water and is used as a waterproof covering for boats. KJV Translations: pure, red wine, wine, slime Strong's Hebrew #: h.2561, h.2564 Aramaic Definition: In Aramaic this word means "wine," probably from the dark and thick wine that floats to the surface of the wine vat. Strong's Aramaic #: a.2562

( masc., חמור / hha-mor ) Translation: DONKEY Definition: A male ass. KJV Translations: ass, heap Strong's Hebrew #: h.2543, h.2565

( masc., חומר / hho-mer ) Translation: MORTAR Definition: A thick and slimy soil used to join bricks or for making bricks. KJV Translations: clay, morter, mire, heap Strong's Hebrew #: h.2563(x2)

( masc., חומר / hho-mer ) Translation: HHOMER Definition: A dry standard of measurement equal to 65 Imperial gallons. KJV Translations: homer Strong's Hebrew #: h.2563(x2)

( masc., יחמור ) Translation: ROEBUCK Definition: An unknown animal, probably of a dark color. KJV Translations: deer Strong's Hebrew #: h.3180

( כמר )

( common, כמר / k.m.r ) Translation: BURN.BLACK (V) Definition: To char wood in a fire. A passion that burns for another. KJV Translations: yearn, kindle, black Strong's Hebrew #: h.3648

( masc., כומר ) Translation: PRIEST Definition: [To be verified] The priests of idolaters. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: priest Strong's Hebrew #: h.3649

( fem., מכמרת ) Translation: FISHING.NET Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: drag, net Strong's Hebrew #: h.4365

( masc., מכמור ) Translation: HUNTING.NET Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: net Strong's Hebrew #: h.4364

( masc., כמריר ) Translation: BLACKNESS Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of being burnt. KJV Translations: blackness Strong's Hebrew #: h.3650

( לחם ) Definition: Flour and water are mixed together and kneaded. Also war in the sense of fighting with the bread when kneading. Relationship to Parent: food

( common, לחם / l.hh.m ) Translation: FIGHT (V) Definition: To make war; to battle as to destruction; to attempt to defeat, subdue, or destroy an enemy by blows or weapons. Alternate Translations: wage war (when written in the niphil [passive] form) KJV Translations: fight, war, eat, overcome, devour, prevail Strong's Hebrew #: h.3898

( masc., לחם / le-hhem ) Translation: BREAD Definition: Baked and leavened bread primarily made of flour or meal. Also food in general. Relationship to Root: Through sense of the kneading, or stuggling, with bread dough. KJV Translations: bread, food, meat, loaves, shewbread, victuals, feast, fruit, provision Strong's Hebrew #: h.3899, h.3901 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3900

( masc., לחום ) Translation: MEAT KJV Translations: eating, flesh Strong's Hebrew #: h.3894

( fem., מלחמה / mil-hha-mah ) Translation: BATTLE Definition: A hostile encounter or engagement between opposing military forces. KJV Translations: battle, war, fight Strong's Hebrew #: h.4421

( פחם ) Relationship to Parent: from its heat

( masc., פחם ) Translation: CHARCOAL KJV Translations: coal Strong's Hebrew #: h.6352

( רחם ) Definition: The bowels are the seat of compassion. Relationship to Parent: in the sense of passion.

( common, רחם / r.hh.m ) Translation: HAVE.COMPASSION (V) Definition: Literally to cradle in ones arms to protect or cherish. By extension to have or show sympathy or sorrow. KJV Translations: mercy, compassion, pity, love, merciful Strong's Hebrew #: h.7355

( masc., רחם / re-hhem ) Translation: BOWELS Definition: The belly; the lower portion of the torso. Relationship to Root: The bowels are protected by by wrapping ones arms around it. KJV Translations: mercy, compassion, womb, bowels, pity, damsel, tender love, matrix Strong's Hebrew #: h.7356, h.7358 Strong's Aramaic #: a.7359

( masc., רחם / ra-hham ) ( fem., רחם / ra-hha-mah ) Translation: GIER-EAGLE Definition: An unknown species of bird, possibly a type of carrion. Relationship to Root: Carrion will first open the bowels to devour the bowels. KJV Translations: eagle Strong's Hebrew #: h.7360

( fem., רחמה ) Translation: YOUNG.MAIDEN Definition: [To be verified] From her womb. KJV Translations: two, eagle Strong's Hebrew #: h.7361

( masc., רחום / ra-hhum ) Translation: COMPASSIONATE Definition: Being sympathetic, and understanding. A protecting from harm. KJV Translations: merciful, compassion Strong's Hebrew #: h.7349

( masc., רחמני ) Translation: COMPASSIONATE KJV Translations: pitiful Strong's Hebrew #: h.7362

( חן ) Action: Camp, Grind Object: Camp, Mill Abstract: Beauty, Compassion Definition: A nomad's camp consisted of many family tents, which make up the clan camp. The camp can have as many as fifty tents or more in it. The tents are placed in a circular configuration, forming one continuous wall surrounding the camp. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a wall. The is a picture of a seed meaning "to continue". Combined these mean "wall continues".

