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Strong's 3001 to 3500

Ancient Hebrew Dictionary - Indexed by Strong's Number
(1000 Most Common Hebrew Words in the Hebrew Bible)
By Jeff A. Benner

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יבשׁ ya-vash Dry Out (verb) 3001 To be dried up as well as withered, ashamed or confused. AHLB

יָד yad Hand 3027 The terminal, functional part of the forelimb. Hand with the ability to work, throw and give thanks. AHLB

ידה ya-dah Throw The Hand (verb) 3034 To stretch out the hand to grab; to show praise or confession. AHLB

ידע ya-da Know (verb) 3045 To have an intimate and personal understanding; to have an intimate relationship with another person. AHLB

יהב ya-hav Provide (verb) 3051 To give what is due; to grant or allow permission. AHLB

יוֹבֵל yo-veyl Trumpet 3104 An instrument of flowing air to make a sound. Also, the horn of a ram as used as a trumpet. AHLB

יוֹם yom Day 3117 The time of light between one night and the next one. Usually in the context of daylight hours but may also refer to the entire day or even a season. AHLB

יוֹמָם yo-mam Daytime 3119 The time of the day when the sun is shining. AHLB

יוֹנָה yo-nah Dove 3123 Any of numerous species of birds, especially a small wild one. AHLB

יַחַד ya-hhad Together 3162 In or into one place, mass, collection, or group. AHLB

יחל ya-hhal Stay (verb) 3176 To remain behind; to wait in anticipation. AHLB

יטב ya-tav Do Well (verb) 3190 To do something necessary; to be good, in the sense of being "functional." AHLB

יַיִן ya-yeen Wine 3196 Fermented juice of fresh grapes. From the mire in the wine. AHLB

יכח ya-khahh Convict (verb) 3198 To find or prove to be guilty. AHLB

יכל ya-khal Be Able (verb) 3201 To successfully prevail, overcome or endure. AHLB

ילד ya-lad Bring Forth (verb) 3205 To issue out; to bring forth children, either by the woman who bears them or the man who fathers them. The piel (intensive) form means "act-as-midwife." AHLB

יֶלֶד ye-led Boy 3206 A male child from birth to puberty. AHLB

ילך ya-lakh Walk (verb) 3212 To move along on foot; walk a journey; to go. Also, customs as a lifestyle that is walked or lived. AHLB

ילל ya-lal Howl (verb) 3213 To make a loud wail in grief or pain. AHLB

יָם yam Sea 3220 A large body of water. Also, the direction of the great sea (the Mediterranean), the west. AHLB

יָמִין ya-meen Right Hand 3225 The hand on the right side of a person. Also, a direction as in to the right. AHLB

יְמָנִי ye-ma-nee Right 3233 A direction as in to the right. AHLB

ינח ya-nahh Deposit (verb) 3240 To place, especially for safekeeping or as a pledge; to be laid down; to sit down to rest or remain in place. AHLB

ינק ya-naq Suckle (verb) 3243 To give milk to from the breast or udder. The hiphil (causative) form means "nurse (verb)." AHLB

יסד ya-sad Found (verb) 3245 To lay a foundation of a house, place or plan. AHLB

יסף ya-saph Add (verb) 3254 To augment something by increasing it in amount or supply. The hiphil (causative) form means "again." AHLB

יסף ya-saph Correct (verb) 3256 To make a preferred change in direction through instruction or chastisement. AHLB

יעד ya-ad Appoint (verb) 3259 To arrange, fix or set in place, to determine a set place or time to meet. AHLB

יעץ ya-ats Give Advice 3289 To assist another by providing wise counsel. AHLB

יָעַר ya-ar Forest 3293 A dark place dense with trees. AHLB

יָפֶה ya-pheh Beautiful 3303 Generally pleasing. Possessing the qualities of loveliness or functionality. AHLB

יצא ya-tsa Go Out (verb) 3318 To go, come or issue forth. AHLB

יצב ya-tsav Station (verb) 3320 To stand firm and in place. AHLB

יצק ya-tsaq Pour Down (verb) 3332 To send a liquid from a container into another container or onto a person or object; to pour molten metal into a cast. AHLB

יצר ya-tsar Mold (verb) 3335 To give shape to; to press or squeeze, as when pressing clay into a shape to form a vessel. AHLB

יצת ya-tsat Light On Fire (verb) 3341 To kindle a blaze. AHLB

יָקָר ya-qar Precious / Valuable 3368 Something of value. Having qualities worthy of respect, admiration, or esteem AHLB

ירא ya-ra Fear (verb) 3372 To be afraid of; to have a strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger; the flowing, or quivering, of the gut from fear or awe; to dread what is terrible or revere what is respected. AHLB

יָרֵא ya-rey Fearful 3373 Full of fear or dread. AHLB

יִרְאָה yeer-ah Fearfulness 3374 Inclined to be afraid. AHLB

ירד ya-rad Go Down (verb) 3381 To go or come lower from a higher place. The hiphil (causative) form means "bring down." AHLB

ירה ya-rah Throw (verb) 3384 To propel through the air by a forward motion; to drizzle as a throwing down of water; to teach in the sense of throwing or pointing a finger in a straight line as the direction one is to walk. The hiphil (causative) form means "teach." AHLB

יָרֵחַ ya-rey-ahh Moon 3394 The second brightest object in the sky which reflects the sun's light. Also, a month by counting its cycles. AHLB

יְרִיעָה ye-ree-ah Tent Wall 3407 The goat hair curtain that forms the walls of the tent. AHLB

יָרֵךְ ya-rey-akh Midsection 3409 The lower abdomen and back. AHLB

יַרְכָה yar-khah Flank 3411 The hollow of the loins between the legs. AHLB

ירש ya-rash Possess (verb) 3423 To come into possession of or receive especially as a right or divine portion; o receive from an ancestor at his death; to take possession, either by seizing or through inheritance. AHLB

יֵשׁ yeysh There Is 3426 Something that exists. AHLB

ישׁב ya-shav Settle (verb) 3427 To stay in a dwelling place for the night or for long periods of time; to sit down. AHLB

יְשׁוּעָה ye-shu-ah Relief 3444 A deliverance or freedom from a trouble, burden or danger. AHLB

ישׁע ya-sha Rescue (verb) 3467 To free or deliver from a trouble, burden or danger. AHLB

יֶשַׁע ye-sha Rescue 3468 A deliverance or freedom from a burden, enemy or trouble. AHLB

ישׁר ya-shar Be Straight (verb) 3474 To be in a direct or correct line, path or thought. AHLB

יָשָׁר ya-shar Straight 3477 Without a bend, angle, or curve. A straight line, path or thought. The cord of the bow as stretched taught. AHLB

יָתוֹם ya-tom Orphan 3490 Having no mother or father. AHLB

יתר ya-tar Leave Behind (verb) 3498 To set aside; to retain or hold over to a future time or place; to leave a remainder. AHLB

יֶתֶר ye-ter Remainder 3499 A remaining group, part or trace. AHLB