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AHLB - Dalet

( דב ) Action: Rest, Whisper, Grieve, Slow Abstract: Sorrow Definition: The door of the tent was the place of relaxation for the father. Here he would watch his family, livestock and the road for approaching visitors (see Genesis 18:1). Relationships: This root is related to the root בד (a reversal of the letters). Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the tent door. The is a representation of a tent. Combined these mean "the door of the tent".

( fem., דיבה / di-bah ) Translation: SLANDER Definition: Speaking evil of another (usually done quietly). Relationship to Root: Something that is slow and quiet. KJV Translations: slander, evil report, infamy Strong's Hebrew #: h.1681

( דבב ) Definition: A quiet speech.

( common, דבב ) Translation: WHISPER (V) Definition: [To be verified] A quiet speaking as when sleeping. Alternate Spellings: צפף KJV Translations: speak, whisper Strong's Hebrew #: h.1680, h.6850

( אדב ) Definition: A quiet state.

( common, אדב ) Translation: GRIEVE (V) KJV Translations: grieve Strong's Hebrew #: h.0109

( דאב ) Definition: A quiet state.

( common, דאב ) Translation: BROOD (V) KJV Translations: sorrow, sorrowful, mourn Strong's Hebrew #: h.1669

( fem., דאבה ) Translation: SORROW KJV Translations: sorrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.1670

( masc., דאבון ) Translation: BROODING Definition: A pining or fainting over something desired or lost. KJV Translations: sorrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.1671

( דבא )

( masc., דובא / do-ve ) Translation: DEMISE Definition: Termination of existence or operation. (A word of uncertain meaning.) KJV Translations: strength Strong's Hebrew #: h.1679

( דוב )

( common, דוב / d.w.b ) Translation: SORROW (V) Definition: Distress caused by loss, affliction, disappointment, etc.; grief, sadness, or regret. Relationship to Root: As one who moves slowly. KJV Translations: sorrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.1727

( common, דוב ) Translation: BEAR Definition: [To be verified] A slow moving animal. KJV Translations: bear Strong's Hebrew #: h.1677 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1678

( דבש ) Definition: A thick, sticky substance such as dates or honey. Relationship to Parent: a slow moving substance

( masc., דבש / de-vash ) Translation: HONEY Definition: A sweet material elaborated out of the nectar of flowers in the honey sac of various bees. Also, dates as a thick, sticky and sweet food. KJV Translations: honey Strong's Hebrew #: h.1706

( fem., דבשת ) Translation: HUMP Definition: [To be verified] The hump of a camel as a sticky mass. KJV Translations: bunch Strong's Hebrew #: h.1707

( דג ) Action: Dart, Amplify, Fish Object: Fish, Fisherman Abstract: Anxiety Definition: The darting around of fish. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the tent door which is a curtain hung over the entrance of the tent. To gain entrance to the tent or to leave, the curtain moved back and forth. Also, the door is used for moving back and forth from the tent to the outside. The is a representation of a foot. The combined meaning of these two letters is "the back and forth moving of the foot (or tail)". The tail of a fish moves back and forth to propel itself through the water.

( masc., דג / dag ) ( fem., דגה / da-gah ) Translation: FISH Definition: An aquatic animal. Only fish with scales and fins are considered fit for food (clean). Alternate Spellings: דאג Edenics: dog - as a waging tail KJV Translations: fish Strong's Hebrew #: h.1709, h.1710

( masc., דגן / da-gan ) Translation: CEREAL Definition: Relating to grain or plants that produce it. A plentiful crop. KJV Translations: wheat, cereal, grain, corn Strong's Hebrew #: h.1715

( דאג ) Definition: The back and forth darting of a fish in the water.

( common, דאג ) Translation: ANXIOUS (V) Definition: [To be verified] An anxious behavior like a fish darting in the water. KJV Translations: afraid, sorrow, sorry, careful, take thought Strong's Hebrew #: h.1672

( fem., דאגה ) Translation: ANXIETY Definition: [To be verified] An anxious behavior like a fish darting in the water. KJV Translations: carefulness, fear, heaviness, sorrow, care Strong's Hebrew #: h.1674

( דגה ) Definition: As an abundant amount of fish in a net.

( common, דגה / d.g.h ) Translation: AMPLIFY (V) Definition: To expand, multiply or increase. KJV Translations: grow Strong's Hebrew #: h.1711

( דוג ) Definition: One who catches fish and his equipment.

( masc., דוג ) Translation: FISHERMAN KJV Translations: fisher Strong's Hebrew #: h.1728

( fem., דוגה ) Translation: FISHING KJV Translations: fish Strong's Hebrew #: h.1729

( דיג )

( masc., דיג ) Translation: FISH KJV Translations: fish, fisher Strong's Hebrew #: h.1770, h.1771

( דדן )

( masc., דדן ) Translation: LOW.COUNTRY Definition: A land that is below the general area. Alternate Spellings: דודן KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( דד ) Action: Move, Boil Object: Breasts, Pot Abstract: Passion Definition: The part of the female body invoking heat of passion and love. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the tent door which hangs down from the top of the tent entrance. The use of this letter twice indicates "two danglers" representing a woman's breasts.

( masc., דד ) Translation: TEAT Definition: The protuberance on the udder in female mammals, through which the milk ducts discharge. Edenics: udder; dad - as beloved; teat - a double exchange for a t and d KJV Translations: breast, teat Strong's Hebrew #: h.1717

( דדה ) Definition: The grace and beauty of the breast.

( common, דדה ) Translation: MOVE (V) Definition: [To be verified] The graceful and soft movement of a woman. KJV Translations: went, go slowly Strong's Hebrew #: h.1718

( דוד ) Definition: The boiling of a liquid in a pot or the passion of a person for another.

