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AHLB - Lamed

( לא ) Object: Idol Abstract: Without, Worthless, Foolish, Nothing Definition: To be without anything such as nothing. Relationships: Related to לה. Apparently an opposite of אל.

( masc., אל / al ) Translation: DO.NOT Definition: The negative of an alternative choice. To be without; to not be. KJV Translations: never, nay, no, none, nor, not, nothing, rather, whither, without, neither, none Strong's Hebrew #: h.0408 Aramaic Spelling: לה.לא Strong's Aramaic #: a.0409, a.3809

( masc., לאו ) Translation: BUT Definition: [To be verified] As an alternative, to have what you are without. Alternate Spellings: אלו KJV Translations: but, though Strong's Hebrew #: h.0432

( לאא )

( masc., לאיא ) Translation: WORTHLESS Definition: A god or being without power. Alternate Spellings: אליל KJV Translations: idol, image, no value, nought Strong's Hebrew #: h.0457

( masc., לאוא ) Translation: WORTHLESS Alternate Spellings: אלול KJV Translations: nought Strong's Hebrew #: h.0434

( masc., לאאי ) Translation: WORTHLESS Alternate Spellings: אללי KJV Translations: woe Strong's Hebrew #: h.0480

( masc., לואא / lu-a ) Translation: UNLESS Definition: Except on the condition that. Alternate Spellings: לולי לולא KJV Translations: except, unless, if, not Strong's Hebrew #: h.3884

( לוא )

( masc., לוא / lo ) Translation: NOT Definition: A function word to stand for the negative. As being without. Alternate Translations: cannot; no; nothing; without Alternate Spellings: לוה KJV Translations: not, no, none, nay, never, neither, ere, otherwise, before Strong's Hebrew #: h.3808

( fem., לואת ) Translation: FOOLISHNESS Definition: [To be verified] To be without wisdom. Alternate Spellings: אולת KJV Translations: folly, foolishness, foolish, foolishly Strong's Hebrew #: h.0200

( masc., לויא ) Translation: FOOLISH Definition: One who acts without consideration or regard for a desireable outcome. Alternate Spellings: אויל KJV Translations: fool, foolish Strong's Hebrew #: h.0191

( masc., לואי ) Translation: FOOLISH Definition: [To be verified] To be without wisdom. Alternate Spellings: אולי KJV Translations: foolish Strong's Hebrew #: h.0196

( ילא )

( common, ילא / y.l.a ) Translation: FOOLISH (V) Definition: To be without wisdom. Alternate Spellings: יאל KJV Translations: foolishly, fool, foolish, dote Strong's Hebrew #: h.2973

( לב ) Object: Heart, Flame, Thirst, Loin Abstract: Think Definition: The consciousness of man is seen as coming from deep inside the chest, the heart. Thirst as an Inside desire for water. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the shepherd staff representing authority, the is a picture of a tent representing what is inside. Combined these mean "authority inside".

( masc., לב / leyv ) ( fem., לבה / liy-bah ) Translation: HEART Definition: Literally, the vital organ which pumps blood, but, also seen as the seat of thought; the mind. Relationship to Root: The organ that pumps blood. This organ is also seen as the seat of thought and emotion, the mind. Alternate Spellings: לבב Edenics: life; love; liver - the seat of passion; lava KJV Translations: heart, mind, understanding, wisdom, friendly Strong's Hebrew #: h.3820, h.3824, h.3826 Aramaic Spelling: בל Strong's Aramaic #: a.1079, a.3821, a.3825

( לבב ) Definition: The organ that pumps blood. The heart is also seen as the seat of thought and emotion, the mind.

( common, לבב / l.b.b ) Translation: WISE.OF.HEART (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be wise of heart. KJV Translations: heart, make, wise Strong's Hebrew #: h.3823

( fem., לביבה ) Translation: CAKE Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of being fat like the heart. KJV Translations: cake Strong's Hebrew #: h.3834

( לאב ) Definition: An Inside desire for water.

( fem., תלאובה ) Translation: DROUGHT KJV Translations: drought Strong's Hebrew #: h.8514

( לבא )

( fem., לביא / la-vi ) Translation: LIONESS Definition: A female lion. KJV Translations: lion, lioness, young Strong's Hebrew #: h.3833

( להב )

( masc., להב ) Translation: GLIMMER Definition: The flash of light from a fire or metal. KJV Translations: flame, blade, glittering, bright Strong's Hebrew #: h.3851

( fem., להבה / leh-ha-vah ) Translation: GLIMMERING Definition: The flash of light from a fire or metal. Alternate Spellings: להבהת לבה KJV Translations: flame, head Strong's Hebrew #: h.3827, h.3852

( fem., להבת ) Translation: GLIMMERING.FLAME Alternate Spellings: שלהבת KJV Translations: flame Strong's Hebrew #: h.7957

( חלב ) Definition: The rich or choice part.

( masc., חלב / hhe-lev ) Translation: FAT Definition: Animal tissue consisting of cells distended with greasy or oily matter; adipose tissue. The fat of an animal as the choicest part. Also milk; A white fatty liquid secreted by cows, sheep and goats, and used for food or as a source of butter, cheeses, yogurt, etc. Alternate Translations: milk KJV Translations: fat, fatness, best, finest, grease, marrow, milk, cheese, suckle Strong's Hebrew #: h.2459, h.2461

( fem., חלבנה / hhel-be-nah ) Translation: GALBANUM Definition: An odoriferous resin used in incense. A choice ingredient used in the Temple incense or oil. KJV Translations: galbanum Strong's Hebrew #: h.2464

( לבן ) Definition: Something that is white.

