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AHLB - Kaph

( כב ) Action: Quench, Heavy, Multiply Object: Liver, Net Abstract: Sorrow, Honor, Abudance

( כאב )

( common, כאב / k.a.b ) Translation: BE.IN.MISERY (V) Definition: A state of suffering and want due to poverty or affliction. KJV Translations: sorrowful, sore, pain, sad, mar, grieve Strong's Hebrew #: h.3510

( masc., כאב ) Translation: MISERY KJV Translations: sorrow, grief, pain Strong's Hebrew #: h.3511

( masc., מכאוב / makh-ov ) Translation: MISERY Definition: An agony of the heart. KJV Translations: sorrow, pain, grief Strong's Hebrew #: h.4341

( כבה )

( common, כבה / k.b.h ) Translation: QUENCH (V) KJV Translations: quench, out Strong's Hebrew #: h.3518

( כבד ) Definition: Someone or something that is heavy in weight, wealth, abundance, importance or respect. Relationship to Parent: from the stars as abundant

( common, כבד / k.b.d ) Translation: BE.HEAVY (V) Definition: To be great in weight, wealth or importance. Alternate Translations: honor (when written in the piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: honour, glorify, heavy, harden, glorious, sore, great, many, promote Strong's Hebrew #: h.3513

( fem., כבד / ka-ved ) Translation: HEAVY Definition: Having great weight. Something that is weighty. May also be grief or sadness in the sense of heaviness. Also, the liver as the heaviest of the organs. Alternate Translations: heaviness; liver (as the heaviest organ in the body) KJV Translations: great, grievous, heavy, sore, hard, much, slow, hardened, heavier, laden, thick, liver Strong's Hebrew #: h.3515, h.3516

( fem., כבדות / ke-vey-dut ) Translation: HEAVINESS Definition: A physical or spiritual weight. A sadness or burden. KJV Translations: heavily Strong's Hebrew #: h.3517

( masc., כבוד / ka-vod ) Translation: ARMAMENT Definition: The arms and equipment of a soldier or military unit. From a root meaning "heavy" and often paralleled with other weapons. Figurative for power. Relationship to Root: As heavy KJV Translations: glory, honour Strong's Hebrew #: h.3519

( fem., כבודה ) Translation: HEAVILY KJV Translations: carriage, glorious, stately Strong's Hebrew #: h.3520

( masc., כובד ) Translation: HEAVY KJV Translations: heavy, grievousness, great Strong's Hebrew #: h.3514

( כבר ) Definition: Nets are used for catching an abundance of fish. Relationship to Parent: from the stars as abundant

( common, כבר ) Translation: MULTIPLY (V) KJV Translations: multiply Strong's Hebrew #: h.3527, h.4342

( masc., כבר ) Translation: ALREADY Definition: [To be verified] What has previously happened. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: already, now Strong's Hebrew #: h.3528

( fem., כברה ) Translation: SIEVE Definition: [To be verified] As functioning as a net. KJV Translations: sieve Strong's Hebrew #: h.3531

( masc., מכבר ) Translation: COVERLET Definition: [To be verified] A netted cloth. KJV Translations: cloth Strong's Hebrew #: h.4346

( masc., כביר ) Translation: PROLIFIC Definition: [To be verified] Prolific as a large number of holes in a net or sieve. KJV Translations: pillow, mighty, much, strong, most Strong's Hebrew #: h.3523, h.3524

( fem., כיברה / kiv-rah ) Translation: SHORT Definition: Having little length. A brief distance. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: little Strong's Hebrew #: h.3530

( masc., מכבר / mikh-bar ) Translation: GRATE Definition: An agricultural device, like a sieve, used to separate the grain form the stem. KJV Translations: grate Strong's Hebrew #: h.4345

( ככב )

( masc., כוכב / ko-khav ) Translation: STAR Definition: A natural luminous body visible in the night sky. KJV Translations: star Strong's Hebrew #: h.3556

( כד ) Action: Strike Object: Flint, Spark, Spear Abstract: Destruction Definition: A fire is started by striking an iron implement on a piece of flint rock that creates a spark.

( masc., כד / kad ) Translation: JAR Definition: A sudden and unexpected shake; a wide-mouthed container. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: pitcher, barrel Strong's Hebrew #: h.3537

( masc., כדכד ) Translation: FLINT KJV Translations: agate Strong's Hebrew #: h.3539

( כדד ) Definition: Formed by striking iron on flint.

( masc., כידוד ) Translation: SPARK KJV Translations: spark Strong's Hebrew #: h.3590

( אכד )

( masc., אכד ) Translation: DELICATE Definition: [To be verified] (A word of uncertain meaning) KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( כיד )

( masc., כיד ) Translation: DESTRUCTION KJV Translations: destruction Strong's Hebrew #: h.3589

( masc., כידון ) Translation: SPEAR Definition: [To be verified] Used to strike at the enemy. Takes the blow of the spear. KJV Translations: spear, shield, lance, target Strong's Hebrew #: h.3591

( כדר )

( masc., כדר ) Translation: FIGHTING Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., כידור ) Translation: ATTACK KJV Translations: battle Strong's Hebrew #: h.3593

( כה ) Action: Burn, Dim, Sad Object: Brand Abstract: Dimness Definition: The burning of the skin. Relationships: Related to כי.

( fem., כהה ) Translation: DARKENING KJV Translations: healing Strong's Hebrew #: h.3545

( כהה ) Definition: From the darkened color of a burn.

( common, כהה / k.h.h ) Translation: DIM (V) Definition: Emitting a limited or insufficient amount of light; seen indistinctly or without clear outlines or details.. To be dark in the eyes or knowledge. KJV Translations: dim, fail, faint, darken, utterly, restrain Strong's Hebrew #: h.3543

( masc., כהה ) Translation: DIMNESS KJV Translations: dark, darkish, dim, smoking, heaviness Strong's Hebrew #: h.3544

( כאה ) Definition: A darkening of the soul.

( common, כאה ) Translation: SAD (V) KJV Translations: sad, broken, grieve Strong's Hebrew #: h.3512

( כוה )

( common, כוה ) Translation: SINGE (V) KJV Translations: burn Strong's Hebrew #: h.3554

( masc., כוה / ko ) Translation: IN.THIS.WAY Definition: To do something in a certain manner; a reference to the previous or following context. Alternate Translations: that way; just like this (when prefixed with "like~") Alternate Spellings: ככוה KJV Translations: thus, so, after, like, hitherto, while, manner Strong's Hebrew #: h.3541, h.3602 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3542

( fem., כויה / ke-wi-yah ) Translation: SINGEING Definition: A burning of the skin or hair. KJV Translations: burn Strong's Hebrew #: h.3555

( fem., מכוה ) Translation: SINGE.SCAR KJV Translations: burn Strong's Hebrew #: h.4348

( כו ) Object: Window

( fem., כו ) Translation: WINDOW KJV Translations: window Strong's Aramaic #: a.3551

( כז )

( כזב ) Definition: Vain words spoken to deceive, cause failure or disappoint. What does not function in the capacity that it was meant to.