( masc., חן / hheyn ) Translation: BEAUTY Definition: A person, place or thing that is graceful and precious; what is worth protecting. Relationship to Root: Within this wall is the family clan, a place of freedom, compassion and beauty. An encampment of tents. KJV Translations: grace, favour, gracious, pleasant, precious Strong's Hebrew #: h.2580

( fem., חנות ) Translation: ROOM Definition: [To be verified] As surrounded by walls. KJV Translations: cabin Strong's Hebrew #: h.2588

( fem., חנית ) Translation: SPEAR Definition: A long shaft with a pointed tip and used as a weapon. A tent pole which may also be used as a spear. Relationship to Root: The tent is supported by the poles. KJV Translations: spear, javelin Strong's Hebrew #: h.2595

( masc., תחן / ta-han ) ( fem., תחנה ) Translation: CAMPSITE Definition: A place suitable for or used as the location of a camp. KJV Translations: camp Strong's Hebrew #: h.8466

( masc., חינם / hhi-nam ) Translation: FREELY Definition: Having no restrictions. A work or action that is performed without wages or without cause. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: without cause, for nought, causeless, in vain, free, without cost, freely, innocent, cost me nothing, for nothing, without wages Strong's Hebrew #: h.2600

( חנן ) Definition: Within this wall is the family clan, a place of freedom, compassion and beauty. An encampment of tents.

( common, חנן / hh.n.n ) Translation: PROVIDE.PROTECTION (V) Definition: To rescue or give help to another, to treat as valuable. Alternate Translations: beseech (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form) KJV Translations: mercy, gracious, merciful, supplication, favour, besought, pity Strong's Hebrew #: h.2589, h.2603 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2604

( fem., חנין ) Translation: COMPASSION KJV Translations: favour Strong's Hebrew #: h.2594

( masc., חנון / hha-nun ) Translation: PROTECTIVE Definition: Providing a rescue or help to another in distress. KJV Translations: gracious Strong's Hebrew #: h.2587

( masc., תחנון ) Translation: SUPPLICATION KJV Translations: supplications, intreaties Strong's Hebrew #: h.8469

( חנה ) Definition: The first step to setting up the tent is to arrange the poles. The tent poles were sharpened at one end (and could be used as a weapon) and were driven into the ground. An encampment of tents.

( common, חנה / hh.n.h ) Translation: CAMP (V) Definition: To erect temporary shelters (as tents) together; to stop for the night and pitch the tents. Edenics: home - an exchange for the m and n KJV Translations: pitch, encamp, camp, abide, dwell, lie, rest Strong's Hebrew #: h.2583

( masc., מחנה / me-hha-neh ) Translation: CAMP Definition: A place suitable for or used as the location of a camp. The inhabitants of a camp. Relationship to Root: A place of beauty. KJV Translations: camp, host, company, tent, army, band, battle, drove Strong's Hebrew #: h.4264

( חין ) Definition: As the beauty of the camp. To give or show beauty, grace or mercy to another.

( masc., חין ) Translation: BEAUTY KJV Translations: comely Strong's Hebrew #: h.2433

( fem., תחנה ) Translation: SUPPLICATION KJV Translations: supplication, favour, grace Strong's Hebrew #: h.8467

( חמל )

( common, חמל / hh.m.l ) Translation: SHOW.PITY (V) Definition: To have compassion; to sympathize. KJV Translations: pity, compassion Strong's Hebrew #: h.2550

( fem., חמלה / hhem-lah ) Translation: PITIFUL Definition: Having or showing sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress with a desire to alleviate it. KJV Translations: merciful, pitiful Strong's Hebrew #: h.2551

( masc., מחמל ) Translation: PITY KJV Translations: pity Strong's Hebrew #: h.4263

( masc., חמול ) Translation: PITIED Definition: One who deserves pity, sorrow, or regret. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( חנף )

( common, חנף / hh.n.p ) Translation: BE.FILTHY (V) Definition: To be polluted or dirty. Usually in the sense of immorality. KJV Translations: pollute, defile, corrupt, profane Strong's Hebrew #: h.2610

( masc., חנף ) Translation: FILTHY Definition: [To be verified] One who is soiled with immorality. KJV Translations: hypocrite Strong's Hebrew #: h.2611

( fem., חנפה ) Translation: FILTHINESS KJV Translations: profaneness Strong's Hebrew #: h.2613

( masc., חונף ) Translation: FILTHINESS KJV Translations: hypocrisy Strong's Hebrew #: h.2612

( טחן ) Relationship to Parent: as in the grinding of limestone for making plaster

( common, טחן / t.hh.n ) Translation: GRIND (V) Definition: To reduce to fine particles through abrasion. KJV Translations: grind Strong's Hebrew #: h.2912

( fem., טחנה ) Translation: GRIND KJV Translations: grinding Strong's Hebrew #: h.2913

( חס ) Action: Support, Spare, Bow, Diminish Object: Refuge Abstract: Kindness, Lacking Definition: A place of support and trust.

( fem., חסות ) Translation: REFUGE Edenics: house - as the place of refuge KJV Translations: trust Strong's Hebrew #: h.2622

( חסה )

( common, חסה / hh.s.h ) Translation: REFUGE (V) Definition: To take shelter or place ones trust in someone or something of support. KJV Translations: trust, refuge, hope Strong's Hebrew #: h.2620

( masc., מחסה ) Translation: REFUGE Definition: [To be verified] Refuge, shelter, hope, trust. KJV Translations: refuge, shelter, hope, trust Strong's Hebrew #: h.4268

( חוס ) Definition: One who has been given refuge.