( masc., דוד / dod ) Translation: BELOVED Definition: One who is cherished by another. Alternate Translations: uncle KJV Translations: beloved, uncle, love, wellbeloved Strong's Hebrew #: h.1730

( masc., דוד / dud ) Translation: KETTLE KJV Translations: basket, pot, kettle, caldron Strong's Hebrew #: h.1731

( fem., דודה / do-dah ) Translation: AUNT Definition: The sister of one's father or mother. One who is loved. KJV Translations: aunt Strong's Hebrew #: h.1733

( ידד ) Definition: The passion of a person for another.

( masc., ידיד ) Translation: CHERISHED Definition: One held or treated as dear; feel love for. Relationship to Root: As one who is loved. KJV Translations: beloved, wellbeloved, loves, amiable Strong's Hebrew #: h.3039

( fem., ידידות ) Translation: PASSION KJV Translations: dearly beloved Strong's Hebrew #: h.3033

( דדי )

( masc., דודי / du-dai ) Translation: MANDRAKES Definition: A plant boiled as an aphrodisiac. KJV Translations: mandrake, basket Strong's Hebrew #: h.1736

( דה ) Action: Attack, Dive Object: Bird of prey Definition: Birds of prey fly around in a circle in search of their prey and dive down on it when seen. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the tent door with the extended meaning of moving back and forth. The represents one who is looking and pointing at a great sight. Combined these mean "a back and forth looking".

( דאה ) Definition: A bird of prey that dives down on it's prey.

( common, דאה / d.a.h ) Translation: DIVE (V) Definition: To plunge, fall, or descend through the air or water. KJV Translations: fly Strong's Hebrew #: h.1675

( fem., דאיה ) Translation: VULTURE Definition: An unknown bird of prey or carrion. Alternate Spellings: דיה דאה KJV Translations: vulture Strong's Hebrew #: h.1676, h.1772

( דו ) Action: Sick, Ill Object: Disease Abstract: Weak

( masc., דוי ) Translation: WEAK Definition: [To be verified] A weakness from illness or sorrow. KJV Translations: sorrowful, languishing Strong's Hebrew #: h.1741, h.1742

( דוה )

( common, דוה / d.w.h ) Translation: ILL (V) Definition: To be of unsound physical or mental health; unwell; sick. KJV Translations: infirmity Strong's Hebrew #: h.1738

( masc., דוה ) Translation: ILLNESS Definition: Unhealthy condition; poor health; indisposition; sickness. Also a woman's cycle. KJV Translations: faint, sick, sickness, menstruous cloth Strong's Hebrew #: h.1739

( masc., מדוה / mad-weh ) Translation: DISEASE Definition: An incorrectly functioning organ, part, structure, or system of the body that brings on an illness. KJV Translations: disease Strong's Hebrew #: h.4064

( דח ) Action: Push, Throw down Object: Ruin, Clean Abstract: Worthless Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a door representing the idea of moving back and forth. The is a picture of a wall. Combined these pictures mean "the back and forth movement of a wall" (see Ps 62:3).

( masc., דחי ) Translation: STUMBLE Relationship to Root: A continual pushing to cause a ruin or stumbling. KJV Translations: fall Strong's Hebrew #: h.1762

( fem., מדחה ) Translation: RUIN Definition: [To be verified] Something that is thrown down in ruin. KJV Translations: ruin Strong's Hebrew #: h.4072

( fem., דחון ) Translation: INSTRUMENT Definition: [To be verified] A musical instrument that is continually struck such as a harp. KJV Translations: instrument, musick Strong's Aramaic #: a.1761

( דחה ) Definition: A continual pushing to throw down or out.

( common, דחה ) Translation: PUSH (V) Definition: [To be verified] To push something down or onward. Alternate Spellings: דחח KJV Translations: outcast, thrust, sore, overthrow, chase, tottering, drive away, drive on, cast down Strong's Hebrew #: h.1760

( דוח )

( common, דוח ) Translation: CLEAN (V) Definition: [To be verified] Something that has been scrubbed clean. KJV Translations: wash, purge, cast out Strong's Hebrew #: h.1740

( masc., מדוח ) Translation: WORTHLESS Definition: [To be verified] What is cast away as worthless. KJV Translations: causes of banishment Strong's Hebrew #: h.4065

( דחף )

( common, דחף ) Translation: PRESS.ON (V) KJV Translations: hasten, press Strong's Hebrew #: h.1765

( fem., מדחפה ) Translation: PUSHING KJV Translations: overthrow Strong's Hebrew #: h.4073

( דחק )

( common, דחק ) Translation: PUSH (V) KJV Translations: thrust, vex Strong's Hebrew #: h.1766

( די ) Action: Saturate Object: Ink Abstract: Sufficient Definition: Something that is completely filled.

( masc., די / dai ) Translation: SUFFICIENT Definition: An amount that is not lacking. What is enough. KJV Translations: enough, sufficient Strong's Hebrew #: h.1767

( masc., מדי ) Translation: SUFFICIENT Definition: [To be verified] What is enough. KJV Translations: sufficiently Strong's Hebrew #: h.4078

( masc., דיו ) Translation: INK Definition: [To be verified] Ink A liquid that saturates. KJV Translations: ink Strong's Hebrew #: h.1773

( דך ) Action: Crush, Break, Trample, Beat Object: Mortar, Powder, Bruise, Siege words Definition: Seeds are placed in a stone mortar, a stone cup, the stone pestle is moved around the cup to crush the seeds into a powder. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a door representing the idea of moving back and forth. The is a picture of the palm of the hand representing a bowl from its shape. Combined these pictures mean "the moving back and forth in a cup".

