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Strong's 3501 to 4000

Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by Strong's Number
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner

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כבד ka-vad Be Heavy (verb) 3513 To be great in weight, wealth or importance. The piel (intensive) form means "honor." AHLB

כָּבֵד ka-veyd Heavy 3515 Having great weight. Something that is weighty. May also be grief or sadness in the sense of heaviness. Also, the liver as the heaviest of the organs. AHLB

כָּבוֹד ka-vod Armament 3519 The arms and equipment of a soldier or military unit. From a root meaning "heavy" and often paralleled with other weapons. Figurative for power. AHLB

כבס ka-vas Wash (verb) 3526 To immerse articles of clothing into a cleaning solution and agitate them, usually by treading upon them, to clean them; to clean the body. AHLB

כֶּבֶשׂ ke-ves Sheep 3532 A mammal related to the goat domesticated for its flesh and wool. AHLB

כֹּהֵן ko-heyn Administrator 3548 One who manages the affairs and activities of an organization. The administrators (often translated as "priest") of Israel are Levites who manage the Tent of Meeting, and later the Temple, as well as teach the people the teachings and directions of YHWH, and perform other duties, such as the inspection of people and structures for disease. AHLB

כּוֹכָב ko-khav Star 3556 A natural luminous body visible in the night sky. AHLB

כול kul Sustain (verb) 3557 To provide what is needed to make someone or something whole or complete. AHLB

כון kun Prepare (verb) 3559 To put in proper condition or readiness. The piel (intensive) form means "establish." AHLB

כּוֹס kos Cup 3563a A vessel for holding liquids, usually for drinking. AHLB

כָּזָב ka-zav Lie 3577 ? AHLB

כֹּחַ ko-ahh Strength 3581 The quality or state of being strong. AHLB

כחד ka-hhad Keep Secret (verb) 3582 To refrain from disclosing information. AHLB

כִּי kee Given That 3588 Prone or disposed to according to what preceded. A reference to the previous or following context. AHLB

כִּיכָּר kee-kar Kikar 3603 A dry standard of measure. Usually rendered as "talent" in most translations, however the word talent is a transliteration of the Greek word talanton (a Greek coin) used in the Greek Septuagint for the Hebrew word "kikar." AHLB

כּוֹל kol All 3605 The whole of a group. AHLB

כֶּלֶב ke-lev Dog 3611 An unclean four-footed animal. Also meaning contempt or reproach. AHLB

כלה ka-lah Finish (verb) 3615 To bring to an end; terminate; to complete an action, event. AHLB

כַּלָּה ka-lah Daughter In Law 3618 The wife of one's son. Bride of the son, as brought into the camp, in the sense of making the man complete. AHLB

כְּלִי ke-lee Item 3627 A utensil or implement usually for carrying or storing various materials. AHLB

כִּלְיָה keel-yah Kidney 3629 An organ of the body. The seat of emotion in Hebraic thought. AHLB

כלם ka-lam Shame (verb) 3637 To feel pain through something dishonorable, improper or ridiculous. AHLB

כְּלִמָּה ke-lee-mah Shame 3639 The painful feeling of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, done by oneself or another. AHLB

כֵּן keyn So 3651 In a manner or way indicated or suggested. What comes before or after another event. AHLB

כִּנּוֹר kee-nor Harp 3658 A plucked stringed musical instrument; AHLB

כנע ka-na Lower (verb) 3665 To be brought down low in humility or submission. AHLB

כָּנָף ka-naph Wing 3671 An appendage that allows an animal, bird or insect to fly. Also, the wings of a garment. AHLB

כִּסֵּא kee-sey Seat 3678 A special chair of one in eminence. Usually a throne or seat of authority. AHLB

כסה ka-sah Cover Over (verb) 3680 To prevent disclosure or recognition of; to place out of sight; to completely cover over or hide. AHLB

כְּסִיל ke-seel Fool 3684 One who has confidence in something vain or empty. AHLB

כֶּסֶף ke-seph Silver 3701 A soft metal capable of a high degree of polish used for coinage, implements and ornaments. A desired and precious metal. AHLB

כעס ka-as Anger (verb) 3707 A strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong. AHLB

כַּף kaph Palm 3709 A tropical tree with fan-shaped leaves. Part of the hand or foot between the base of the digits and the wrist or ankle. A palm-shaped object. AHLB