( common, חוס / hh.w.s ) Translation: SPARE (V) Definition: To forbear to destroy, punish, or harm; give asylum. Give refuge to another. KJV Translations: spare, pity, regard Strong's Hebrew #: h.2347

( יחס ) Definition: One is supported by his family line.

( common, יחס ) Translation: LINEAGE (V) Definition: [To be verified] Ones history within the family. Alternate Spellings: יחש KJV Translations: genealogy Strong's Hebrew #: h.3187

( masc., יחס ) Translation: LINEAGE Definition: [To be verified] Ones history within the family. Alternate Spellings: יחש KJV Translations: genealogy Strong's Hebrew #: h.3188

( חסד ) Definition: The bowing of the neck as a sign of respect and kindness to an equal.

( common, חסד ) Translation: BOW (V) Definition: [To be verified] To bow the head at the neck. KJV Translations: mercy, shame Strong's Hebrew #: h.2616

( masc., חסד / hhe-sed ) Translation: KINDNESS Definition: Of a sympathetic nature; quality or state of being sympathetic. In the sense of bowing the neck to another as a sign of kindness. KJV Translations: mercy, kindness, lovingkindness, goodness, kindly, merciful, favour, good, goodliness, pity, reproach, wicked Strong's Hebrew #: h.2617

( masc., חסיד ) Translation: KIND.ONE Definition: One who shows favor, mercy or compassion to another. KJV Translations: saint, holy, merciful, godly, good Strong's Hebrew #: h.2623

( fem., חסידה / hha-si-dah ) Translation: STORK Definition: An unclean bird having long legs and a long neck and bill. Also the soft feathers of the storks neck. Relationship to Root: From its long and bowed neck. KJV Translations: stork, feathers Strong's Hebrew #: h.2624

( חסר ) Definition: Something or someone that is lacking or diminished in quantity or quality. Relationship to Parent: needing support

( common, חסר / hh.s.r ) Translation: DIMINISH (V) Definition: To make less or cause to appear less; to lessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of. Be lacking or to decrease. KJV Translations: want, lack, fail, decrease, abate, lower, bereave Strong's Hebrew #: h.2637

( masc., חסר ) Translation: LACKING KJV Translations: void, want, lack, fail, destitute, need, poverty Strong's Hebrew #: h.2638, h.2639

( masc., חסיר ) Translation: LACKING KJV Translations: wanting Strong's Aramaic #: a.2627

( masc., חוסר ) Translation: WANTING Definition: Deficient in some part, thing, or respect. KJV Translations: want Strong's Hebrew #: h.2640

( masc., חסרון ) Translation: LACKING KJV Translations: wanting Strong's Hebrew #: h.2642

( masc., מחסור ) Translation: LACKING Definition: Being without; not having; wanting. KJV Translations: want, lack, need, poor, poverty, penury Strong's Hebrew #: h.4270

( חפ ) Action: Cover, Haste, Search, Delight, Flutter Object: Lid Abstract: Innocent, Atonement Definition: The tent is opened to allow one into its covering for protection. Anyone entering a tent will be protected at all costs by the owner. A secret is something that is covered and hidden. A haven as a place covered over for protection. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a wall. The is a mouth meaning "open". Combined these mean "wall opened".

( masc., חף ) Translation: INNOCENT Definition: [To be verified] One whose actions are covered. KJV Translations: innocent Strong's Hebrew #: h.2643

( חפף ) Definition: A cover of protection.

( common, חפף / hh.p.p ) Translation: BLANKET (V) Definition: To cover over. KJV Translations: cover Strong's Hebrew #: h.2653

( חפא ) Definition: Something that is covered and hidden.

( common, חפא ) Translation: COVER (V) KJV Translations: secretly Strong's Hebrew #: h.2644

( חפה )

( common, חפה ) Translation: COVER (V) KJV Translations: cover, overlay, cieled Strong's Hebrew #: h.2645

( חוף ) Definition: A covered or hidden place for protection.

( masc., חוף / hhoph ) Translation: SHORE Definition: The land bordering a body of water. A place covered. KJV Translations: haven, shore, coast, side Strong's Hebrew #: h.2348

( fem., חופה ) Translation: CANOPY Definition: [To be verified] A covering. KJV Translations: chamber, closet, defence Strong's Hebrew #: h.2646

( יחף )

( masc., יחף ) Translation: BAREFOOT Definition: [To be verified] An uncovered foot. KJV Translations: barefoot, unshod Strong's Hebrew #: h.3182

( חפז ) Relationship to Parent: a hurrying to hide

( common, חפז / hh.p.z ) Translation: HASTEN (V) Definition: To be in a hurry to move or act. KJV Translations: haste, tremble Strong's Hebrew #: h.2648

( masc., חיפזון / hhi-pha-zon ) Translation: HASTE Definition: A swift movement or action. KJV Translations: haste Strong's Hebrew #: h.2649

( חפן )

( masc., חופן / hho-phen ) Translation: CUPPED.HAND Definition: The bowl shape of the palm. KJV Translations: hand, fist Strong's Hebrew #: h.2651

( חפס ) Relationship to Parent: searching for something of value

( common, חפס / hh.p.s ) Translation: SEARCH (V) Definition: To look thoroughly in an effort to find or discover something. Alternate Spellings: חפש KJV Translations: search, disguise, search, change, diligent, hidden Strong's Hebrew #: h.2664

( masc., חפס ) Translation: SEARCH Alternate Spellings: חפש KJV Translations: search Strong's Hebrew #: h.2665

( חפץ ) Relationship to Parent: hiding a treasure

( common, חפץ / hh.p.ts ) Translation: DELIGHT (V) Definition: To desire something out of pleasure or necessity; to have a high degree of gratification. KJV Translations: delight, please, desire, will, pleasure, favour, like, move, would Strong's Hebrew #: h.2654

( masc., חפץ ) Translation: DELIGHT Definition: An object or action that one desires. KJV Translations: desire, pleasure, would, please, willing, favour, wish, delight Strong's Hebrew #: h.2655, h.2656

( כפר ) Definition: A protective covering to go over something or the covering of a debt or wrong.