( masc., דך ) Translation: CRUSH KJV Translations: oppressed, afflicted Strong's Hebrew #: h.1790

( masc., דכי ) Translation: WAVE Definition: [To be verified] Wave A crushing of the surf. KJV Translations: wave Strong's Hebrew #: h.1796

( דכא )

( common, דכא ) Translation: BREAK (V) Definition: [To be verified] To break something by beating it. KJV Translations: break, break in pieces, crush, bruise, destroy Strong's Hebrew #: h.1792

( masc., דכא ) Translation: BROKEN Definition: Something that is struck into fragments. KJV Translations: contrite, destruction Strong's Hebrew #: h.1793

( הדך ) Definition: Walking over something to trample on it as with a pestle in a mortar.

( common, הדך ) Translation: TRAMPLE (V) KJV Translations: tread down Strong's Hebrew #: h.1915

( דכה ) Definition: Something that is bruised by beating it.

( common, דכה ) Translation: BRUISE (V) KJV Translations: break, contrite, crouch Strong's Hebrew #: h.1794

( fem., דכה ) Translation: BRUISED KJV Translations: wounded Strong's Hebrew #: h.1795

( דוך ) Definition: A beating as with a mortar in a pestle.

( common, דוך / d.w.k ) Translation: GROUND.TO.PIECES (V) Definition: Something that is reduced to fragments. Alternate Spellings: דוק KJV Translations: beat, break into pieces Strong's Hebrew #: h.1743 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1751

( fem., מדוכה ) Translation: PRESSED.PIECES KJV Translations: mortar Strong's Hebrew #: h.4085

( דיך )

( masc., דיך ) Translation: SIEGE.WORKS Definition: Engines of war constructed next to a city wall for the purpose of battering it into pieces to allow entry into the city. Alternate Spellings: דיק KJV Translations: fort Strong's Hebrew #: h.1785

( דכף )

( fem., דוכיפת ) Translation: GROUSE Definition: A species of unclean bird. KJV Translations: lapwing Strong's Hebrew #: h.1744

( דל ) Action: Back and Forth, Hang, Lift, Leap Object: Door Abstract: Poor Definition: The tent door was hung down as a curtain, covering the entrance to the tent, from a horizontal pole. The door was then moved to the side for going in and out of the tent. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a door. The is a picture of staff and represents any rod. Combined these pictures mean "the door on the rod".

( masc., דל / dal ) Translation: WEAK Definition: One who dangles the head in poverty or hunger. Relationship to Root: Any object that dangles such as a bucket that is hung from a rope down a well to retrieve water. The hair hangs from the head. A poor or weak person hangs the head in poverty. KJV Translations: poor, needy, weak, lean Strong's Hebrew #: h.1800

( fem., דלה ) Translation: POOR Definition: [To be verified] One who hangs head low in weakness. What hangs from the head and is easily blown by the wind. KJV Translations: poor, pinning, sickness, hair Strong's Hebrew #: h.1803

( fem., דלת / de-let ) Translation: DOOR Definition: A means of access; usually a swinging or sliding barrier by which an entry is closed and opened. Edenics: door - an exchange for the d and l KJV Translations: door, gate, leaves, lid Strong's Hebrew #: h.1817

( דלל )

( common, דלל ) Translation: BROUGHT.LOW (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be brought down low such as the head in humility or a dried up river. KJV Translations: brought low, dried up, not equal, emptied, fail, impoverished, thin Strong's Hebrew #: h.1809

( דלה ) Definition: Anything that dangles down and swings back and forth, such as a branch, hair or door.

( common, דלה / d.l.h ) Translation: DRAW.UP (V) Definition: To bale up. To lift the bucket out of the well for drawing water. KJV Translations: draw, enough, lifted Strong's Hebrew #: h.1802

( fem., דליה ) Translation: BRANCH Definition: [To be verified] Dangles from a tree blowing back and forth in the wind. KJV Translations: branch Strong's Hebrew #: h.1808

( masc., דלי ) Translation: BUCKET Definition: A deep, cylindrical vessel, usually of wood or skin, for collecting, carrying, or holding water; pail. Relationship to Root: Dangles from a rope to draw water and lifted out of the well. KJV Translations: bucket Strong's Hebrew #: h.1805

( דלג )

( common, דלג ) Translation: LEAP (V) KJV Translations: leap Strong's Hebrew #: h.1801

( דלף )

( common, דלף / d.l.p ) Translation: DRIP (V) Definition: To fall in drops. Edenics: drip - with the exchange of the r and l; dollop KJV Translations: pour, melt, crop Strong's Hebrew #: h.1811

( masc., דלף ) Translation: DRIP KJV Translations: dropping Strong's Hebrew #: h.1812

( חדל )

( common, חדל / hh.d.l ) Translation: TERMINATE (V) Definition: To stop or refrain from continuing an action. KJV Translations: cease, forbear, leave, alone, end, fail, forborn, forsake, rest, unoccupied, want Strong's Hebrew #: h.2308

( masc., חדל ) Translation: REJECTED Definition: [To be verified] Something that is made to cease to function. KJV Translations: frail, rejected, forbear Strong's Hebrew #: h.2310

( דם ) Action: Dumb, Silent, Sleep, Weep Object: Blood, Red, Pieces, Tear Abstract: Likeness, Compare Definition: Similarly, the grape plant takes water from the ground and moves it to the fruit where the water becomes the blood of the grape. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a door representing the idea of moving back and forth. The is a picture of water and can represent any liquid especially blood. Combined these pictures mean "the moving back and forth of water" or the "flowing of blood".

( masc., דם / dam ) Translation: BLOOD Definition: The red fluid that circulates through the body. Relationship to Root: The blood of man is also water, which moves through the body. When the blood is shed, the man or animal becomes silent. A son from the blood of his father resembles his father. Alternate Translations: bloodshed (when in the plural form) KJV Translations: blood, bloody, bloodguilt Strong's Hebrew #: h.1818

( דמם ) Definition: When the blood is shed, the man or animal becomes silent and still.