( common, כזב / k.z.b ) Translation: LIE (V) Definition: To give a spoken word to deceive, cause failure or disappoint; Not functioning within its intended capacity KJV Translations: lie, liar, vain, fail Strong's Hebrew #: h.3576

( masc., כזב ) Translation: LIE Definition: > KJV Translations: lie, liar, leasing, deceitful, false Strong's Hebrew #: h.3577

( fem., כיזבה ) Translation: LYING Alternate Spellings: כדבה KJV Translations: lying Strong's Aramaic #: a.3538

( masc., אכזב ) Translation: LIE KJV Translations: lie, liar Strong's Hebrew #: h.0391

( כזר )

( masc., אכזר ) Translation: CRUEL KJV Translations: cruel, fierce Strong's Hebrew #: h.0393

( masc., אכזרי ) Translation: CRUEL KJV Translations: cruel Strong's Hebrew #: h.0394

( fem., אכזריות ) Translation: CRUEL KJV Translations: cruel Strong's Hebrew #: h.0395

( כח ) Action: Chastise, Firm Definition: To correct or chastise with a firm hand. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the palm of the hand, the is a picture of a wall. Combined these mean "palm wall".

( כוח )

( masc., כוח / ko-ahh ) Translation: STRENGTH Definition: The quality or state of being strong. KJV Translations: strength, power, might, force, ability, able, chameleon, substance, wealth Strong's Hebrew #: h.3581

( יכח )

( common, יכח / y.k.hh ) Translation: CONVICT (V) Definition: To find or prove to be guilty. KJV Translations: reprove, rebuke, correct, plead, reason, chasten, appoint, argue Strong's Hebrew #: h.3198

( fem., תוכחה ) Translation: CONVICTION Definition: A fixed or firm confidence in truth. KJV Translations: reproof, rebuke, reprove, argument Strong's Hebrew #: h.8433

( כחש ) Definition: A withholding or denial of something such as food resulting in leanness and truth through a lie.

( common, כחש / k.hh.sh ) Translation: DENY (V) Definition: To disclaim connection with or responsibility for. Withhold something from another or self as in a lie or submission. KJV Translations: lie, submit, deny, fail, dissemble, liar, deceive Strong's Hebrew #: h.3584

( masc., כחש ) Translation: LIE Definition: [To be verified] A denial of the truth. A denial of food. KJV Translations: lying, lies, leanness Strong's Hebrew #: h.3585, h.3586

( נכח )

( masc., נכח ) Translation: IN.FRONT.OF Definition: [To be verified] In front of or opposite to something. KJV Translations: before, against Strong's Hebrew #: h.5226

( masc., נכוח ) Translation: STRAIGHT Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of being in front. KJV Translations: right, uprightness, plain Strong's Hebrew #: h.5228

( fem., נכוחה ) Translation: STRAIGHTNESS Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of being in front. KJV Translations: uprightness, right, equity Strong's Hebrew #: h.5229

( masc., נוכח / no-khahh ) Translation: IN.FRONT Definition: Before or opposite to something. KJV Translations: against, before, directly, for, on, over Strong's Hebrew #: h.5227

( שכח )

( common, שכח / sh.k.hh ) Translation: FORGET (V) Definition: To lose remembrance of; to cease remembering or noticing. KJV Translations: forget, find Strong's Hebrew #: h.7911 Aramaic Definition: In Aramaic, to "find." Strong's Aramaic #: a.7912

( masc., שכח ) Translation: FORGET KJV Translations: forget Strong's Hebrew #: h.7913

( כי ) Action: Burn Relationships: Related to כה.

( masc., כי ) Translation: BURNING KJV Translations: burning Strong's Hebrew #: h.3587

( masc., כי / ki ) Translation: GIVEN.THAT Definition: Prone or disposed to according to what preceded. A reference to the previous or following context. Relationship to Root: In the sense of a burning knowledge. Alternate Translations: because; but; given; if; that; that; when; even though (when attached to the word "WHICH"); instead (when followed by the word "IF"); since (when followed by the word "SO") KJV Translations: that, because, for, if, surely, except, yea, doubtless Strong's Hebrew #: h.3588

( כל ) Action: Complete, Able, Sustain, Finish, Restrain, Eat Object: Vessel, Food, House, Prison Abstract: Whole, Villain Definition: An animal or land that is tamed has been worked and is complete and ready for use. Taming include; construction of holding pens, putting the soil to the plow, harvesting of crops, milk or meat. One eats once the harvest is complete. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the bent palm representing the bending or subduing of the will, the is a picture of a shepherd staff or yoke. Combined these mean "tame for the yoke".

( fem., כלה / ka-lah ) Translation: COMPLETION Definition: The act or process of completing. This can be in a positive sense or negative, such as in a failure. Relationship to Root: A container for holding contents. Something that is full or whole. KJV Translations: end, altogether, consume, consumption, consummation, determine, riddance Strong's Hebrew #: h.3617

( masc., כלי / ke-li ) Translation: ITEM Definition: A utensil or implement usually for carrying or storing various materials. KJV Translations: vessel, instrument, weapon, jewel, stuff, thing, armour, furniture, carriage, bag Strong's Hebrew #: h.3627

( fem., כליה / kil-yah ) Translation: KIDNEY Definition: An organ of the body. The seat of emotion in Hebraic thought. KJV Translations: kidneys, reins Strong's Hebrew #: h.3629

( fem., תכלה ) Translation: ACHIEVEMENT KJV Translations: perfection Strong's Hebrew #: h.8502

( fem., תכלת / te-khey-let ) Translation: BLUE Definition: A color that is created with the use of a dye. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: blue Strong's Hebrew #: h.8504

( fem., תכלית ) Translation: BOUNDARY Definition: [To be verified] The ends of the whole. KJV Translations: end, perfection, perfect Strong's Hebrew #: h.8503

( masc., כליון ) Translation: FAILING Definition: A complete destruction or inability to perform an action. KJV Translations: failing, consumption Strong's Hebrew #: h.3631

( כלל ) Definition: Something that is whole or a container that holds something completely.