( common, כפר / k.p.r ) Translation: COVER (V) Definition: To afford protection or security; to hide from sight or knowledge; to cover over as with a lid. Alternate Translations: make reconciliation (when written in the piel [intensive] form) Edenics: cover - with the exchange of the v and p KJV Translations: atonement, purge, reconcile, forgive, purge, pacify, mercy, cleanse, disannul, appease, put, pardon, pitch Strong's Hebrew #: h.3722

( masc., כפיר ) Translation: CUB Definition: A young lion. Also, a "village". Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: lion, village, young Strong's Hebrew #: h.3715

( masc., כפור / ke-phor ) Translation: HOARFROST Definition: A covering of small ice crystals, formed from frozen water vapor. KJV Translations: bason, hoarfrost Strong's Hebrew #: h.3713

( fem., כפורת / ka-po-ret ) Translation: LID Definition: The cover of a box or other container. KJV Translations: mercy seat Strong's Hebrew #: h.3727

( masc., כופר / ko-pher ) Translation: COVERING Definition: Something that covers or conceals. A covering such as pitch or a monetary covering such as a bribe or ransom. A "village" as a covering. KJV Translations: ransom, satisfaction, bribe, camphire, pitch, village Strong's Hebrew #: h.3723, h.3724

( masc., כיפור / ki-pur ) Translation: ATONEMENT Definition: An act of paying the price to release the debt or person. A covering over of transgression. KJV Translations: atonement Strong's Hebrew #: h.3725

( רחף ) Definition: The stirrings and shakings of a bird in the nest. Relationship to Parent: a bird covering the nest

( common, רחף / r.hh.p ) Translation: FLUTTER (V) Definition: To flap the wings rapidly. To move with quick wavering or flapping motions. Shake as a bird in the nest. KJV Translations: shake, move, flutter Strong's Hebrew #: h.7363

( חץ ) Action: Divide, Carve, Hew, Urge, Blow Object: Tent Wall, Arrow, Outside, Carving, Bosom, Yard Definition: The tent wall divides or separates the inside from the outside. The wall inside the tent divides the tent into two sections. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a wall. The is a picture of a man laying on his side. Combined these mean "wall of sides".

( masc., חץ / hheyts ) Translation: ARROW Definition: A missile weapon shot from a bow having a pointed head, slender shaft and feathers at the butt. Relationship to Root: A dividing of the flesh. KJV Translations: arrow, dart, shaft, wound Strong's Hebrew #: h.2671

( fem., חצות / hha-tsot ) Translation: CENTER Definition: The middle of something. KJV Translations: mid Strong's Hebrew #: h.2676

( fem., מחצית / ma-hha-tsit ) Translation: ONE.HALF Definition: A portion that is equal to the remainder. KJV Translations: half, much Strong's Hebrew #: h.4276

( masc., חצי / hha-tsi ) Translation: HALF Definition: An equal part of something divided into two pieces. Alternate Translations: middle KJV Translations: half, midst, part, midnight, middle Strong's Hebrew #: h.2677

( חצץ )

( common, חצץ ) Translation: DIVIDE (V) Definition: [To be verified] A division of something or a band as a division. KJV Translations: band, archer, midst Strong's Hebrew #: h.2686

( masc., חצץ ) Translation: ARROW Definition: [To be verified] As dividing flesh. KJV Translations: gravel, arrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.2687

( masc., חצצון ) Translation: DIVIDING Definition: A separating into parts. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( חצה )

( common, חצה / hh.ts.h ) Translation: DIVIDE (V) Definition: To separate into two or more parts, areas or groups. To divide in half. KJV Translations: divide, part, half, midst Strong's Hebrew #: h.2673

( fem., מחצה / me-hhe-tsat ) Translation: HALF.THE.SPOILS KJV Translations: half Strong's Hebrew #: h.4275

( חוץ ) Definition: To be outside of the tent walls.