( common, דמם / d.m.m ) Translation: BE.SILENT Definition: To come to a standstill in speech or deed. To be quiet; refrain from speech or action. KJV Translations: silence, still, silent, cut off, cut down, rest, cease, forbear, peace, quieted, tarry, wait Strong's Hebrew #: h.1826

( fem., דממה ) Translation: SILENT Edenics: dumb KJV Translations: still, silence, calm Strong's Hebrew #: h.1827

( masc., דומם ) Translation: SILENT KJV Translations: silent, quietly wait, dumb Strong's Hebrew #: h.1748

( אדם ) Definition: The color red, the color of blood, man and the earth.

( common, אדם / a.d.m ) Translation: BE.RED (V) Definition: To be ruddy. To have a dark reddish color. KJV Translations: dyed red, red, ruddy, man, Adam, person Strong's Hebrew #: h.0119

( masc., אדם / a-dam ) Translation: HUMAN Definition: Of, relating to, or characteristic of man. The first man. All of mankind as the descendants of the first man. (Derived from a root meaning "blood" and "of reddish color.") KJV Translations: man, Adam, person, Strong's Hebrew #: h.0120

( fem., אדמה / a-da-mah ) Translation: GROUND Definition: The surface of the earth. From its reddish color. KJV Translations: land, earth, ground, country, husbandman Strong's Hebrew #: h.0127

( masc., אדום / a-dom ) ( fem., אדומה / a-du-mah ) Translation: RED Definition: Of the color red. Ruddy; florid. KJV Translations: red, ruddy Strong's Hebrew #: h.0122

( fem., אודם / o-dem ) Translation: CARNELIAN Definition: Probably the Carnelian, a reddish brown gemstone. The Hebrew word is from a root meaning red or reddish. Another possible translation is Jasper. KJV Translations: sardius Strong's Hebrew #: h.0124

( masc., אדמדם ) ( fem., אדמדמת / a-dam-da-met ) Translation: REDDISH Definition: Somewhat red; tending to red; tinged with red. KJV Translations: reddish Strong's Hebrew #: h.0125

( masc., אדמוני / ad-mo-niy ) Translation: RUDDY Definition: Having a healthy reddish color. KJV Translations: red, ruddy Strong's Hebrew #: h.0132

( הדם )

( masc., הדם ) Translation: PIECE Definition: [To be verified] Something cut into pieces. KJV Translations: pieces Strong's Aramaic #: a.1917

( masc., הדום ) Translation: STOOL Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: stool Strong's Hebrew #: h.1916

( דהם ) Definition: When excited or scared ones blood pressure increases and is unable to speak.

( common, דהם ) Translation: DUMB (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be speechless. KJV Translations: astonied Strong's Hebrew #: h.1724

( דמה ) Definition: A son from the blood of his father resembles his father.

( common, דמה / d.m.h ) Translation: RESEMBLE (V) Definition: To be like, similar or compared to something else. To become silent as one dead. KJV Translations: like, liken, thought, compared, devised, mean, similitude Strong's Hebrew #: h.1819, h.1820 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1821

( fem., דמות / da-mut ) Translation: LIKENESS Definition: Copy; resemblance. The quality or state of being like something or someone else. Relationship to Root: As a son from the blood of his father resembles his father. KJV Translations: likeness, similitude, like, manner, fashion Strong's Hebrew #: h.1823

( masc., דמיון ) Translation: SIMILARLY KJV Translations: like Strong's Hebrew #: h.1825

( דום ) Definition: When the blood is shed, the man or animal becomes silent.

( fem., דומה ) Translation: SILENCED Definition: Absence of any sound or noise; stillness. KJV Translations: silence, destroyed Strong's Hebrew #: h.1745, h.1822

( masc., דמי ) Translation: SILENT Definition: [To be verified] When the blood is shed, the man or animal becomes silent. KJV Translations: silence, cut off, rest Strong's Hebrew #: h.1824

( fem., דומיה ) Translation: SILENCE KJV Translations: wait, silent, silence Strong's Hebrew #: h.1747

( דמע ) Definition: The weeping of the eyes. The juice of the grape or other fruit that seeps out. Relationship to Parent: as blood and combined with the letter ayin forming the meaning "blood of the eye"

( common, דמע ) Translation: WEEP (V) Definition: [To be verified] The seeping of tears from the eye. KJV Translations: weep, sore Strong's Hebrew #: h.1830

( masc., דמע / de-ma ) Translation: FRUIT.PRESS Definition: The liquid that seeps out of the fruit and used in making oils and juices. KJV Translations: liquor Strong's Hebrew #: h.1831

( fem., דימעה ) Translation: WEEPING KJV Translations: tears Strong's Hebrew #: h.1832

( סדם )

( masc., סדום / sa-gan ) Translation: SCORCHING Definition: Being parched or shriveled from heat or fire. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( קדם ) Definition: The place of the rising sun. The Hebrews recognized the east as the top of the four compass points (contrary to our understanding of north) and is the direction faced when orienting direction. The past is understood as what is in front, or before, you as the past is known (contrary to our understanding of the future being in front of us). Relationship to Parent: the red color blood combined with the quph as the rising sun, hence the "rising sun of blood"

( common, קדם / q.d.m ) Translation: FACE.TOWARD (V) Definition: To face another or meet face to face; to go before someone or something in space or time. Relationship to Root: In the sense of facing the rising sun. KJV Translations: prevent, before, met, come, disappoint, go Strong's Hebrew #: h.6923

( masc., קדם / qe-dem ) Translation: EAST Definition: The general direction of sunrise. As in front when facing the rising sun. Also, the ancient past. KJV Translations: east, old, eastward, ancient, before, aforetime, eternal Strong's Hebrew #: h.6924