( common, כלל ) Translation: ERECT (V) KJV Translations: perfect, finish Strong's Hebrew #: h.3634 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3635

( fem., כללה / kal-lah ) Translation: DAUGHTER.IN.LAW Definition: The wife of one’s son. Bride of the son, as brought into the camp, in the sense of making the man complete. KJV Translations: daughter-in-law, bride, spouse Strong's Hebrew #: h.3618

( masc., כליל / ka-lil ) Translation: ENTIRELY Definition: A state of being complete. All of it. No missing parts; complete by including everything. KJV Translations: perfect, wholly, perfection, utterly, whole Strong's Hebrew #: h.3632

( fem., כלולה ) Translation: BRIDE.HOOD Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of becoming complete. KJV Translations: espousal Strong's Hebrew #: h.3623

( masc., מכלל ) Translation: PERFECTION KJV Translations: perfection Strong's Hebrew #: h.4359

( masc., מכלול ) Translation: FULLY KJV Translations: gorgeously, sorts Strong's Hebrew #: h.4358

( masc., מכלול ) Translation: CHOICE Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of being whole and complete. KJV Translations: all Strong's Hebrew #: h.4360

( אכל ) Definition: Through sustenance one becomes whole and satisfied.

( common, אכל / a.k.l ) Translation: EAT (V) Definition: To consume food; to destroy. A devouring of a fire. Edenics: kill; Eagle KJV Translations: eat, devour, consume Strong's Hebrew #: h.0398 Strong's Aramaic #: a.0399

( fem., אכלה / akh-lah ) Translation: FOOD Definition: Something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies. For giving sustenance and making one whole. KJV Translations: meat, devour, fuel, eat, consume, food Strong's Hebrew #: h.0402

( masc., מאכל / ma-a-kal ) Translation: NOURISHMENT Definition: Food; nutriment. For giving sustenance and making one whole. KJV Translations: meat, food, fruit, manner, victual Strong's Hebrew #: h.3978

( fem., מאכלת / ma-a-ke-let ) Translation: KNIFE Definition: A cutting instrument consisting of a sharp blade and handle. What is used for preparing and eating food. KJV Translations: knife Strong's Hebrew #: h.3979

( fem., אכילה ) Translation: MEAL Definition: [To be verified] For giving sustenance and making one whole. KJV Translations: meat Strong's Hebrew #: h.0396

( masc., אוכל / o-khel ) Translation: FOODSTUFF Definition: A substance that may be eaten for giving sustenance and making one whole. KJV Translations: meat, food, eating, victuals, prey Strong's Hebrew #: h.0400

( fem., מאכולת ) Translation: FUEL Definition: [To be verified] As food for the fire. KJV Translations: fuel Strong's Hebrew #: h.3980

( כלא ) Definition: A prison or fold for restraining men or animals in the sense of whole.

( common, כלא / k.l.a ) Translation: RESTRICT (V) Definition: To confine within bounds. Hold back or prevent someone or something. KJV Translations: shut up, stay, refrain, withhold, keep, finish, forbid, retain Strong's Hebrew #: h.3607

( masc., כלא ) Translation: PRISON Edenics: ce; cellar KJV Translations: prison Strong's Hebrew #: h.3608

( masc., כליא ) Translation: PRISON Alternate Spellings: כלוא KJV Translations: prison Strong's Hebrew #: h.3628

( masc., כילא ) Translation: MINGLED Definition: Something produced by the forbidden practice of crossing together different kinds, such as crossbreeding cattle and the mixing of wool and linen. Always written in the double plural form. KJV Translations: mingle, diverse Strong's Hebrew #: h.3610

( fem., מכלאה ) Translation: FOLD KJV Translations: fold Strong's Hebrew #: h.4356

( הכל ) Definition: An enclosure for a resident god or king in the sense of whole.

( masc., היכל ) Translation: PALACE Definition: The residence of a god (temple) or king (palace). KJV Translations: temple, palace Strong's Hebrew #: h.1964 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1965

( כהל ) Definition: One who is whole or complete is able to do or perform something.

( common, כהל ) Translation: ABLE (V) KJV Translations: able, could Strong's Aramaic #: a.3546

( כלה )

( common, כלה / k.l.h ) Translation: FINISH (V) Definition: To bring to an end; terminate; to complete an action, event. Edenics: cell (to contain or complete) KJV Translations: consume, end, finish, fail, accomplish, done, spend, determine, away, fulfill, faint, destroy, left, waste Strong's Hebrew #: h.3615

( masc., כלה ) Translation: FAILING Definition: [To be verified] Something that is incomplete. KJV Translations: fail Strong's Hebrew #: h.3616

( fem., מכלה ) Translation: FINISHED KJV Translations: perfect Strong's Hebrew #: h.4357

( כול )

( common, כול / k.w.l ) Translation: SUSTAIN (V) Definition: To provide what is needed to make someone or something whole or complete. KJV Translations: contain, feed, sustain, abide, nourish, hold, receive, victual, bear, comprehend Strong's Hebrew #: h.3557

( masc., כול / kol ) Translation: ALL Definition: The whole of a group. Relationship to Root: In the sense of being full of food. Alternate Translations: any; every; among (when followed by the prefix "to~") Edenics: whole KJV Translations: everything, all, whosoever, nothing, yet Strong's Hebrew #: h.3605 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3606

( fem., מכולת ) Translation: SUSTENANCE Definition: [To be verified] What sustains. KJV Translations: food Strong's Hebrew #: h.4361

( יכל ) Definition: One who is whole or complete is able to do or perform something.

( common, יכל / y.k.l ) Translation: BE.ABLE (V) Definition: To successfully prevail, overcome or endure. KJV Translations: can, able, prevail, may, endure, might Strong's Hebrew #: h.3201 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3202

( masc., מיכל ) Translation: VESSEL Definition: [To be verified] A container of holding water. KJV Translations: brook Strong's Hebrew #: h.4323

( כיל ) Definition: One who is held in a prison.

