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Strong's 5501 to 6000

Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by Strong's Number
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner

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3001-3500 3501-4000 4001-4500 4501-5000 5001-5500 5501-6000
6001-6500 6501-7000 7001-7500 7501-8000 8001-8500 8501-9000


סִיר seer Pot 5518 A vessel used for cooking or storing. AHLB

סֻכָּה su-kah Booth 5521 A temporary shelter; a small enclosure; dwelling place. AHLB

סֶלָה se-lah Selah 5542 A musical term possibly a lifting of the sound. AHLB

סלח sa-lahh Forgive (verb) 5545 To pardon; to overlook an offense and treat the offender as not guilty. AHLB

סֶלַע se-la Cliff 5553 A high rock, cliff or towering rock, as a place of defense. AHLB

סֹלֶת so-let Flour 5560 Finely ground meal of grain used for making bread. AHLB

סמך sa-makh Support (verb) 5564 To uphold or defend; to hold up or serve as a foundation or prop for. AHLB

סַף saph Tub 5592 A container with a lip. The lip of the door. AHLB

ספד sa-phad Lament (verb) 5594 To mourn aloud; wail. AHLB

ספר sa-phar Count (verb) 5608 To find the total number of units. Also to give an account on record. The piel (intensive) form means "recount." AHLB

סֵפֶר sey-pher Scroll 5612 A document or record written on a sheet of papyrus, leather or parchment and rolled up for storage. AHLB

סָּרִיס sa-rees Eunuch 5631 A castrated man. As eunuchs were used as officers, may also mean an officer. AHLB

סתר sa-tar Hide (verb) 5641 To put out of sight; to conceal from view; to keep secret. Hide or conceal. AHLB

סֵתֶר sey-ter Protection 5643 A shelter or other place of hiding. AHLB

עָב av Thick 5645 Heavily compacted material, such as a cloud, forest or thicket, and is filled with darkness. AHLB

עבד a-var Serve (verb) 5647 To provide a service to another, as a servant or slave or to work at a profession. AHLB

עֶבֶד e-ved Servant 5650 One who provides a service to another, as a slave, bondservant or hired hand. AHLB

עֲבֹדָה a-vo-dah Service 5656 Labor provided by a servant or slave. AHLB

עבר a-var Cross Over (verb) 5674 To pass from one side to the other; to go across a river or through a land; to transgress in the sense of crossing over. AHLB

עֵבֶר ey-ver Other Side 5676 As being across from this side. AHLB

עֶבְרָה ev-rah Wrath 5678 Strong vengeful anger. As crossing over from peace. AHLB

עֵגֶל ey-gel Bullock 5695 A young bull. Also, insinuating strength. AHLB

עַד ad Until 5703 The conclusion of a determinate period of time. Also, again; a repetition of time, either definite or indefinite; another time; once more. AHLB

עַד ad Until 5704 The conclusion of a determinate period of time. Also, again; a repetition of time, either definite or indefinite; another time; once more. AHLB

עֵד eyd Witness 5707 Attestation of a fact or event. An object, person or group that affords evidence. AHLB

עֵדָה ey-dah Company 5712 A group of persons or things for carrying on a project or undertaking; a group with a common testimony. May also mean a witness or testimony. AHLB

עֵדוּת ey-dut Evidence 5715 That which proves or disproves something; something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign. AHLB

עֵדֶר ey-der Drove 5739 A group of animals driven or moving in a body. AHLB

עוד ud Wrap Around (verb) 5749 To enclose; to repeat or do again what has been said or done. The hiphil (causative) form means "warn." AHLB

עוֹד od Yet Again 5750 A repeating of something. AHLB

עוֹלָם o-lam Distant 5769 A far off place as hidden beyond the horizon. A far off time as hidden from the present; the distant past or future. A place or time that cannot be perceived. AHLB

עָוֹן a-won Twistedness 5771 Gross injustice; wickedness. The result of twisted actions. AHLB

עוף uph Fly (verb) 5774 To move in or pass through the air with wings; to soar in the air. AHLB

עוֹף oph Flyer 5775 A flying creature such as a bird or insect. AHLB

עור ur Stir Up (verb) 5782 To shake to awaken. AHLB

עוֹר or Skin 5785 The integument covering men or animals, as well as leather made from animal skins. The husk of a seed. AHLB

עֵז eyz She Goat 5795 A female goat. AHLB

עֹז oz Boldness 5797 Knowing one's position or authority and standing in it. Strengthened and protected from danger. AHLB

עזב a-zav Leave (verb) 5800 To go away from; to neglect. AHLB

עזר a-zar Help (verb) 5826 To give assistance or support to. AHLB

עַיִן a-yeen Eye 5869 The organ of sight or vision that tears when a person weeps. Also a spring that weeps water out of the ground. AHLB

עִיר eer City 5892 An inhabited place of greater size, population, or importance than a town or village. Usually protected by a wall. AHLB

עַל al Upon 5921 To be on or over in the sense of the yoke that is placed on the neck of the ox. AHLB

עֹל ol Yoke 5923 A wooden bar or frame by which two draft animals are joined at the heads or necks for working together. AHLB

עלה a-lah Go Up (verb) 5927 To go, come or bring higher. The hiphil (causative) form means "bring up." AHLB

עֹלָה o-lah Rising 5930 A rising of smoke from a burnt offering. Captivity in the sense of placing a yoke on the captives. AHLB

עֶלְיוֹן el-yon Upper 5945 Higher than the others. AHLB

עלם a-lam Be Out Of Sight (verb) 5956 To be hidden or obscured from vision; to be beyond the horizon; to be covered or unknown. AHLB

עַם am People 5971 A large group of men or women. AHLB

עִם eem With 5973 Through the idea of being together in a group. AHLB

עמד a-mad Stand (verb) 5975 To rise, raise or set in a place. AHLB

לְעֻמַּת le-u-mat Alongside 5980 To stand with, or next to, someone or something. AHLB

עַמּוּד a-mud Pillar 5982 A standing upright post or column. AHLB

עָמָל a-mal Labor 5999 To exert one's power of body or mind, especially with painful or strenuous effort. A labor that causes grief, pain or weariness. A laborer as one who toils. AHLB