( fem., קדמה ) Translation: PAST.TIME Definition: A time that is before. KJV Translations: former, old, afore, antiquity, ago, aforetime Strong's Hebrew #: h.6927 Strong's Aramaic #: a.6928

( masc., קדים / qa-dim ) Translation: EAST.WIND Definition: The wind that comes from the east. Toward the east as the origin of the east wind. KJV Translations: east, eastward Strong's Hebrew #: h.6921

( fem., קידמה / qid-mah ) Translation: EASTWARD Definition: Toward the east. Before another space or time; as the east is in front when facing the rising sun. KJV Translations: east, eastward Strong's Hebrew #: h.6926

( masc., קדמי ) Translation: FIRST Definition: [To be verified] As what came before. KJV Translations: first Strong's Aramaic #: a.6933

( masc., קודם ) Translation: TO.THE.FRONT Definition: [To be verified] Something in front, or to the face as the rising sun is in front. KJV Translations: before Strong's Aramaic #: a.6925

( masc., קדמון ) Translation: EASTERN Definition: In the direction toward the rising sun. KJV Translations: east Strong's Hebrew #: h.6930

( masc., קדמוני ) Translation: EASTSIDE Definition: [To be verified] The eastside of a place. Can also mean an ancient one as one from a distant past. KJV Translations: east, former, ancient, before, old Strong's Hebrew #: h.6931

( רדם ) Relationship to Parent: sleeping silently

( common, רדם ) Translation: DEEP.SLEEP (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be in a deep sleep or trance. KJV Translations: deep sleep, fast asleep, sleeper Strong's Hebrew #: h.7290

( fem., תרדמה / tar-dey-mah ) Translation: TRANCE Definition: A state of partly suspended animation or inability to function. A deep sleep or unconsciousness. KJV Translations: deep sleep Strong's Hebrew #: h.8639

( דן ) Action: Rule, Lord, Judge Object: Ruler, Base Abstract: Plea, Quarrel Definition: The ancient Hebrew concept of a "judge" is one who restores life. The goal of one that rules or judges is to bring a pleasant and righteous life to the people. This can also mean a deliverer as one whom restores life to his people. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a door. The is a picture of a seed representing the idea of life. Combined these pictures mean "the door of life".

( masc., דן / dan ) Translation: MODERATOR Definition: A judge. One who presides over a dispute. Relationship to Root: A quarrel requiring the need of a ruler or judge to mediate the incident. Edenics: damn - with an added m; dean - as a judge KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., מדן ) Translation: DISCORD Definition: A lack of concord or harmony between persons or things. KJV Translations: discord, strife Strong's Hebrew #: h.4090

( masc., מדון ) Translation: QUARREL Definition: A rather loud verbal disagreement. KJV Translations: strife, contention, discord Strong's Hebrew #: h.4066

( masc., מדין / mid-yan ) Translation: QUARREL Definition: A rather loud verbal disagreement. KJV Translations: contention, brawling Strong's Hebrew #: h.4079

( אדן ) Definition: The foundation of a column or pillar as the support of the structure.

( masc., אדן / e-den ) Translation: FOOTING Definition: Ground or basis for a firm foundation. That which sustains a stable position. KJV Translations: socket, foundation Strong's Hebrew #: h.0134

( masc., אדון / a-don ) Translation: LORD Definition: The ruler as the foundation to the community or family. KJV Translations: lord, owner, master, sir Strong's Hebrew #: h.0113

( דין )

( common, דין / d.y.n ) Translation: MODERATE (V) Definition: To rule over quarrels or other conflicts. Alternate Spellings: דון KJV Translations: judge, plead the cause, contend, execute, strife Strong's Hebrew #: h.1777 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1778

( masc., דין ) Translation: PLEA Definition: A request to a person in authority. Alternate Spellings: דון KJV Translations: judge, judgment, cause, plea, strife, tread, out Strong's Hebrew #: h.1779, h.1781 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1780, a.1782

( fem., מדינה ) Translation: PROVINCE Definition: The jurisdiction of responsibility of a judge or lord. KJV Translations: province Strong's Hebrew #: h.4082 Strong's Aramaic #: a.4083

( דס ) Object: Myrtle

( הדס ) Definition: The tree or it's wood.

( masc., הדס ) Translation: MYRTLE KJV Translations: myrtle, myrtle tree Strong's Hebrew #: h.1918

( דע ) Action: See, know Object: Eye Abstract: Knowledge, why Definition: The eye is the window into the man's very being. Experience is gained through visual observation. Knowledge is achieved through these experiences. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a door. The is a picture of the eye. Through the eyes one experiences his world and learns from it. Combined these pictures mean "the door of the eye".

( masc., דע ) Translation: OPINION Definition: To possess an intimate knowledge. An intimacy with a person, idea or concept. KJV Translations: opinion, knowledge Strong's Hebrew #: h.1843

( fem., דעה ) Translation: COMPREHENSION Definition: [To be verified] An intimacy with a person, idea or concept. KJV Translations: knowledge Strong's Hebrew #: h.1844

( fem., דעת / da-at ) Translation: DISCERNMENT Definition: The quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure. An intimacy with a person, idea or concept. Knowledge. KJV Translations: knowledge, know Strong's Hebrew #: h.1847

( masc., מדע ) Translation: INSIGHT Definition: [To be verified] An intimacy with a person, idea or concept. KJV Translations: knowledge, thought, science Strong's Hebrew #: h.4093

( דוע ) Definition: A desire to know something.

( masc., מדוע / ma-du-a ) Translation: WHY Definition: For what cause, purpose or reason for which. KJV Translations: wherefore, why, how Strong's Hebrew #: h.4069

( ידע ) Definition: To have an intimate relationship with another person, an idea or an experience.