( masc., כילי ) Translation: VILLAIN KJV Translations: churl Strong's Hebrew #: h.3596

( כלב )

( masc., כלב / ke-lev ) Translation: DOG Definition: An unclean four-footed animal. Also meaning contempt or reproach. KJV Translations: dog Strong's Hebrew #: h.3611

( masc., כלוב ) Translation: BASKET Relationship to Root: unknown connection to root KJV Translations: cage, basket Strong's Hebrew #: h.3619

( כלח )

( masc., כלח ) Translation: FULL.AGE Definition: > KJV Translations: old age, full age Strong's Hebrew #: h.3624

( נכל )

( common, נכל / n.k.l ) Translation: BE.CRAFTY (V) Definition: The doing of a thing slyly or cunningly. KJV Translations: deceiver, beguile, subtly, conspire Strong's Hebrew #: h.5230

( masc., נכל ) Translation: CRAFTINESS KJV Translations: wiles Strong's Hebrew #: h.5231

( סכל ) Definition: The ability to consider a situation with comprehension in order to be successful or prosperous.

( common, סכל / s.k.l ) Translation: CALCULATE (V) Definition: To comprehend and carefully consider a path or course of action; to determine by deduction or practical judgment; Alternate Spellings: שכל KJV Translations: understand, wise, prosper, wisely, understanding, consider, instruct, prudent, skill, teach, consider Strong's Hebrew #: h.7919 Strong's Aramaic #: a.7920

( masc., סכל ) Translation: UNDERSTANDING Alternate Spellings: שכל KJV Translations: understanding, wisdom, wise, prudence, knowledge, sense, discretion, policy Strong's Hebrew #: h.7922

( fem., סכלת ) Translation: UNDERSTANDING Alternate Spellings: שכלתנו KJV Translations: understanding Strong's Aramaic #: a.7924

( כם ) Action: Store Object: Treasure Abstract: Desire, Hunger

( כמה ) Definition: To have a strong desire.

( common, כמה ) Translation: HUNGERS (V) KJV Translations: long Strong's Hebrew #: h.3642

( כמז ) Relationship to Parent: storing something precious

( masc., כומז / ku-maz ) Translation: ARM.BAND Definition: An insignia or emblem showing loyalty or ownership. KJV Translations: table Strong's Hebrew #: h.3558

( כמן ) Definition: Something that is hidden or stored away. Relationship to Parent: storing something precious

( masc., כמון ) Translation: CUMIN Definition: [To be verified] A seed used as a spice. Edenics: cumin KJV Translations: cummin Strong's Hebrew #: h.3646

( masc., מכמן ) Translation: TREASURE KJV Translations: treasure Strong's Hebrew #: h.4362

( כמס ) Definition: The storing of something of value. Relationship to Parent: storing something precious

( common, כמס / k.m.s ) Translation: STORE (V) KJV Translations: store Strong's Hebrew #: h.3647

( כן ) Action: Stand, Gather, Hide Object: Root, Beard, Bundle, Wing Abstract: Sure, Humility, Associate Definition: When the seed opens the roots begin to form the base of the plant by going down into the soil. The plant rises out of the ground forming the stalk of the plant. A tall tree can only stand tall and firm because of the strong root system which supports it. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the open palm, the is a picture of a seed. Combined these mean "opening of a seed".

( masc., כן / keyn ) Translation: BASE Definition: The bottom or foundation which provides support. A person's home or family as being a base. A species of gnat. Relationship to Root: The base that supports that which stands firm. KJV Translations: foot, estate, base, office, place, well, lice, manner Strong's Hebrew #: h.3653

( masc., כן / keyn ) Translation: GNAT Definition: A small flying insect. KJV Translations: lice Strong's Hebrew #: h.3654

( masc., כן / keyn ) Translation: SO Definition: In a manner or way indicated or suggested. What comes before or after another event. Relationship to Root: In the sense of being a base or a firm standing. Alternate Translations: should; thus; because of this (when prefixed with "to~") KJV Translations: so, thus, like, well, such, howbeit, state, after, that, following, therefore, wherefore, surely, as follows Strong's Hebrew #: h.3651 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3652

( fem., כנמה ) Translation: IN.THIS.MANNER Definition: [To be verified] A firmness in a situation. KJV Translations: thus, so, sort, manner Aramaic Spelling: כנמא Strong's Aramaic #: a.3660

( fem., מכונה / me-kho-nah ) Translation: PEDESTAL Definition: A base that is firm and functions as a supports. KJV Translations: base Strong's Hebrew #: h.4350

( fem., מכונה ) Translation: BASE.PLATE Definition: [To be verified] What is firm and supports something. KJV Translations: base Strong's Hebrew #: h.4369

( אכן ) Definition: A firm or sure position.

( masc., אכן / a-kheyn ) Translation: SURELY Definition: In a sure manner. To be firm in something. Alternate Translations: however; only Alternate Spellings: אך KJV Translations: also, but, certainly, even, howbeit, least, nevertheless, notwithstanding, only, save, scarce, surely, sure, truly, verily, wherefore, yet Strong's Hebrew #: h.0389, h.0403

( כהן ) Definition: The base which supports the people.

( common, כהן / k.h.n ) Translation: ADORN (V) Definition: To put on special ornaments or garments for a special office or event. (see Isaiah 61:10). KJV Translations: minister, execute, deck, office, priest Strong's Hebrew #: h.3547

( fem., כהונה / ke-hu-nah ) Translation: ADMINISTRATION Definition: The collective members from the tribe of Levi who administrate over the tent of meeting or the temple. KJV Translations: priesthood, priest's office Strong's Hebrew #: h.3550

( masc., כוהן / ko-heyn ) Translation: ADMINISTRATOR Definition: One who manages the affairs and activities of an organization. The administrators (often translated as "priest") of Israel are Levites who manage the Tent of Meeting, and later the Temple, as well as teach the people the teachings and directions of YHWH, and perform other duties, such as the inspection of people and structures for disease. Relationship to Root: The base which supports the people. KJV Translations: priest, chief, officer, prince Strong's Hebrew #: h.3548 Aramaic Spelling: כהן Strong's Aramaic #: a.3549

( כנה ) Definition: Words or names that are given in support of another.

( common, כנה ) Translation: FLATTER (V) Definition: [To be verified] To give words or a name of honor. KJV Translations: surname, flattering title Strong's Hebrew #: h.3655

( masc., קנה / qa-neh ) Translation: STALK Definition: The main stem and support of a plant. KJV Translations: reed, branch, calamus, cane, stalk, vineyard Strong's Hebrew #: h.7070

( כון )

( common, כון / k.w.n ) Translation: PREPARE (V) Definition: To put in proper condition or readiness. Alternate Translations: be ready (when written in the niphil [passive] form); estblish (when written in the piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: prepare, establish, ready, provide, right, fix, set, direct, order, fashion, certain, confirm, firm Strong's Hebrew #: h.3559

( masc., כון ) Translation: CAKE Definition: [To be verified] As firmly pressed. KJV Translations: cake Strong's Hebrew #: h.3561

( masc., מכון ) Translation: FOUNDATION Definition: [To be verified] A firm place of support. KJV Translations: place, habitation, foundation Strong's Hebrew #: h.4349

( fem., תכונה ) Translation: FOUNDATION KJV Translations: seat Strong's Hebrew #: h.8499

( זקן ) Relationship to Parent: The base of the family/community.