( common, לבן ) Translation: BE.WHITE (V) Definition: To be free of color. KJV Translations: white, brick, whiter Strong's Hebrew #: h.3835(x2)

( masc., לבן / la-van ) ( fem., לבנה / le-va-nah ) Translation: WHITE Definition: Free from color. KJV Translations: white Strong's Hebrew #: h.3836

( fem., לבנה / le-va-nah ) Translation: WHITE.MOON Definition: [To be verified] As a bright white. KJV Translations: moon Strong's Hebrew #: h.3842

( masc., לבנון / lev-non ) Translation: WHITE.ONE Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., לבונה / le-vo-nah ) Translation: FRANKINCENSE Definition: A resin or gum that is a residue from the bark of a particular ash or fir tree. Used as incense, perfume, or with an offering. Relationship to Root: From its whiteness. KJV Translations: frankincense, incense Strong's Hebrew #: h.3828

( fem., ליבנה / liv-nah ) Translation: POPLAR Definition: A tree with white bark. KJV Translations: poplar Strong's Hebrew #: h.3839

( לג )

( masc., לג ) Translation: LOG Definition: A standard of measure. KJV Translations: log Strong's Hebrew #: h.3849

( להג )

( masc., להג ) Translation: STUDY KJV Translations: study Strong's Hebrew #: h.3854

( לד ) Action: Bear Object: Child Abstract: Kindred, Generation Definition: The bearing of children.

( ולד )

( masc., ולד / wa-lad ) Translation: CHILD Definition: A young person, especially between infancy and youth. KJV Translations: child Strong's Hebrew #: h.2056

( לוד )

( masc., לוד / lud ) Translation: NATIVITY Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( ילד )

( common, ילד / y.l.d ) Translation: BRING.FORTH (V) Definition: To issue out; to bring forth children, either by the woman who bears them or the man who fathers them. Alternate Translations: act as midwife (when written in the piel [intensive] form) Edenics: lad KJV Translations: beget, bare, born, bring forth, bear, travail, midwife, child, deliver, borne, birth, labour, brought up Strong's Hebrew #: h.3205

( masc., ילד / ye-led ) Translation: BOY Definition: A male child from birth to puberty. KJV Translations: child, young, son, boy, fruit Strong's Hebrew #: h.3206

( fem., ילדה / yal-dah ) Translation: GIRL Definition: A young, unmarried woman. KJV Translations: girl, damsel Strong's Hebrew #: h.3207

( fem., ילדות ) Translation: YOUTH KJV Translations: youth, childhood Strong's Hebrew #: h.3208

( fem., מולדת / mo-le-det ) Translation: KINDRED Definition: A group of related individuals. KJV Translations: kindred, nativity, born, begotten, issue, native Strong's Hebrew #: h.4138

( masc., יליד ) Translation: BORN Definition: Brought forth, as if by birth. KJV Translations: born, children, sons Strong's Hebrew #: h.3211

( masc., ילוד / yi-lud ) Translation: BIRTHED Definition: What is given birth to; a baby human or animal that is brought from the womb into the open world. KJV Translations: born Strong's Hebrew #: h.3209

( fem., תולדה / tol-dah ) Translation: BIRTHING Definition: The act or process of bringing forth offspring from the womb. Total of the children born within an era. KJV Translations: generations, birth Strong's Hebrew #: h.8435

( לה ) Action: Faint Abstract: Weary, Trouble Definition: To be weary from a non productive effort. To be without results. Relationships: Related to לא.

( לאה )

( common, לאה / l.a.h ) Translation: BE.IMPATIENT (V) Definition: Exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor or freshness. KJV Translations: weary, grieve, faint, loath Strong's Hebrew #: h.3811

( masc., לאה ) Translation: IMPATIENT Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., תלאה / te-la-ah ) Translation: TROUBLE Definition: A difficulty that brings about weariness. KJV Translations: travail, trouble Strong's Hebrew #: h.8513

( fem., מתלאה ) Translation: WEARINESS KJV Translations: weariness, travail, trouble Strong's Hebrew #: h.4972

( להה )

( common, להה / l.h.h ) Translation: FAINT (V) Definition: Lacking courage and spirit; weak, dizzy and likely to pass out. Lacking distinctness. KJV Translations: faint, mad Strong's Hebrew #: h.3856

( לו ) Action: Join Object: Wreath

( masc., לו / law ) Translation: JOINING Definition: The attachment of objects through binding together. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., לו / lu ) Translation: WOULD.THAT Definition: In the sense of joining. A yearning for certain direction or action. Alternate Spellings: לוא לו לא KJV Translations: if, would, that, oh, peradventure, pray, though Strong's Hebrew #: h.3863

( לוא )

( common, אולי / u-li ) Translation: POSSIBLY Definition: Being within the limits of ability, capacity, or realization. A possible outcome. To desire what you are without in the sense of joining. KJV Translations: if, may, peradventure, unless Strong's Hebrew #: h.0194