( common, ידע / y.d.ah ) Translation: KNOW (V) Definition: To have an intimate and personal understanding; to have an intimate relationship with another person, usually sexual. Alternate Translations: reveal self (when written in the hitpa'el [reflexive] form) KJV Translations: know, known, knowledge, perceive, shew, tell, wist, understand, certainly, acknowledge, acquaintance, consider, declare, teach Strong's Hebrew #: h.3045 Strong's Aramaic #: a.3046

( masc., מודע ) Translation: KINSMAN Definition: [To be verified] A relative who is known. KJV Translations: kinsman, kinswoman Strong's Hebrew #: h.4129

( fem., מודעת ) Translation: KINDRED Definition: [To be verified] The community of relatives. KJV Translations: kindred Strong's Hebrew #: h.4130

( masc., ידעני ) Translation: KNOWER Definition: One with specific and special understanding. KJV Translations: wizard Strong's Hebrew #: h.3049

( נדע ) Definition: The inward sense of reason.

( masc., מנדע ) Translation: KNOWLEDGE KJV Translations: knowledge, reason, understanding Strong's Aramaic #: a.4486

( דף ) Action: Push, Thrust Abstract: Slander

( הדף ) Definition: To push, shove or thrust another away.

( common, הדף / h.d.p ) Translation: EXPEL (V) Definition: To drive or force out or away; discharge or eject. KJV Translations: thrust, drive, cast out, expel Strong's Hebrew #: h.1920

( דוף )

( masc., דופי ) Translation: SLANDER KJV Translations: slander Strong's Hebrew #: h.1848

( דפק ) Definition: As a knocking at a door.

( common, דפק / d.p.q ) Translation: BEAT.OUT (V) Definition: To strike something with a sharp blow. KJV Translations: overdrive, knock, beat Strong's Hebrew #: h.1849

( שדף ) Definition: A destruction of a crop from a scorching wind.

( common, שדף / sh.d.p ) Translation: BLAST (V) Definition: To blow heavily. KJV Translations: blasted Strong's Hebrew #: h.7710

( fem., שדפה ) Translation: BLASTING Definition: A strong devastating wind. KJV Translations: blasting Strong's Hebrew #: h.7711(x2)

( masc., שידפון ) Translation: BLASTED Definition: [To be verified] What is blasted by a strong devastating wind. KJV Translations: blasted Strong's Hebrew #: h.7711(x2)

( דץ ) Action: Leap

( דוץ ) Definition: A leaping of joy.

( common, דוץ ) Translation: LEAP (V) KJV Translations: turn into joy Strong's Hebrew #: h.1750

( דק ) Object: Curtain

( masc., דק / daq ) ( fem., דקה / da-qah ) Translation: SCRAWNY Definition: Wasted away physically. KJV Translations: thin, small, dwarf, little Strong's Hebrew #: h.1851

( דקק ) Definition: The fine dust created in the mortar by crushing something.

( common, דקק / d.q.q ) Translation: BEAT.SMALL (V) Definition: To crush or pound something into thin or small particles. KJV Translations: beat small, powder, stamp, bruise, small, dust, beat in pieces, break in pieces Strong's Hebrew #: h.1854 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1855

( דוק )

( masc., דוק ) Translation: CURTAIN KJV Translations: curtain Strong's Hebrew #: h.1852

( דר ) Action: Dwell, Swell, Wide, Gallop, Enclose, Order Object: Circle, Robe, Dwelling, Row, Wall, Word Abstract: Honor, Idea, Order Definition: A generation is one revolution of the family line. The Hebraic understanding of order is the continual cyclical process of life and death or renewal and destruction. This root can also have the meanings of circling around of something in a wide area or to cover a large area. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a door representing a moving back and forth. The is the head of a man. Combined these mean "the back and forth movement of man".

( masc., דר ) Translation: WHITE.PEARL Definition: [To be verified] From its circular shape. Relationship to Root: A circling around as the flight of a bird or a dance. KJV Translations: white Strong's Hebrew #: h.1858

( masc., דור / dur ) Translation: CIRCLE Definition: [To be verified] Also a ball as a circle. KJV Translations: ball, round burn Strong's Hebrew #: h.1754

( masc., דרדר / dar-dar ) Translation: THISTLE Definition: A prickly plant used by the shepherd to build a corral around the flock at night. KJV Translations: thistle Strong's Hebrew #: h.1863

( דרר ) Definition: A circling around as the flight of a bird or a dance.

( fem., דרור / de-ror ) Translation: FREE.FLOWING Definition: To flow without hindrances. KJV Translations: pure Strong's Hebrew #: h.1865

( fem., דרור ) Translation: SWALLOW Definition: [To be verified] A bird that flies in a circle. KJV Translations: swallow Strong's Hebrew #: h.1866

( אדר ) Definition: What covers a large area.

( common, אדר / a.d.r ) Translation: BE.EMINENT (V) Definition: To be large in size or stature. KJV Translations: glorious, honourable Strong's Hebrew #: h.0142

( masc., אדר ) ( fem., אדרת / a-de-ret ) Translation: ROBE Definition: A long flowing outer garment. Wide garment. KJV Translations: mantle, garment, glory, goodly, robe, threshing floor Strong's Hebrew #: h.0155

( masc., אדיר / a-dir ) Translation: EMINENT Definition: What exerts power and status. Someone or something that is wide in authority or majesty. Edenics: adore - as honor KJV Translations: noble, excellent, mighty, principle, famous, gallant, glorious, goodly, lordly, worthies Strong's Hebrew #: h.0117, h.0155

( masc., אידר ) Translation: THRESHING.FLOOR Definition: [To be verified] A wide area. KJV Translations: threshingfloor Strong's Aramaic #: a.0147

( דרא )

( masc., דראון ) Translation: ABHOR KJV Translations: abhorring, contempt Strong's Hebrew #: h.1860

( הדר ) Definition: To swell in an outward direction. To make another swell through honor or pride (as in a swelling up of the chest).