( common, זקן / z.q.n ) Translation: BE.OLD (V) Definition: To be of an advanced age. KJV Translations: old, aged Strong's Hebrew #: h.2204

( masc., זקן / za-qeyn ) Translation: BEARD Definition: The hair that grows on a man's face. A long beard as a sign of old age and wisdom. An elder as a bearded one. Alternate Translations: elder (as one with a long beard) KJV Translations: elder, old, ancient, age, senator, beard Strong's Hebrew #: h.2205, h.2206

( masc., זקון / za-qun ) Translation: EXTREME.OLD.AGE Definition: A full and long life. KJV Translations: old Strong's Hebrew #: h.2208

( fem., זיקנה / ziq-nah ) Translation: OLD.AGE Definition: One up in years. KJV Translations: old Strong's Hebrew #: h.2209

( masc., זוקן / zo-qen ) Translation: AGE Definition: The part of existence extending from the beginning to any given time; a period of time marked by a central figure or prominent feature. KJV Translations: old Strong's Hebrew #: h.2207

( כנס ) Relationship to Parent: gathering

( common, כנס ) Translation: BUNCH.UP (V) Definition: [To be verified] To gather up and pile a large bundle. KJV Translations: gather, together, heap, wrap Strong's Hebrew #: h.3664

( masc., מכנס / mikh-nas ) Translation: UNDERGARMENT Definition: Garment worn under another garment that is bundled up. KJV Translations: breeches Strong's Hebrew #: h.4370

( כנע ) Definition: When a large bundle is placed on the shoulders the person is bent down low. Relationship to Parent: gathering together a bundle

( common, כנע / k.n.ah ) Translation: LOWER (V) Definition: To be brought down low in humility or submission. KJV Translations: humble, subdue, low, down, subjection Strong's Hebrew #: h.3665

( fem., כינעה ) Translation: BUNDLE KJV Translations: ware Strong's Hebrew #: h.3666

( masc., כנען / ke-na-an ) Translation: LOWERED Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( כנף ) Definition: The mother bird hides its young in her wings. Relationship to Parent: gathering

( common, כנף ) Translation: PLACE.UNDER.THE.WING (V) Definition: [To be verified] As hidden in the wings of a bird. Edenics: canopy KJV Translations: corner Strong's Hebrew #: h.3670

( fem., כנף / ka-naph ) Translation: WING Definition: An appendage that allows an animal, bird or insect to fly. Also, the wings of a garment. KJV Translations: wing, skirt, border, corner, end, feathered, sort Strong's Hebrew #: h.3671

( כנש ) Relationship to Parent: gathering

( common, כנש ) Translation: COME.TOGETHER (V) KJV Translations: gather Strong's Aramaic #: a.3673

( כנת ) Relationship to Parent: as one who gathers himself to another

( masc., כנת ) Translation: ASSOCIATE KJV Translations: companion Strong's Hebrew #: h.3674 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3675

( תכן )

( common, תכן ) Translation: WEIGH (V) Definition: [To be verified] To measure out by weight. KJV Translations: equal, weigh, ponder, unequal, direct, meter Strong's Hebrew #: h.8505

( fem., תכנית ) Translation: SUM Relationship to Root: An amount weighed out. KJV Translations: sum, pattern Strong's Hebrew #: h.8508

( fem., תכונה ) Translation: TREASURE Definition: [To be verified] As weighed out. KJV Translations: fashion, store Strong's Hebrew #: h.8498

( masc., תוכן / to-khen ) Translation: MEASURED.AMOUNT Definition: A calculated measurement of weight. Edenics: token KJV Translations: tale, measure Strong's Hebrew #: h.8506

( fem., מתכונת / mat-ko-net ) Translation: SUM Definition: The total amount. An amount weighed out. KJV Translations: tale Strong's Hebrew #: h.4971

( כס ) Action: Cover, Count, Appoint, Estimate Object: Cup, Seat, Bag

( masc., כס / keys ) Translation: STOOL Definition: A seat or throne. Relationship to Root: The seat is like a cup that holds, conceals, a person. A covering of something. To cover a group by counting. KJV Translations: seat Strong's Hebrew #: h.3676

( fem., קשה / qa-sah ) Translation: JUG Definition: A vessel used for storage of water, grain, etc. KJV Translations: cover, cup Strong's Hebrew #: h.7184

( fem., כסת ) Translation: AMULET Definition: [To be verified] A cup for holding ink. A sewn arm or wrist band as a covering. KJV Translations: pillow, inkhorn Strong's Hebrew #: h.3704, h.7083

( fem., כסות / ke-sut ) Translation: RAIMENT Definition: Clothing; garments. KJV Translations: covering, raiment, vesture Strong's Hebrew #: h.3682

( fem., מכסה / mikh-sah ) Translation: WORTH Definition: The number assigned according to its amount, importance or need. KJV Translations: number, worth Strong's Hebrew #: h.4373

( masc., מכס ) Translation: TRIBUTE Definition: An assessment based on a number. KJV Translations: tribute Strong's Hebrew #: h.4371

( fem., כסכסת ) Translation: SCALES Definition: The covering of a fish. Also the scales of leather armor. Alternate Spellings: קשקשת KJV Translations: scales, mail Strong's Hebrew #: h.7193

( כסס ) Definition: To cover a group by counting.

( common, כסס / k.s.s ) Translation: ESTIMATE (V) Definition: To make an approximate count or reckoning. KJV Translations: count Strong's Hebrew #: h.3699

( כסא ) Definition: The seat is like a cup that holds, conceals, a person.

( masc., כסא ) Translation: COVERED.MOON Definition: The moon when it is dark; when the shadow of the earth covers over the face of the moon. Alternate Spellings: כחה KJV Translations: appoint Strong's Hebrew #: h.3677

( masc., כיסא / ki-sey ) Translation: SEAT Definition: A special chair of one in eminence. Usually a throne or seat of authority. Alternate Spellings: כיסה KJV Translations: throne, seat, stool Strong's Hebrew #: h.3678 Aramaic Spelling: כרסא Strong's Aramaic #: a.3764

( כסה ) Definition: A hiding, covering or concealing of something.