( common, אולם / u-lam ) Translation: BUT Definition: On the contrary. An outcome desired in the sense of joining. KJV Translations: but, truly, surely, very, howbeit, wherefore, truly Strong's Hebrew #: h.0199

( לוה )

( common, לוה / l.w.h ) Translation: JOIN (V) Definition: To bind together. Alternate Translations: loan (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: join, lend, borrow, borrower, abide, cleave, lender Strong's Hebrew #: h.3867

( masc., לוה ) Translation: NEAR.YOU Definition: [To be verified] As one who is joined. KJV Translations: thee Aramaic Spelling: לות Strong's Aramaic #: a.3890

( fem., לויה ) Translation: GARLAND Definition: [To be verified] As joined together. KJV Translations: addition Strong's Hebrew #: h.3914

( fem., ליויה ) Translation: WREATH Definition: [To be verified] As joined together. KJV Translations: ornament Strong's Hebrew #: h.3880

( לז ) Object: Almond Abstract: Perverse, This Definition: A turning away from truth. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a shepherd staff representing authority, the is a picture of a cutting implement. Combined these mean "authority cut".

( fem., לזות ) Translation: PERVERSE KJV Translations: perverse Strong's Hebrew #: h.3891

( הלז )

( masc., הלז ) Translation: UPON.THIS KJV Translations: this, that Strong's Hebrew #: h.1975

( fem., הלזה / ha-la-zeh ) Translation: THIS.ONE Definition: The one nearer or more immediately under observation or discussion. KJV Translations: this Strong's Hebrew #: h.1976

( masc., הלזו ) Translation: YONDER Alternate Spellings: חלזו KJV Translations: this Strong's Hebrew #: h.1977

( לוז )

( common, לוז ) Translation: PERVERSE (V) KJV Translations: forward, depart, perverse, perverseness Strong's Hebrew #: h.3868

( masc., לוז / luz ) Translation: HAZEL Definition: A light brown to strong yellowish brown color; small trees or shrubs bearing nuts enclosed in a leafy involucres. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: hazel Strong's Hebrew #: h.3869

( לח ) Action: Lick, Filthy Object: Moist, Tablet Definition: When the lips are dry, the tongue licks the lips to moisten them. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph represents authority and the tongue as the authority, the is a picture of wall that separates the inside from the outside. Combined these mean "tongue outside".

( masc., לח / lahh ) Translation: MOIST Definition: Slightly or moderately wet. Relationship to Root: Anything that is moist or fresh. Edenics: liquid - an exchange for the q and h and the addition of the uid. KJV Translations: green, moist Strong's Hebrew #: h.3892, h.3893

( masc., לחי ) Translation: JAW Definition: From the moist cheeks. KJV Translations: cheek, jaw, jawbone, bone Strong's Hebrew #: h.3895

( לחח )

( common, לחח / l.hh.hh ) Translation: LICK (V) Alternate Spellings: לחך לקק Edenics: lick - an exchange for the ck and h KJV Translations: lap, lick Strong's Hebrew #: h.3897, h.3952

( אלח )

( common, אלח ) Translation: FILTHY (V) KJV Translations: filthy Strong's Hebrew #: h.0444

( לוח ) Definition: A common writing material is wet clay. The letters can be easily inscribed and the clay hardens to preserve the record.

( masc., לוח / lu-ahh ) Translation: SLAB Definition: A wood or stone tablet or plank. Often used for writing. KJV Translations: table, board, plate Strong's Hebrew #: h.3871

( מלח )

( common, מלח / m.l.hh ) Translation: SEASON (V) Definition: To season with salt to enhance the flavor. KJV Translations: salt, season, temper, vanish Strong's Hebrew #: h.4414 Strong's Aramaic #: a.4415

( masc., מלח / me-lahh ) Translation: SALT Definition: An ingredient that adds flavor to food and used in preserving foods. KJV Translations: salt, maintenance, mariner Strong's Hebrew #: h.4417, h.4419 Strong's Aramaic #: a.4416

( masc., מלח / me-lahh ) Translation: SOILED.RAGS Definition: Dirly and worn out rags soiled with bodily fluids. Relationship to Root: From their saltiness from bodily fluids. KJV Translations: rotten rags Strong's Hebrew #: h.4418

( fem., מלחה ) Translation: SALT Definition: [To be verified] A land of salt as barren. KJV Translations: barren, barrenness, salt Strong's Hebrew #: h.4420

( masc., מלוח ) Translation: MALLOW Definition: [To be verified] As growing around a salt marsh. KJV Translations: mallow Strong's Hebrew #: h.4408

( לט ) Action: Cover, Wrap Object: Lizard Abstract: Secret Definition: The covering that covers and hides the face of a woman. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the shepherd staff representing authority, the is a picture of a basket or container. Combined these mean "authority contained".

( masc., לט / lat ) Translation: SECRET Definition: That which is unknown or hidden. Relationship to Root: A covering that hides what is behind. KJV Translations: enchantment, softly, secretly, privily Strong's Hebrew #: h.3909

( masc., לוט / lot ) Translation: LAUDANUM Definition: An aromatic gum resin obtained from a tree and having a bitter slightly pungent taste. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: myrrh Strong's Hebrew #: h.3910

( לאט )

( common, לאט ) Translation: COVER (V) KJV Translations: cover Strong's Hebrew #: h.3813

( masc., לאט ) Translation: SECRET Definition: [To be verified] Something that is covered or hidden. KJV Translations: cover Strong's Hebrew #: h.3814

( לטא ) Definition: A hiding by covering.