( masc., חוץ / hhuts ) Translation: OUTSIDE Definition: A place or region beyond an enclosure or barrier. KJV Translations: without, street, abroad, out, outside, fields, forth, highway Strong's Hebrew #: h.2351

( חיץ )

( masc., חיץ ) Translation: WALL KJV Translations: wall Strong's Hebrew #: h.2434

( masc., חיצון ) Translation: OUTSIDE Definition: What is outward or external. Also the idea of secular as being outside. KJV Translations: utter, outward, without, outer Strong's Hebrew #: h.2435

( חטב ) Relationship to Parent: cutting

( common, חטב / hh.t.b ) Translation: CARVE (V) KJV Translations: hew, cut, polish Strong's Hebrew #: h.2404

( fem., חטובה ) Translation: CARVING KJV Translations: carved Strong's Hebrew #: h.2405

( חצב ) Definition: The cutting or hewing of wood or stone. Relationship to Parent: cutting

( common, חצב / hh.ts.b ) Translation: HEW (V) KJV Translations: dig, hew, mason, cut, divide, graven, made Strong's Hebrew #: h.2672

( masc., מחצב ) Translation: HEWN Definition: [To be verified] Something that is hewn. KJV Translations: hewn, hewed Strong's Hebrew #: h.4274

( חצן ) Relationship to Parent: enclosing

( masc., חצן ) Translation: BOSOM KJV Translations: bosom Strong's Hebrew #: h.2683

( masc., חוצן ) Translation: BOSOM KJV Translations: lap, arms Strong's Hebrew #: h.2684

( חצף ) Relationship to Parent: cutting off short

( common, חצף ) Translation: URGE (V) KJV Translations: haste, urgent Strong's Aramaic #: a.2685

( חצר ) Definition: When the trumpets from the city are sounded as an alarm of invasion, the inhabitants of the surrounding fields and villages, or yards, go to the protection of the walled city. Relationship to Parent: enclosing

( common, חצר ) Translation: BLOW.SOUND (V) Definition: [To be verified] To blow trumpets to make a loud sound. KJV Translations: sound, blow, trumpeter Strong's Hebrew #: h.2690

( masc., חצר / hha-tser ) Translation: COURTYARD Definition: The grounds of a building or group of buildings. Villages outside of the larger cities, as "the yard of the city. " A courtyard as outside the house. KJV Translations: court, village, town Strong's Hebrew #: h.2691

( fem., חצרה ) Translation: YARD Definition: [To be verified] The villages outside of the larger cities as the yard of the city. Also a courtyard as outside the house. Alternate Spellings: עזרה KJV Translations: settle, court Strong's Hebrew #: h.5835

( masc., חציר ) Translation: YARD Definition: The villages outside of the larger cities as the yard of the city. Also a courtyard as outside the house. KJV Translations: court Strong's Hebrew #: h.2681

( masc., חצרון / hhets-ron ) Translation: SURROUNDED.BY.A.WALL Definition: To be surrounded, encompassed, by a wall of stone or thorns for protection. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( חק ) Action: Inscribe Abstract: Custom Definition: A custom brings a people separated together. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a wall representing a separation. The is a picture of the sun at the horizon representing the idea of "coming together". Combined these mean "separation and coming together".

( חקק ) Definition: The appointment of a specific time, function or duty. A custom as something that is appointed.

( common, חקק / hh.q.q ) Translation: INSCRIBE (V) Definition: To write, engrave or print as a lasting record. A decree or custom. KJV Translations: lawgiver, governor, decree, grave, portray, law, printed, set, note, appoint Strong's Hebrew #: h.2710

( masc., חקק ) Translation: CUSTOM KJV Translations: thought, decree Strong's Hebrew #: h.2711

( חקה ) Definition: To write a decree or custom.

( common, חקה ) Translation: INSCRIBE (V) KJV Translations: portray, carve, print Strong's Hebrew #: h.2707

( חוק ) Definition: The appointment of a specific time, function or duty. A custom as something that is appointed.

( masc., חוק / hhuq ) ( fem., חוקה / hhu-qah ) Translation: CUSTOM Definition: A usage or practice common to many or to a particular place or class or habitual with an individual. KJV Translations: statute, ordinance, decree, due, law, portion, bounds, custom, appointed, commandment Strong's Hebrew #: h.2706, h.2708

( חר ) Action: Burn, Delay, Waste, Tremble Object: Back, Dung, White, Sword, Nettle Abstract: Anger Definition: A man outside in the desert sun becomes pale and hot. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a wall representing the outside. The is a picture of a man. Combined these mean "outside man".

( masc., חרי / hha-ri ) Translation: FLAMING Definition: A visible fire, usually used in the sense of a fierce anger. Relationship to Root: The heat from the sun. Heat of anger. Also tomorrow or later time as a delay. KJV Translations: fierce, heat Strong's Hebrew #: h.2750

( masc., חרון / hha-ron ) Translation: FLAMING.WRATH Definition: A fierce anger. KJV Translations: fierce, wrath, fury, wrathful, displeasure Strong's Hebrew #: h.2740

( masc., חרחר ) Translation: AFLAME KJV Translations: burning Strong's Hebrew #: h.2746

( חרר ) Definition: The heat from the sun. Also anger as a hot emotion.

( common, חרר ) Translation: SCORCH (V) KJV Translations: burn, dried, angry, kindle Strong's Hebrew #: h.2787

( masc., חרר ) Translation: SCORCHED.REGION KJV Translations: parched place Strong's Hebrew #: h.2788

( אחר ) Definition: Rather than work in the heat of the sun, one waits until the breeze of the day.