( common, כסה / k.s.h ) Translation: COVER.OVER (V) Definition: To prevent disclosure or recognition of; to place out of sight; to completely cover over or hide. Alternate Spellings: כשה KJV Translations: cover, hide, conceal, overwhelm, clad, close, cloth Strong's Hebrew #: h.3680, h.3780

( masc., מכסה / mikh-seh ) Translation: ROOF.COVERING Definition: Material used for a top or covering of a building. What covers something. KJV Translations: covering Strong's Hebrew #: h.4372

( masc., מכסה ) Translation: COVERING Definition: [To be verified] What covers something. KJV Translations: cover, clothing Strong's Hebrew #: h.4374

( masc., כסוי ) Translation: OUTER.COVERING KJV Translations: covering Strong's Hebrew #: h.3681

( כוס ) Definition: A cup holds its contents.

( fem., כוס / kos ) Translation: CUP Definition: A vessel for holding liquids, usually for drinking. Edenics: case KJV Translations: cup Strong's Hebrew #: h.3563(x2)

( fem., כוס / kos ) Translation: LITTLE.OWL Definition: An unknown species of bird. KJV Translations: owl Strong's Hebrew #: h.3563(x2)

( כיס ) Definition: A cup or bag that conceals its contents.

( masc., כיס ) Translation: BAG KJV Translations: bag, purse Strong's Hebrew #: h.3599

( כסב )

( masc., כשב / ke-sev ) ( fem., כסבה / kis-vah ) Translation: SHEEP Definition: A mammal related to the goat and domesticated for its milk, flesh and wool. Alternate Spellings: כבש כבשה KJV Translations: lamb, sheep Strong's Hebrew #: h.3532, h.3535, h.3775

( fem., כיסבה ) Translation: LAMB Definition: [To be verified] A female lamb. Alternate Spellings: כשבה KJV Translations: lamb Strong's Hebrew #: h.3776

( כסד )

( masc., כסד ) Translation: INCREASING Definition: [To be verified] (A word of uncertain meaning) KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( כסח )

( common, כסח ) Translation: CUT (V) KJV Translations: cut Strong's Hebrew #: h.3683

( כסל ) Definition: The loins as the seat of ones confidence, foolish or proper.

( common, כסל / k.s.l ) Translation: CONFIDENT (V) Definition: Always used in a negative sense such as foolish confidence. Alternate Spellings: חכל KJV Translations: foolish, fool Strong's Hebrew #: h.3688, h.5528

( masc., כסל ) Translation: HIP Definition: The seat of confidence. In a foolish or proper manner. Alternate Spellings: חכל KJV Translations: flank, hope, folly, loins, confidence Strong's Hebrew #: h.3689, h.5529, h.5530

( masc., כסיל ) Translation: FOOL Definition: One who has confidence in something vain or empty. KJV Translations: fool, foolish Strong's Hebrew #: h.3684

( masc., כיסלון / kis-lon ) Translation: CONFIDENT.ONE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., כסילות ) Translation: FOOLISH Definition: [To be verified] A foolish confidence. KJV Translations: foolish Strong's Hebrew #: h.3687

( fem., כיסלה ) Translation: CONFIDENCE Definition: [To be verified] In a foolish or proper manner. KJV Translations: confidence, folly Strong's Hebrew #: h.3690

( fem., סיכלות ) Translation: FOLLY Alternate Spellings: שכלות KJV Translations: folly, foolishness Strong's Hebrew #: h.5531

( כסם ) Definition: A trimming of the beard.

( common, כסם ) Translation: TRIM (V) KJV Translations: poll Strong's Hebrew #: h.3697

( fem., כוסמת / ku-se-met ) Translation: SPELT Definition: A wheat like grain with what looks like trimmed hair. KJV Translations: rie, fitches Strong's Hebrew #: h.3698

( כסף ) Definition: A metal desired because of its value. Universally used as a form of money.

( common, כסף / k.s.p ) Translation: CRAVING (V) Definition: A great desire or longing. KJV Translations: desire, long, greedy, sore Strong's Hebrew #: h.3700

( masc., כסף / ke-seph ) Translation: SILVER Definition: A soft metal capable of a high degree of polish used for coinage, implements and ornaments. A desired and precious metal. KJV Translations: silver, money, price, silverling Strong's Hebrew #: h.3701 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3702

( נכס ) Relationship to Parent: as being covered

( masc., נכס ) Translation: WEALTH KJV Translations: wealth, riches, goods Strong's Hebrew #: h.5233 Strong's Aramaic #: a.5232

( כף ) Action: Press, Bow, Tame, Bend, Dig Object: Palm, Grapevine, Mule, Famine, Shoulderpiece Abstract: Tame Definition: The curved shape of the open palm. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the palm of the hand, the is a picture of an open mouth. Combined these mean "palm open".

( fem., כף / kaph ) Translation: PALM Definition: A tropical tree with fan-shaped leaves. Part of the hand or foot between the base of the digits and the wrist or ankle. A palm-shaped object. Relationship to Root: Any curved or hollowed out object. Edenics: cap - as a bowl shaped covering; cuff - as at the palm KJV Translations: hand, spoon, sole, palm, hollow, handful, apiece, branch, cloud Strong's Hebrew #: h.3709, h.3710

( fem., כפה ) Translation: PALM Definition: [To be verified] The branch of a palm tree. KJV Translations: branch Strong's Hebrew #: h.3712

( כפף ) Definition: A bowing down of the body.

( common, כפף ) Translation: BOW (V) KJV Translations: bow Strong's Hebrew #: h.3721

( אכף ) Definition: The placing of the palm on something and pressing down or pushing.

( common, אכף ) Translation: IMPEL (V) KJV Translations: crave Strong's Hebrew #: h.0404

( masc., אכף ) Translation: PRESSURE KJV Translations: hand Strong's Hebrew #: h.0405

( כפה ) Definition: The bending of the will of an animal.

( common, כפה ) Translation: TAME (V) Definition: [To be verified] To bend the will of another. KJV Translations: pacify Strong's Hebrew #: h.3711

( גפן ) Definition: The vines of the grape vine are twisted and bent as it winds around a pole. Relationship to Parent: from the palm as bent

( masc., גפן / ge-phen ) Translation: GRAPEVINE Definition: A woody vine that usually climbs by tendrils and produces fruits that are grapes. KJV Translations: vine, tree Strong's Hebrew #: h.1612

( חפר ) Definition: A digging in the soil, as a mole, for a well or possibly a treasure. Also a digging into an incident for understanding.