( fem., לטאה ) Translation: LIZARD Definition: From the camouflaging capability of the lizard to hide. KJV Translations: lizard Strong's Hebrew #: h.3911

( להט )

( common, להט / l.h.t ) Translation: BLAZE (V) Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: fire, burn, kindle, Strong's Hebrew #: h.3857

( masc., להט / la-hat ) Translation: BLAZING Definition: To burn, flash or shine brightly. Also used for the magic of magicians. KJV Translations: flaming, enchantment Strong's Hebrew #: h.3858

( לוט )

( common, לוט ) Translation: WRAP.TIGHTLY (V) Definition: [To be verified] To cover something by wrapping it. KJV Translations: wrap, cast Strong's Hebrew #: h.3874

( masc., לוט ) Translation: TIGHTLY.WRAPPED Definition: > KJV Translations: covering Strong's Hebrew #: h.3875

( masc., לוטן ) Translation: WRAPPER Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( מלט )

( common, מלט / m.l.t ) Translation: SLIP.AWAY (V) Definition: To get away through deliverance or escape. KJV Translations: escape, deliver, save, alone, get, lay, preserve Strong's Hebrew #: h.4422

( masc., מלט ) Translation: MORTAR Definition: [To be verified] The mortar of bricks as slippery. KJV Translations: clay Strong's Hebrew #: h.4423

( קלט ) Relationship to Parent: hiding behind a covering

( common, קלט / q.l.t ) Translation: DEFORM (V) Definition: To be physically deformed in some manner which is usually covered. KJV Translations: lacking Strong's Hebrew #: h.7038

( masc., מקלט ) Translation: REFUGE Definition: A place one may run to for safety from an avenger. KJV Translations: refuge Strong's Hebrew #: h.4733

( לך ) Action: Walk, Travel, Reign Object: Messenger, Journey, King, Stick Abstract: Kingdom Definition: A nomad traveled on foot with a staff in his hand to provide support in walking as well as a weapon to defend against predators or thief's. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of shepherd staff, the is a picture of the palm of the hand. Combined these mean "staff in the palm".

( לאך ) Definition: One who walks for another.

( masc., מלאך / mal-akh ) Translation: MESSENGER Definition: One who bears a message or runs an errand. Walks for another. KJV Translations: angel, messenger, ambassador Strong's Hebrew #: h.4397 Strong's Aramaic #: a.4398

( fem., מלאכות ) Translation: MESSAGE KJV Translations: message Strong's Hebrew #: h.4400

( fem., מלאכה / me-la-khah ) Translation: BUSINESS Definition: The principal occupation of one's life. A service. KJV Translations: work, business, workmanship, goods, cattle, stuff, thing Strong's Hebrew #: h.4399

( הלך )

( common, הלך / h.l.k ) Translation: WALK (V) Definition: To move along on foot; walk a journey; to go. Also, customs as a lifestyle that is walked or lived. Alternate Translations: take (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) Edenics: walk - with an added w KJV Translations: walk, away, along, go, come Strong's Hebrew #: h.1980, h.3212 Aramaic Spelling: הוך Strong's Aramaic #: a.1946, a.1981

( masc., הלך ) Translation: TRAVELER Definition: [To be verified] A payment for traveling. KJV Translations: custom, traveler, drop Strong's Hebrew #: h.1982 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1983

( masc., הליך ) Translation: STEP Definition: [To be verified] For walking up an incline. KJV Translations: step Strong's Hebrew #: h.1978

( fem., הליכה ) Translation: PROCESSION Definition: [To be verified] The walk or lifestyle of an individual or company. KJV Translations: way, goings, company, walk Strong's Hebrew #: h.1979

( masc., מהלך ) Translation: JOURNEY Definition: [To be verified] A place to walk. KJV Translations: walk, journey Strong's Hebrew #: h.4108, h.4109

( fem., תהלוכה ) Translation: PROCEED KJV Translations: go Strong's Hebrew #: h.8418

( מלך ) Relationship to Parent: walking among the people

( common, מלך / m.l.k ) Translation: REIGN (V) Definition: To rule over a kingdom as king or queen. KJV Translations: reign, king, made, queen, consult, rule, set Strong's Hebrew #: h.4427

( masc., מלך / me-lekh ) Translation: KING Definition: The male ruler of a nation or city state. KJV Translations: king, royal, counsel Strong's Hebrew #: h.4428 Strong's Aramaic #: a.4430, a.4431

( fem., מלכה ) Translation: QUEEN Definition: A female ruler of a region. KJV Translations: queen Strong's Hebrew #: h.4436 Aramaic Spelling: מלכא Strong's Aramaic #: a.4433

( fem., מלכת ) Translation: QUEEN KJV Translations: queen Strong's Hebrew #: h.4446

( fem., מלכות ) Translation: EMPIRE Definition: The area under the control of a king; a kingdom. KJV Translations: kingdom, reign, royal, empire, estate, realm, kingly Strong's Hebrew #: h.4438 Aramaic Spelling: מלכו Strong's Aramaic #: a.4437