( common, הדר / h.d.r ) Translation: GIVE.HONOR (V) Definition: To ascribe size or majesty to someone or something that is large in stature or position. To puff up. KJV Translations: honour, countenance, crooked places, glorious, glorified, put forth Strong's Hebrew #: h.1921 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1922

( masc., הדר ) Translation: HONOR Definition: Someone or something that has been enlarged in size, pride or majesty. KJV Translations: honour, majesty, glory, beauty, comeliness, excellency, glorious, goodly Strong's Hebrew #: h.1925, h.1926 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1923

( fem., הדרה ) Translation: SWELLING KJV Translations: beauty, honour Strong's Hebrew #: h.1927

( דהר ) Definition: The repetitious rhythmic running of a horse in a circular direction.

( common, דהר ) Translation: GALLOP (V) KJV Translations: prancing Strong's Hebrew #: h.1725

( masc., דהר ) Translation: GALLOP Alternate Spellings: דהרה KJV Translations: prancing Strong's Hebrew #: h.1726

( masc., תדהר ) Translation: PINE Definition: The wood or the tree of an unknown species. Probably from its wide or circular growth. KJV Translations: pine, pine tree Strong's Hebrew #: h.8410

( דור ) Definition: The nomadic camp was set up in a circle with the tents set up outside of the circle.

( common, דור ) Translation: INHABIT (V) KJV Translations: dwell Strong's Hebrew #: h.1752 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1753

( masc., דור / dor ) Translation: GENERATION Definition: A body of living beings constituting a single step in the line of descent from an ancestor. Relationship to Root: As a circle of time. KJV Translations: generation, all, many Strong's Hebrew #: h.1755 Aramaic Spelling: דר Strong's Aramaic #: a.1859

( masc., מדור ) Translation: DWELLING KJV Translations: dwelling Strong's Aramaic #: a.4070

( fem., מדורה ) Translation: PILE Definition: [To be verified] A round pile of wood for fires. KJV Translations: pile Strong's Hebrew #: h.4071

( fem., תדירה ) Translation: CONTINUE Definition: [To be verified] As a swelling. KJV Translations: continually Aramaic Spelling: תדירא Strong's Aramaic #: a.8411

( גדר ) Relationship to Parent: as a wall that encircles a city

( common, גדר ) Translation: ENCLOSE (V) Definition: [To be verified] To enclose something in a wall or fence. KJV Translations: make, mason, repairer, close, fence, hedge Strong's Hebrew #: h.1443

( masc., גדר ) ( fem., גדרה ) Translation: ENCLOSURE Definition: Something that encloses, as a fence or wall. KJV Translations: hedge, fold, wall, sheepfold, sheepcote, fence Strong's Hebrew #: h.1444, h.1447, h.1448

( דבר ) Definition: An arrangement or placement of things or ideas for creating order. Relationship to Parent: order

( common, דבר / d.b.r ) Translation: SPEAK (V) Definition: A careful arrangement of words or commands said orally. KJV Translations: speak, say, talk, promise, tell, commune, pronounce, utter, command Strong's Hebrew #: h.1696

( masc., דבר / da-var ) Translation: WORD Definition: An arrangement of words, ideas or concepts to form sentences. A promise in the sense of being “ones word.” An action in the sense of acting out an arrangement. A plague as an act. A matter or thing, as words also have substance in the Hebrew mind. Alternate Translations: matter; thing KJV Translations: word, thing, matter, act, chronicle, saying, commandment Strong's Hebrew #: h.1697

( masc., דבר / de-ver ) Translation: EPIDEMIC Definition: A wide spread disease effecting man or animal. A pestilence. KJV Translations: pestilence, plague, murrain Strong's Hebrew #: h.1698

( fem., דברה ) Translation: WORD Definition: [To be verified] An arrangement of words or ideas to form concepts for an action or purpose. KJV Translations: word Strong's Hebrew #: h.1703

( masc., דביר ) Translation: SANCTUARY Definition: [To be verified] A place of order. KJV Translations: oracle Strong's Hebrew #: h.1687

( fem., דבורה ) Translation: BEE Definition: An insect that lives in an ordered colony and produces honey. KJV Translations: bee Strong's Hebrew #: h.1682

( fem., דיברה ) Translation: ORDER KJV Translations: cause, order, estate, end, regard, sake, intent Strong's Hebrew #: h.1700 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1701

( masc., דובר ) Translation: MANNER Definition: [To be verified] A place of order, a sanctuary. The order which something is performed. KJV Translations: manner, fold Strong's Hebrew #: h.1699

( masc., מדבר / mid-bar ) Translation: WILDERNESS Definition: A tract or region uncultivated and uninhabited by human beings. Place of order, a sanctuary. KJV Translations: wilderness, desert, south, speech Strong's Hebrew #: h.4057

( דרם )

( masc., דרום ) Translation: SOUTH Definition: A direction lying directly opposite of north. KJV Translations: south Strong's Hebrew #: h.1864

( דרש )

( common, דרש / d.r.sh ) Translation: SEEK (V) Definition: To look for or search for something or for answers. Alternate Translations: require (when written in the niphil [passive] form) KJV Translations: seek, enquire, require, search Strong's Hebrew #: h.1875

( masc., מדרש ) Translation: COMMENTARY Definition: [To be verified] A search for the meaning of a story. KJV Translations: story Strong's Hebrew #: h.4097

( סדר ) Definition: Set in order as an arrangement. Relationship to Parent: order

( masc., סדר ) Translation: ORDER Definition: [To be verified] An ordered arrangement. KJV Translations: order Strong's Hebrew #: h.5468