כְּפִיר ke-pheer Cub 3715 A young lion. Also, a "village". AHLB

כפר ka-phar Cover (verb) 3722 To afford protection or security; to hide from sight or knowledge; to cover over as with a lid. AHLB

כַּפֹּרֶת ka-po-ret Lid 3727 The cover of a box or other container. AHLB

כְּרוּב Ke-ruv Keruv 3742 A supernatural creature, identified in other Semitic cultures as a winged lion, a Griffin. AHLB

כֶּרֶם ke-rem Vineyard 3754 A planting of grapevines. AHLB

כרע ka-ra Stoop (verb) 3766 To bend the body forward and downward while bending the knees; to stoop or crouch down by bending or getting on the knees. AHLB

כרת ka-rat Cut (verb) 3772 To penetrate with a sharp edged instrument. AHLB

כשׁל ka-shal Topple (verb) 3782 To fall over in death or from being pushed. AHLB

כתב ka-tav Write (verb) 3789 To inscribe a story, thoughts or instructions on in a variety of mediums including stone, papyrus, leather or parchment. AHLB

כְּתֹּנֶת ke-to-net Tunic 3801 A simple slip-on garment with or without sleeves. AHLB

כָּתֵף ka-teyph Shoulder Piece 3802 The part of an object that acts like a shoulder. AHLB

לֹא lo Not 3808 A function word to stand for the negative. As being without. AHLB

לְאוֹם le-om Community 3816 A unified body of individuals; a group of people bound together. AHLB

לֵב leyv Heart 3820 Literally, the vital organ which pumps blood, but, also seen as the seat of thought; the mind. AHLB

לֵבָב ley-vav Mind 3824 Literally, the vital organ which pumps blood, but, also seen as the seat of thought; the mind. AHLB

לְבוּשׁ le-vush Clothing 3830 Garments in general. AHLB

לָבָן la-van White 3836 Free from color. AHLB

לבשׁ la-vash Wear (verb) 3847 To cover with cloth or clothing; to provide with clothing; put on clothing. The hiphil (causative) form means "clothe." AHLB

לוּחַ lu-ahh Slab 3871 A wood or stone tablet or plank. Often used for writing. AHLB

לון lun Murmur (verb) 3885a To make a low or indistinct sound, esp. Continuously. To complain in a low tone, usually in private. AHLB

לוץ luts Mimic (verb) 3887 To imitate another person's speech as an interpretation or in scorn. AHLB

לחם la-hham Fight (verb) 3898 To make war; to battle as to destruction; to attempt to defeat, subdue, or destroy an enemy by blows or weapons. A struggle for victory. AHLB

לֶחֶם le-hhem Bread 3899 Baked and leavened food primarily made of flour or meal. AHLB

לַיִל la-yeel Night 3915 The time from dusk to dawn. The hours associated with darkness and sleep. AHLB

לכד la-kad Capture (verb) 3920 To forcefully take or seize. AHLB

למד la-mad Learn (verb) 3925 To acquire knowledge or skill through instruction from one who is experienced. The piel form of the Hebrew verb means "cause to learn," or "teach."} AHLB

לקח la-qahh Take (verb) 3947 To receive what is given; to gain possession by seizing. AHLB

לקט la-qat Pick Up (verb) 3950 To take hold of and lift up; to gather together. AHLB

לָשׁוֹן la-shon Tongue 3956 A fleshy moveable process on the floor of the mouth used in speaking and eating. Also, language as a tongue. AHLB

לִשְׁכָּה leesh-kah Chamber 3957 A room or open area within a structure. AHLB

מְאֹד me-od Many 3966 A large but indefinite number. An abundance of things (many, much, great), actions (complete, wholly, strong, quick) or character (very). AHLB

מֵאָה mey-ah Hundred 3967 A specific number but also a large amount without any reference to a specific number. AHLB

מְאוּמָה me-u-mah Anything 3972 An indeterminate amount or thing. AHLB

מַאֲכָל ma-a-kal Nourishment 3978 Food; nutriment. For giving sustenance and making one whole. AHLB

מאן ma-an Refuse (verb) 3985 To express one's self as being unwilling to accept. AHLB

מאס ma-as Reject (verb) 3988 To refuse an action or thought that is not wanted or is despised. AHLB