( fem., ממלכה / mam-la-khah ) Translation: KINGDOM Definition: The area under the control of a king. KJV Translations: kingdom, royal, reign Strong's Hebrew #: h.4467

( fem., ממלכות ) Translation: KINGDOM KJV Translations: kingdom, reign Strong's Hebrew #: h.4468

( fem., מלוכה ) Translation: KINGDOM KJV Translations: kingdom, royal Strong's Hebrew #: h.4410

( סלך ) Relationship to Parent: from the idea of walking

( fem., סלכה / sal-kah ) Translation: MIGRATION Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( פלך ) Relationship to Parent: using a staff

( masc., פלך ) Translation: STAFF KJV Translations: part, staff, distaff Strong's Hebrew #: h.6418

( לל ) Action: Howl Object: Night, Loop, Staircase Definition: When the night comes, the night sky is rolled out like a scroll. When daylight comes, the night sky is rolled up like a scroll.

( ללא )

( fem., לולאה / lu-lah ) Translation: LOOP Definition: A circular object that is open in the middle. KJV Translations: loop Strong's Hebrew #: h.3924

( לול ) Definition: A spiral set of steps.

( masc., לול ) Translation: STAIRCASE KJV Translations: winding stair Strong's Hebrew #: h.3883

( ילל ) Definition: The sound of the wolf, a night predator.

( common, ילל ) Translation: HOWL (V) Definition: To make a loud wail in grief or pain. Edenics: yell KJV Translations: howl, howling Strong's Hebrew #: h.3213

( masc., ילל ) Translation: HOWLING KJV Translations: howling Strong's Hebrew #: h.3214

( fem., יללה ) Translation: HOWLING KJV Translations: howling Strong's Hebrew #: h.3215

( masc., תולל ) Translation: TORMENTOR KJV Translations: waste Strong's Hebrew #: h.8437

( ליל )

( masc., ליל / la-yil ) Translation: NIGHT Definition: The time from dusk to dawn. The hours associated with darkness and sleep. Alternate Translations: tonight (when prefixed with "the~") Alternate Spellings: לילה KJV Translations: night, season, midnight Strong's Hebrew #: h.3915

( fem., לילית ) Translation: OWL Definition: [To be verified] A night creature. KJV Translations: screech owl Strong's Hebrew #: h.3917

( fem., לילי ) Translation: NIGHTTIME KJV Translations: night Aramaic Spelling: ליליא Strong's Aramaic #: a.3916

( לם ) Action: Bind, Strike, Learn Object: Staff, Sheaf, People, Hammer, Goad Abstract: Toward Definition: The shepherd always carried his staff for guiding, leading and protecting the flock. The flock was bound to the shepherd, as the staff was a sign of his authority over the sheep. The yoke was a staff laid across the shoulders of two oxen. The oxen were then tied to the yokes at the neck, binding the two together for plowing or pulling a cart. A people bound together. A wound bound with bandages. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a shepherd staff, the is a picture of water representing might. Combined these mean "staff of might".

( masc., לם ) Translation: SHEPHERD.STAFF Definition: > Relationship to Root: A moving toward someone or something. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., תלם ) Translation: FURROW Definition: A line scratched in the soil made by oxen while plowing a field. KJV Translations: furrow, ridge Strong's Hebrew #: h.8525

( אלם )

( common, אלם / a.l.m ) Translation: BIND.UP (V) Definition: To tie something. The tying of the tongue, silence. KJV Translations: dumb, silent, binding Strong's Hebrew #: h.0481

( masc., אלם ) Translation: SILENT KJV Translations: congregation Strong's Hebrew #: h.0482

( masc., אלום / a-lum ) Translation: BOUND.SHEAF Definition: Stalks and ears of a cereal grass bound together. A sheaf of grain that is bound. KJV Translations: sheaf Strong's Hebrew #: h.0485

( masc., אילם / i-leym ) Translation: MUTE Definition: Inability to speak. A bound up tongue. KJV Translations: dumb Strong's Hebrew #: h.0483

( masc., אלמון ) Translation: WIDOWHOOD Definition: [To be verified] As bound in grief. KJV Translations: forsaken Strong's Hebrew #: h.0489

( masc., אלמן ) Translation: FORSAKEN Definition: [To be verified] As bound in grief. KJV Translations: forsaken Strong's Hebrew #: h.0488

( fem., אלמנה / al-ma-nah ) Translation: WIDOW Definition: A woman who has lost her husband by death. As bound in grief. KJV Translations: widow, desolate Strong's Hebrew #: h.0490

( fem., אלמנות / al-me-nut ) Translation: WIDOWHOOD Definition: The quality of being a widow. As bound in grief. KJV Translations: widow, widowhood Strong's Hebrew #: h.0491

( masc., אולם ) Translation: PORCH Definition: An exterior appendage to a building, forming a covered approach or vestibule to a doorway. Relationship to Root: As being bound to the structure. KJV Translations: porch Strong's Hebrew #: h.0197

( masc., אלמוני ) Translation: SUCH Definition: [To be verified] An unidentified person or place as bound up in uncertainty. KJV Translations: such, one Strong's Hebrew #: h.0492

( לאם ) Definition: A group of people bound together.