( fem., סדרה ) Translation: ROW Definition: [To be verified] A row of planks in constructing a house or of an army in the sense of being in order. Alternate Spellings: שדרה KJV Translations: range, board Strong's Hebrew #: h.7713

( masc., מסדרון ) Translation: PORCH Definition: [To be verified] As built with rows or boards. KJV Translations: porch Strong's Hebrew #: h.4528

( עדר ) Definition: The process of removing what is unnecessary to bring about order. Relationship to Parent: order

( common, עדר ) Translation: MISSING (V) Definition: [To be verified] ? (Used in conjunction with לא meaning that nothing is missing) KJV Translations: fail, lack, dig, keep Strong's Hebrew #: h.5737

( masc., עדר / ey-der ) Translation: DROVE Definition: A group of animals driven or moving in a body. KJV Translations: flock, heard, drove Strong's Hebrew #: h.5739

( masc., מעדר ) Translation: RAKE Definition: [To be verified] Used to clear the field of debris to create order. KJV Translations: mattock Strong's Hebrew #: h.4576

( ערך ) Definition: A plan to arrange things in order. Relationship to Parent: order

( common, ערך / ah.r.k ) Translation: ARRANGE (V) Definition: To set something in order or into a correct or suitable configuration, sequence or adjustment. KJV Translations: array, order, prepare, expert, value, compare, direct, equal, estimate, furnish, ordain Strong's Hebrew #: h.6186

( masc., ערך / ey-rekh ) Translation: ARRANGEMENT Definition: Set in a row or in order according to rank or age. In parallel. Arranged items in juxtaposition. KJV Translations: estimation, set, equal, order, price, proportion, suit, taxation, value Strong's Hebrew #: h.6187

( masc., מערך ) Translation: PREPARATION Definition: [To be verified] As an arrangement. KJV Translations: preparation Strong's Hebrew #: h.4633

( fem., מערכה / ma-a-ra-khah ) Translation: RANK Definition: A row, line, or series of things or persons. KJV Translations: army, fight, order, place, rank, row Strong's Hebrew #: h.4634

( fem., מערכת ) Translation: IN.LINE Definition: a number of things arranged in a row, especially a straight line. KJV Translations: row, showbread Strong's Hebrew #: h.4635

( fem., מערכה ) Translation: ARRANGEMENT Definition: [To be verified] Set in a row or in order. KJV Translations: army Strong's Hebrew #: h.4630

( דש ) Action: Thresh, Sprout Object: Grass Definition: The grains were placed on the threshing floor where they were trampled on and beaten in order to separate the hulls from the grain. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a door representing the idea of moving back and forth. The is a picture of teeth meaning to press. Combined these pictures mean "the back and forth movement of pressure".

( אדש )

( common, אדש / a.d.sh ) Translation: THRESH (V) Definition: To separate the grain or seeds from a plant by beating with a flail. Edenics: dash - as tread on and broken KJV Translations: threshing Strong's Hebrew #: h.0156

( דשא ) Definition: What comes from the grains.

( common, דשא / d.sh.a ) Translation: SPROUT (V) Definition: To send up or out new growth, as of a plant. Sprout green sprouts. KJV Translations: spring, bring forth Strong's Hebrew #: h.1876

( masc., דשא / de-she ) Translation: GRASS Definition: Herbage suitable or used for grazing animals. Young green sprouts. KJV Translations: grass, herb, green Strong's Hebrew #: h.1877 Aramaic Spelling: דתא Strong's Aramaic #: a.1883

( דוש )

( common, דוש ) Translation: THRESH (V) Alternate Spellings: דיש KJV Translations: thresh, tread, tear, tread it down Strong's Hebrew #: h.1758 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1759

( fem., מדושה ) Translation: THRESHING KJV Translations: threshing Strong's Hebrew #: h.4098

( דיש )

( masc., דיש ) Translation: THRESHING Definition: The separating of the grain or seeds from a plant by beating with a flail. KJV Translations: threshing Strong's Hebrew #: h.1786

( masc., דישון ) Translation: THRESHER Definition: One who separates the grain or seeds from a plant by beating with a flail. KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., דישון ) Translation: ANTELOPE Definition: An unknown species of unclean animal. Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: pygarg Strong's Hebrew #: h.1788

( גדש )

( masc., גדיש / ga-dish ) Translation: STACK Definition: A pile of grain or dirt. KJV Translations: shock, stack, tomb Strong's Hebrew #: h.1430

( דשן ) Definition: The fat of an animal as well as the fat ashes, the ashes and fat of a burnt sacrifice mixed together.

( common, דשן / d.sh.n ) Translation: MAKE.FAT (V) Definition: To make or become large with fat tissue. Alternate Translations: remove the fat (when written in the piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: fat, ash, anoint, accept Strong's Hebrew #: h.1878

( masc., דשן ) Translation: FATNESS Definition: An abundance of fat, food or ashes. KJV Translations: fat, fatness, ash Strong's Hebrew #: h.1879, h.1880

( עדש )

( fem., עדש / a-dash ) Translation: LENTIL Definition: A leguminous plant with flattened edible seeds. KJV Translations: lentil Strong's Hebrew #: h.5742

( דת ) Abstract: Law Definition: When two parties agree to follow the laws of a covenant, a mark is given as a sign of continued allegiance. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a door meaning enter or entrance. The is a mark. Combined these pictures mean "entering with a mark".

( fem., דת ) Translation: LAW Definition: A decree or edict. KJV Translations: law Strong's Hebrew #: h.1881 Strong's Aramaic #: a.1882

( דתן )

( masc., דותן ) Translation: LAWFUL Definition: Pertaining to the law. (A word of uncertain meaning, but closely related in meaning to the parent root) KJV Translations: n/a Strong's Hebrew #: [Found in names only]