( common, אחר / a.hh.r ) Translation: DELAY (V) Definition: To stop, detain or hinder for a time. KJV Translations: tarry, defer, slack, continue, delay, hinder, stay, late Strong's Hebrew #: h.0309

( masc., אחר / a-hhar ) Translation: OTHER Definition: One that remains or follows after another. Alternate Translations: another KJV Translations: after, follow, afterward, behind, other, another, next, following Strong's Hebrew #: h.0312 Aramaic Spelling: אחרי Strong's Aramaic #: a.0317

( fem., אחרית / a-hha-rit ) Translation: END Definition: A final point that marks the extent of something. The latter time as coming after everything else. KJV Translations: end, latter, last, posterity, reward, hindermost Strong's Hebrew #: h.0319 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0320

( fem., מחר / ma-hhar ) Translation: TOMORROW Definition: The next day. At a time following. KJV Translations: tomorrow, time to come Strong's Hebrew #: h.4279

( fem., מחרת / ma-hha-ret ) Translation: MORROW Definition: The next day. At a time following. Alternate Translations: the next day (when prefixed with "from~") KJV Translations: morrow, next day, next Strong's Hebrew #: h.4283

( masc., אחור / a-hhor ) Translation: BACK Definition: The part of the body that is behind. To be in the rear of or behind something. KJV Translations: back, backward, behind, next, delay, hinder part Strong's Hebrew #: h.0268

( masc., אחרי / a-hhar-i ) Translation: AFTER Definition: A time to come beyond another event. Alternate Translations: afterward; behind; behind (when prefixed with "from~") Alternate Spellings: אחר KJV Translations: another, other Strong's Hebrew #: h.0310 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0311

( masc., אחרון / a-hha-ron ) ( fem., אחרונה / a-hha-ro-nah ) Translation: LAST Definition: In, to or toward the back. To be in back of, at the rear or following after something. KJV Translations: last, after, latter, end, utmost, following, hinder Strong's Hebrew #: h.0314

( masc., אחרן ) Translation: OTHER Definition: [To be verified] A time, person or thing that follows after. KJV Translations: another, other Strong's Aramaic #: a.0321

( masc., אחרין ) Translation: END Definition: [To be verified] The latter time as coming after everything else. KJV Translations: last Strong's Aramaic #: a.0318

( fem., אחורנית / a-hho-ra-niyt ) Translation: BACKWARD Definition: With the back foremost; in a reverse or contrary way; i.e. To walk backward in the sense of being after oneself. KJV Translations: backward, again Strong's Hebrew #: h.0322

( חרא ) Definition: What comes from the backside (as behind).

( masc., חרא ) Translation: DUNG KJV Translations: dung Strong's Hebrew #: h.2716

( fem., מחראה ) Translation: PRIVY KJV Translations: draught house Strong's Hebrew #: h.4280

( masc., תחרא / tahh-ra ) Translation: COLLAR Definition: The hole in the middle of a rectangular garment for the head to pass through. An area reinforced around the neck opening. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: habergeon Strong's Hebrew #: h.8473

( חרה ) Definition: One who is hot.

( common, חרה / hh.r.h ) Translation: FLARE.UP (V) Definition: To become suddenly excited or angry; to break out suddenly. Burn with a fierce anger. KJV Translations: kindle, wroth, hot, angry, displease, fret, incense, burn, earnest, grieve Strong's Hebrew #: h.2734

( masc., חירה ) Translation: NOBILITY Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., תחרה ) Translation: COMPETE Definition: [To be verified] From the heat of passion. KJV Translations: closest, contend Strong's Hebrew #: h.8474

( חור ) Definition: A bleaching by the sun.

( common, חור ) Translation: WHITE (V) Definition: [To be verified] To become white. KJV Translations: wax pale Strong's Hebrew #: h.2357

( masc., חור ) Translation: WHITE KJV Translations: white Strong's Hebrew #: h.2353, h.2715 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2358

( masc., חורי / hho-ri ) Translation: WHITE.BREAD Definition: Made with bleached flour. KJV Translations: network Strong's Hebrew #: h.2355, h.2751

( יחר ) Definition: Rather than work in the heat of the sun, one waits until the breeze of the day.

( common, יחר / y.hh.r ) Translation: STAY (V) Definition: To remain behind; to wait in anticipation. Alternate Spellings: יחל KJV Translations: hope, wait, tarry, trust, stay Strong's Hebrew #: h.3176, h.3186

( masc., יחיר ) Translation: DELAY KJV Translations: hope Strong's Hebrew #: h.3175

( fem., תוחרת ) Translation: HOPE Definition: [To be verified] An expectation for what will come. Alternate Spellings: תוחלת KJV Translations: hope Strong's Hebrew #: h.8431

( חרב ) Relationship to Parent: heat

( common, חרב / hh.r.b ) Translation: DRY.UP (V) Definition: To be a dry wasteland; to be laid waste and made desolate. KJV Translations: waste, dry, desolate, slay, decay, destroy Strong's Hebrew #: h.2717 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2718

( fem., חרב / hhe-rev ) Translation: SWORD Definition: A weapon with a long blade for cutting or thrusting. KJV Translations: sword, knife, dagger, axe, mattock Strong's Hebrew #: h.2719

( fem., חרבה / hhar-bah ) Translation: DRIED.OUT Definition: A dry or desolate place. Barren or uncultivated land. Also a dry land. KJV Translations: waste, desolate, desert, decayed, dry land, dry ground Strong's Hebrew #: h.2720, h.2723, h.2724

( masc., חורב / hho-rev ) Translation: PARCHING.HEAT Definition: An intense heat that causes shriveling or toasting. KJV Translations: heat, dry, drought, waste, desolation Strong's Hebrew #: h.2721

( masc., חרבון ) Translation: DROUGHT KJV Translations: drought Strong's Hebrew #: h.2725