( masc., לאום / la-um ) Translation: COMMUNITY Definition: A unified body of individuals; a group of people bound together. KJV Translations: people, nation, folk Strong's Hebrew #: h.3816

( הלם )

( common, הלם ) Translation: STRIKE (V) Definition: [To be verified] To hit or beat in order to break or smash. KJV Translations: smite, break, beat Strong's Hebrew #: h.1986

( fem., הלמות ) Translation: HAMMER Definition: [To be verified] As used for striking. KJV Translations: hammer Strong's Hebrew #: h.1989

( fem., מהלומה ) Translation: STROKE Definition: [To be verified] As the stroke of the hammer as it comes down. KJV Translations: stroke, stripe Strong's Hebrew #: h.4112

( להם ) Definition: Bound with bandages.

( common, להם ) Translation: WOUND (V) KJV Translations: wound Strong's Hebrew #: h.3859

( כלם )

( common, כלם / k.l.m ) Translation: SHAME (V) Definition: To feel pain through something dishonorable, improper or ridiculous. KJV Translations: ashamed, confound, shame, blush, hurt, reproach, confusion Strong's Hebrew #: h.3637

( fem., כלימה ) Translation: SHAME Definition: The painful feeling of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, done by oneself or another. KJV Translations: shame, confusion, dishonour, reproach Strong's Hebrew #: h.3639

( fem., כלימות ) Translation: SHAME KJV Translations: shame Strong's Hebrew #: h.3640

( למד ) Definition: The directing the path of the ox by goading it. A learning by goading. Relationship to Parent: goading

( common, למד / l.m.d ) Translation: LEARN (V) Definition: To acquire knowledge or skill through instruction from one who is experienced. Alternate Translations: teach (when written in the piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: teach, learn, instruct, expert, skilful, teacher Strong's Hebrew #: h.3925

( masc., מלמד ) Translation: GOAD Definition: A stick with a pointed end for driving livestock. KJV Translations: goad Strong's Hebrew #: h.4451

( masc., לימוד ) Translation: STUDENT Definition: [To be verified] One who is goaded in a direction. KJV Translations: learned, disciple, taught, used, accustomed Strong's Hebrew #: h.3928

( masc., תלמיד ) Translation: STUDENT KJV Translations: scholar Strong's Hebrew #: h.8527

( למך )

( masc., למך ) Translation: DESPAIRING Definition: [To be verified] (A word of uncertain meaning) KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( לן ) Action: Stay Object: Inn

( לון )

( common, לון / l.w.n ) Translation: STAY.THE.NIGHT (V) Definition: To remain or stay through the night. Alternate Spellings: לין KJV Translations: lodge, night, abide, remain, tarry, continue, dwell, endure, left, lie Strong's Hebrew #: h.3885(x2)

( masc., מלון / ma-lon ) Translation: PLACE.OF.LODGING Definition: An establishment for lodging and entertaining travelers. A place for spending the night. KJV Translations: inn, lodge Strong's Hebrew #: h.4411

( fem., מלונה ) Translation: LODGE Definition: [To be verified] A place for spending the night. KJV Translations: lodge, cottage Strong's Hebrew #: h.4412

( לע ) Action: Swallow, Devour, Mock Object: Throat, Bitter

( masc., לע ) Translation: THROAT KJV Translations: throat Strong's Hebrew #: h.3930

( masc., תלע ) Translation: CRIMSON Definition: [To be verified] The color of the throat. KJV Translations: scarlet Strong's Hebrew #: h.8529

( לוע )

( common, לוע ) Translation: SWALLOW (V) KJV Translations: swallow Strong's Hebrew #: h.3886

( ילע )

( common, ילע ) Translation: DEVOUR (V) KJV Translations: devour Strong's Hebrew #: h.3216

( masc., תולע / to-la ) Translation: KERMES Definition: The 'coccus ilicis,' a worm used for medicinal purposes as well as for making a crimson dye. Alternate Translations: crimson Edenics: crimson KJV Translations: worm Strong's Hebrew #: h.8438(x2)

( fem., תולעה ) Translation: CRIMSON Definition: [To be verified] A reddish scarlet color. KJV Translations: scarlet, crimson Strong's Hebrew #: h.8438(x2)

( לעג ) Definition: A mocking by stammering or imitation of a foreign tongue. Relationship to Parent: as coming from the throat

( common, לעג ) Translation: MOCK (V) KJV Translations: mock, scorn, laugh, deride, stammer Strong's Hebrew #: h.3932

( masc., לעג ) Translation: MOCKING KJV Translations: scorn, derision, mocker, stammer Strong's Hebrew #: h.3933, h.3934

( masc., ליעג ) Translation: MOCKER KJV Translations: stammerer Strong's Hebrew #: h.5926

( לעז ) Definition: The unintelligible speech of one with a strange language. Relationship to Parent: as coming from the throat

( common, לעז ) Translation: SPEAK.UNINTELLIGIBLY (V) Definition: [To be verified] To speak unintelligibly. KJV Translations: strange language Strong's Hebrew #: h.3937

( לעט ) Relationship to Parent: swallowing

( common, לעט / l.ah.t ) Translation: PROVIDE.FOOD (V) Definition: Supply nourishment. KJV Translations: feed Strong's Hebrew #: h.3938

