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Strong's 2501 to 3000

Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by Strong's Number
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner

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חלץ hha-lats Draw / Arm (verb) 2502 To pull out or toward. To draw weapons for battle. AHLB

חלק hha-laq Apportion (verb) 2505 To divide and mete out according to a plan among the appropriate recipients. AHLB

חָלָק hhey-leq Portion 2506 An individual's part or share of something. The portions dispersed out. AHLB

חֶלְקָה hhel-qah Parcel 2513a A section or portion of land that has been purchased or aquired. AHLB

חֵמָה hhey-mah Fury 2534 Intense, disordered, and often destructive rage. An intense heat from anger. AHLB

חֲמוֹר hha-mor Donkey 2543 A male ass. AHLB

חֲמִישִׁי hha-mee-shee Fifth 2549 An ordinal number. AHLB

חמל hha-mal Show Pity (verb) 2550 To have compassion; to sympathize. AHLB

חָמָס hha-mas Violence 2555 Exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse. A violent shaking. AHLB

חֹמֶר hha-mor Hhomer 2563b A dry standard of measurement equal to 65 Imperial gallons. AHLB

חָמֵשׁ hha-meysh Five 2568 A cardinal number, from the number of fingers on a hand. AHLB

חֲמִשִּׁים hha-mee-sheem Five 2572 A cardinal number, from the number of fingers on a hand. AHLB

חֵן hheyn Beauty 2580 The qualities in a person or thing that give pleasure to the senses. Someone or something that is desired, approved, favored or in agreement by another. AHLB

חנה hha-nah Camp (verb) 2583 To erect temporary shelters (as tents) together; to stop for the night and pitch the tents. AHLB

חֲנִית hha-neet Spear 2595 A long shaft with a pointed tip and used as a weapon. A tent pole which may also be used as a spear. AHLB

חִנָּם hhee-nam Freely 2600 Having no restrictions. A work or action that is performed without wages or without cause. AHLB

חנן hha-nan Show Beauty (verb) 2603 To give or show beauty, grace or mercy to another. The hitpael (reflexive) form means "beseech." AHLB

חֶסֶד hhe-sed Kindness 2617 Of a sympathetic nature; quality or state of being sympathetic. In the sense of bowing the neck to another as a sign of kindness. AHLB

חסה hha-sah Refuge (verb) 2620 To take shelter or place ones trust in someone or something of support. AHLB

חָסִיד hha-seed Kind One 2623 One who shows favor, mercy or compassion to another. AHLB

חפץ hha-phats Delight (verb) 2654 To desire something out of pleasure or necessity; to have a high degree of gratification. AHLB

חֵפֶץ hhey-phets Delight 2656 An object or action that one desires. AHLB

חֵץ hheyts Arrow 2671 A missile weapon shot from a bow having a pointed head, slender shaft and feathers as a butt. AHLB

חֲצִי hha-tsee Half 2677 An equal part of something divided into two pieces. AHLB

חֲצוֹצְרָה hha-tsots-rah Trumpet 2689 A loud wind instrument. AHLB

חָצֵר hha-tser Yard 2691 The grounds of a building or group of buildings. Villages outside of the larger cities, as "the yard of the city. " A courtyard as outside the house. AHLB

חֹק hhuq Custom 2706 A usage or practice common to many or to a particular place or class or habitual with an individual. AHLB

חֻקָּה hhuq-qah Ritual 2708 A repeating of the same actions. A custom. AHLB

חקר hha-qar Examine (verb) 2713 To intently search or seek for details. AHLB

חרב hha-rav Dry Up (verb) 2717 To be a dry wasteland; to be laid waste and made desolate. AHLB

חֶרֶב hhe-rev Sword 2719 A weapon with a long blade for cutting or thrusting. AHLB

חָרְבָּה hhar-bah Wasteland 2723 Barren or uncultivated land. Also a dry land. AHLB

חרד hha-rad Tremble (verb) 2729 To shake involuntarily; shiver. AHLB

חרה hha-rah Flare Up (verb) 2734 To become suddenly excited or angry; to break out suddenly. Burn with a fierce anger. AHLB

חָרוֹן hha-ron Burning Wrath 2740 A fierce anger. AHLB

חרם hha-ram Perforate 2763 To fill with holes. To make holes. AHLB

חֵרֶם hhey-rem Net 2764 Something filled with holes or is perforated. Also something accursed in the sense of being filled with holes. AHLB

חרף hha-raph Taunt / Betrothal (verb) 2778 To pierce another with sharp words of reproach or scorn. (see Psalms 42:10). A nose ring is put in the piercing of the nose as a sign of betrothal (see Genesis 24:47). AHLB

חֶרְפָּה hher-pah Disgrace 2781 A scorn, taunting or reproach as a piercing. AHLB

חרשׁ hha-rash Keep Silent (verb) 2790b To stand still and be silent. AHLB

חָרָשׁ hhe-resh Engraver 2796 A sculptor or carver who engraves wood, stone or metal. AHLB

חשׁב hha-shav Think (verb) 2803 To plan or design a course of action, item or invention. AHLB

חשׂך hha-sakh Keep Back (verb) 2820 To hold something back or restrain. AHLB

חֹשֶךְ hho-shekh Darkness 2822 The state of being dark. As the darkness of a moonless night. AHLB

חתם hha-tam Seal (verb) 2856 To close tightly, often marked with the emblem of the owner that must be broken before opening. AHLB

חתן hha-tan Be An In Law (verb) 2859 To have a relationship with another through marriage. AHLB

חתת hha-tat Break (verb) 2865 To beat or shatter into pieces; to fear or be in terror in the sense of being shattered. AHLB

טַבָּח te-bahh Slaughtering 2876 The act of slaughtering, the meat of the slaughter or one who slaughters. Also an executioner as one who slaughters. AHLB

טַבַּעַת ta-ba-at Ring 2885 A circular band of metal or other durable material. Also the signet ring containing the mark of the owner that is sunk into a lump of clay as a seal. AHLB

טָהוֹר ta-hor Pure 2889 Unmixed with any other matter. A man, animal or object that is free of impurities or is not mixed. AHLB

טהר ta-har Be Clean (verb) 2891 Free from dirt, pollution or immorality; unadulterated, pure. AHLB

טוב tov Do Good (verb) 2895 To act functionally. AHLB

טוֹב tov Functional 2896 Fulfilling the action for which a person or thing is specially fitted or used, or for which a thing exists. A functioning within its intended purpose. AHLB

טוּב tuv Functional 2898 Fulfilling the action for which a person or thing is specially fitted or used, or for which a thing exists. A functioning within its intended purpose. AHLB

טַל tal Dew 2919 Moisture condensed on the surfaces of cool bodies or objects, especially at night. AHLB

טמא ta-ma Be Unclean (verb) 2930 Physically or morally impure; dirty, filthy. AHLB

טָמֵא ta-mey Unclean 2931 What is morally or physically impure; dirty, filthy. AHLB

טֻמְאָה tum-ah Unclean 2932 What is morally or physically impure; dirty, filthy. AHLB

טמן ta-man Submerge (verb) 2934 To hide by burying or to cover. AHLB

טַף taph Children 2945 The offspring of the parent or descendents of a patron. More than one child. AHLB

יְאוֹר ye-or Stream 2975 A body of running water; any body of flowing water. AHLB