( חרג ) Relationship to Parent: burning

( common, חרג ) Translation: TREMBLE (V) KJV Translations: afraid Strong's Hebrew #: h.2727

( חרד ) Relationship to Parent: burning

( common, חרד / hh.r.d ) Translation: TREMBLE (V) Definition: To shake involuntarily; shiver. KJV Translations: afraid, tremble, fray, careful, discomfit, quake Strong's Hebrew #: h.2729

( masc., חרד ) ( fem., חרדה / hha-ra-dah ) Translation: TREMBLING Definition: An involuntary shaking or shivering out of fear or awe. KJV Translations: tremble, afraid, trembling, fear, exceedingly, care, quaking Strong's Hebrew #: h.2730, h.2731

( חרך ) Definition: The roasting of meat on a grill over a fire. Relationship to Parent: burning

( common, חרך ) Translation: ROAST (V) Definition: [To be verified] To roast a food. Also a roasting of hair in a fire. KJV Translations: roast, singe Strong's Hebrew #: h.2760 Strong's Aramaic #: a.2761

( masc., חרך ) Translation: GRILL Definition: [To be verified] The crossed pieces of wood used for a grill. Also a window lattice of crossed sticks. KJV Translations: lattice Strong's Hebrew #: h.2762

( חרל ) Definition: The tiny thorns of the nettle that cause severe burning. Relationship to Parent: burning

( masc., חרול ) Translation: NETTLE KJV Translations: nettle Strong's Hebrew #: h.2738

( חרם ) Definition: A throwing of the net to capture fish, animals or man.

( common, חרם / hh.r.m ) Translation: PERFORATE (V) Definition: To fill with holes. To make holes. Alternate Translations: destroy (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: destroy, devote, accurse, consecrate, forfeit, flat nose, slay Strong's Hebrew #: h.2763

( masc., חרם ) ( fem., חרמה ) Translation: PERFORATED Definition: Something filled with holes or is perforated. Also something accursed in the sense of being filled with holes. KJV Translations: net, accursed, curse, devoted, destruction, dedicated, destroyed Strong's Hebrew #: h.2764

( masc., חרמון / hher-mon ) Translation: PERFORATED.ONE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( טחר )

( masc., טחור ) Translation: HEMORRHOIDS Definition: [To be verified] ? (Always written in the plural) KJV Translations: emerods Strong's Hebrew #: h.2914

( כרב ) Relationship to Parent: heat

( masc., כרוב / ke-ruv ) Translation: KERUV Definition: A supernatural creature, identified in other Semitic cultures as a winged lion, a Griffin. KJV Translations: cherubims, cherub Strong's Hebrew #: h.3742

( נחר )

( masc., נחר ) ( fem., נחרה ) Translation: NOSTRILS KJV Translations: nostrils, snorting Strong's Hebrew #: h.5170

( masc., נחיר ) Translation: NOSTRILS KJV Translations: nostril Strong's Hebrew #: h.5156

( masc., נחור / na-hhor ) Translation: SNORTING Definition: A forcing of the breath violently through the nostrils with a loud, harsh sound. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( חש ) Action: Bind, Silence, Attach, Gather, Whisper Abstract: Silence, Desire Definition: Something that is bound.

( חשה ) Definition: A mouth that is bound.

( common, חשה ) Translation: SILENCE (V) Edenics: hush KJV Translations: hold, still, silence, silent Strong's Hebrew #: h.2814

( חוש )

( masc., חושן / hho-shen ) Translation: BREASTPLATE Definition: An ornamental plate worn by the High Priest that held stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel and the Urim and Thummim. KJV Translations: breastplate Strong's Hebrew #: h.2833

( חשק ) Definition: A joining together in love or through a connection.

( common, חשק / hh.sh.q ) Translation: ATTACH (V) Definition: To bring one's self into an association with another. To have an attachment to another. KJV Translations: desire, love, fillet, delight Strong's Hebrew #: h.2836

( masc., חשק ) Translation: WANTING Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of attachment. KJV Translations: desire, that, pleasure Strong's Hebrew #: h.2837

( masc., חשוק / hha-shuq ) Translation: BINDER Definition: Attached around something. KJV Translations: fillet Strong's Hebrew #: h.2838

( masc., חישוק ) Translation: HUB Definition: [To be verified] What the wheel is attached to. KJV Translations: desire, that, pleasure Strong's Hebrew #: h.2839

( חרש )

( common, חרש / hh.r.sh ) Translation: KEEP.SILENT (V) Definition: To stand still and be silent. KJV Translations: peace, plow, devise, silence, hold, altogether, plowman, cease, conceal, deaf, graven image Strong's Hebrew #: h.2790(x2)

( masc., חרש / hhey-reysh ) Translation: SILENT Definition: A state of speechlessness or extreme quiet. KJV Translations: secretly, deaf Strong's Hebrew #: h.2795

( masc., חורש ) Translation: FOREST Definition: [To be verified] From its silence. KJV Translations: wood, forest, bough, shroud Strong's Hebrew #: h.2793

( masc., חרישי ) Translation: SILENT KJV Translations: vehement Strong's Hebrew #: h.2759

( חשר ) Relationship to Parent: bound

( fem., חשרה ) Translation: GATHERING KJV Translations: dark Strong's Hebrew #: h.2841

( masc., חישור ) Translation: SPOKE Definition: [To be verified] As gathered and bound to the wheel. KJV Translations: spoke Strong's Hebrew #: h.2840

( לחש ) Relationship to Parent: quiet

( common, לחש ) Translation: WHISPER (V) KJV Translations: whisper, charmer Strong's Hebrew #: h.3907

( masc., לחש ) Translation: WHISPER KJV Translations: enchantment, orator, earring, prayer, charmed Strong's Hebrew #: h.3908

( נחש ) Definition: The shining surface of brass and similar alloys.