( לען ) Relationship to Parent: swallowing

( fem., לענה ) Translation: HEMLOCK Definition: An unknown bitter plant. KJV Translations: wormwood, hemlock Strong's Hebrew #: h.3939

( עלע ) Relationship to Parent: as the work of the throat

( common, עלע ) Translation: SUCK (V) KJV Translations: suck Strong's Hebrew #: h.5966

( לף ) Object: Scab

( ילף )

( fem., ילפת ) Translation: SKIN.SORE KJV Translations: scab Strong's Hebrew #: h.3217

( לפד )

( masc., לפיד / la-pid ) Translation: TORCH Definition: A burning stick of resinous wood. Also, lightning as a torch in the night sky. Edenics: lamp - with the additional m and the removal of the d KJV Translations: lamp, firebrand, torch, brand, lightning, burning Strong's Hebrew #: h.3940

( לץ ) Action: Scorn, Urge, Mimic, Interpret Definition: The sound of one speaking a foreign language or the mocking of another's speech. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph represents authority and the tongue as the authority, the is a picture of a man on his side representing trouble. Combined these mean "tongue of trouble".

( masc., לצון ) Translation: SCORN KJV Translations: scornful, scorning Strong's Hebrew #: h.3944

( לצץ )

( common, לצץ ) Translation: SCORN (V) KJV Translations: scorner Strong's Hebrew #: h.3945

( אלץ )

( common, אלץ ) Translation: URGE (V) KJV Translations: urge Strong's Hebrew #: h.0509

( לוץ )

( common, לוץ / l.w.ts ) Translation: MIMIC (V) Definition: To imitate another person’s speech as an interpretation or in scorn. Alternate Translations: interpret (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: scorner, scorn, interpreter, mocker, ambassador, derision, mocker, scornful, teacher Strong's Hebrew #: h.3887

( ליץ )

( fem., מליצה ) Translation: INTERPRETATION KJV Translations: interpretation, taunting Strong's Hebrew #: h.4426

( קלס ) Relationship to Parent: mocking

( common, קלס ) Translation: RIDICULE (V) KJV Translations: mock, scorn, scoff Strong's Hebrew #: h.7046

( masc., קלס ) Translation: RIDICULE KJV Translations: derision Strong's Hebrew #: h.7047

( fem., קלסה ) Translation: RIDICULING KJV Translations: mocking Strong's Hebrew #: h.7048

( לק ) Action: Gather, Squeeze, Capture, Take Object: Portion, Smooth, Concubine, Tong, Pouch Abstract: Oppression Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a shepherd staff that is used to gather the sheep, the is a picture of the sun at the horizon and the light gathered to it. Both of these letters have the meaning of "gathering".

( masc., לק / laq ) Translation: GATHERED.UP Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( דלק ) Definition: The building heat of a fire or passion.

( common, דלק / d.l.q ) Translation: INFLAME (V) Definition: To excite to excessive or uncontrollable action or feeling. KJV Translations: pursue, kindle, chase, persecute, persecutor, inflame Strong's Hebrew #: h.1814 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1815

( fem., דלקת ) Translation: INFLAMMATION KJV Translations: inflammation Strong's Hebrew #: h.1816

( חלק ) Definition: The father's estate is totaled and divided up for the sons, the eldest receiving a double portion. Relationship to Parent: a gathering of what is to be divided

( common, חלק / hh.l.q ) Translation: ASSIGN (V) Definition: To divide and mete out according to a plan among the appropriate recipients. KJV Translations: divide, flatter, part, distribute, dealt, smooth, give, impart, partner, portion, receive, separate Strong's Hebrew #: h.2505

( masc., חלק / hhey-leq ) Translation: PORTION Definition: An individual’s part or share of something. The portions dispersed out. KJV Translations: portion, part, inheritance, partaker Strong's Hebrew #: h.2506

( fem., חלקה / hhal-qah ) Translation: PARCEL Definition: A section or portion of land that has been purchased or aquired. KJV Translations: portion, parcel, piece, field, plat, part, ground places Strong's Hebrew #: h.2513(x2)

( fem., מחלקה ) Translation: PORTION Definition: [To be verified] The part received from what was divided. KJV Translations: courses Strong's Aramaic #: a.4255

( fem., מחלקת ) Translation: PORTION Definition: The part received from what was divided. KJV Translations: course, division portion, company Strong's Hebrew #: h.4256

( fem., חלוקה ) Translation: PORTION Definition: [To be verified] The part received from what was divided. KJV Translations: division Strong's Hebrew #: h.2515

( חלק ) Definition: To take a pile of something and smooth it out dispersing the material evenly. Relationship to Parent: a gathering of what is to be divided

( masc., חלק / hhey-leq ) Translation: SLICK Definition: The portions dispersed out. KJV Translations: flattering, smooth Strong's Hebrew #: h.2509

( fem., חלקה / hhal-qah ) Translation: SMOOTH Definition: Having an even, continuous surface. This word can also mean "flattery" in the sense of being slippery. KJV Translations: flattering, flattery, smooth Strong's Hebrew #: h.2513(x2), h.2514

( masc., חלוק ) Translation: SMOOTH Definition: [To be verified] A smooth surface. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: smooth Strong's Hebrew #: h.2512

( fem., חלקלקה ) Translation: SLIPPERY Definition: [To be verified] As on a smooth surface. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: slippery Strong's Hebrew #: h.2519