( common, חפר / hh.p.r ) Translation: DIG.OUT (V) Definition: To dig something out of the ground. To dig into something as if searching. To confuse in the sense of being dug out. KJV Translations: dig, search, paw, seek, confounded, ashamed, shame, confusion, reproach Strong's Hebrew #: h.2658, h.2659

( masc., חפר / hhe-pher ) Translation: DUG.OUT.WELL Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., חפור ) Translation: MOLE Definition: [To be verified] A digger. KJV Translations: mole Strong's Hebrew #: h.2661

( כפן ) Relationship to Parent: from the bent shape of the palm

( common, כפן ) Translation: BEND (V) KJV Translations: bend Strong's Hebrew #: h.3719

( masc., כפן ) Translation: FAMINE Definition: [To be verified] One bent with hunger. KJV Translations: famine Strong's Hebrew #: h.3720

( כתף ) Definition: The side or shoulder that something hangs on.

( fem., כתף / ka-teyph ) Translation: SHOULDER.PIECE Definition: The part of an object that acts like a shoulder. KJV Translations: side, shoulder, shoulderpiece, undersetter, corner, arm Strong's Hebrew #: h.3802

( כק ) Object: Caterpillar

( יכק )

( masc., יכק ) Translation: CATERPILLAR KJV Translations: cankerworm, caterpillar Strong's Hebrew #: h.3218

( כר ) Action: Dig, Dance, Remember, Know Object: Bowl, Hollow, Farmer, Pit, Furnace, Male, Fissure Abstract: Wrong, Prepare, Memorial Definition: The palm as hollowed out. A digging. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the palm of the hand, the is a picture of the head of a man. Combined these mean "palm of man".

( masc., כר / car ) Translation: DEPRESSION Definition: What is of a concave shape such as a saddle or pasture in a valley. Also, may mean the sheep of the pasture. KJV Translations: lamb, pasture, ram, furniture, captain Strong's Hebrew #: h.3733

( fem., כרה ) Translation: PASTURE Definition: [To be verified] As a hollowed out valley. A digger Alternate Spellings: פרה KJV Translations: cottage, mole Strong's Hebrew #: h.3740, h.3741, h.6512

( masc., כרי ) Translation: CAPTAIN Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: captain Strong's Hebrew #: h.3746

( fem., מכרה / me-khey-rah ) Translation: CAVE Definition: A natural underground chamber or series of chambers that open to the surface. A hole in the rock. Alternate Spellings: מערה KJV Translations: cave, den, hole, habitation, army Strong's Hebrew #: h.4380, h.4631

( fem., כרכרה ) Translation: CAMEL Definition: [To be verified] As with a hollow hump. KJV Translations: beast Strong's Hebrew #: h.3753

( כרר ) Definition: A leaping or dancing around in a circle.

( common, כרר ) Translation: DANCE (V) KJV Translations: dance Strong's Hebrew #: h.3769

( אכר )

( masc., אכר ) Translation: FARMER Definition: [To be verified] One who digs the ground for growing crops. Edenics: acre KJV Translations: husbandman, plowman Strong's Hebrew #: h.0406

( כאר )

( fem., באר / be-eyr ) Translation: WELL Definition: A dug-out hole, usually a well or cistern. KJV Translations: well, pit, slimepit Strong's Hebrew #: h.0875

( masc., כואר ) Translation: PIT Definition: [To be verified] A dug out hole. Alternate Spellings: באר KJV Translations: cistern Strong's Hebrew #: h.0877

( הכר )

( common, הכר ) Translation: WRONG (V) KJV Translations: strange Strong's Hebrew #: h.1970

( fem., הכרה ) Translation: LOOK KJV Translations: shew Strong's Hebrew #: h.1971

( כרה )

( common, כרה / k.r.h ) Translation: DIG (V) Definition: To break or loosen earth with an instrument or tool. To bargain in the sense of digging. KJV Translations: dig, make, pierce, open, grieve Strong's Hebrew #: h.3738, h.3739 Aramaic Spelling: כרא Strong's Aramaic #: a.3735

( כור )

( common, כור / k.w.r ) Translation: TOSS.OUT (V) Definition: To look deeply. Alternate Spellings: קור בור Edenics: core; bore KJV Translations: declare, dig, cast out, destroy, break down Strong's Hebrew #: h.0952, h.6979

( masc., כור / kor ) Translation: CISTERN Definition: An artificial reservoir for storing water. A hole or well as dug out. Alternate Spellings: בור KJV Translations: pit, cistern, well, dungeon, fountain Strong's Hebrew #: h.0953, h.2352, h.2356, h.3564

( masc., כור / kor ) Translation: KOR Definition: A standard of measure. Alternate Spellings: חר חור בור KJV Translations: measure, cor Strong's Hebrew #: h.3734

( masc., מכור ) Translation: FOUNTAIN Definition: A spring that comes out of a hole in the ground. The source of water necessary for life in the wilderness. Alternate Spellings: מקר מקור KJV Translations: fountain, spring, wellspring, issue, well Strong's Hebrew #: h.4726

( masc., כיור / ki-or ) Translation: CAULDRON Definition: A large kettle or boiler, of copper or other metal. A smelting pot. Relationship to Root: In the sense of a dug out container. KJV Translations: laver, scaffold, pan, hearth Strong's Hebrew #: h.3595

( fem., מכורה ) Translation: BIRTH Definition: [To be verified] A coming out of a hole. KJV Translations: birth, nativity, habitation Strong's Hebrew #: h.4351

( כיר ) Definition: A hollowed out object.

( masc., כיר ) Translation: EARTHENWARE Definition: A hollow box formed out of brick or clay for cooking. KJV Translations: range Strong's Hebrew #: h.3600

( זכר ) Definition: A recalling of events of the past or to act upon a past event. Relationship to Parent: as a digging

( common, זכר / z.k.r ) Translation: REMEMBER (V) Definition: To recall an event or action in memorial or reflection. To speak on behalf of another.To reenact a past event as a memorial. Alternate Translations: mention (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: remember, mention, remembrance, recorder, mindful, think, record Strong's Hebrew #: h.2142

( masc., זכר / za-khar ) Translation: MALE Definition: Being the gender who begets offspring. One who acts and speaks for the family. KJV Translations: male, man, child, mankind, him, ram Strong's Hebrew #: h.2145 Aramaic Spelling: דכר Strong's Aramaic #: a.1798

( masc., זכר / zey-kher ) Translation: MEMORY Definition: A remembering based on a past event often through an annual festival. KJV Translations: remembrance, memorial, memory, remembered, scent Strong's Hebrew #: h.2143 Aramaic Spelling: דכר