( common, נחש / n.hh.sh ) Translation: PREDICT (V) KJV Translations: enchantment, divine, enchanter, indeed, certainly, learn, experience, diligently, observe Strong's Hebrew #: h.5172

( masc., נחש / na-hhash ) Translation: SERPENT Definition: A poisonous snake that hisses, creeps and bites. KJV Translations: serpent Strong's Hebrew #: h.5175

( masc., נחש / ne-hhash ) Translation: BRONZE Definition: [To be verified] From its shine. KJV Translations: brass, enchantment Strong's Hebrew #: h.5173 Aramaic Definition: In Aramaic this word means divination Strong's Aramaic #: a.5174

( fem., נחושת / ne-hho-shet ) Translation: COPPER Definition: A malleable, ductile, metallic element having a characteristic reddish-brown color. A precious metal. Relationship to Root: From its shine. KJV Translations: brass, brasen, fetters, chain, copper, filthiness, steel Strong's Hebrew #: h.5178

( masc., נחוש / na-hhush ) ( fem., נחושה / na-hhu-shah ) Translation: BRASS Definition: From its shine. KJV Translations: brass Strong's Hebrew #: h.5153, h.5154

( masc., נחשון ) Translation: DIVINER Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( חת ) Action: Break, Sieze, Relate, Snatch Object: Ruin, Wedding, Prey Abstract: Fear, In-law Definition: An action or person that is broken in terror, fear or dismay.

( masc., חת / hhet ) Translation: TREMBLING.IN.FEAR Definition: A physical reaction, such as shivering, in fear or dread. Edenics: hate KJV Translations: dread, broken, fear, dismayed Strong's Hebrew #: h.2844

( fem., מחתה / mahh-tah ) Translation: FIRE.PAN Definition: A tray for carrying hot coals. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: censer, firepan, snuffdish Strong's Hebrew #: h.4289

( fem., חיתה / hhi-tah ) Translation: DREAD Definition: Great fear, especially in the face of impending evil. KJV Translations: terror Strong's Hebrew #: h.2847

( masc., חתחת ) Translation: DREADFUL.THING KJV Translations: fear Strong's Hebrew #: h.2849

( חתת )

( common, חתת / hh.t.t ) Translation: TAKE.ABACK (V) Definition: To beat or shatter into pieces; to fear or be in terror in the sense of being shattered. KJV Translations: dismayed, afraid, break in pieces, broken, break down, abolish, amazed, confound, discouraged, beat down, scarest, terrify Strong's Hebrew #: h.2865

( masc., חתת ) Translation: BREAKING KJV Translations: cast down Strong's Hebrew #: h.2866

( fem., חתית ) Translation: DREADFULNESS KJV Translations: terror Strong's Hebrew #: h.2851

( חתה ) Definition: To break down causing a great fear.

( common, חתה ) Translation: SEIZE (V) KJV Translations: take, heap Strong's Hebrew #: h.2846

( חית ) Definition: Something that is broken into pieces.

( fem., מחיתה ) Translation: RUIN KJV Translations: destruction, terror, ruin, dismay Strong's Hebrew #: h.4288

( חסם ) Definition: Used to stop the animal from biting or eating.

( common, חסם / hh.s.m ) Translation: MUZZLE (V) KJV Translations: muzzle, stop Strong's Hebrew #: h.2629

( masc., מחסום ) Translation: MUZZLE KJV Translations: bridle Strong's Hebrew #: h.4269

( חתן ) Definition: A relating to another through marriage. Relationship to Parent: taking hold

( common, חתן / hh.t.n ) Translation: BE.AN.IN.LAW (V) Definition: To have a relationship with another through marriage. KJV Translations: in-law, affinity, marriage Strong's Hebrew #: h.2859

( masc., חתן / hha-tan ) Translation: IN.LAW Definition: One related by marriage. KJV Translations: in-law, bridegroom, husband Strong's Hebrew #: h.2860

( fem., חתנה ) Translation: WEDDING KJV Translations: espousal Strong's Hebrew #: h.2861

( חתף ) Definition: The snatching of prey by a predator. Relationship to Parent: taking hold

( common, חתף ) Translation: SNATCH (V) Definition: [To be verified] To snatch prey. KJV Translations: take Strong's Hebrew #: h.2862

( masc., חתף ) Translation: PREY Definition: [To be verified] As snatched by a predator. KJV Translations: prey Strong's Hebrew #: h.2863

( חתר ) Definition: A digging through to penetrate through or into something.

( common, חתר ) Translation: DIG (V) Definition: [To be verified] Also to row as digging in the water with a paddle. KJV Translations: dig, row Strong's Hebrew #: h.2864

( fem., מחתרת / mahh-te-ret ) Translation: SEARCHING Definition: A digging up to uncover something hidden. KJV Translations: breaking, search Strong's Hebrew #: h.4290