( לחן ) Relationship to Parent: gathering

( fem., לחן ) Translation: CONCUBINE KJV Translations: concubine Strong's Aramaic #: a.3904

( לחץ ) Relationship to Parent: gathering

( common, לחץ / l.hh.ts ) Translation: SQUEEZE (V) Definition: To exert pressure either physically or emotionally. KJV Translations: oppress, afflict, crush, fast, force, oppressor, thrust Strong's Hebrew #: h.3905

( masc., לחץ / la-hhats ) Translation: SQUEEZING Definition: Pressure being exerted, either physically or emotionally. KJV Translations: oppression, affliction Strong's Hebrew #: h.3906

( לכד ) Definition: A taking by grabbing hold as a snare grabs its victim. Relationship to Parent: gathering

( common, לכד / l.k.d ) Translation: TRAP (V) Definition: To forcefully take or seize. KJV Translations: take, catch, frozen, hold, stick Strong's Hebrew #: h.3920

( masc., לכד ) Translation: TRAP Definition: [To be verified] Used for capturing. KJV Translations: taken Strong's Hebrew #: h.3921

( fem., מלכודת ) Translation: TRAP Definition: [To be verified] Used for capturing. KJV Translations: trap Strong's Hebrew #: h.4434

( לקח ) Relationship to Parent: gathering

( common, לקח / l.q.hh ) Translation: TAKE (V) Definition: To receive what is given; to gain possession by seizing. KJV Translations: take, receive, fetch, bring, get, carry, marry, buy Strong's Hebrew #: h.3947

( masc., לקח ) Translation: LEARNING Definition: Teachings and instructions that are received in the sense of being taken. KJV Translations: doctrine, learning speech Strong's Hebrew #: h.3948

( masc., מלקח / mel-qahh ) Translation: TONG Definition: An instrument used for grasping, having two arms working together. A tool for taking coals out of the fire. KJV Translations: tong, snuffer Strong's Hebrew #: h.4457

( masc., מלקוח ) Translation: BOOTY Definition: As tongs for taking food. What is taken KJV Translations: prey, booty, jaw Strong's Hebrew #: h.4455

( לקט ) Relationship to Parent: gathering

( common, לקט / l.q.t ) Translation: PICK.UP (V) Definition: To take hold of and lift up; to gather together. KJV Translations: gather, glean Strong's Hebrew #: h.3950

( masc., לקט ) Translation: GLEANINGS KJV Translations: gleaning Strong's Hebrew #: h.3951

( masc., ילקוט ) Translation: POUCH Definition: [To be verified] For gathering items together. KJV Translations: scrip Strong's Hebrew #: h.3219

( לקש ) Definition: A late gathering of a crop after a late rain. Relationship to Parent: gathering

( common, לקש ) Translation: GARNER (V) Definition: [To be verified] To gather in the late crop. KJV Translations: gather Strong's Hebrew #: h.3953

( masc., לקש ) Translation: AFTER.GROWTH KJV Translations: latter growth Strong's Hebrew #: h.3954

( masc., מלקוש ) Translation: LATE.RAIN Definition: A late rain that causes a latter growth of crops. KJV Translations: latter rain Strong's Hebrew #: h.4456

( מלק ) Definition: The wringing of a birds neck to kill it by removing the head.

( common, מלק / m.l.q ) Translation: WRING (V) Definition: To wring the neck. KJV Translations: wring Strong's Hebrew #: h.4454

( לש ) Action: Knead Object: Lion

( לוש )

( common, לוש / l.w.sh ) Translation: KNEAD (V) Definition: To work and press dough. Knead dough for bread. KJV Translations: knead Strong's Hebrew #: h.3888

( ליש )

( masc., ליש ) Translation: LION Definition: [To be verified] From the act of kneading its prey when caught. KJV Translations: lion Strong's Hebrew #: h.3918

( פלש ) Definition: A rolling around in dust or ashes as a sign of morning) Relationship to Parent: rolling the dough

( common, פלש ) Translation: ROLL (V) KJV Translations: wallow, roll Strong's Hebrew #: h.6428

( fem., פלשת / pe-le-shet ) Translation: IMMIGRANT Definition: Someone from outside of the homeland. Someone who migrated from another land or country. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( לשד ) Definition: The moistness of something fresh.

( masc., לשד ) Translation: FRESH Definition: Something that is fresh and moist. Edenics: lush KJV Translations: fresh, moisture Strong's Hebrew #: h.3955

( לשן ) Definition: The wagging of the tongue when talking or slandering.

( common, לשן ) Translation: SLANDER (V) Definition: [To be verified] To slander another as a wagging of the tongue. KJV Translations: slander, accuse Strong's Hebrew #: h.3960

( masc., לישן ) Translation: LANGUAGE Definition: [To be verified] As coming from the movement of the tongue. KJV Translations: language Strong's Aramaic #: a.3961

( masc., לשון / la-shon ) Translation: TONGUE Definition: A fleshy moveable process on the floor of the mouth used in speaking and eating. Also, language as a tongue. KJV Translations: tongue, language, bay, wedge, babbler, flame, talker Strong's Hebrew #: h.3956

( לשע )

( masc., לשע ) Translation: CRACK.OPEN Definition: > KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]