( masc., זכור / za-khur ) Translation: MEN Definition: Male persons. KJV Translations: male, man Strong's Hebrew #: h.2138

( fem., אזכרה ) Translation: MEMORIAL Definition: A remembering and action based on a past event. KJV Translations: memorial Strong's Hebrew #: h.0234

( masc., זיכרון / zikh-ron ) Translation: REMEMBRANCE Definition: A recalling of a past event. Also, an action based on a past event. KJV Translations: memorial, remembrance, record Strong's Hebrew #: h.2146 Aramaic Spelling: דיכרון Strong's Aramaic #: a.1799

( חקר ) Relationship to Parent: a digging

( common, חקר ) Translation: EXAMINE (V) Definition: To intently search or seek for details. KJV Translations: search, found, seek, sound, try Strong's Hebrew #: h.2713

( masc., חקר ) Translation: EXAMINATION KJV Translations: search, finding, number Strong's Hebrew #: h.2714

( masc., מחקר ) Translation: DEPTH Definition: [To be verified] A deep place as unexamined. KJV Translations: deep Strong's Hebrew #: h.4278

( ככר ) Definition: Something that is round. Relationship to Parent: as round like a bowl

( fem., ככר ) Translation: ROUND Definition: [To be verified] A coin as a round piece of gold or silver. KJV Translations: talent Strong's Aramaic #: a.3604

( fem., כיכר / ki-kar ) Translation: ROUNDNESS Definition: 1. Cylindrical; something as a circle, globe or ring that is round. A round thing or place. A round loaf of bread. An expanse as a round piece of land. 2. Kikar: A dry standard of measure. Usually rendered as "talent" in most translations, however the word talent is a transliteration of the Greek word talanton (a Greek coin) used in the Greek Septuagint for the Hebrew word "kikar." KJV Translations: plain, loaf, piece, country, morsel, talent Strong's Hebrew #: h.3603

( כרם ) Relationship to Parent: as a place that is dug.

( masc., כרם / ke-rem ) Translation: VINEYARD Definition: A farm of grapevines. KJV Translations: vineyard, vines, vintage Strong's Hebrew #: h.3754

( masc., כורם ) Translation: VINEDRESSER KJV Translations: vinedresser Strong's Hebrew #: h.3755

( כרע ) Definition: The bending of the leg when stooping.

( common, כרע / k.r.ah ) Translation: STOOP (V) Definition: To bend the body forward and downward while bending the knees; to stoop or crouch down by bending or getting on the knees. KJV Translations: bow, fell, subdue, low, couch, feeble, kneel Strong's Hebrew #: h.3766

( fem., כרע / ka-ra ) Translation: LEG Definition: The appendage from the ankle to the hip and bends at the knee. KJV Translations: leg Strong's Hebrew #: h.3767

( מכר )

( common, מכר / m.k.r ) Translation: SELL (V) Definition: To give up property to another for money or another valuable compensation. Edenics: Market, Merchant, Merchandise KJV Translations: sell, seller Strong's Hebrew #: h.4376

( masc., מכר ) Translation: VALUE KJV Translations: price, ware Strong's Hebrew #: h.4377

( masc., מכיר ) Translation: PRICE Definition: The payment for an item. Alternate Spellings: מחיר KJV Translations: price, worth, sold, gain, hire Strong's Hebrew #: h.4242

( masc., ממכר ) ( fem., ממכרת ) Translation: MERCHANDISE KJV Translations: sold, sale, ware, sold Strong's Hebrew #: h.4465, h.4466

( נכר ) Relationship to Parent: as a digging

( common, נכר / n.k.r ) Translation: RECOGNIZE (V) Definition: To acknowledge or take notice of in some definite way. Alternate Translations: make self unrecognizable (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form) KJV Translations: know, acknowledge, discern, respect, knowledge, known, feign Strong's Hebrew #: h.5234

( masc., נכר / ney-khar ) Translation: FOREIGNER Definition: A person belonging to or owing allegiance to a foreign country. KJV Translations: strange, stranger, alien Strong's Hebrew #: h.5235, h.5236

( masc., מנכר ) Translation: ACQUAINTANCE Definition: [To be verified] One who is known Alternate Spellings: מכר KJV Translations: acquaintance Strong's Hebrew #: h.4378

( masc., נכרי / na-khri ) ( fem., נכריה / na-khri-yah ) Translation: FOREIGN Definition: Situated outside one's own country. Alien in character. A strange person, place or thing as being unrecognized. Relationship to Root: One who is not known. KJV Translations: stranger, strange, alien, foreigner, outlandish Strong's Hebrew #: h.5237

( fem., מנכרה ) Translation: SALT.PIT Definition: A word of uncertain meaning. KJV Translations: pit Strong's Hebrew #: h.4379

( נקר ) Relationship to Parent: as a digging

( common, נקר / n.q.r ) Translation: PICK.OUT (V) KJV Translations: put out, thrust, pick pierce, dig Strong's Hebrew #: h.5365

( fem., נקרה / nik-rah ) Translation: FISSURE Definition: A division, causing to become two pieces instead of one. A cleft or narrow chasm. Relationship to Root: Through the sense of being a piercing in a rock. KJV Translations: cleft, clift Strong's Hebrew #: h.5366

( קער ) Definition: A hollowed out container.

( fem., קערה / qe-a-rah ) Translation: PLATTER Definition: A large plate, serving dish. KJV Translations: charger, dish Strong's Hebrew #: h.7086

( כש ) Object: Black

( כוש )

( masc., כוש ) Translation: BLACKISH Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( כת ) Action: Crush

( fem., מכתה ) Translation: CRUSHING Definition: [To be verified] An opening by crushing. KJV Translations: bursting Strong's Hebrew #: h.4386

( כתת )

( common, כתת / k.t.t ) Translation: SMASH (V) KJV Translations: beat, destroy, break, smite, discomfit, crush, stamp Strong's Hebrew #: h.3807

( masc., כתית / ka-tit ) Translation: SMASHED Definition: The pressing of the olive to extract the oil. KJV Translations: beaten, pure Strong's Hebrew #: h.3795

( כית )

( masc., כית ) Translation: BRUISER Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( כתן )

( fem., כתונת / ke-to-net ) Translation: TUNIC Definition: A simple slip-on garment with or without sleeves. Edenics: coat - with the removal of the n, tunic KJV Translations: coat, garment, robe Strong's Hebrew #: h.3801